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    The Absurdity Called Mamta Banarjee

    I feel sorry for the Bengalis and West Bengal as a whole. No, not for losing Dada to Pune Warriors but for losing their identity and independence to someone called Mamta Banarjee and team.

    A state which was considered the harbinger of new era intellectualism and gateway of India for trade, education, international collaborations is now in shatters. A state which has to its credit possesses the oldest college of India; a state which has produced more freedom fighters than rest of India combined; a state which flourished as any other contemporary metropolis of the world during the British era is systematically been ripped of its identity, value system and everything that was good about it. First it was the three and half decades of absolute misrule of the CPI(M) government which saw the declining of the state’s image at an alarming rate so much so that the once considered heaven for investors saw the potential parties running away scared. Thanks to the seventeenth century mindset of the left and their continuous patronage to labor unions and their unrealistic and unethical strikes every couple of months, the state which was once flourishing with industries all around has now absolutely nothing that you can call an industrial establishment. That was a period when dirty politics took the center stage and soon the streets of Kolkata and elsewhere were notoriously hijacked by CPI(M) goons. Innocents lost their lives in the cross fire and the vibrant and prospering state was made a popper within no time. A city like Kolkata, which once promised to be like New York someday pretty much remained stagnant in terms of development for last forty years. All thanks to the mindless and visionless governance of the left.

    People were fed up with this repeated mishandling of state affairs. They wanted a change desperately, which was evident from the way they voted for Mamta Banarjee, who came forward as a street fighter with a promise of PORIVARTAN. She promised porivartan in everything that was going wrong in the state. She promised porivartan in the way governance was been carried out by the left. She also promised porivartan in the life style of the masses which was ruined by the left government. A lot of porivartan was promised in Didi’s manifesto. As expected, the left were decimated a year back by Didi’s juggernaut. A year has passed since that historic day and it is time we ask – did the people of Bengal saw any of the porivartan that Didi promised them during the elections? Critics and cynics might answer a big YES since the porivartan is evident as rapes and Mafiosi of TMC goons were taken lightly while cartoons are taken way too seriously. A great Porivartan indeed. 

    One year since Didi is occupying the writers building and all that we hear when we ask of her achievement in these 365 days is a cry baby. Every damn wrong that happened in these 12 months were promptly been pushed into CPI(M)’s plate. From rape of women in busy Kolkata streets to the death of numerous infants; for everything the left and their rule of 35 years was accused. The rampage of TMC goons on city corners to political clashes in the interiors of the state resulting in deaths of many cadres; you guessed it, the left were held culprit. From the precarious financial position of the state to the lack of basic amenities to many, the left rule was mascaraed. All that we hear Didi doing for last twelve months (other than blackmailing the center) is only setting things right that was so wronged by the left government. Really? While a lot of porivartan was promised, people in turn are seeing a completely nonfunctional government at the helm, busy with their vendetta politics and self-serving purposes. Looking at the number of tantrums that are thrown at us by Didi and her lieutenants in the first year itself, I have no hesitation in convincing myself that what CPI(M) couldn’t achieved in 34 years, the TMC did that in twelve months only. I feel sorry for the people because in a choice between devil and the deep sea, they might just have elected the devil herself. While the rule of the left was atrocious to say the least, Mamta Banarjee is a complete waste in comparison with no signs of improvement whatsoever. 

    To start with, Didi’s attitude has a lot to be desired. The behavior shown by her as a democratically elected representative is not what falls under the paradigm of democracy or the ethos of our constitution. The ‘I Care Damn’ for the same people and their sentiments who gave her this landslide mandate is not what defines our democracy. The handling of Dinseh Trivedi and the whole rail budget was a farce of highest quarters. While she being the CM of a state shouldn’t have any business whatsoever in central matters, she conveniently decided to put her party chief’s cap instead. In an attempt to show her one upmanship and arrogance she not only made a mess of a good budget presented by Mr. Trivedi but also took the central government to ransom. The proposition of her to either have Trivedi removed and the proposed fare hike (absolutely required) be rolled back or forget TMC as an ally at the center, is a clear proof of her ego tussle with her own party members. As useless as our central government can be, Didi’s demands were honored and the poor man who genuinely wanted good for the railways was shown the door. A classic case of a gentleman in the company of a bad and arrogant woman.

