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    Congress & Corruption. Is It A Synonym?

    No, I didn’t come to this supposition just because our Apex court shown the doors of exit to many of the scoundrel telecom operators who were all but syndicate in the crime that A.Raja perpetrated in connivance with his bosses at Chennai and crooks of his coalition. It is rather the long encumbering dirty facts that pop up ever now-and-then (more recurrent in last couple of years or so) that forced me to believe, ‘corruption’ could very well be our national pastime and with all probability our national culture and national game as well. 
    As if having extreme corrupts in the form of Raja or Kalmadi at the helm was not enough, today a publication in one of the Canadian daily regarding Praful Patel’s swindler avatar in selling country’s pride in the name of Air-India was for sure a huge nail in our coffin as far as self-pride and national interest is concerned. And pity, at the same time when this news made Praful wet his pants in a jittery, Rahul Gandhi along with his sister Priyanka were seen all over the place in UP vouching their pledge in curbing corruption. Couldn’t believe this (more than if scientists confirm Rakhi Shawant possesses something called brain) when the presumption in all probability that it is the Congress party which was pioneer in introducing this malice to the nation by setting proper and befitting examples at regular intervals.
    Let’s first look at the amount that we have already drained from our treasury to accommodate the fancy of few handful looters. A simple Google on it throws a staggering ninety lakh sixty three thousand crores as the precise amount. While I can offer the liberty of seven months to you to figure out the number zeros the said amount can possibly contain, I am no way in a mood to have the looters of this go unaccountable even for a second. Just because someone who duly shared the loot with his bosses up can’t be the criteria to look the other way and let the highway robbers have their day. That is as good as allowing Adnan Sami, not only to divorce three of his previous wives (in as many months) but also allowing him to eat out half of our food reserve.
    More than the deed of corruption, it is the manner in which the Congress always tries to cover their nefarious spectacles by blaming one and all is what nonpluses me. When 2G first broke the headlines for the sheer amount of money that was part of the siphoned amount; Congress being at the helm showed little or no reaction to even acknowledge it. let alone acting on it. I am now half convinced that the first-come first-serve apparatus is dearest to Congress. How else one can possibly justify their affinity to pigskin behind it whenever they are apprehended with even currency notes stuffed in their dhotis or clicked naked with a goat? Be it the case of hanging Afzal Guru or apportioning national assets in throw away price; it always was the First-Come First-serve methodology that took the center stage.
    What followed right after the 2G exposer is for sure a classic example of subverting our criminal justice system, democracy, respect for people’s money and almost everything that is expected from a democratically elected government. All in the Congress camp overworked to save their skin from the 2G mess and a national campaign went around protecting the thugs so much so that we saw A.Raja being never acted upon a good year and half from the day the scam first broke out. If the complete indifference of an incumbent government towards curbing corruption was not enough, we heard excuses of astounding nature to justify the loot being of minimal category. Top in the pack of shameless excuses was our own Prime-Minister’s helpless nature over displayed time and again on how he just can’t act against the perpetrator of the ally party as it could be against the Coalition Dharma. While we are yet to hear a clarification from our PM, since when looting the nation is part of a coalition politics; we rather were honored with the bizarre zero loss theorem of Kapil Sibal. Since Raja is in jail from that day and his prime associate Sadiq Bachha committed suicide (or someone pushed him); Kapil and team running all around the place in search of another flabbergasting excuse.
    If that was not enough then just ponder at the reactions of the dirty tricks department when a couple of days back our Apex court all but bashed the corrupt party at power to the fullest. More than feeling embarrassed and searching for avenues to hang themselves, the atrocious clowns of the party were seen groping for yet another scapegoat to bestow their fault with. When the need of the hour was to remain silent, Kapil went ahead demanding an apology from BJP instead for his party’s corruption and raps they got from none other than our highest court. When it was time for some soul searching, he rather shamelessly tried to shed away his own and his crooked party’s siphoning phenomena under the blanket of following only the policies formulated by the earlier NDA government. A holy cow. Aren't you? And what we got to hear at the end of the day for an apology? To blame BJP instead of the scoundrels who actually looted, just because it was the policy of the then NDA government that UPA religiously followed, with a tweak or two to felicitate mass robbery. Really? Since when UPA was so vehement in following the policies set by NDA? Then why not follow the ideology of building a Ram Mandir at Ayodhya, which was a pet project of NDA? Why stop even at NDA government Mr.Sibal? Why not go further and blame the British instead for laying down the policy of loot a good century back that still the Congress is following with their life? Why blame Facebook even when they are just following the policies formulated by Orkut only? Can’t have your Samosha and eat it too; that too in a democratic country Kapil. For sure, you need some tough answering to do since you decided to lead the clownish lot at the center.
    Now look at a muddle in the name of CWG. Boy, that was a classic which even ashamed the corrupts of Somalia and Pakistan. When we as a nation were all busy listening lectures on professionalism form nations nobody knew ever existed in the world map, the team from Congress lead by a parody named Kalmadi were too busy raping the national pride publicly. And what we see for an action against the lampoons for inflicting such national shame? Well almost negligible. That was perhaps the first time that our national corruption went international and we are yet to act on the wrongdoers with some divinity. Single toilet rolls bought at a price which can even feed an average Indian village for a week, and we are yet to be delivered with justice that we deserve. Kalmadi is all but free and laughing his way to the bank on daily basis while we tax payers who lost a considerable chunk (thankfully not yet had to sell our kidneys) to buy tissues to wipe Kalmadi’s shit smeared posterior, are left drying in the sun. That is yet again another classic case of indifference of a government towards its own people who have elected them to have a freehand to loot. The only silver lining in the whole CWG mess is that we are yet to hear a ZERO loss theorem from Kapil Sibal.
    So how we should honor such endurance of Congress party in making them a synonym for Corruption? Perhaps carry out a signature campaign to convince Oxford to change the word corruption accordingly. The long trait of dishonesty that Congress seems to have made a policy of their party since the days Pundit Nehru first sport that red rose to woo Lady Mountbatten to drop her clothes; need to be garlanded with some immediate praise. And how better it can be to give Congress a chance to wash their hands on UP treasury completely; provided Mayawati has left anything to loot there. Nonetheless, all that is required to remain sacrosanct after a daylight robbery is to come up with a shameless zero loss theorem and a worthy scapegoat to blame, at the end of the day. Mr.Sibal, have you started working on this new theorem yet or not? Skunks!!


    1. Dear writer,
      I keep exactly same opinion as you!
      but tell me why opposition (bjp) has failed time and again to gain power and when do you think this rule of skunks will end!!!

    2. @Anonymous

      Remember 'Yada Yada Hi Dharmasya'? Not too far :)

    3. hahahaha!
      i wish krishna is listening!!!!!

    4. Amazingly drafted but biased...I would really love to look on both sides of the drama...Wish if somebody weighs issues in era of NDA and UPA..


    5. It's stupid to weigh issues in era of NDA and UPA. They are both on the same side, against the people. Is it so hard to get, Anurag?