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    Crusade Against Corruption & A Lot Of Controversies

    Many of my regular readers did showed some displeasure on me because I refrained myself from writing anything on Anna Hazare’s crusade against corruption. My apologies for a starter might just help me reunite with my dedicated readers all over again. But honestly – it is not that I didn’t wanted to or I was anyway against Hazareji’s approach to force pass the much delayed Jan Lokpal bill. It was just that I was busy with giving shape to my own crusade against corruption, which is very much online now and readers can view it at http://www.nationfirst.co.in . But more than I being busy, it was the intuition that stopped me from scribing anything on the topic. Somewhere at the deep corner of my heart I had this feeling – ‘more juicer things are yet to come’ and I better be waiting for those juicer times than writing on the present scenario, on which the whole world is writing. I am proved right again and continue to be served well by my powers of intuition. Hence I am here to write about it as I feel it is THE appropriate time.

    Be honest and answer – did you guys ever imagined, we will have controversies surrounding Anna Hazare’s crusade against corruption at the end of the day? Not sure about others, but I never imagined any nonsense emerging on the issue once our government agreed to go with the way Anna wanted. But alas, I forgot one basic thing – we should expect anything and everything from our politicians. Another bunch of self-centered individuals who always want to be in the thick of limelight didn’t help the cause either.

    No sooner media houses started touting it as a victory for common man and people power, the controversy on who should represent civil society on that 10 member panel started. First to brew the hot coffee was none other than our own Baba Ramdev. I don’t know the exact reasons but somehow Baba felt disgusted on seeing the list of people who were going to sit across the table in the drafting committee. According to him – the missing name of Kiran Bedi from the list is a colossal mistake which should have been avoided. True Sir. I second your opinion. But on the contrary – are we fighting for a larger cause of eradicating our country from a malaise called corruption or self-satisfying our ego or wish list to have our choice of people on that drafting panel? Baba – you are wise enough to know that you were at fault (for the first time) somewhere after a tiny self-question-answer session. I am no match for Baba Ramdev when it comes to sensibility and level of understanding. So I better not utter too many advices, in-turn making a fool of myself. But controversy or no-controversy, Baba Ramdev was bang on the mark regarding the members on the list. Kiran Bedi should certainly have been there in the panel. First, being a seasoned bureaucrat herself and seen the rot within the system from close quarters for the better part of her 35 year career; there couldn’t have been a better choice than her to advise on ways and means to fix all those rotting holes. Second, I haven’t seen a more no-nonsense senior police officer than her in my life. Anyway, as I said earlier – the issue is much bigger and important than who sits on the panel and who not.

    How much our politicians might praise Hazare for his courage and fight for a good cause, we all know how they all would be feeling deep within. I am sure all would be feeling like being stripped naked in public. So expecting sincerity for Hazare by our Mantris from the defth of their hearts is as good as expecting the producer of ‘Emotional Atyachar’, being concerned about the mental stability of the viewers. So it was evident that there would be some fight back in some indirect form by all those scoundrels who are not brave enough to come forward and openly oppose Hazare’s approach. Much like the way the hero of any random Bollywood movie says after hearing the news about his girlfriend’s marriage being fixed – “Aab to baas mangni hui hai, shaadi to nehin hui” and go about playing a spoilsport in the marriage; our politicians seems to follow the same route – “Govt baas raazi hua hai. Bill to nehin bana” and go about planning the ways by which the whole civil movement could be derailed. First it was the loud claim of financial mismanagement of money by Hazare himself during his 3 day long fast. I am not sure what to do – laugh or cry? The same politicians who conveniently overlook the lakhs of crore of loot in the name of CWG, as they are directly or indirectly a party to it, are all in seriousness for few thousand rupees that might have gone the wrong way at Jantar-Mantar. A guy who comes into the parliament one fine morning and announces; there was absolutely no loss to the government for 2G scam has the audacity to question the credentials of Anna Hazare. Do we really need such clowns to be our ministers? But sadly Mr.Sibal is not only our minister bust also handling two major portfolios – HRD & Telecom. As usual – whenever there is a scope to get infected with foot-in-the-mouth disease, there you would always find Digvijay Sing close by. It is about time I wish the congress party calls on Mr.Sing and ask him to get out of the party as they already had enough of his rubbish dishes. But sadly that seems far from likely as it is the clowns that the Congress party seems to love so much.

    The best seems have been stored for the last. But before I get there, I just want to ask and ponder on the legal possibilities – Can’t we ban Aamar Sing from opening his filthy mouth ever in public? Or can’t our Apex court issue a pan-India notice on public interest – ‘That from here on a certain thug called Amar Sing is declared a professional Dalal and the citizens are advised to care even less than rat’s posterior for all his utterances henceforth’? I can only pity on myself and nation at large that of all the people it is Aamar Sing who is questioning someone’s integrity. Doesn’t matter who he is questioning; as the very thought of Aamar Sing pointing fingers at someone on charges of corruption is good enough to keep you laughing for the rest of your life. Can someone please educate Mr.Aamar Sing to stop making an owl (not physically as he already is) of himself every now-and-then and refrain from torturing the nation by showing his utterly miserable face on television every second day? In nutshell Mr. Aamar Sing, to clear any air of confusion - as a nation we even find Dawood Ebrahim far more reliable and a more useful resource for the country than your filthy ass. Better you carry your stinking story and the wretched CDs along with to a place which are more conducive for your conspiracy theory. As options you can try either 10th Janpath, 7th Race-course or for that matter even our Rastrapati Bhawan.

    For me, the whole issue and the unity and the solidarity the entire nation showed while rallying behind Hazare is far bigger than the individuals who are going to represent us on the panel. Certainly a bunch of extremely clean (all of them) chaps on the committee is the idle situation. Certainly an individual like Kiran Bedi would have added immense value to the committee by her presence. Certainly a joker like Digvijay Sing should have been slapped black and blue in public for all his gimmicks. Certainly an idiot bearing the name Aamar Sing should have been stoned to death a long time back. Certainly we should have had the Jaan Lokpal Bill implemented from the days when our fathers were wolf-whistling their female classmates on collage corridors with that subtle nuances of Jeetendra songs. Certainly we (as the young generation) could have done better than spending majority of our time in some nonsensical networking sites and rest bitching about them and leaving the responsibility for all Hazare’s of the world to shoulder. Amidst all such ‘Certainly’, we shouldn’t lose the imminent goal in front – to make sure we end up with a nation with minimal or no corruption and would feel proud to hand it over to our next generation to take it from there. It is one last chance that we have to get rid of it, once-and-for-all and I hope we won’t lose our focus or derail ourselves by getting entangled in all such conspiracy theories. As they say – IT IS NOW OR NEVER !!

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