    If that wasn't good enough, it seems in the regime of Didi, a concept called freedom of speech and freedom of expression has gone for a toss. While rapes and rapists were given a freehand and the incidents never been taken seriously, Didi and her men are hell bent on arm-twisting anyone and everyone who possesses an opinion which is even remotely against Mamta Banarjee and her style of functioning. The arrest of a Jadavpur University professor for mailing cartoons of Mamta Banarjee speaks a great length on what is the priority for this useless lady. The bitter truth of her absolute callousness towards governance was on display when the professor was promptly arrested and put behind bars for just drawing cartons while the rapists are roaming around free on Kolkata streets in search of their next prey. An internationally reputed microbiologist working for the welfare of the slum dwellers was arrested because he let his dissatisfaction towards the nonfunctioning of Mamta government known to the media. For no apparent crime the intellectual was forced to languish behind bars, only to be released when there was an outcry in the media and among the scientist’s community. Another retired professor was badly assaulted by the TMC goons and his thirty year old daughter was manhandled and molested in full public view since he dared to criticize Mamta’s nonsense. While the Kolkata police was so prompt in arresting innocents was nowhere to be seen to safeguard the oppressed and arrest the TMC thugs. Well not entirely their fault though since arresting a TMC rascal might prompt Mamta to storm the police station herself and make a Nithyananda out of the officer in charge. This is not a presumption but a fact backed by pictorial evidence. So better to stay away from this garbage called Mamta Banarjee could be the mantra. 

    Forget Mamta; even a mere look at her ministers will give you less confidence than what you have on our football team to play the next world cup. The intolerance level is so high among the TMC buffoons that blinded by their vendetta politics they are in a mission to even socially boycott the CPI(M). In a public gathering one clown from TMC even urged the people of Bengal to stay away from the left as far as possible and don’t get their children married in CPI(M) supporter's house. Funny. No? And ask that Sathyasai Baba lookalike spokesperson of TMC called Derek O’Brein on what this latest nonsense is all about; you will be greeted with the info on how Time magazine has included his worthless Didi into top 100 influential people of the world. It seems what that quiz master wants all of us to do is that we all should take a paid leave and discuss this Time magazine list whole day forgetting how worthless the lady in her real life is.

    By the way, can someone from the joker camp furnish the list of newspapers that were banned in government institutions (including libraries) for being left centric and the cell number of a good lawyer and few bouncers if the TMC goons and Didi’s Kolkata police come calling on me after reading this blog?

    P.S – All said and done, my vote for next president goes to Didi. Because I believe a nonsense can only be replaced by another nonsense and better a bigger one at that!!  


    1. No useless was this useless. A real burden of democracy. But think of O'Brien who is trying to whitewash DIDI in front of Media militants.

    2. Hey, regular reader, like your blog. Its good.
      BTW, do you make any money out of www.beingcynical.com or by being cynical; just wanted to know what drives you!

    3. @Rahul

      Thanks for the good words. Whats drives me is my love for writing :)

    4. @Cynical,

      Ah, you actually reply to the comments, I was just checking if my message was approved; Cool bro.

      Impressive answer, hope your love towards writing lasts for ever and you keep make us think/entertain by being cynical.

      Keep up the good work. Regards.

    5. please updated your RSS feed, i tried adding the feed using both the buttons on the right but none of them have the updated feed (only articles till Apr 8th are displayed)

      btw great writing.

    6. Thanks for the info. I will try to update the RSS feed.

    7. hi,
      Awsome effort, displaying the hard truths of the indian society.An impressing blog.

      keep us awaking.

    8. Mamta prefers a Quiz master more than an economist like Trivedi. That shows her intellect level. She forgets that she is now the CM and not that street fighter. Her chamchas are mainly artists, poets and such other characters who very well know how to keep her in good humour. Even God cannot save Bengal now.

    9. Great article.. somehow ur thoughts depicts the lot of questions and frustration building up in a common man who is just watching haplessly the running show of democracy or psephocracy.. this touches the chord with average reader.. it gives a satisfactory feeling that ppl do share their common views !!.. Keep it up.. unless Mamata passes any resolution to ban this as well ;-)

    10. anonymous form kolkataApr 27, 2012, 2:17:00 PM

      you forgot to mention another achievement of our beloved minister. she has started painting the whole town white and blue.only a miniscule amount 60 cr will be spent on the fruitful exercise when there is a burdern in excess of 80,000 cr on the state.we are all deeply dissatisfied and many would prefer to migrate to other states permenently rather than being a part of the mania...