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    From 84 Delhi To 2002 Gujarat – Hypocrisy All The Way

    A lot of water has already flown under the bridge. Let it be the 84 Sikh massacre or the 2002 Gujarat riots; it always was a bone of contention for conflicts among political parties to gain some brownie points at the time of need. Be it Congress who blame it on Modi and Gujarat riot even for the failure of our Cryogenic engine research work; or on the other hand BJP who point fingers at 84 Sikh riots to run away from uncomfortable questions on their conduct as if a bigger thug makes one a lesser thug. All-in-all, these two could be issues where everyone seems to have an opinion or two to share.
    From political parties to individuals like me have different opinion on what happened and who could be the instigator of such inhuman behavior and most important, whom to blame. Even our media have their say in both the cases with many times going overboard with their self-conviction. While who is right and who is wrong is farfetched and we can debate on this till the moment that alleged comet hits us; we must admit, that everyone whoever comments on these two riots possesses a biased view (including myself).
    Gujarat riot just completed its tenth anniversary while most of the current Facebook generation might not be born when Sikh riots happened; but yet none seems too eager to put it behind and move on. Even if someone does try, our political class with the help of their paid media just doesn’t allow us to do so. The political mileage to be gained from both these riots are of astounding magnitude and perpetual gold mines for various political parties; and so as for the Media as well. Thousands of people who lost their lives in both these riots have no sympathy for them whatsoever with floundering of justice in the form of hypocrisy all the way. Be it our politicians; our media or to some extent even our intellectual seculars.
    Rajdeep Sardesai personally visited the by lanes of Gujarat to cover a story on the tenth anniversary of the riot. Commendable, I must say but not enough. If those dead in Gujarat need to be dug out every now and then and questions be asked of their unfortunate killing then why not have same sympathy for the Sikhs who died during 1984? While the official estimated death numbers of Gujarat might not cross beyond 1200 (500 odd of them are Hindu), there are at least 4000 odd Sikhs who were butchered within 72 hours the first bullet hit Mrs. Gandhi. Why I don’t see a program ‘Ground Zero - Delhi’ or something from Rajdeep or for that matter any other media house? It bewilders me a little seeing; when one can be so sympathetic towards the dead of Gujarat; how they can be so oblivious about the three fold lives lost elsewhere? Why the Congress, whose stalwarts were always seen shouting from the roof top for Gujarat victims don’t just look at their own backyard Delhi and answer some real uncomfortable questions before questioning someone else? Before I go further, someone must not get me wrong here as for me even a single life lost is one life lost too many.
    Post the assassination of Mrs. Gandhi, Congress thugs created mayhem on the streets of Delhi. Without any trace of police or any other paramilitary forces, the mobs led by Congress leaders (Sajjan Kumar & Jagdish Tytler) created ruckus and bloodbath on Delhi streets. If eyewitnesses are to be believed, then half of the killings could have been accomplished in first 24 hours alone. What was Rajeev Gandhi doing to stop this innocent killing? Why he never heed to the advice of the then home secretary to call in the army to control the mob? Was he mourning his mother’s demise? What was Delhi police doing that time? Mourning alongside as well? When Rajeev can have the strength to take oath within hours Mrs. Gandhi pronounced dead just because the fear of power going elsewhere took the better of the grief; shouldn’t he have shown the same strength to curb the mob which were led by his own lampoon ministers? While people were given freehand to kill innocents he kept on mourning till a point half of Delhi was up in flames. And what the world had to hear as a statement of remorse from our newly installed Prime-Minister? “When a big tree falls, the ground shakes”. Really? That is a clear admission of the fact that he always approved the killings since he found the response is just befitting for the death of his mother. Shouldn’t then he be made a party to the killings as we fondly do with Narendra Modi? If Modi is a culprit for not acting being a Chief Minister, shouldn’t Rajeev Gandhi be on the same boat? If yes then why we don’t see any media blaming Rajeev for innocent Sikh lives as they so blatantly do against Modi? Or is it that selective amnesia which always takes precedence whenever we talk about someone from the Gandhi family?
