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    Wikileaks And A Bunch Of Jokers

    It is a separate debate, if one should take Wikileaks exposes seriously and believe their authenticity or not. Nor am I interested to discuss on that here either. With or without Wikileaks, all of us know how rotten our national politics has turned into. All that one can expect from this rotten mess is stinking smells only and we certainly don’t need some damn Wikileaks to authenticate it.

    At the outset let me clear one thing -I am no fan of either BJP or Congress or for that matter any political party of India, who more or less are the same from inside at least. So as far as I am concerned, I really care rat’s posterior if the Wikileaks exposes drops a nuclear bomb on either or both of these party headquarters or for that matter, on our parliament itself. But the strange part is the nature and the constituents of the exposes done on periodic basis. Like a strategy based video game it exposes one thing or the other against members of either premier national party on turn basis. One day it was all about Congress and their (including the PM) art of hoodwinking the nation while the other day it is about BJP and a certain Arun Jaitley’s idea of Hindutwa is nothing but plain opportunistic politics. As if it is a well-planned and well executed game of chess – where none of the parties is allowed to run away all the way blaming the other party. It could be a coincidence that the guys at Wikileaks are actually as innocent and honest as the average Ramu Kaka of any old Hindi movie and are just unearthing the unholy facts as they come their way. Quite possible but highly unlikely, looking at the stake attached with each such leak. But still, let’s not doubt the credentials of all the Bhadraloks at the Wikileaks and give the benefit of doubt to them being completely non-political.

    Whether it is our PM, Pranabda or Jaitly; One thing that is common among all the exposes – involvement of one or many US diplomats. This fact just annoys me to the core as I yet to get the answers to the popping questions in my head. First thing – Why the hell our politicians have to discuss every damn thing with one or the other US diplomat? Why our politicians find the US or it’s diplomats important to know on what we think about our state policies; what we are going to do with a certain joker called Afzal Guru or for that matter if we are going to ban all the irritating serials of Ekta Kapoor along with packing Rakhi Shawant to some barren island as Sazaye Kalapani for polluting the nation’s environment. What is that dying necessity that our politicians can’t just digest the state’s internal matter all their own? More so when they very well capable of digesting billions of tax payer’s money without even letting their tummy know about it? Are we kind of giving weekly status report to US on what we are doing or planning to do? If there is anything more disgusting and bizarre than this, then I would love to know.

    The first revelation that this Wikileaks inflected on Indian politics revolves around the infamous 26/11. As per it, the US believed that post 26/11 Congress played the dirty minority politics. Oh really? How obliged we are for being shared with this information which we know from ages. What’s new on this so called revelation? Playing dirty minority politics was, is and would remain an open secret with Congress party. Honestly – Wikileaks, I am sure you can do better. It would be interesting and would be more surprising if you guys can come up with an instance where Congress didn’t played minority politics. Second revelation that shook many (including me) was Uncle Sam’s dissatisfaction seeing Pranab Babu becoming the Finance minister. I am running out of words and can only hope someone to educate the Americans to bother more for the thousands of new found beggars in Wall Street post-recession than who becomes the Finance minister of India. Whether it is Montek Sing Ahluwalia or Pranab Mukhrjee or Ram Khilaban Dhobi, should be none of their business and we appreciate if they don’t burn their midnight oil thinking too much about our cabinet ministers – Thank you so very much.

    Little did anyone know that the most bizarre of the lot has yet to come? The third cable exposed the dirty nexus between politicians and money beyond any doubt. According to the cable leaked and published in Hindu – during the no-trust motion against Manmohan Sing’s government in 2008, a certain crook with the name Nachiketa Kapoor, who happens to be the assistant of Satish Sharma (extremely close to Sonia Gandhi) showed a chest full with hell lot of money to an American diplomat. The money alleged to have been arranged for distribution among a hungry set of scoundrels to buy their votes, so that the government survives another day. As expected when there is a Dalali, there must be a Dalal and who else can have more credentials than the Dalal-E-Hindustan, the one and only Amar Sing himself to fit the bill? The money was promptly distributed among the hungry thugs under the stubborn watchful eyes of his Excellency, so that they end up voting in favor of the government. This is laughable and scary at the same time. Laughable because the joker Nachiketa doesn’t have the slightest IQ to keep something secret to himself, more so when it can bring embarrassment to his so called high command. For this mistake of his, the idiot should publicly be flogged and thrown behind the bars. You can’t let the dirty stinking facts of your party open in the market for the world to smell. Can you? Scary because, now I am sure our country, along with its democracy has already gone to dogs.

    No wonder all these juicy revelations were enough pedigree (not the dog food by the way) for the opposition to howl at the top of their throat. None seems too interested to waste even a second in demanding prime-minister’s resignation. Again I am in no mood to argue if Dr.Sing should have resigned or not. If you ask me then he should have done a good year earlier on more serious grounds of allowing rotten entities like Raja and Kalmadi to loot the nation at rampant proportion. When he never resigned then, he is not going to do it now either. So sooner this argument is put inside a coffin is better for our mental stability. Anyways this is extraneous here for discussion.

    When all thought some positive might just come out of these leaks we instead had some minor tense moments in the parliament with both our PM and Sushma Swaraj exchanging those very much non-required Shayaris. Is it a kind of joke or they believe the nation is still in due of their much needed share of jingoisms? Haven’t we had enough of those filthy jingoisms and rhetoric for last 60 odd years?

    About when it seemed like BJP had all the jokes in the world to laugh all through, the Wikileak’s Bhadraloks played another card to spoil the party. From nowhere they leaked the utterances of Arun Jaitly on the core ideology of BJP, which might have send Shushma Swaraj, Lohpurush and many alike running for cover all around Delhi. I am not sure if Hindutwa is a type of opportunism or not but for sure the leaks have proved how opportunist the Shushma Swarajs, the Jaitleys, the Advanis of the world are. All are nude when it comes to basics, ideology or ethics. It is just the time factor which exposes one’s nudity a little earlier than the other. So at the end of the day, I don’t see if either of the party has any morals banked with them to point their fingers at others or question the other’s nudity.

    Even calling all of them as both sides of the same coin would be an understatement. They are in fact the same side of the same coin – filthy, opportunist, corrupt, thugs and all other artifacts one associates with the inmates of Tihar jail. So we better take some chill pill and be happy that we at least possess nuclear warfare at our disposal so that on some unbearable eventuality we can nuke ourselves and be done away with the mess that we are piling from the day we become a sovereign and a republic. God can only save us from some eminent catastrophe…

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    1. Rajendran from ChennaiJan 20, 2012, 8:27:00 PM

      Hey cynic, you hit the nail on the head. The politicians in this country could just be like those of the developed countries. However, its simply that we have more problems in this country, most of them created by too many people around us the time. The wikileaks, MMS, Raja, Kalmadi, Kanimozhi are the entertaining characters in the grand drama of Republic of India. Just sit, relax and watch. Price we pay for that will be the losses we ignore to remember, sucking our blood slowly until its too late to realize.