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    Good That Dynastic Rajneeti Is Dying

     The UP elections were a clear indicator of many things. First and foremost it showed how the two major national parties are rapidly losing their grip over state politics and how the two parties are far from realizing the grassroot issues and concerns that primarily govern the state elections. It also showed how oblivious was Congress when they thought the issues of corruption can’t penetrate to the village levels and affect their vote share. It also showed politics on religious line and announcing sops for a particular community in the manifesto doesn’t work anymore. It also showed why arrogance should strictly be subverted while begging for votes since arrogance has absolute no place in a democratic politics. But the biggest thing that it showed is the complete rejection to dynastic politics and cast based voting.

    The sycophants of Congress might shout from the roof top as many times they can but the fact is people have rejected the first family of our political circle in its entirety. It was a big jolt to the belief that a lot of Congress men carried all along that they would do nothing and yet would emerge winners just because a certain Rahul Gandhi would campaign for them and the voters would go gaga by the sheer appearance of the Gandhi scion. The populace which was too schemed over decades to vote on cast and dynasty lines have finally risen above and voted through their mind not heart or emotions. If at all anything the UP mandate for sure is a new and better beginning and it is only good for our democracy that it finally happened.
    That said we can’t entirely blame our citizens for their blind faith and love for a particular family for last five decades. History has got a lot to do with it. For thousands of years we as a nation were ruled by kings and queens, where dynasty was the norm of the day. From Mughals to various Hindu Kings, it was always a dynastic rule that we were very much comfortable and acquainted with. This legacy of slave mindset, in being ruled by a family for ages is taken forward even post-independence. Since the departure of the English it is the Gandhi-Nehru family which emerged and projected themselves as the sole messiah of the people and asked the citizenry to riposte their faith on them in exchange of their so called sacrifices. As habituated we were for a dynasty to rule us, we willfully agreed to their unspoken demands and yet again sold ourselves to a family against regular emotional gimmicks and hogwash. Hence for decades together the voters were almost voting blindly on the very mention of any Gandhi name. Be it Indira Gandhi or Rajeev or Sonia or Rahul or even Priyanka Gandhi. Finally the trend of blind voting was broken for good and with all hope a new trend of voting for development and growth would be the norm henceforth.
    There are way too many problems with Dynastic politics. More than making our democracy look like a pseudo kingdom rule, the dynastic politics brought about a lot of arrogance, unaccountability, care for none, and responsibility ducking attitude among many in the ruling clan. It also sojourned the rulers to think for the betterment of the people who have voted them, since they took the people of the nation for granted. More than getting benefited for showing their faith on a family for their surname, the people most of the time ended up losing more. Look across India and how the dynasty has taken one and all for a ride is evident. More than half of our rural population is still illiterate, hungry and half nude with no light of improvement at the end of the tunnel either. The first family which these poor, naked and hungry worshiped for generations remained ignorant by design and let the worshipers rot with their misery. The illiterates who never knew what Indian democracy is but blindly cast their ballots in the mere mention of a Gandhi name were intentionally allowed to continue their lives in the darkness of illiteracy so that the slave state doesn’t get elevated, hence ensuring the vote chunk remains intact. No infrastructural development was taken up to elevate all those who were rotting in below human conditions but were continuously fed with gimmicks by one Gandhi family member (extended family like Robert Vadra also) after another. This is how an entire nation was fooled in the name of a surname and yet we were dumb enough to miss the real picture in totality. After long exploitation and suffering, finally the attitude of the nation is changing which in all likelihood would bear better results than it has done the other way.
    The dynasty politics also has a fundamental problem with the value system and how synchronous it is with our vibrant democracy. The primary ruling party of today doesn’t have an internal election for a decade to elect their own leader. It was always in the name of the first family the sycophants kept on licking the boots of their so called high command resulting in Sonia Gandhi becoming a perpetual head of Congress. Is it in line with our democratic framework? The monopoly at the top brought about a lot of arm twisting and gagging, so much so that even the PM of the nation can’t utter a single word without the prior approval of Mrs. Gandhi. Again, is it democracy? No minister in the cabinet can think of his/her own and take decisions without getting it stamped at 10 Janpath. This is absolute nonsense when we see a bunch of puppets installed in the name of democracy while the ring master being someone else. If this was not enough, in an attempt at absolute shamelessness the sycophants went ahead and elected the hire apparent in the form of Rahul Gandhi, without caring an ounce to crosscheck if that gentleman even deserves a third of it or not. Quality, matureness and fitment were conveniently thrown to the wind and dynasty was given all preference while choosing the next perpetual Congress head.

    Honestly this is not a problem entirely with the Congress leaders but the nation at large as we only inculcated this sickening slave mentality for a particular family giving them a larger than life stature. I am glad the nation is finally changing (don’t know when the sycophants would) from this unhygienic mindset and UP elections for sure is a good beginning.
    Another demerit of dynastic politics is the lack of accountability and governance. Just look at an average Congress leader and their feudal attempt at shielding Rahul Gandhi from any criticism whatsoever. For every success the family gets all the credit with the hire apparent being showered with special mentions while for every failure, it is someone else who screwed up the good work of Rahul Gandhi. This is nothing but a raw example of lack of accountability. Imagine if tomorrow Rahul does become the PM of the nation (I pray the comet to hit us first, in that case). He for sure won’t be held accountable for anything and everything since the sycophants won’t allow it. This will eventually ensure the prince to act at will without being questioned. Will this lead to good governance? I am not sure of others but for me; I haven’t seen delivery and commendable execution of responsibility when there is no accountability. Responsibility gets accomplished the way it should be when there is a good amount of accountability that follows it. Even the terrorists are accountable to their handlers but not the Gandhi family.
    All-in-all, the UP voters pleasantly surprised all of us with their mandate. The mandate was not only for the change of guard at the state level but also the change of mindset that seem to have long crippled our democracy. In the name of a borrowed surname votes can’t be garnered henceforth was the clear message that was sent across cutting party lines. It was a befitting reply to all those who considered themselves as permanent rulers of the nation just because their name speaks for themselves. It was also a slap on those sycophants to stop their act of bootlicking and look upward to figure out genuine leaders among themselves if they want to win back the votes they lost to tantrums. Most important – It was a tight slap on the prince himself and a reminder that political supremacy is something that is earned by hard work, not by a borrowed surname.
    Enough said!!


    1. Good Article. Though I am worried with the changes UP CM has done after coming into power.

    2. Great Man ,

      i always follow ur blogs ,what u r saying 100% correct .
      when Indians start thinking for country .

      Jai Hind

    3. I am totally agree with U.

    4. superb article... keep it up...

    5. Nice article depicting anguish of an Indian citizen who really thinks. Any way, please try to avoid the typos...

    6. Entire gandu family deserves to get butchered at once...including those little idiots born to bianca gandu

    7. My blood is warm. look Sanjay jha like traitors.

    8. Dynastic rule ? RSS inspired BJP was given a chance to prove themselves, people were so much fed up of BJP's pro-rich policies and non-inclusive development of nation.......they voted back congress in 2004, and after first stint of UPA-1 UPA-2 stormed back to power in 2009. This is the proof that dynastic politics is better than immature leaders who don't know how to stir the big ship called India!!

    9. May your family come under lorry wheels and get punctured like pumpkins...you reckless M'fkr

    10. the feeling is mutual.. M'ker