    Let’s look at Gujarat riots. Before that we must look at the Godhra train burning first. Reasons best known to the Muslim community residing along the railway tracks of Godhra, decided to torch the S-6 bogie of Sawarmati express by pouring Kerosene and kick starting a chain of events which are still unfolding. I don’t see any reason why we should forget the killing of 50 odd Karsevaks. But surprisingly, for the media the Godhra train burning seems to be a non-issue. How the killing of a single lady is equivalent to a big tree falling but not the burning of fifty nine people alive is beyond me.
    The news of the burning spread like a wild fire and we had large number of rioters on the streets sporting swords and other assault weapons within no time. When Modi realized the situation is getting out of control (within first 24 hours) the army was pressed into service to pacify the rioters. There were deaths of about 1200 people in four days with 500 of them being Hindu falling prey to police bullets. So where is the non-action on the part of Gujarat government and the allegation of colluding with the rioters? Where Modi took sides of the rioters and let them continue with their killing spree without being obstructed? The paid and biased media and few NGOs who are making a living out of the dead must clarify what extra they were expecting from Modi? Having a couple of our fighter jets carpet bombing on the rioters?
    Look at how one handpicked killing is taking the limelight while rest 1200 odd is those nameless and faceless who nobody cares. My sympathy is with Zakia Jafri, but her story looks a little fabricated. The first suspicion that arises; if the mob was so irate and blood thirsty then how could she and other family members managed to survive? Why it is only her husband who had to die in the hands of the mob which according to her FIR were more violent than what Hitler was against the Jews. How such blood hungry wolfs let her and other members of her family to live while cherry picking her husband for killing? I know these questions might sound inhuman looking at the tragedy the lady had to go through; but at no point one can deny that they carry some water. If unconfirmed beliefs are scanned then it is Ehsan Jafri who was sheltering the scoundrels who burn the train, both pre and post Godhra carnage. The mob went precisely in search of him alone to teach him a lesson. If you feel I am trying to justify a killing then there is the theorem of ‘Big Tree … Earth Shakes’ nonsense in my defense.
    Why blame Modi for the riots when the real reason for the situation to snowball into a volcano is something else and playing ostrich is not certainly what we all (including our media) are expected or should do. As it is a three round of investigation chaired by three different agencies under the watch of a neutral institution hasn’t found anything against Modi to justify the claims of the complainant. And someone please stop the same argument of that non existing phone conversation between Modi and Ehsan Jafri where Modi alleged to have abused him. If there was any truth on this then it would have been long unearthed looking at the interest of Congress in the whole case; since it just requires the call details which the service providers of both parties would be more than obliged to share on government or court order.
    A one-to-one mapping of Sikh riots with Gujarat would tell you where the hypocrisy lies and how our media is biased towards their reportage. In one hand we saw the entire machinery along with the PM kept on mourning and conveniently slept over the innocent killings in our national capital while at the other hand we saw a CM who could be little biased (being a Hindu) but acted at the right time to call in the army for help. In one hand we see not a single rioter getting even a simple scratch while 500 of them got killed during Gujarat. In one hand we don’t see a single person getting punished for the Sikh riots till date while for Gujarat at least 50 persons are convicted till now. In one hand nobody tried to stop the rioting and it only stopped when there were no more Sikhs left in the city to kill while in the latter case it was curbed with force. And yet funny, our media does always see a Satan inside Modi but angels incarnate within those who were directly involved (with pictorial evidence) in Sikh riots.
    By the way, is any one making a program titled "Ground Zero - Kashmir" on uprooted Kashmiri Pundits?


