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    Demand For JPC - Farce From Both Sides

    Lalkrishna Advani said which essentially otherwise means – At times doing nothing and sitting idle like a pig in the mud, is actually a different approach to your work which you were supposed to do. Is it Bizarre? Or Bizarre is an understatement for Mr.Advani's new theorem of Karma?

    The path breaking revelation came right after the whitewash of the winter session of parliament on the demand of a JPC to get the crooks like A.Raja, Kalmadi and hundred others to book. As one can still see A.Raja doing round trips to Channai from Delhi almost on daily basis on Tax Payer's money and Kalmadi distributing medallions on the recently concluded Asian Games; what our able 500 odd idiots achieved from a full parliament session is for all to see – Not even a single functioning day, buffoons still going laughing to various banks and some hundreds of crores of Tax payer's money wasted to organize this farce which went on for three weeks.

    Now this raises a fundamental question. Forget about those hundred odd crores of Tax payer's money getting wasted as it is anyway always a waste. Whether it is a full session or a whitewash like this one, the waste is imminent and at times grossly un-necessary. Rather being concerned about formulating new policies and governance, usually the politicians take these Parliament sessions as a battleground and shit hurling platform for ruling and opposition parties.

    All that the common man left with after each such session is – the same set of crooks and possibly a new scam and new unearthed rascals. So all those politicians who are taking a moral high ground and shedding crocodile tears on the pretext of wastage of Tax payer's money are advised to cut short their gimmicks as the Tax payer's would have gained nothing even if it had been a successful session.

    Now the fundamental question – Who is at the wrong end for this so called colossal waste of the Tax payer? The ruling party or the opposition? Or the thugs who did all these Gadbad Ghotal to begin with? Or mixture of all three?
    As tricky it may sound, the answer to it is the last one – mixture of all three. The ruling party, the opposition and of course the legendry figures who carried out all these Gadbad Ghotalas are to be blamed.

    When CAG did dropped the bomb (Indicting A.Raja completely in 2G scam) simultaneously at the Congress Bhawan, Karunanidhi's residence and inside A.Raja's Lungi, the least all were expecting was some calm approach and the famous phrase – 'all this is a conspiracy and handy work of opposition' from these seasoned thugs. But no sooner they could get into the act; the opposition beat them to the response time and started shouting for a JPC on the floor. As Raja did the cardinal mistake of gulping down all the loot alone (not sharing with other politicians) other parties joined on the demand for JPC.

    Now – What's wrong in asking for a JPC? What's the harm if the people of India are made transparent to the investigation of the so called mother of all scams through JPC? Why our Sarkar is so adamant against the opposition's demand even on the sacrifice of a complete session? Is our Sarkar trying to hide some dirty and stinking facts from public which otherwise would expose few big fishes with their pants down? While possibilities could be many, the question still remains – why not a JPC.

    Now turning the devil's advocate (which any congressman would love to) one can ask the same question to the opposition – Why a JPC only? Isn't the PAC capable enough to go over CAG report and bring the culprits to be spanked publicly? Isn't the appointment of an enquiry committee headed by a retired (who might not have seen the rule books after attending the Mahatma Gandhi murder case) apex court judge sufficient for an eyewash. Well seems not enough as the oppositions are in no mood to give in and the farce might very well go into the budget session as well.

    Not sure of others, but for sure Congress would have learned few lessons the bitter spectrum way –
    i. Highly dangerous to party with Karunanidhi and his colony of thugs ii. It's not always possible to fool the common-man swearing by the name of patriotism as they failed miserably in the case of Kalmadi & Co's misdeeds. iii. Not realizing that everyday is not a Sunday. Highway robbers at the end would be caught with their hands in the cookie jar. iv. Not getting the perpetual anti-national and crook party like CPIM into confidence by sharing a handsome portion of the loot with them.

    Four fundamental and basic mistakes. No wonder Rahul Baba is not opening his idiotic mouth on this as he very well realize the amount of embarrassment he would bring into his already embarrassed party, the moment he decides to open his mouth. On a second thought – JPC or not. I am sure there's going to be nothing happening to the scoundrels like Raja or Kalmadi or for that matter to any rascal having some political connection. Have you ever seen politicians going to jail for their misdeeds? I am sure there would be more people who might have seen some extra terrestrial flying saucer or even an ugly looking Alien than a handcuffed politician. So why this farce? Let the scoundrels keep on looting the nation till the point there is no money left to loot and we end up like Somalia or a Neuclear Bomb hits us out of nowhere. As they say – whichever is earlier.

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