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    Congress - A Party Of Swindlers And Thugs

    I am now entirely convinced that Congress is a party of swindlers and thugs and would conveniently sell the nation and national interest for personal gain. And there are more than just good enough reasons for me to come to this conclusion. A quick glance at the history of Congress and their rubbish acts and actions which has time and again harmed the nation and the populace speaks volume of the grand old party which are and were always a colony of crooks and on any given day can ashamed even the highway robbers.
    To start with, it was Jawaharlal Nehru who made a mess of this country for his personal greed and womanizing nature. If not for a certain Sardar Patel we would have been begging all over the world by now. While Gandhi was all but perusing Nehru to drop his wish of becoming the first prime-minister and let Zinha have that honor which in a way would have ensured a non-division of the country; Nehru being power hungry and perhaps entered the independence movement with an eye on this post bluntly refused to listen to the father of the nation and stuck to his self-greed. How correct was Mahatma Gandhi when out of frustration he said this at that time – ‘Day will come when people will spit on the very mention of Congress and would throw stones at you’.
    While stalwarts like Sardar Patel were busy formulating policies and road map of a developing India, Nehru was busy sporting a red rose and day dreaming how to sleep around with all the beautiful women including Lady Mountbatten. This is the truth of the grand old party which has such a distinguished founder who was nothing but a nymphomaniac womanizer.
    Nehru and Congress continued with their loot (does anyone remember the Jeep scam?) and inflecting damages to the country till a certain Lalbahadur Shastri came to the helm. Let me admit – Shastriji was so unlike of Congress as he was clean. But it seems the destiny of the nation was never ready for a clean person but crooks and only crooks. That’s why perhaps we had Indira Gandhi to take over the mental. The shocking death of Shastriji at Tashkent is still a surprise for many and foul plays so that the first family can hang onto the power again can’t be ruled out.
    Indira’s rule was a black chapter which we would have been better off without. Indira was always at the wrong end of the national interest and thought, she being the law in herself. Both the party and the first family of the party kept on with their looting spree for a good decade or so till Jayaprakash Narayan raised his voice against such institutional loot. Rest as they say is history when the crooked lady installed emergency, in-order to take away the freedom of speech and gag the media not to write on her and her mis-governance. So shameful was the outcome that the Allhabad High-Court announced the election of Indira as null and void for the misappropriate use of means and we found our prime-minister behind bars.
    Little did we write about Rajiv Gandhi is better as he is a Bharat Ratna for looting the nation in Bofors deal and making it a personal responsibility of killing innocent Sikhs post Indira’s assassination. 
    While one can write tons of paper on the indifferent behavior of the party at large and a notorious family enjoying a borrowed surname and barely able to produce a graduate till today in particular, their latest jingoism in handling Anna Hazare and his demands for a strong Lokpal and their effort to fool the nation yet again for their greed is just the icing on the cake which labels them as leeches far more heinous and dangerous than all the Aarab dictators put together.
    When Anna was in the 10th day of his hunger strike, last time around, the parliament finally agreed to debate on the legitimacy of his demands. Just when the debate was becoming a genuine one a certain gentleman, who would fail the eighth grade exam nine out of ten times, thought of opening his mouth to let the world know, who the biggest buffoon of the world is. Quite unnecessarily he shifted the goal post by his so called game changer plan (for which the rest of the clown lot of Congress were head over the heels with praise) and instead suggested to make Lokpal a constitutional body. Please someone educate this under educated brat that he should stick to his regular gimmickry of staying in a Dalit hut and getting arrested while pillion riding in a bike and refrain himself from commenting on grave issues where his half-baked brain would fail miserably to supply the adequate amount of intelligent quotient. After much deliberation, finally the crooked government relented and the Prime-minister himself wrote a letter where he urged Anna to end his hunger strike and assured him of having a general consensus of the house to agree to his three major demands. That to have the PM under Lokpal and so as grade 3 & 4 employees along with formulation of citizen chatters.
    While it was none other than the PM himself who assured of the same in writing, the dirty tricks department of Congress was at its cunning best when it came to drafting, for the parliament to pass. The slaves did all this just to appease a college dropout who at best can stay overnight in a Dalit’s hut as a part of gimmickry and pretend to be intellectual and pious while hobnobbing with his drug mafia Colombian girlfriend. The hurriedly constituted standing committee allegedly removed all that the PM agreed in writing and drafted an exact opposite toothless bill which later on can be used, manipulated by their future crooks and of course the mentally retarded heir apparent.
    When the members of BJP and few others showed their disapproval of any such decision their anger was treated as a voice of dissent. Now this surprises me to see how far the dirty tricks department can manipulate their actions just to safeguard a pathetic family. One can question – there were only 11 who agreed to the draft formulated by the dirty tricks department, while there were 17 who disagreed. So, since when that the voices of majority is treated as a voice of dissent while the voice of minority as the voice of the committee? Only because the 11 voices are from the dirty tricks department?
    No wonder team Anna is bewildered looking at the latest developments. An entire nation was cheated when the crooks for their personal gain over ruled the promise made by the prime-minister of the nation. The standing committee conveniently overlooked the promises of the PM so that they can implement the maligned interest of Rahul Gandhi. The token fast of Anna on 11th and the large number of crowd present their to show their solidarity explains how aggrieved the nation is to see themselves being left in the cold yet again by the crooked party and its dirty trick department. To debate all political parties were invited at the Ramlila Ground to voice their opinion on an open forum. Almost every party obliged the invitation except the swindlers party. As expected the retard Yuvraj of the nasty brigade didn’t appear on the false context that the issue is being discussed in parliament and hence they don’t prefer participating in a parallel debate outside. I wish one from the dirty tricks department should explain if such is the concern for the privilege of the parliament then what made our PM voice about the same topic in a public rally of youth congress few days back?
    This suggests the party along with swindlers, crooks and thugs is also full with clowns and hypocrites. They ruled the nation for last fifty years and blame it on BJP’s six year stint for every wrong that is happening with the nation. From bad development of our rural areas to the 40% BPL constituents; from rampant corruption to the law and order mismanagement; they find BJP being the sole culprit as they governed only for six years out of the 65 years. Such shameless is the grand old party that they never are seen standing up and owning up the responsibility but always in the lookout for a scapegoat. And who dares question their loot and indifference automatically becomes an anti-national for them. The moment you question their mis-governance, free hand for one and all to loot, complete lack of transparency, dirty tricks department’s misadventure to malign the image of genuine individuals or even asking uncomfortable questions about Rahul Gandhi’s qualification or caliber and achievement; you are branded as unpatriotic and gag orders are issued against you without delay.
    For them perhaps even this piece of article is an unpatriotic and anti-national gesture and I am all but on the mercy of jokers like Kapil Sibal and his stooges to announce if I should have the externment orders be issued against me to get the hell out of this country which seems to belong only to that one party of swindlers and thugs so that a family which lacks in everything and lives on a borrowed surname to thrive and prosper in the loot without being questioned. Because uncomfortable questions would compromise the future prospect of the first family and no wonder Kapil wants people like me and million others are gaged from opinionating and questioning the very ethics and morals of a party and family that seems to have been thrust upon us by a bunch scoundrels and rascals. Kapil, you can take me on as I am the last person who cares even rat’s posterior to clowns like you and others of your dirty trick department and you should realize that while truncheon could be used in lieu of conversation, words would always retain their power. Words offer means to meaning for those who are ready to listen to the enunciation of truth and the truth is, there is something terribly wrong with this country. Isn’t there?


