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    The COALnayaks Of India !!

    So another loot saw the light of the day today? Today morning the citizenry were greeted by this unbelievable news that the incompetent government at the center again managed to mismanage yet another of our natural resources; that is our coal reserve, resulting in a whopping 10.7 Lakh Crores of loss to the exchequer. That is some serious number. Way too many zeros in there which could even safely surpass the last ten years annual budget of Bangladesh. With that amount, we could have easily organized next five editions of Olympics (Did I saw Suresh Kalmadi blushing?) and yet be left with enough change to purchase the latest edition of iPad for our Members Of Parliament to enjoy some high resolution porn. It is now getting really surprising to see the number of scams a single political party can accomplish. Every damn thing UPA (both I and II) has put their hands into, they have looted with both their hands and treated the nation as the way Shakti Kapoor treats the heroines of the movie. This is disgusting to see yet another scam of some unheard amount getting accomplished with ease and we only get to know about it long after the loot is appropriately stashed and settled at safe places.
    While Congress in all likelihood is in a mission to complete 100 scams in a hurry so that their achievement can stand at par with Sachin’s accomplishment; we lesser mortals must now pause and see how this could be allowed to happen. CAG today in their report (OK, agreed. It is leaked) mentioned a loss of to this massive tune to the government. Now the simple economics suggests that for the loss there has to be a gain for someone. More than the loss, it is these unaccounted ‘someone’ which looks scary. While the report elaborated the loss it never quite pinpointed on the beneficiary of this loss. More than counting the loss, which in a way looks like licking your own wounds, it should be prioritized to unearth the beneficiaries so that we can put our hands in their pancreases and force them to vomit the money which belongs to the nation. But that seems like too big an expectation in this nation, more so when the crooks are at the helm.
    Now here is the thing. Coal India for reasons best known to them did a 2G. Rather auctioning our natural resource they thought of going by what A. Raja sir has taught them. Just give it at a throwaway price to whomever bloody jackass turns up first with a ‘Bora’ in his hand. This is so hilarious. No? Could be hilarious but certainly not a thing that we can laugh off. Looking at the amount, it is only necessary that we first get hold of the involved officials of Coal India in some urgency and show them a live demo of how Australians are treating our students back there. How in earth a sane person can think of such policy is beyond me. Without a nasty politician-tout-bureaucrat nexus such policies can’t be adhered at any place in this globe. I am sure a hoard of people with similar rotten mindset of looting the nation at will must have conglomerated to comprehend this nefarious intention of mauling the nation. A great rainbow of scoundrels must have worked days together behind the curtains to materialize this loot and now it calls for some serious unearthing followed by some befitting pounding.
    Look at who are the beneficiaries. The private players, the industries who use coal for their energy need, the black market mafia, our pathetic politicians who are time-and-again selling the nation cheaper than a packet of Kurkure and of course our magnanimous collection of potbellied Babus who are hand-in-gloves with our political class in every scam that we have seen. These highway robbers were given a free hand to backchannel our natural resources to these private bodies and Mafias. No auction was done and conveniently the coal reserve is disposed of at the doorsteps of few rascals. In the process a lot of money is pocketed from the beneficiaries; which otherwise should have gone to the nation but piped to black money accounts elsewhere. The loot is systematically been distributed among the looters in proportion to their position of power and we as a nation are now running all over the place for answers.
    Every time a new loot is unearthed, our reaction towards it is more suffocating. Absolute inaction against the scoundrels and we conveniently let them laugh to their banks. This is so annoying to see scam after scam been perpetrated by our political class in connivance with bureaucrats and even a single thug apprehended so far is yet to be punished for the crime. This coal scam in all likelihood will follow the same route. At least the immediate reaction of Congress towards the loot gives me this impression. The present coal minister Mr. Sriprakash Jaishwal is conveniently washing off his hands saying the loot happened much before he took charge of the office. Really? So the concept of accountability under Congress regime seems to have been thrown to the wind. Is it the case Mr. Jaishwal? Please someone go to his office and educate this dumb ass that rather behaving like Dolly Bindra he should realize the gravitas of the situation and order an investigation to find how this loot is accomplished at the first place. It doesn’t matter when it happened but the problem is, it actually happened, which in a way suggests there is whole lot wrong in the system and with all probability the rascals who accomplished this loot might still be there in the system and rotting it further. The need of the hour is to find that rot within the system and do a thorough cleansing work. It is about time that the cancer within is operated upon and thrown out of the system. This playing Ostrich and own ass protecting tantrums must stop at once.
    But will this happen? While the Congress is in power? It will be naïve to believe that a loot of such magnitude happened without the knowhow of our Prime-Minister or that Pizza girl. It is tough to believe that people at the top of the food chain of Congress didn’t have their appropriate share of the loot. Tough to digest that such scams were done overnight at so rapid speed that none had a chance or clue to realize how this happened. The vehemence in denying as displayed by one and all from the Congress without being accused of anything, indirectly confirms their culpability. The already delivered statements by few Congress National Spokesmen like – ‘A benefit to the other party can’t directly be attributed to exchequer’s loss in proportion’ is all but a suggestion that, we are yet again going to sleep on this issue and end up doing nothing. The constant tweets of '@PMOIndia' to let all know how CAG has accused the media for misleading their findings and how wrong info has gone into the people of the nation is all but an early effort to cover the shit. Even in the process to fool the nation PMO office has tweeted and shared the classified letter of CAG to the PM himself. Somebody correctly said – ‘’Nonsense seldom has got any limits”. 
    What next? Well nothing. Absolutely nothing. A lot of hot air will be blown by a lot of people (including our media) for some time and thereafter it will be business as usual. At the best few mid-level Coal India officials in the name of scapegoat would be arrested as part the national level hogwash while real thugs and Whales of the crime would be allowed to rest easy. Well this is precisely what has happened with previous scams and subsequent investigations and I see no reason why should it change this time around. Same scoundrels at the bottom; same scoundrels at the top; the same scoundrels who accomplished the loot. So why the bloody outcome should be any different?