    1. Boss, you have totally misunderstood... the point here is Modi had ordered the massacre or the riots and rajeev gandhi didnt' order the massacre..

    2. Sorry, but no proof. How can you be so sure that Rajeev also didn't ordered it? I just wrote what is there for all to see without being a Sherlock Holmes.

    3. The questions you raised can never be answered, because if someone attempts to answers it, the collective hypocrisy of the nation will be exposed. Our nation is built on the premise of "convenience". we are only capapble of putting up nonsensical pictures on FB and expect our cretin friends to "like" them or indluge in useless discussion.

      Your grasp is immpressive, i intend to read your blog regularly . Good luck , Ananth

    4. You are right here. This is exactly way the people feel.Keep it up!

    5. godhraincident was engineeredbyKaangressaccording toan ex-Kaangresman

    6. Good article,i remember being read during 84 riots,even president Zail singh was afraid of that day's situation. One thing is for sure,India till today has not got a party which can check this insane congress. BJP is good for nothing, just they are embroiled in their issues. Who will raise these issues? All media are up against BJP, a small mistake from BJP will be blown out of propotion, whereas the same thing by congress will not be even mentioned by our media. Long live this hypocrisy...

    7. Very interesting to see here how Anonymous here has intricate first-hand knowledge of Modi ordering the massacre and the Anti-Sikh riots being spontaneous.

      Cynical, you are right in pointing out that the media continuously keeps on trying to resurrect the ghost of 2002 even while Inquiry commissions and Special investigative teams have failed to unearth evidence that can put Modi in the dock. At the same time, they conveniently forget that Ahmedabad continued to burn for months after the train burning incidents, and that was when the toll on the Hindu side increased.

      This same media again conveniently forgets that there were no riots after the heinous attack on Akshardham in Gandhinagar, which killed 43 innocent people. It cannot be seen as commending Modi for anything, can it?

      Sure, he has some moral responsibility for late or lax action, but what do people expect? That he should have rained bullets on the mobs in Ahmedabad and other places, and then got even more people to riot?

    8. I think the first anonymous ordered a assault on sonia, that's why she is in america to get a secret abortion. I want the pseudo secular gang of teesta javed anand, ngo jholawalla harsh mander, congress joker ahmed patel to file a PIL against anonymous and sending to jail.

    9. That's the truth !!!

    10. well, ALL OF US FORGOT ABOUT THE KASHMIR PANDITS WHO STILL live on foot paths.
      Justice in this country means appeasing only a section of the people either by reservation or by crying foul.....
      rest , do not exist...for them
      my name is khan...........fetches millions
      any other name is a blasphemy

    11. this is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but eh truth...good comparision..people who ask are we right in comparing 1984 to 2002 shld read this article

    12. Excellent Analysis. (May be bitter for the so called secular fanatics)But you have the bull's eye. Congrats.. keep it up.. I would like to see such an analysis to grab the centre page of the news media .. which is unfortunately not possible.. since they have a hidden agenda...

    13. Wonderful article! What's needed is to produce a documentary of 84 riots and Kashmir pundits massacre and show it to the world! Unfortunately, congress (Sonia) us hell bent upon destroying our country and continuing the British legacy of proven doctrine "Divide and Rule" rather than our philosophy of "Live and let live". Time for another incarnation to destroy these evils from the face of the earth.

    14. What nonesense,,,,you said just 1200 people died in Gujarat riot????
      It was genoside,,,,where more than 10000 people have been murdered,,,

    15. So the culprit is not Modi, not tytler but media? Whats stupidity is this? Lets bring to justice tytler, lets bring to justice modi and here we stupidetely discussing something else.

    16. Hear Hear Hear! Great article. Absolute truth. Please ensure that this blog circulates so the country can see the hypocrisy and the effect of the bribed news channels. Rajdeep, Barka etc., are anti nationals in the worst form. The stay within India and undermine the country.

    17. @Anonymous,

      Plz do check the records of NHRC (Under Congress) record on the number of deaths. It is not even 1200. To be precise it was 1147.

      Get the facts right before terming it as so called genocide.

    18. Guys..Let us admit it..India has been a slave for centuries either of the Moghuls or the British.And now Gandhi family is the master of India.When congress killed 14 muslims recently in BharatPur in rajasthan nobody raised a question ...Why ?? Because Master can kill his slaves..No wonder in it !!

    19. Excellent article i want all friends to read this can you please suggest me how i can share this on facebook ....

    20. Good Article.The Corrupt and Biased media always turns a bilnd eye towards the misdeeds of congress for the money received. When muslims were killed in Rajasthan recently, it was secular killing so no communal element in it.

    21. @Sandeep

      There are at least two ways. Either you can click on the + sign button at the bottom bar or you can copy the URL and post it in your wall.

    22. Why Media is after Modi? Because Modi publicly accepted that Hindus (especially VHP & Bajrang Dal) would react(it was planned) and they should be allowed to do so. I live in Ahmedabad & am a witness to these riots. Let me clarify that I have no hatred towards any community. In fact, most of the Muslims were saved by Hindus in Gujarat and they were allowed to escape their residences only because of Hindus. The fact is that the political class has used this incident for their benefit in terms of vote-bank and not in favour of Hindus. Congress is not worried about the Muslims and they are only worried that they have lost a great deal of vote-bank in Gujarat and have almost erased their presence. The 1200 number which anybody quotes is a total lie and the number is far higher than those quoted by NHRC or any other organisation. The riots were not spontaneous and it erupted only after the dead bodies from Godhra were brought to Ahmedabad(which was also planned and deliberately brought to Ahmedabad)which took one whole day. The army was called in only after a few days & the state government directed them to visit only the most peaceful places where riots had not taken place. I don't believe the words of BJP or Congress and can only agree with the Supreme Court's comparison of Narendra Modi with Nero.