    1. Agree to each word of the blog mate. You are bang on target. Now one knows why we are still a developing country even after 65 years of independence. Because we are governed by the so called Party Of Swindlers And Thugs for the most part of it.

    2. Excellent,

      As long as someone does not eliminate the entire the fake gandhi family of Italy who is looting india, the indians will be cheated on basis of religion, caste etc while they continue the loot.

    3. Dont blame anybody, it is hindus who keep on voting and opt not to vote in a democratic country. SO they are the sole responisible for this country.

    4. Good!!! but there are so many mistake and loot done by Congress are not highlighted,

    5. Hi Milind,

      I know lot of loot instances are missing but as I said in my blog, one might have to use half of the paper resources of this country and yet be half done in narrating all the crooked attributes of this grand old party. Hence I just brushed on the nefarious attributes of few of the so called biggies of this party.

    6. i laughed while reading description of Mr R - but it is unfortunate that such people are projected as future of india

    7. good one can any oen tell what Pramod mahajan did as a right hand man of Mr Vajpayee
      What is mayawati doing
      what Lalu did
      what is on in Banglore
      what Vasundra raje did ,and what she was in her young time

    8. U hv targeted the Congress. But BJPs vajapi and his foster son Ranjan Bhattacharyaa is no exception. Pratibha Advani is no exception. Almost every one has sucked this nation whos so ever was or is in power.We msut flush the parliament first and then say something. Do not forget the good jobs done by Indira( freedom of east pakistan and formation of Bangladesh else Paki would have got the benefit from east also).Nationalisation of all banks/Air lines/etc.

    9. The real problem of this country is cast based voting. top class always want to BJP no matter what they do in the power. Scared of BJP's policies muslims and backword classed vote congress. And thus congress get power for no reason but to loot. This cycle continues in every election. So the conclusion is, our culture is killing us.

    10. @Last Anonymous - Yes, I have targeted Congress as suggested by my blog title. You are correct while saying all parties are more or less same when it comes to corruption.But the catch is - Congress is the flag bearer in this case.According to GFI $128 billion are siphoned out of India in the form of black money in last 8 years alone. And who was is at the helm for the most part of the loot period?Corruption is an inherent phenomena with democratic governance but comparing corruption of Congress with other parties would be as same as comparing bowling prowess of Abay Kuruvila with that of Washim Akram's.

      A bit of mathematics would show the combined loot of all other parties till date won't even match with the average anual loot of this grand old party. Just give it a thought.


    11. we know all this truth but still not able to do anything.I m hurt, i am waiting for that change.this congress and other parties has made us handicap.we dont have option....what to do??

    12. This is really true. Only waiting will not solve all other problems. At least we can give a chance to other party as a government. This government is not ready to leave there chairs. At lease we can support Anna Hazare for what he is doing. Spread the awareness through Social Networking sites. Should fight against this government.

    13. Yes.. very true.. we all know what this congress has been doing since independence.. But I feel so helpless that we are not able to do anything.. I just wish that this congress rule comes to an end ASAP..

    14. Mera bharath Mahan Nahi...Darpok hain all due to sonia

    15. Absolutely true...

    16. Cynical, Excellently written article and some of your clarifications are also true. Such is the condition of our country, we cannot go forward unless every Indian will tell I am Indian first and then whatever. That should be the target of the next set of people who would want to lead an agitation. Agencies after agencies like the CBI and others are made toothless. Hence the political reforms where they are goaled and report card from a set of objectives should be the way to check the performances of the government and the parties and candidates. If anyone reading this, probably you can think of ways to mobilize this as mass movement. Regards, Sampath

      Congress-A party of gambler ,prostitute & womanizer.