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    Our Political Class Is Class Apart

    For long we are been governed and ruled by entities who on any given day can give the best highway robbers a run for their money. The definition of democracy and democratically elected representatives is long been maligned by this nefarious political class of India and yet are shameless enough to call themselves as leaders. From scam to hooliganism, these set of scoundrels have accomplished every line that our Indian Penal Code talks about and yet rather being ashamed of their deeds, they flaunt their status-co by roaming around in red light cars on tax payer’s money. More embarrassing is that after being caught with their pants down on numerous occasion most of the lot are still far from the long hands of the law. If these are not early signs of us turning into a banana republic at an alarming pace then I am not sure what it is.

    The once political class which has Sardar Patel, Lalbahadur Shastri, Maulana Azad to name few as their constituents is now full with rowdies, goons, thugs of highest magnitude. They loot, they get corrupt at the drop of a hat, they carry out scams of amount which can easily surpass the combined GDP of few African nations, they kill people for personal gain, they even rape women as a matter of fact, and the list is literally endless. The sorry state of our current political scenario is a resultant of the fact that the entire political class who were supposed to be the custodian of the same have turned mongrels and leeches and stooped down to unbelievable level.

    They make laws to make sure that enough loopholes are left for their cronies and business friends to exploit and get away with crimes and loot. They ensure that even after such precaution if any close aid is apprehended by the law, they use their power to get them off the hook. Mamta Banarjee storming a Kolkatta police station and shouting at the DG for arresting few goons of her party is a good example of our politician’s belief of them being a law into themselves. Politicians like Mayawati are a notch ahead in the business of being heavily corrupt themselves, in the process making the entire system corrupt. While the growth rate of the state continue to remain pathetically dismal with half of its population is almost starving, Mayawati conveniently looks the other way and keeps on spending thousands of crores of public money in building her own statues and parks all over the state.

    Our political classes are best at Mafiosi also. The goons which are inherent with every politician create havoc while their masters are busy siphoning public wealth. Bihar half a decade back was testimony to the hooliganism that an entire political system was carrying out. Lalu Yadav conveniently made hooliganism a state sponsored phenomenon where his followers and stooges were given a free hand to loot, kill, rape, abduct and what not. While the master was busy eating cattle fodder and toilets of Indira Awash Yojna, the followers were busy in extortion, murder and rape at gun point. Even holy cities like Gaya were not spared where it was impossible for females to come out of their house post 7 P.M and go back home without getting raped. Showrooms were forcefully emptied so that new cars can be taken in Barat of Lalu’s close family members. A nephew didn’t thought twice before slapping the station master as Rajdhani was not parked on platform -1 and he has to walk to platform -4 instead. The examples of Lalu’s atrocities and indifference towards law and rules scaled all heights that it possibly could and a point reached where people contemplated of changing the words rowdy and hooligan to Bihari in the dictionary.

    Hence it is no wonder which set of people are flocking Tihar of late. While leaders should set examples of good ethics and citizenry attributes, our’s is an exception in that. While they should be role models, they rather are seen occupying cells inside Tihar and various other prisons across the nation. Our political class after decades of looting without any objection or punishment seems to have their luck running out thin. While Raja is languishing for last six months on charges of corruption, the self-styled and self-proclaimed Olympic man of India Suresh Kalmadi is cooling his heels at the same place for pretty much the same reasons. The loving daughter of Karunanidhi is behind bars for quite some time as she thought being the daughter of the supremo of a party which is the second biggest in the running government, she has all rights to get involved in corruption activity and loot with both her hands and yet be remain untouched. Madhu Koda who happens to be the first independent candidate to become the Chief Minister of a state amassed four thousand crore of public money in as many months and now coughing them out slowly but surely inside the jail in Jharkhand. Little did Madhu Koda knew how badly he had to payback for his sins till the time when he was bashed up black and blue by jail inmates and jail authorities last week. Isn’t this shameless overdrive when an ex-CM who once had the power to even dismiss the DG of police is now getting thrashed by police constables?

    Our political class is best at gimmickry also. No sooner they are caught in the act they fringe ignorance and term the same as a political conspiracy to malign their non-existing image. Most of them are naturally equipped with the option of getting a chest pain no sooner the law comes calling on them. They act, they enact and fool the masses time and again. They want to enjoy all the power without any accountability. If someone dares to stand up and ask uncomfortable questions they become scoundrels and take shelter under the patriotism shed and start blaming the questioner for being non-patriotic and anti-national. The recent incidence of sending the DG traffic to mental asylum because he openly said the Mayawati government to be the most corrupt in the history of independent India is a proof how rotten our political class can get to safeguard their interest and loot. While they themselves keep with the looting spree, they show fingers at people like Anna Hazare, Arvind Kejriwal and Kiran Bedi just because they feel these guys are asking too many uncomfortable questions, in turn becoming a hindrance in their looting exercise. They want to have their cake and gulp it too and expect the rest of the world should owe up their mess.

    The nefarious attributes are endless and one might have to consume rims of paper and yet be half done in jolting down every phenomenon these cunning foxes possess. In nutshell, they can sell you, me and even the nation if they feel it is addressing their greed.

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