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    Kapil – There Should Be A Limit To Absurdity

    In last one week I have developed some strong feelings for us as a nation. That, we deserve to remain poor, illiterate, slaves and with all probability be under some kind of dictatorship than the current pseudo democracy.

    First it was the strange decision of holding back the justified approach of 51% FDI in retail sector and as recently as yesterday when Kapil Sibal hurriedly called a press meet and announced the installation of a new ministry called the ‘MINISTRY OF SOCIAL WATCHDOGS’ with him being the perpetual head of it. Both these actions are for sure going to get into the history books as ‘ridiculous idiocy marvels’ with Kapil being conferred with the ‘Nishan-E-Taliban’ khitab by the Neanderthal species hebetating the Khyber and Postun regions of Pakistan.

    It all started when Kapil Sibal looked more serious than Murulitharan while bowling when he told the gathered press people that henceforth there would be some kind of gag order on what one should or shouldn’t publish on cyber world as a freehand till today has created enough problems for one and all with denting and hurting many individuals and religions. To make sure that none henceforth is allowed to vent their anger and self-maligned goals on cyber world without going unpunished, he himself would readily act as the chief sniffer dog, he added.

    Let me not waste any time in congratulating Kapil for this path breaking decision. That said; even though I am a strong believer that there should be some kind of self-regulation and self-moderation before one puts something on the cyber space, the introduction of a gag order seems more scary and damaging than the so called hate work of the cyber world. Isn’t this an effort to snatch away the most important fundamental rights of a democratic framework – that is ‘The Freedom Of Expression’? The Social Networking sites which came under the ire of Kapil are largely being used by the young mass of our population where they feel free to discuss, debate, elaborate, contempt, argue and even out rightly malign an individual or a religion in the process; which in a way gives perspective to one’s wisdom about the happenings around him or her. While this could at times be a little erratic and out of track and too personal for someone’s comfort; but seeing it as a threat to national fabrics and national security so much so that the government of India has to take the task of setting things right on priority is way more exaggerated and a direct attack on individual’s privacy. To say that the effort is to protect people of different religions from the so called hate mongrels, as the main reason for such absurd step is out rightly childish, gibberish and hypocritical to say the least.

    Even though the argument could still be accepted on its face value at this juncture, it would be mighty nice of Kapil if he can let all of us know his views on M.F.Hussain painting nude portraits of Hindu Goddesses; if he feels he is the so called custodian of religious sentiments. When half of India was aggrieved by such nonsense art work of Hussain and demanded for some strict action, the same Congress government which now seems to be so serious about religious sentiments went ahead and conferred Hussain with some national award instead. So Kapil either you people were wrong when you never acted on Hussain under the false pretext of ‘Freedom Of Expression’ back then or yesterday when you strangely thought of gagging one and all from free expression as it is hurting religious sentiments. As it seems you have the cake and planning to eat it too, it is highly required to let all of us know which one of your actions is wrong – Hussain being left scot free or the plan to put people behind bars just because they thought of venting something that is genuine.

    And for God’s sake stop blaming BJP of being hypocritical as they hound out Hussain out of the country without showing respect to his fundamental rights back then but cry foul if Congress plans to do something of similar nature. In the case of Hussain there was a genuine reason which was supported by Article 153 of our constitution to book him under the law; but for some strange reasons you and your party conveniently looked the other way and gave us that ‘Freedom Of Expression’ nonsense and now when it comes to protect the non-existing image of few of your party carders and more precisely the members of that one family you come up with yet another nonsense.

    While you might hide under the false concern of national fabric and only project yourself as a messiah for the same, but truth has a strange phenomenon of coming out of its own. I know where you are coming from Kapil. I know how you want to stop people from writing in length about the amount of scam the current government has accomplished and yet how conveniently you guys have brushed the truth under the carpet. I know you want to stop people from voicing about your vote bank politics and how your latest jingoism is meant to woo a particular community which forms a large vote constituent of the coming UP election. I know you don’t want people to discuss your government’s failure in governance and how you guys have made every government machinery as your personal property. I know you don’t want people to write against that one family which barely has produced any graduate and yet capable enough to have rest of you as their slaves. You don’t want people to discuss on the capability and caliber of the heir apparent.

    So why act funny Kapil when the real agenda behind such outrageous attempt at sabotaging one’s fundamental rights is completely different from what you wanted us to believe? We are a mature nation and we all are mature people and can very well understand the real motive behind each of your sabbatical attempt at fooling the masses under the guise of National harmony and National security. Thanks to the enormous number clowns those who have ruled us for last so many years since independence, we now can very well understand each of the dirty tricks from the banks of dirty trick department of Congress.

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