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    Count Your Onions Before You Peal Them

    As the present government is headed by an economist Prime Minister, it perhaps following the philosophy of the Economists worldwide – If you can't convince them then confuse them. In nutshell, we have to find answers ourselves for whatever questions we have for the Sarkar. As none at the Sarkar end is too eager to answer us back in clear and crisp terms; we better stop questioning them and figure out the answers ourselves.

    Apart from the smiling Raja or Kalmadi, the last question that many of us have could be the sky rocketing price of onions. If not the onions it is a debate on TV on this new devil yesterday made me cry. The nature and style in which both BJP – Congress were trying to over voice the other by citing corruption examples of the other party is shameful. If anything the discussion gave me an impression – in either way we are not in good hands. When a set of responsible politicians hurl shit at each other and discuss all but the Onion prices (for which the discussion was primarily scheduled), one wonders if guys at the helm of affairs are aware of the reasons for this sudden soaring price and the corrective measures to be taken. Sarad Pawar might keep on blaming the weather, the untimely cricket matches, the bug, or even Ekta Kapoor, but at ground realty the prices (of everything) are going out of the roof and the Aam Admi has more than a handful reasons to cry out loud. For a change we haven't yet blamed ISI, LET or Pakistani government for this though.

    I don't know if it is lack of foresight or intentional. Barely 4-5 months back in July we were exporting Onions to Pakistan at a rate of 12-15 Rs/Kilo. Now when Onions started competing with the price of Gold – we are importing the same Onions from them at a price at least 4 times the price which we have sold them. Now if someone calls us ignorant idiots, then we should still be happy as idiot is an understatement in the context. This is a clear case of incompetence on the part of all those powers that be - who formulate our state policies. So it would be better if Mr.Pawar stop blaming the poor bugs of Nashik or other onion producing areas. Hoarding could be another reason which is bringing a lot of misery to the common man. The buffoons in the form of hoarders are enjoying all the free hand and luxury in collusion with the Agriculture ministry, letting the common man to cough out more. As onion is a perishable good hoarding doesn't seems to be the primary reason. But it is apparent that people like you and me are paying more and somebody is making money.

    Knowing how notorious this onion could be in changing the political fortune (who else better than Sushma Swaraj to confirm this) our Sarkar sprung into action at once and stopped onion export till mid of January. Now this act raises a fundamental question – Why on earth a farmer would incur loss by not exporting his goods to lucrative markets outside just because our Agriculture ministry is full with dumb heads and thugs of highest degree who doesn't have anything called foresight. Crooks run away with the loot but the farmer is left to pay off for the incompetence. First the onions are imported at a premium by tax payer's money and then the poor common man is asked to pay double the price to purchase them from market. While tax payer's like you and me are bleeding from our nose the future trading and commodity trading is at its full swing. Looking at the inflation of food items, the first ting that any sane government would do is to stop the future and commodity trading. But the irony is that we are from a banana republic it seems; where scoundrels are cajoled and pampered. People might die out of hunger but it is made sure that highway robbers make a lot of money in the process. If a mere 11% GDP can have this effect on prices (as per our Sarkar) then I don't want to even imagine what could be the situation when we have an 18% GDP (as promised by our Sarkar). The same onion would cost around Rs 200/- at least. Is this how we are going to be a super power when our Neo centric economic policies and market can't even handle a 2% surplus growth? Is this how a great visionary economist prime minister runs his government?

    But the problem seems to lie somewhere else. It is not the market or our policies that is hurting us. It is the idiots who are governing us are the real problem. Thugs, scoundrels and crooks are given a free hand to loot the nation and the common man. Not only they are allowed to loot but also given enough time after that to settle down with the loot even. No action for incompetence, corruption and deception. In the name of investigation it is only farce and eyewash that is done. You scratch my back, I scratch yours philosophy is at all time high. Black money is over flowing in Swis banks to an extent that the bankers are running all over the place for more storage space.

    Enough said. By the way – Where Rahul Gandhi would be showing his routine nonsensical pledge for the Aam Admi today?

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