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    Referendum Or Not. You Sound Rubbish Mr.Sibal

    While Anna’s effort of carrying out a referendum can be lauded, at the same time can be said has raised many eyebrows. 85% people from Kapil Sibal’s constituency want Anna’s version of the Lokpal bill than their beloved chosen leader’s was well expected by everyone. It is the missing 15% that raised quite a few eyebrows. While many struggle to find how a staggering 15% don’t want a strong Lokpal, I am sure there are a lot of politicians, bureaucrats and judiciary guys living in and around Chandni Chowk, so much so that they fill up a good 15% of the entire population of that area. Nevertheless we can safely assume a good 15% of our country’s population to be corrupt anyway.

    But the so called referendum raised a bigger question than just raising few eyebrows or scoring some brownie points for Anna. Kapil Sibal might find humor in the findings by suggesting team Anna being modest for not attributing the findings to be 100% but it is no secret what people of the nation want of this bill and in what form.

    The wrong notion that people like Kapil Sibal and his stooges carry that it is only a fight of an 80 year old; need to be told that, it actually a fight of the nation. It is the fight of a nation which has long seen corruption being part and parcel of the lifestyle. It is the fight of a nation which has seen all its government frameworks being maligned and misused by the rampant corruption in every sphere of governance. From village Sarpanchs to the Prime-Minister; from the office peon to the Cabinet secretary; from a notary to the chief justice of our Apex court, all are neck deep in corruption. The debate or disagreement between government representatives and the civil society on whom to have and whom not to in the ambit of the Lokpal bill can best be settled by asking the citizens on what they want. Forget about a nationwide or constituency wise referendum; a mere questionnaire of four questions asked to each citizen of this country would lead us to a conclusion.

    1. Do you want the Prime-Minister to be brought under Lokpal? If NO, then please suggest ways so that corruptions like Bofors scam could be stopped in future or at least how the investigation of such acts shouldn’t stretch into decades and at the end of which all the culprits are given clean chits.
    2. Do you want our member of parliament be under the Lokpal umbrella? I bet there won’t be many who would say NO. As far as I am concerned I haven’t seen a single person who believes our MPs are too clean to be brought under any such rule.
    3. Do you want our Bureaucracy and all its offshoots be brought under Lokpal? Again I expect a resounding YES for it. I would be entirely surprised if I find one person in India who would claim not been directly or indirectly affected by the corruption of one Babu or the other.
    4. Do you want out judiciary be under the scanner? If NO, then I am sure you haven’t heard of a certain Balakrishnan and many like him. Please do a Google about this individual in a hurry and then answer back appropriately.

    So where is the fuss? When crores of public money can be invested in the name of NREGA, just to open fresh avenues for corruption and carryout the nefarious intention of vote-bank politics by hoghwashing; can’t the government make arrangements to ask these simple questions to the people and get their reaction? If the government which claims itself to be deadly serious in having a STRONG Lokpal bill must at least make sure to ask its citizens on what they want from it as anyway it is the populace of the country who are fighting for such a bill, not the usually corrupt and ethics less politicians. Where is the problem Mr.Sibal, if people get down to the drawing board and chuck out on what exactly they want? If you say a mandate called referendum doesn’t have any mention in our constitution and since you and your government being a diehard adherer of our constitution, you just can’t allow it; then let me assure you Mr.Sibal, there is no mention of the word “OFFICIAL CORRUPTION” in our constitution either. Does it? Just take a break from your jingoisms and pay a visit to Tihar jail to count out the number of your colleagues from the current government who are cooling their heels there for the very act which doesn’t have any mention in our constitution.

    So let’s not bring the goddamn constitution in everything for your convenience. When people like Kalmadi and A.Raja were looting the nation by both hands where was the constitution that you love to flaunt every now-and-then? Was it non-existent back then? Where was the constitution when you yourself went to the parliament one fine day and announced Raja’s innocence as you felt there was no loss to the exchequer in whole 2G scam? Since you were proved pathetically wrong as Raja is languishing behind the bars; won’t you think it is only appropriate that people like you and your malicious intentions behind such skirmish utterances be probed by some neutral authority like the Lokpal? Won’t you think people need to know the real intention behind appointing a grossly corrupt person like Mr.Thomas to the post of CVC (premiere anticorruption watchdog) even after persistent objection from the leader of the opposition? Won’t you think it is for all to know why a certain Ottavio Quattrocchi been let off the hook and all his bank accounts are de-freezed? There are so many examples which makes one feel, it is about time we have a very strong Lokpal.

    But just look at the government’s indifferences instead. As convenient as it can get the Prime-Minister, the whole of Parliament, the judiciary and the bureaucrats were promptly kept out of the bill. Just want to ask this question Mr.Sibal at this juncture – then who is left for the Lokpal to act open? The common people? If so then we really don’t need a Lokpal to begin with as the current set of available rules are good enough to keep a tap on the activities of an average common-man. It is the corrupt whom we are talking about Mr.Sibal, not the average law abiding and honest common-man. All the corrupt of the nation, precisely for whom such a bill was demanded, are promptly shielded from the firing line. There couldn’t be a bigger joke Mr.Sibal, let me assure you this.

    And yes, for once-and-for-all please stop giving the pathetic excuse of how the Prime-Minister would become nonfunctional if a Lokpal sword is kept hanging on his head. This is sheer nonsense to say the least. Isn’t our Prime-Minister under the CBI? Has he become nonfunctional? Not at least after seeing corruption like Bofors scam, which even put our country’s security in jeopardy or the vote manipulation to retain one’s constituency which only got exposed when the Allahabad High-court slammed with harshest of words which subsequently lead to a black chapter in Indian history called Emergency. So Mr.Sibal, stop making a fool of yourself, if you think people are fool enough to buy into your nonsensical excuses.

    One can only pity people like Mr.Sibal, the so called custodian of Law and a completely corrupt government; that citizens who elected them to power have to go for indefinite hunger strikes to see through their genuine demands and get their legitimate dues. Even God can’t save this country…

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