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    Are You Really Serious Rahul?

    After hearing Rahul Gandhi’s speech in parliament on Anna Hazare and his fast, one question that hits me is –“Are you really serious Rahul?”

    Beyond the normal gimmickry, Rahul seems to have decided to take another step, which is to talk about some serious and pertinent issues that the citizens want to hear from their so called PM in waiting. While for long Rahul conveniently ducked issues like farmer suicide, nuclear bill, pathetic land acquisition law, the CWG scam, 2G Scam or even the much touted Cash for Vote scam, he finally thought Anna’s fast is the moment he should open his mouth to let all know that his intellectual prowess is not only limited to Padayatras in UP (as a matter of fact in all non-congress states) or staying overnight in a Dalit’s hut. Even though how intellectual the whole speech was debatable, the effort is yet commendable. Let’s give the credit where it is due, even if it happens that the PM in waiting had to read it out from few pages of paper primarily written by someone else.

    Having said that, the speech raised many fundamental concerns. Foremost of them is the lack of accountability and authority of our Prime-minister. If my memory serves me half the amount that I expect, then I could remember our Prime-minister in his speech in the parliament the day before urged Anna to end his fast and take his words as an assurance that the Jan-Lokpal bill would be discussed the next day. No wonder Anna refused as he has strong trust deficit with the government and he seem to have been proved correct when going against the commitments of the Prime-minister Rahul Gandhi took a good hour to elaborate his so called game changer idea and hence leaving no time or ground left for the proposed discussion of the PM to take place. This could be either accidental or planned. But in any-either way, the weightage and authority of the words of a Prime-minister is battered badly. This is not only insult to the image of the Prime-minister but also raises question mark on the veracity of the assurance that none other than the PM had to offer to his countrymen only 24 hours back. Now I understand what Rahul meant when he said a Game changer idea – ‘That is to make the position of the PM more redundant than we all thought it to be’. Certainly a game changer for the democratic beliefs, Rahul.

    The second concern is the manner in which the fast and a mass movement are perceived by our elected representatives; which sadly is complete callous and indifference towards their responsibility of the citizens and a 74 year old man who is fasting for a better tomorrow. While whole of India was expecting some seriousness on the issue, Rahul thought of coming up with his so called game changer idea, drafted by someone else to divert the the discussion entirely in a different direction and shift the goal post unnecessarily. The suggestion of making Lokpal a constitution body like CEC is for sure a brilliant suggestion but on the current context is absolutely nonsense of an idea to discuss and certainly couldn’t have been the agenda. While people just want the bill to be an act which for last four decades none of the government perused with any urgency (for obvious reasons), a sudden emergence of a certain Rahul Gandhi and offering a BMW against the demand of a Maruti 800 is nothing but a sad joke on the movement and the citizens of this nation. It is like not giving two slices of bread to a starving person but promise him a three course meal in a five star hotel later. Rahul, I never thought you to be as dumb as you look from your appearance. Take Kiran Bedi’s suggestions with some seriousness and first try climbing the hill in your neighborhood before making tall claims and suggestions of climbing Mount Everest.

    Third is the immature way (not that I expect anything better) Rahul tried to define our democracy to hide his government’s and forefather’s incompetency. I literally fell off my chair laughing when he has to say that we being a democratic nation our processes are generally lengthy and grumbling. Does anyway Rahul, you want to suggest, this is the price that we have to pay for being a democracy? Just because we chose democracy the way forward, we have to tolerate someone else’s incompetency, greed, nepotism as part and parcel of the democratic process? Come-on, you must be kidding as for God’s sake we are not the only democratic country on the face of this planet. I haven’t seen the government process in any other democratic countries being so lengthy and grumbling; not even in Afghanistan. Why this exception with us? And don’t tell that the lengthy procedure ensures inclusiveness of all, the falsehood of which is evident from the MP’s salary hike draft which got cleared in no time while the one-rank-one-pay demand of our war heroes is going on for last quarter of a century. So how inclusive the government is when it comes to the plight of a common man’s need requires no elaboration or eloquence.

    Fourth is the manner in which Rahul tried to give a communal look to the whole mass movement. Even though communalizing anything for personal benefit and vote bank is a trademark of Congress’s modus-operandi, I was expecting them not to follow the same suite with this issue at least. But as they say bad habits dies last. Let me assure you Rahul, none from the populace would ever object to the pluralistic fabrics of our society, let alone agitating against it. The false concerns that you showed on this in your speech is at large a pathetic excuse and an attempt at divisive politics on which your party seems to have done a PhD. The reason of not entertaining people like Anna with a fear that a similar set of people might agitate against our secular credentials tomorrow is nothing but rubbish and childish. I pity your party members who are head-over-heels in projecting such an immature individual like you as our future Prime-minister. This precisely what happens to one’s wisdom when he/she tries to play ostrich and doesn’t look beyond personal gains. Let me pity on your thought process first of all.

    So Rahul in nutshell, your overall speech or so to say game changer idea was entirely an unnecessary attempt at diverting the core agenda and if you believe such amateurish approach to matters of great concerns will project you as a bigger leader, then you are pathetically wrong somewhere. Let’s admit everything is not everyone’s piece of cake and you better stick to your own comfortable stuff of going on Padyatara around UP, address tribal with a bottle of mineral water in hand, come up with false details of rape incidents and massacre, repeat the same stanzas wherever you go, stay overnight in a Dalit’s hut, travel in a Mumbai local train with at least a thousand policemen around. There could be many such other gimmickries which you might not have tried your hand at. It is better you spend time on the nature and type of your next gimmick than trying to be intellectual by half for no apparent reason, and end up exposing your own abilities or the lack of it.

    As someone said – “If you are a fool, it is not required that you should open your mouth and go around proving the same”. One last request – don’t be too worried for future agitations or our secular fabrics going haywire as, If there would be another such agitation in future, don’t be surprised if it is to ban people having borrowed surnames to enter Indian politics. By the way, should I refer you as Rahul Vinci (as per your passport) or Rahul Gandhi?

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