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    Vote Bank Politics - A Limit Should Be Drawn

    When Rahul Gandhi has to say the terror from the so called in-house rightwing extremists is much bigger a concern than an organization full with butchers like LET or any of that nonsense, it is – funny, childish, bizarre, ridiculous and idiotic, all at the same time. It is not the content but the vilified and corrupt intention behind the blabber that made few eyebrows rise in suspicion.

    Now the first wrong intention that could be attributed to this discloser by Wikileaks is the audience to whom Rahul decided to show his intellectualism. A leader of his stature (born with a silver spoon) is very well designated to have his own set of concerns regarding nation's security. But it would have been much appreciable if he could have come to the citizens first and open up his concerns. But for some strange reasons he thought to behave smart in front of a US diplomat and that too during an official luncheon. Now it is as much wrong for a diplomat to ask this volatile question to an absolute starter in politics without having a position of any significant authority, it is equally wrong on the part of the so called Yuvraj to open his mouth to reply on a topic he doesn't have any idea or authority to answer and proving his idiocy. He should have understood that in his endeavor to act smart he is probably stepped into a territory which better has been left to the Home Minister to handle. Now this is childish for someone who is so violently been projected as the next Prime-Minister by few seasoned posterior licking individuals of his party. If this act of Rahul has got anything to justify then – We as Indians definitely deserve a better, matured and responsible Prime-Minister than just a garbage carrying half retarded brain.

    Now few would argue – The act of Rahul Gandhi does have a pattern to it. So calling his act as childish we might just make ourselves a foolish lot. Even the timing of the leak couldn't have been more aligned to the events happening prior to it. When many see a childish and immature behavior of Rahul in this whole farce a whole lot other see a systematic vote bank politics attached to it. The whole thing can be termed in one sentence – If Digvijaya Sing can do something, I can certainly do better.

    First it was Digvijaya Sing who suddenly woke up from his deep slumber of two years and announced to the world, how Hemant Karkare was at his worst mental pressure from the Rightwing Hindu fundamentalist. And how he did managed to have a chit chat with Mr. Karkare on this just couple of hours before his assassination? He has to show his good old cell phone for that. It is only strange that none of the mobile service providers at both ends has any records of Digvijaya Sing calling up Mr.Karkare (or Vice-A-Versa) that fateful night. Either the corporate houses (Mobile service providers) are lying on the whole issue or Mr.Digvijaya Sing is watching too many third graded Bollywood flicks of late. Even if Digvijaya Sing is taken seriously for once, it still raises few fundamental questions. Was he sleeping for last two years with these personal details of Mr.Karkare? Why he never thought of getting the facts to the common man earlier? When Mr.Karkare didn't divulge the so called mental pressure to his wife even, why on earth he decided to do so to a seasoned crook and good for nothing entity like Digvijaya Sing? And most important – Where in earth the details of the so called call records vanished in thin air? Amidst all these questions one thing that stands out tall to describe this gimmick – It is only Vote bank that Digvijaya Sing dreamt of the night before and thought to turn a joker in pursue of it the next morning.

    As some RSS and BJP leaders correctly said – the gimmicks of Digvijaya Sing is nothing but playing into the hands of Pakistanis who are running all around the place with these sort of conspiracy theories regarding 26/11 attacks. So Rahul's blabber on Wikileaks is just the icing on the stinking cake baked by Digvijaya Sing. So the timing of the leak is even seems mischievous.

    Honestly speaking, both the leaders and many such leaders of Congress party are least bothered about the nation's security or for that matter anything that has got to do anything good for the nation. All they want at the end of the day is a hefty amount of minority appeasement to secure their filthy vote bank in the process shedding liters of crocodile tears. Couple of guys dyeing in some Malegaon blast takes more precedence than hundreds killed during 26/11 or Mumbai train blast. A crude bomb going off in some Ajmer Dargha becomes a National casualty while promptly forgetting the hundreds died in other Bomb Blasts. From Delhi to Pune. From Mumbai to Ahmadabad – All attacks are put into the cold storage so that the vote banks remain protected. Afzal Guru is enjoying on tax payer's money but just can't be hanged as the hanging might just hamper the established vote banks. People doing legitimate demands are beaten mercilessly or worse left to rot in the streets like our ex-servicemen while our Home Minister rushes (with a feeding bottle and nipple at the top) towards a bunch of hooligans throwing stones at our security forces in Kashmir. Anti nationals like Shayed Ali Shah Gilani are garlanded and pampered while none seems to bother an ounce for the hundreds of misplaced Kashmiri Pandits.

    In the name of secularism the country is screwed up upside down. Clowns at the helm of affairs and thugs are being protected by the clowns for personal gain while innocent organizations are termed as bigger threats to National sovereignty and unity. The fact could be the clowns like Rahul Gandhi or Digvijaya Sing and whole bunch of others who play ostrich for their personal gain are a more serious threat to Nation's harmony than all those LET,AL-Quida and the so called Rightwing extremist organizations put together. The sooner the clowns realize this, the better.

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