    23. Its very amusing how Indians (including cynical)can only see things through the prism of their own religion. Muslims want Modi hanged due to his perceived inaction/compliance during the post-godhra riots and hindus justifying these riots by saying that the godhra train burners started it. Why can't we look at it just as humans and indians with 2 very basic points:
      1> If your neighbour who belongs to the same religion as you commits a crime, should you also go to jail for it? If your answer is no then please do not justify the killing of Muslims all over gujarat just because some muslims in godhra committed an inhuman crime.
      2> Shouldn't all the guilty be punished? From the train burners in godhra to the 'revenge' killers and rapists in the subsequent riots to the police and the state administration who looked the other way. The same goes for the '84 rioters. Anyone found guilty in a fair trial should be punished irrespective of their religion and justifications.
      I sincerely hope this makes sense to you.

    24. @ The Only Indian,

      Side with your views. Culprits must be hanged. But just when I say it, I feel something missing. For records, Modi is not declared a culprit by any court of law yet but certainly Sajjan Kumar and Jagdish Tyteler were. What actions been taken?

      If Modi is blamed for his alleged soft corners for the rioters the shouldn't be Bharat Ratna Rajeev Gandhi be blamed for the same reason? What the nonsense 'Big Tree... Earth shakes' proves anything than his approval for Sikh killing then I would love to know that.

      Lastly, the post is more on our paid media like NDTV and CNN-IBN; not political parties. Sigh!! None takes a third of interest for Sikh victims or the uprooted Kashmiri victims.

      BTW if you feel culprits must be issued death sentence then Ehsan Zafri is been honored with that as he is the idiot who sheltered and instigated the bastards to torch the Sawarmati Express. Justice done then??? Isn't it?

    25. 1000% True. Still a few (mostly from minority community) will not take it in right way as most of them (including the "the only Indian=he is calling himself an Indian but still looking the things through his own religion lenses.) as it is putting the bitter facts in front of them.

      But I would like to say one thing very clearly that its we Hindu who enjoy slapping our own brothers/sisters, but in case of other religion what ever wrong one has done but his/her community members will support support them till the end.

    26. Your grasp and analysis is impressive. The fire is kept burning even 10 years of Guj riots in the country, which forgets riots, serial bomb blasts, massacres, rapes, gross injustice in seconds, there has to be some reason for it. People know it, a lot of money is being spent for it, still cong will always loose in guj. Media (especially (RA)NDTV) is pretty active primafacie to keep the issue alive. This time Rajdeep was at his audacious best.

      Do write if you have something about the recent audit reports of (RA)NDTV.

      I was aware that 500 people fell to police firing during guj riots, could you please quote some source.

    27. The stats relating to Gujarat riots are easily available on net.If Modi is guilty,convict him,if he is not,end this wound-scratching immediately and kick the paid NGOs out of this country

    28. Good one really good one. I will definitely endorse the url in FB as well as twitter. Kudos to write something like that.

    29. Your analysis is bang on. I read someone in the comment section saying he's from Ahmedabad & was a witness to the riots. He also says that Mr. Modi told the the police to allow the Hindus to vent their anger; well there is no proof he said this. Also the media is keeping the issue alive only because it suits its purpose and its all paid news. Further the bodies were brought to Ahmedabad do to lack of resources in Godhra. The Godhra train burning incident is conveniently forgotten. What's worse the railway inquiry commission set up by Laloo even gave a clean chit saying it was an accident when evidence clearly pointed out that there was a conspiracy to burn the karsevaks. We as a country have selective amnesia. We tend to forget the anti-sikh riots (which was actually a genocide and not the Gujarat riots)and the plight of Kashmiri Pandits.

    30. If the congress is in power only these kind of incidents where Muslims have been killed are kept burning.. If BJP is in power then only hindu pleasing issues are advertised.. Ultimately all these political parties divide us on cast, creed and region and keep making money.. Sad.. we dont have much of a choice when we vote..

    31. 1984: More than 4000 sikhs killed. Only sikhs killed. Yet it is not called genocide.
      2002: Some 800 muslims and 300 to 400 Hindus killed. Still people call it genocide.

