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    Osama Gone But The Questions Remain

    Many people tend to believe the assassination of Osama Bin Laden (OBL) could be the second biggest achievement of wiping out a scoundrel from the face the planet since Adolf Hitler decided to pull the trigger on his own forehead a good six decades ago. Call it co-incidence or destiny getting the better of the two rascals; it was May 2nd on both the occasions. Anyway I am not here to discuss the numerology or chances of some other rascal in the form of say Dawood Ibrahim jumping from the top floor of Burj Khalifa on next May 2nd. That is for certain to happen in one or the other form as, to avoid some further embarrassment you never know when the Pakistani authorities who are shielding the biggest fugitive of India for some time might just gun him down in some bizarre circumstances. So leave the idiot to live his last few days in peace before someone (our authorities or his own allies) eventually do the needful to pay him back his long pending dues with interest (whether it would be another May 2nd for a date or not is for the destiny to decide). I am not skeptical on that at all. My skepticism is on the current scenario and the scenarios that I can see in coming future and not to mention the real achievement behind the assassination of OBL.

    Achievement of the assassination

    If you ask me then I feel the achievement would very much add up to zero. Not sure about others but for me by assassinating you do more help than harm to an individual who has some significant image (good or bad) on world platform. A true winner should rather defeat his opponent badly and let him live the rest of his life licking his own wounds and seeing his own downfall. This way the rotten fate of the individual would stand as a deterrent for others who are following or planning to follow his ideologies. Secondly it would remain an example for a longer time for the world to see and realize, what could be the resultant of any bad deed. By assassinating you are doing neither but vindicating the belief and ideology the person assassinated stood for. When many would term this as vengeance it still remains as gifting a free martyrdom to someone. Rather the person’s death becoming a deterrent, it becomes a propellant for many similar thinking individuals to jump in the fray for some free martyrdom.

    Look at the support that Osama got across the Muslim community post his death. The public outcry that was seen on the streets of Pakistan and elsewhere pretty much assured that the elimination of one Osama would give birth to a dozen more rascals of his stature very soon. The belief that Osama always wanted to implant on each and every Muslim on how the west is the Satan specifically described in the holy Koran (with USA at the top) seems to be materializing. Even though his miserable existence never achieved this, his death seems to have done the trick. So rather being frenzy on the assassination we should congratulate USA for committing a dual harakiri as far as Osama is concerned – first while creating him (to suppress the Soviet Union) and second while eliminating him (when he started running around to bite them)

    In contrast think what would have happened if Osama was allowed to live a street dog’s life. Rather hearing his assassination, if the world got to see the fragile dead body of the same man with carrying all the possible diseases of the world and dyeing out of hunger; how the reaction would have been? I think the USA could have done a better service to themselves and the world at large if they have instead ensured a miserable life for Osama (running from his death all the time) ending with a humiliating pig’s death. But anyway the one achievement that I can see out of this assassination is some sense of closer for all those relatives of the victims or the surviving individuals of the infamous 9/11.

    Breaching of Sovereignty

    Without beating around the bush – even Pakistan deserves some respect when it comes to their sovereignty. The assassination plot and the adventure that the USA Navy Seals carried out did certainly infringed on the sovereignty of Pakistan. Irrespective of the outcome being good or bad, this is a very dangerous precedence and people need to stand up and be answerable to the international diplomatic community. Let’s get the equation straight – your enemy might not be everyone’s enemy and little, one gives lecturers on morals to others would be better for the world.

    It could be Osama alone or all the enemies of USA hold up together inside that wretched bungalow in Abbotabaad; but certainly it is not good enough a reason that you storm their country without taking them into confidence. More than the world the tolerating capabilities of an average Pakistani is admirable. A nation has outraged their sovereignty and after that they have the audacity to claim the repentance of the same if situation demands and yet the people of Pakistan are busy demonstrating only against the so called assassination of a scoundrel. What about the sovereignty infringement by USA? If there is some more serious example of shamelessness overdrive existing, I would love to know. Having said that; rather blaming the USA, Pakistan as a nation should introspect and understand that this is precisely what you get after your prolonged begging. It is about time they come out of the hallucination of them being an equal and respectful ally to USA in fight against terror. As far as USA is concerned – they care not more than rat ass for Pakistan or its people and treat them as slaves with a freehand to outrage their modesty as and when needed. I can understand the embarrassment and humiliation that an average Pakistani would be feeling. I pray they don’t end up having their female members sleeping with random white skinned idiots of the west someday. But this seems happening, if they don’t mend their ways and start building their own identity than running around with a begging bowl, all over the place.

    Peace in the region

    This is a question which I am sure won’t have many takers to stick their necks out to answer. Few would argue – the region was never safe and peaceful with Osama around so doesn’t really matter if the situation would improve post his assassination. Points taken; but what if the situation worsens? I know none is too sure on what to do if the situation worsens but at the same time there must be someone who should take the responsibilities if things take uglier turns. But irony, I don’t see anyone doing that.