    1. UPA Version-2 ( The Looters ) : Full of Scams….Scams… Scams…

      “ The CAG report titled 'Performance Audit of Coal Block Allocations' says the government extended "undue benefits" totaling Rs. 10.67 lakh crore to commercial entities by giving them 155 coal acreages without auction during 2004-09. “ -NDTV

      “ The CAG in its report on 2G allocation had found that a loss of Rs 1.76 lakh crore was caused to the exchequer due to faulty auctioning of scare spectrum. “ -Zee news

      I think CAG is very fond of numerical figures 1, 6, 7. First it was 1.76, now it is 10.67. See the above figures, Coal mining is almost 6-times the 2G. It may become 100.67 or 100.76 in near future…. UPA is fooling all of us. The looters are looting like anything. I don’t understand why there is a system of people getting elected for continuous terms. There should be some restriction to this.
      A rule should be brought in our constitution such that a person can contest only two times in his life span. It has become fiefdom for them. Pizza, no spaghetti girl should be removed along with chelas…. It is really hurting us. Our taxes are also getting looted.
      Our rural and uneducated people can not understand all these. They simply vote & elect. Even business people are interested in their one day profit. Labours want one day work & roti. We the middle class can not fight, because of our own problems.
      Even god also can not save us.

    2. Great Piece!! We have thugs everywhere. How can we expect none to be there in our mines? The whole UPA is full with looters in ever stage of it's framework. God save India, if he at all can...

    3. Nice article as usual.

      Government will pass this scam through Kapil Sibal and it automatically becomes zero loss to the govt. scam. Isn't it?

    4. As Indian I feel ashamed of our government. We have such a good oportunity to make a good mark in current world economy but the UPA got different ideas. To me only solution seems to be have very strong law and make it even harder for polititians and bureaucrates as their actions impacts a lot more lives.

    5. Natural resources in India belong to the countrymen, not to thugs like Anil Ambani, Jagan Mohan Reddy, Bellary Brothers, Yeddy, Lalu and of course, our Mataji. These m***** f****** should be prosecuted for looting our natural resources. God can only save us from these looters. End is fast aproaching and hence we see these b******* scotching free.

    6. Good piece. The way our country is looted like there's no tomorrow seems to indicate that the Italian mafia are ready to run out of country. Otherwise how can one explain selling-off our national resources risking future of our country and our children?

    7. This episode and magnitude of scam is enough to bring down the govt in most of the countries, but here we are still debating who got how much? People should have been on the streets forcing govt to resign, but why are we so quiet and indifferent. If this is the inaction, get ready for even bigger scams. Lord please save my Bharat.