      1984: Not a single person died in Police firing.
      2002: Many died in Police firing, including hundreds of Hindus.

      1984: Rajiv Gandhi said on TV that when tree falls, earth shakes.
      2002: Modi's opponent claim without proof that Modi said that when tree falls, earth shakes.

      1984: Many people saw Congress MPs taking crowd to kill Sikhs.
      2002: Nobody saw any politician carrying out riots.

      1984: Assassination of Indira Gandhi triggerred 1984 riot. Yet no riots took place when Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated.
      2002: Burning 59 kar saveks alive in Godhra train bogey triggered 2002 riots.

      1984: Sikhs were uniformly targetted all across the country.
      2002: It was localized to Godhra where train bogey was burnt.

      1984: Sikhs are still waiting for meaningful legal process to begin. Hardly any conviction.
      2002: Rigorous Legal proceedings have happened and continue to happen. Several people have been convicted and sentenced.

      1984: Rajiv Gandhi, his ministers and other congress men are yet to be exonerated.
      2002: In spite of several litigations, no proof found against Modi.

      1984: There is zero news in media about Rajiv Gandhi and Congress involvement.
      2002: Unable to prove anything, Modi's opponent people are resorting to media and publicity to malign Modi.

      1984: There is no riots involving Sikh community before or after 1984. Actually, it was a genocide not a riot.
      2002: Hindus Muslims have a long history of discord many of them happened in Congress rule.

      1984: Rajiv Gandhi became PM at the time when riots were happening. Then, he won election due to sympathy wave.
      2002: Modi was already Chief Minister when the riots took place.

      1984: People seeking justice for 1984 are not known to anybody. They are not into it full time.
      2002: Maligning Modi is full time occupation of some people, many of them are filthy rich, some are celebrities and have close connections with Congress people.

      1984: Sikhs have moved on.
      2002: Congress is not letting people to move on.

      1984: With each passing day, 1984 is fading.
      2002: With each passing day, some people are making 2002 bigger and bigger and modi worse and worse.

      1984: Nothing specific was done by Rajiv Gandhi to assuage feelings of Sikhs.
      2002: Modi has tried fasting, sadhbavna and other things to integrate and move on.

      1984: During the reign of Rajiv Gandhi, Punjab problem, Assam problem worsened.
      2002: Many Muslims have flourished during Modi rule and vows for Modi. Modi has been able to safegaurd interest of Muslims without indulging in Quota politics.

      1984: Rajiv Gandhi's period is hardly known for good governance.
      2002: Modi is known for good governance. Gujrat is being consistently rated as best governed state on all parameters.

      1984: Rajiv Gandhi lost election due to Bofors and not because his opponents tried to nail him for 1984 anti-sikh riots.
      2002: Modi has won all elections for past 10 decades because of good governance inspite of his opponents trying to use 2002 to defeat him.

      1984: Rajiv Gandhi has been given Bharat Ratna. Several airports, stadiums, sporting events, streets, colonies have been named after him.
      2002: Sonia had the guts to call Modi Maut Ka Saudagar. Modi is being haunted by his opponents.

    32. Completely true...

    33. Great article! Immediately pasted it on my facebook wall.

    34. dear cynical,
      the basic folly is you present two undefendable things and choose to exonerate the one.
      But what if one is equally hostile towards both of them? Do you still suggest them to exonerate the chosen one?
      this is what I wrote in
      I saw your link on my blog's another post which was largely related to other issue. As you were more than eager to discuss, here I've put the link. but simple answer of my basic question will do.
      To suggest that Modi did the needful is one of the funniest things I have heard in recent times. You may think so as you have only one measure to decide it: compare it with 1984 & that's it. Modi is innocent. QED.

    35. Dear Urvish

      First thing, you completely misunderstood the notion of this blog. All through I have tried to draw parallels between 84 and 2002 riots hance I was comparing between those two unfortunate incidents.

      Second; I was not exonerating either of the massacre by a biased view point. My piece was largely for our hypocritical media which only highlights the Gujarat riot while conveniently brushing the Sikh riot or for that matter even Godhra train carnage.

      Playing Ostrich (like our media and many people like you) and turning out as a so called pseudo secular might help you make your way into the NDTV studios for a debate on Gujarat riots but that certainly can't hide the truth.

      And the truth is - No court of law has till now accused Modi of any misdoing...

      Anyway thanks for visiting my blog.