    It seems the sub-continent region is volatile since the day’s lord Buddha started preaching about peace and would remain one for some time to come. The primary reason could be two nations – Pakistan & Afghanistan. Not only for South-East-Asia but in entirety these are the two countries which are the primary exporter of terrorists across the globe. The location of each being a neighbor to the other is not helping the cause either. The criminals, terrorists, drug lords and even fugitive politicians at both ends are freely switching their locations from one country to other as the situation necessitates. Thanks to the ever so porous borders of the eastern side, as per the Pakistan defense forces. The world might not be too aware of the facts (or ever would be) about the bitter relationship that Pakistan and Afghanistan maintain. Over the discussion on terrorism, between Musharraf & Karzai during 2001 it was surprising for many when both these state heads almost came to blows accusing each other. This was corroborated by no other than George Bush himself in his autobiography. So little one can understand how effective their so called joint mechanism to curb terrorism would be.

    If we believe the assassination of Osama would go without any reciprocation from Al-Quida, then we are living in fool’s paradise. Are we as the nations prepared for that? I am sure USA would have done the adequate arrangements before going for this mission, but what about us? What about Pakistan? Afghanistan? Pratibha Patil? Berlusconi Jr.? Hello – is there anyone who can answer?

    Crybabies at both ends

    And trust me – there are plenty at both ends. This pretty much displays how immature and childish we are in everything. No sooner fingers start pointing on Pakistan for yet another of their terrorism act a whole lot of entities turned crybabies at once. First was our own home ministry. Chidambaram felt his stand (Pakistan a terrorist nation) been vindicated more prominently than his ironed Dhoti. Without a minute being wasted dossier number 152 was mailed to Pakistan embassy for quick action along with a list of 42 so called fugitives of India who were believed to be housed there in Pakistan. Demand of strong action by the Pakistan authorities against the perpetrators of 26/11 was voiced again with a new found vigor. Let us all laugh a little before proceeding. Can we stop this nonsense once-and-for-all? When they haven’t done anything against the masterminds of Mumbai carnage even after being supplied with enough evidence, little they would do just because Uncle Sam gunned down a certain Osama. Call them street smart or fool masters – Pakistanis also did act much more the routine way that India does. A hell lot of crocodile tear was shed with the trumpet blowing of innocence on account of being the victim of terror themselves. Please somebody educate them – the terrorism which they claim to be a victim themselves is their homegrown only. So there is a fundamental difference between them and India on this; When India is genuinely under the cloud of terrorism they are suffering from a set of fanatics who are on a mission to bite the hands which fed them for decades.

    By the way, what is this nonsense about attack and counter attack and covert operation nonsense is all about? First Deepak Kapoor tried to be clever by half and told the world how well equipped we are to give the Navy Seals a run for their money and if that was not enough; an entire Pakistan seems to have an opinion or counter rhetoric to show on Mr. Kapoor’s utterances. General Kapoor; we might or might not have the capabilities but more than capability we need political will to carry out such operations, which I am sure we are having a huge deficit. So forget about us repeating the Navy Seal’s spectacle ever and more of – none really discusses about their covert operations (if at all) openly. So better keep your ideas all to yourself if you really feel it is a covert operation. Learn from the Israelis. A certain gentleman was pumped with enough in a posh hotel in Dubai and the world doesn’t have a clue on what the bloody thing is all about. And for Pakistan- please think on how to generate enough money to pay your employees and provide basic facilities (education, healthcare, communication network etc) to your populace than thinking of a war against India on the drop of a hat. And for God’s sake stop crying on being the biggest sufferer of terrorism yourselves – ‘You can’t decrease the weight of the corpus by shaving off the dead body’.

    Hypocrisy at all time high

    The drama of fight against terror should stop at once. Equally expected is the exchange of dossier after dossier be drawn a full stop. Let’s be clear on one thing – none is going to care on what we want and what are our priorities. All are happy to protect their own interest and I don’t see any wrong in that at all. If we happen to be the only fool in the world who don’t even bother an ounce before putting nation’s interest and identity at stake for our vote bank, international image and at times even the desire to win the Nobel peace prize; then no one can help us and no one should be blamed but ourselves.

    There is hypocrisy from our side as well as from both Pakistan and USA. The double standard of Pakistan is known to the world (along with the terrorists they are housing) and we certainly don’t need any confirmation on that. But for USA, it is high time they stop the jingoisms that they seem to have spread across the globe and stop pretending and fooling the masses about their noble and genuine intention to fight against terrorism. When a country which is directly or indirectly responsible for the 80% of mess that we are currently in has to talk about fight the war against terrorism with all-inclusiveness is laughable. A whore talking about the value of chastity makes better sense. But irony – we as a nation are fool enough to buy those lines and think USA to stand by us on topics that address our national interest. We shouldn’t be that fool; should we? With all fairness; I don’t see a reason why USA even should do it for us? Why? For what sake? Blaming US would be wrong when we have elected a government full with clowns who are turning this an American agent than a sovereign federal government. So we better should slap ourselves, put oil on our nostrils and go to a deep slumber.

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