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    Governed By The Corrupt And Incompetent

    It is confirmed, we are been governed by corrupt and incompetent individuals. While a majority that rule us are corrupt to the core a large chunk of the rest are outright incompetent and in no way deserve to be in the position they are now. In the act of choosing between the devil and the deep sea, depending on which side of the political spectrum you are in, you might choose to have incompetent individuals at the helm than having corrupts; but for me both the lot are equally dangerous for any democratic framework and sooner we get rid of the malice is better for us.

    Just look at how our incompetent and corrupt team lead by Dr. Manmohan Sing made a mess of the General V.K Sing’s issue. First the army chief was entangled (by design) by some unnecessary age row and now he was forced to be part of an avoidable spat with the central government in issues ranging from alleged bribe approach to the gross unpreparedness of our defense establishment in eventuality of a full blown war. While both the concerns raised by the General is of grave nature involving our national security; our incompetent government rather taking the concerns seriously, thought of excavating a conspiracy theory out of nowhere and went on and on in various platforms. The farce was blown out of proportion so extravagantly that the core realty that our system is full with rot inside was pushed to the backbench. In both the allegations of the General he genuinely wanted to pinpoint the lack of maturity and will among those who rule us to fix the leak within the system but our corrupt at the helm intentionally tried to give it a different color to benefit their nefarious intentions.

    First look at the bribe allegation. According to the General, one recently retired big fish of Indian Army approached him with a bribe of 14 crore to favor a particular vehicle manufacturer. Even a 10% truth in the utterance is a serious concern. It shows that our system has gone so stale that even one can approach the Army Chief with a bribe proposal sitting right in front of him and that too in his office. That is so disparaging. Now the question everyone asking the General is – “Why he didn’t apprehend the thug right there and initiated legal actions”? The answer to which simply could be the hesitation of the General to take such serious action against a recently retired ultra-senior army officer (since Indian Army’s reputation is at stake) without consulting his reporting authority, who here is the defense minister A.K Antony himself. For me this is judicious and that is in fact what exactly the General did. Before the General divulged this to a national daily, it was a good eight months since Mr. Antony was apprised of the concern. If the General can be questioned on why he didn’t act right there; may I just ask ‘What our defense minister was doing for last so many months’? Reasons best known to Mr. Antony he conveniently slept over the issue all the while and only got up from his slumber when media knocked at his doors to respond to what the General has to say. ‘I have already taken action’ is what we got to hear as a response from the defense minister. What kind of action Mr. Antony? Can the nation know what our defense minister did to safeguard a pious institution like the Indian Army and to bring the rascals to book? As obvious as it gets, we are yet to hear anything constructive and noting worthy from the minister on this. All that we are hearing for last few days is Mr. Antony’s clarification in the form of hogwash and his tremendous effort at pushing the ball to General’s court through blames, all the while shrugging off his own responsibilities. This is so bizarre to say the least. I am not sure if everything is the Army chief’s responsibility then what Mr. Antony is doing there being the defense minister? Just there to shake hands during the republic day parade with the defense heads? Can’t say how many across the globe would be rolling on the floor laughing, seeing this farce unfolding on TV.

    Look at the more serious of the concerns that the General raised. In a letter to the Prime-minister (as recent as March 12th of 2012) he raised his concerns on the preparedness of our defense forces in eventuality of a war. The five major concerns that should make all of us worry broadly are

    • The Army’s tank fleet is “devoid of critical ammunition to defeat enemy  tanks”
    • Our air defense is “97 per cent obsolete and it doesn’t give the deemed confidence to protect”
    • The infantry is crippled with “deficiencies and lacks night fighting” capabilities
    • Elite special forces are “woefully short of essential weapons”
    • There are “large-scale voids in critical surveillance” capabilities

    While all of the points look scary at its face value, what the General wanted to point is the rampant corruption and loot that is going in our defense procurement. I am sure if a genuine investigation is done on our defense procurement then the thuggery can easily surpass 2G, CWG, Coal Scam, Mining Scam put together. In a time when we surpassed China as the biggest arms importer in the world a figure that shows we don’t even have ammunition at our disposal to counter attack the enemy tanks, needs some thorough investigation. The second biggest consumer of our defense budget, the Air Force has a fleet which is 97% obsolete is another fact that need to be checked and graphs be drawn on per year spending against the ground level improvement. Our elite forces are woefully short of essential weapons. The groups like NSG are no wonder still shouting for night vision glasses and sophisticated assault weapons. This is a concern for sure when we even can’t fully equip our elite force to world class level. 

    But just look at the government’s reactions to this uncomfortable realty. Rather being jittery on the state of affairs in our defense forces the incompetent and dirty work team are head over heels in defaming the General for leaking such classified information to the media. While the need of the hour is to dig out our entire defense procurement mechanism to figure out the lacuna, our politicians are framing the General for speaking the truth through some bizarre protocol framework. Even if we let protocol become more important than national security, I still don’t see where the General missed the protocol. He is in own capacity as the Army Chief wrote to the Prime-minister through the defense minister. Where the bloody protocol is violated? And please stop accusing the General of leaking the information as I am sure, if there is a leak it must have been done by the thugs in our defense ministry than the General himself doing it. For records I have more faith on what my Army chief has to say than on a bunch of proven and certified buffoons at the ministry.

    Now you think that is good enough nonsense? No? Then hang on, the bigger nonsense is the idea of the government to sack the Army chief for speaking the truth and undressing the incompetent bunch of clowns governing us. Of all the people it is Lalu Yadav who has to comment on the Army Chief’s behavior. I haven’t heard a bigger joke since I heard someone saying ‘Aftab Sivdasni’ is an actor. But the worrying fact is – “An honest Army Chief can be sacked for speaking the truth but not a corrupt and incompetent government headed by a lame duck Prime-minister”. This can only happen in India and I am sure of it. Jay Ho!!   


    1. sorry to say...but this artcle amateurish at best...

    2. Certainly!! Whatever that doesn't suits Congressi stooge's taste buds it automatically become amateurish. Playing Ostrich at Best!!

    3. Such a nice and well thought article. Very few people in India left now who can think at this level and discuss an issue with logical reasons.

    4. Well thought article. I hope the Indian government is reading it as it provides good logical rationale on the various issues raised by the Army Chief and the reactions by the government.

      Obviously the government officials are more keen to cover up than expose the looting being done in the name of military ordnance procurement. God Bless India (or should it be God Save the People of India from the Corrupt & Incompetent)

    5. Hey the PM is not only the lame duck PM, he i also corrupt as others are in his cabinet. I am pleased to mention that the Coal ministry is directly under our honourable PM. The scam says it all. Now he cannot sing the music of coalition politics on this one as the ministry is headed by himself only.

    6. Good piece as usual. Keep going.

      Worst thing i saw on tv was Lalu Prasad commenting on our Army Chief Mr. V K Singh.

      That day was most hurting in my opinion.

    7. Excellent article! I wish we take this up as port of Anna movement. My prediction is not that far when our country will be sold cheaply. What's the use of such prime minister, impotent and incompetent. This reminds me of Dhrithirastra of Mahabharatha and teaches us what an incompetent leader can do and lead the nation to. Only god can save this nation!