      Great Day

    36. dear cynical
      I'm not sure if you read Gujarati. If yes, have you been thro' what was written in Gujarati press? or are you aware of it? and what's your take on it?

      I'm from Gujarati press and have nothing to do with the NDTV types. but tell me one thing: is it only ND tv types who get advantages? what about the rest? there are other channels too:-)

      and What about friends like you who don't want to see what I wrote in my piece as a non-BJP, non-Congress citizen (link above)and are eager to term it as ostrich like attitude?

      anyway, what happened for days & months in Gujarat is a truth and it requires ostrich-like attitude or complete ignorance or full affiliation with bjp to ignore it.


    37. Urvishbhai,

      I am a Gujarati. How do you define Gujarati Media? Divyabhaskar, Sandesh and GujaratSamachar? Home page of all these dailies are sickening enough to go to national dailies.

      Riots were wrong an indefensible. But do you remember pre Godhra, pre Modi era politician- Goonda nexus unleashing reign of terror, where common men from society, and almost entirely Hindus, were getting targeted? Do you remember ex-CM Keshubhai's Samdhi (not even a politician) was killed by such Muslims? When you fail to pick up that issue but selectively pick up post Godhra, traction is lost. Those who did not stood up for him, but want to stand up for Ehsan Jafri (a politician and lawyer for the gangsters)can not have any traction.

    38. @Urvish

      Dear Urvish,

      I think today's SIT report makes my stand vindicated that the allegations of Jakia Zafri is entirely politically motivated and a handiwork of Congress in connivance with pathetic loser people like Teesta Setelvad.

      As I said in my earlier reply: Playing Ostrich doesn't lead you anywhere.

    39. Who says justice is denied in the Godhra riot case. Please read the following:
      The article also cites hypocrisy. You cannot blame Modi just for Zakia Jafri's sake.


    41. @Anonymous
      "No minority is safe in India"
      tell me a place in this world...where minorities are safe?
      The majority minority relation anywhere in the world....
      there have been anti chinese riots in canada,anti blacks riots in US, anti white riots in brazil,anti Hindu riots in carebeans,anti blacks riots in UK, anti muslim riots in UK, anti muslim riots in France, Anti jews riots in germany, anti muslims riots in greece,anti muslims riots in cyprus, anti christian riots in egypt, anti christians riots in turkey, anti shia riots in pakistan, anti sunni riots in iran, anti hindu riots in srilanka, anti hindu riots in bhutan,anti arab riots in australia,anti indians riots in Fiji..
      .....Grow Up guys....this is what human being is...majority and minority always fight..unless its a fairy tale!

    42. I am a witness to the methodical, well-planned, cold butchery in Delhi in 1984. I was 20 years old then. There was nothing spontaneous. It was planned. Sikhs have done so much for this country; last but not the least they have forgiven us for 1984 and are completely Indian even now. What Congress did to them is unpardonable. You are so perfectly right in writing and exposing this double standard.

    43. Hey there, I am an Australia Sikh about to leave Australia (where I have lived all my life) to permanently live in India. I have started researching the 1984 riots in quite some depth and I wasn't born at the time so my first proper exposure to these tragic events was through this research.

      At first I was horrified at the one-sided coverage and media reporting that I found, I could not find a single Indian article or other resource that portrayed the reality of what happened, and I despaired about having to go and live in a country that was so prejudiced against my religion.

      Now when I scratch the surface I see that there are many non-Sikh Indians such as yourself who realise the truth of what happened and, like any good patriots, bemoan the lack of justice in their country. Thank you to you and your readers for restoring my faith in Indian society :)

    44. Brilliant piece! All I want this generation is to move out of everything that is remotely communistic and cross the nuances of religion to be united against bigger problems.

    45. Stop whinng and celebrate that justice prevailed and the gujrat culprits were punished. Also hope and pray that their godfathers will also be severely dealt with in the future.

    46. I also want mohammad be prosecuted and his teaching declared criminal.

    47. Godhra mean "Land og Cow" which is noe inhabited by Cow Killers,First their Temple is desecrated and Mosque built upon then the are burnt alive for If the travel for Pilgrmande.

    48. Muslims has killed more hindu relative to thier number during Gujrat Riots, and they have roited many time after in Ahmadabad and else where.
      Rioting is a form of Muslim Sports and Muslims are more more safe then Hindus in India.
      Let me give you example: Recently in UP (Pratapgarh)muslims Gangraped and Killed Hindu girl and then attacted the funeral procession of the Girl. Please in which country where muslims are 83% a minorty has such courage.
      Which Minorty community in Musim country have guts to create Rape Squad as Muslims as done in Australia to rape Muslim women.
      What People of Gujrat has done is to protect their Women & Men from Jihad.

    49. What kind of religion Inspire people to organise rape of other community women?
      Recently in UP (Pratapgarh)muslims Gangraped and Killed Hindu girl and then attacted the funeral procession of the Girl. Please in which country where muslims are 83% a minorty has such courage.
      That was not some Isolated Jihad Incedent but they are compeld to do it as we seen in Manmar and also in britain and alse where in India.
      Which Minorty community in Musim country have guts to create Rape Squad as Muslims as done in Australia to rape Muslim women.
      What People of Gujrat has done is to protect their Women & Men from Jihad.

    50. May I correct you Please.
      For: anti muslim riots in UK, Read: Muslim rioted in UK
      For: anti muslim riots in France, Read: Muslim rioted in France
      For: anti muslim riots in Greece, Read: Muslim rioted in Greece

    51. Gujarat before Modi- Icons and landmarks like Amul, Anand University, IIM, Kandla Port, IIFCO, KRIBHCO,Tata Mithapur Sada Ash Salt, Petrochemical complex Vodadra, Bharuch, Chemical zone from Vapi to Ankleshwar, Textiles Ahemdabad, Arvind Mills, Gandhinagar, Shipbreaking Alang, Narmada Dam, Cotton, Sugarcane, Tobacco, Edible Oils Rajkot, Agrochemicals Pesticides, Drugs and Pharma, Cipla, Cadilla, Lyka, Atul, Dyes and Chemicals, Fertilizers, GSFC, GACL, GNFC, GSPC, IPCL, GMDC, Hazira complex Reliance, Essar, L&T, Ports GMB, Art Silk, Synthetic Textiles Diamonds Surat, Oil and Gas Halol Khambhat Ankleshwar, Cement Gujarat Ambuja, Binani Cement Kutch, Jamnagar Refineries, Dahej Petro complex, Navodaya Schools, General Motors, Mundra Port, rise of business class, Tatas, Ambanis, Mafatlal, Lalbhais, Diamond merchants of Palanpur, Art Literature Theatre.


      Gujarat during Modi- Godhra, Riots, Genocide, Mass Murder and Rapes 2002, fake encounters, hate speeches, death of culture, Tata Nano, toothless Lokayukta, Major Roads by NHAI (Delhi), swine flu, malnutrition despite Central funds, rise and rise of Adanis, Adanis, only Adanis, Gujrat debt at record high Rs.1.5 trillions. Modi fit for serving tea to Adanis and Ambanis and licking their rear dark holes

    52. Gujarat before Modi- Icons and landmarks like Amul, Anand University, IIM, Kandla Port, IIFCO, KRIBHCO,Tata Mithapur Sada Ash Salt, Petrochemical complex Vodadra, Bharuch, Chemical zone from Vapi to Ankleshwar, Textiles Ahemdabad, Arvind Mills, Gandhinagar, Shipbreaking Alang, Narmada Dam, Cotton, Sugarcane, Tobacco, Edible Oils Rajkot, Agrochemicals Pesticides, Drugs and Pharma, Cipla, Cadilla, Lyka, Atul, Dyes and Chemicals, Fertilizers, GSFC, GACL, GNFC, GSPC, IPCL, GMDC, Hazira complex Reliance, Essar, L&T, Ports GMB, Art Silk, Synthetic Textiles Diamonds Surat, Oil and Gas Halol Khambhat Ankleshwar, Cement Gujarat Ambuja, Binani Cement Kutch, Jamnagar Refineries, Dahej Petro complex, Navodaya Schools, General Motors, Mundra Port, rise of business class, Tatas, Ambanis, Mafatlal, Lalbhais, Diamond merchants of Palanpur, Art Literature Theatre.

      Gujarat during Modi- Godhra, Riots, Genocide, Mass Murder and Rapes 2002, fake encounters, hate speeches, death of culture, Tata Nano, toothless Lokayukta, Major Roads by NHAI (Delhi), swine flu, malnutrition despite Central funds, rise and rise of Adanis, Adanis, only Adanis, Gujrat debt at record high Rs.1.5 trillions. Modi fit for serving tea to Adanis and Ambanis''