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    Religion Shouldn’t Teach Hatred And Violence

    I still believe, no religion teaches violence and hatred. I also believe if someone claims himself or been bestowed with the tag of being a true messenger of God, he won’t ever preach the path of violence and hatred either. I also believe, cutting across religions there are fanatics in numbers who would go crazy in showcasing themselves as the sole torchbearer of their religion at any given chance. In the name of religion or religious sentiments these guys would readily walk the extra mile, more often on the path of violence to prove that one upmanship. This is bizarre and worrisome.
    Over the years rise in the number of ethnic violence erupting out of no reasons is another testimony that our planet is rapidly turning into one huge insolating society. People from different caste, creed and religion seem to have that hate factor deeply inculcated in them for the rest. Few show it too openly and blatantly and few others aren’t quite good at that. But as a whole it is only probable that there exist huge bad blood among each other for reasons so trivial that is is tough to fathom and believe. Every religion and their patrons are responsible proportionally for the mess that we have eventually fallen in to. No religion can claim them being peaceful to the brink and angels incarnate. Every religion has rascals who would routinely dig out reasons from absolute non issues and go on a violence spree. Every religion has buffoons who take shelter of their religion to spread hatred around the world. Every religion has scoundrels who have long forgotten the core ethos of any religion; that is to spread peace, harmony and respect for life.  
    So what should the sane minds do amidst the chaos of the fanatics? Should we just sit over it by playing ostrich or should we stand up for peace and make sure that we don’t handover this rotten culture to our next generation? Choice is quite clear and the repercussions of we choosing the wrong one could be too costly for generations to come. Hence the tasks seems squarely cut out for us and any delay in implementation can only bring things to some irreparable state. Hence the call of the hour is to catch the bull by its horns and work towards fixing the nuances before the hate cloud engulfs the entire human race.
    First thing in any such endeavor would be, to be bold enough in admitting and accepting few facts. As they say, one can be right if only he knows what is wrong. Though every religion has fanatics, we can’t tackle each of them at one go. A list from most troublesome to least should be jolted down first and patrons be acted upon accordingly. Here where we require some bold steps to be taken. And the bold step is to get rid of the statement ‘Terrorism has no religion’ first. I have a feeling for long that this very statement is the root cause of all such nonsense we not only are witnessing but tolerating as well. Just stand up and count the hate mongers among our society and you will get the answers. I feel no shame in sticking my neck out and saying, at least two third of the terror activities are either planned or carried out by people from a certain religion. Might sound awkward for many of those who want to look good before everyone, but being good doesn’t mean endorsing a false notion. The paramount necessity of bringing some sanity in the world requires admitting this fact and that too in a hurry. Admittance brings about a gill in finding the solution. As a thumb rule, before we search for the solutions we need to figure out the real problem first. And the real problem lies deep within the psyche of a particular religion; or at least a large section of them. And that is precisely what needed to be corrected first than roaming around like headless chickens with our pseudo intellectuality.
    Here is the thing. How many of us would feel insulted or our Gods would feel insulted for a movie made elsewhere? No wit, no diplomacy but a simple and honest answer to this question would clarify many things. Now here is the second one. Even if we feel, how many of us would venture into the streets and start killing random individuals from other religion for revenge? I bet, there won’t be many. But surprising enough there are plenty in one religion who would and could do this every second day. One off instances could be easily overlooked but not when they become so routine. This is unacceptable in a civilized world. This becomes more unacceptable when one finds the reason for any such violence is nothing more than a set of self-conclusion and gross lack of something called tolerance. You can’t always see others conspiring against your  religion in everything they do? Can you? If the mentality is that the entire world is against your God damn religion every second of the hour as if there isn’t anything else to be done, then this calls for an appointment with a shrink than taking violence as a response. How one’s opinion transpired into reels can insult an entire religion just like that is beyond me. This is nothing but plain intolerance, which should not be endorsed but rather should be massacred mercilessly since the rest of the world wants peace. You can go to hell and take your fight there if it suits you that way but the world can’t suffer because of your idiocy. The world can’t take the pain because of a religion which is so fundamentally weak that it gets hurt for every bloody reason that you can find. You can’t come out in numbers, laced with hate and start killing people since you believe even a goat fart is insult to your religion or the messenger of it. Since when a true messenger of a religion gets hurt so easily and if at all he/she does, how it calls for violence. I mean what kind of idiotic logic this could be where you take innocent lives in the name of someone who is touted to be a messenger of peace?
    A limit should be drawn somewhere. From banning books to issuing bounty on someone’s head, you can’t spread hatred at such ease. The world can’t and shouldn’t be a silent observer of such stupidity. You can’t have problems with everything and then to show displeasure you kill people. And surprising enough a lot among the Neanderthal species believe these killings are  religious activities. To set the record straight, this is not religious but barbaric and barbarism calls for strict actions which includes mowing you down without any mercy so that the rest can have some peace. We had enough terror spewed against us because few never want to get out of their fifteenth century cocooned mentality and we object to tolerate any further. You, your religion or for that matter even the messengers of your so called religion might get offended if Angelina Jolie doesn’t show some skin in any of her movies but we certainly can't accept rascals outraging and going on a killing spree. If you feel offended for the smallest of reasons, we also feel offended to have you guys around us and polluting the environment.
    Enough of cajoling and enough of facts hiding. Fanatics deserve no leniency any further. Tit for tat at times works and I don’t see any better case study than this to test the authenticity. Random terror attacks going on our streets or random people being subjected to death threats for speaking the truth must end. Even if that calls for some strong arm tactics, then so be it. At least the fight would be for a better and harmonious tomorrow where scoundrels won’t be seen blowing off their asses for no apparent reasons. If you have issues with every bloody thing that you see then the problem is with you mate. Entire world can’t be wrong. Hence the need of the hour is you guys either resurrect yourself considerably to be called as humans or find another planet and get the hell out of here with your religion and its messengers and kill yourselves with pleasure there. Thank you so very much.

    P.S - I am a Hindu and I also OBJECT to the fanatics in our religion like Sanatan Sanstha who spread hatred and violence. How minimal it may be, it yet still is violence and I condemn it.


    1. Couldn't agree more. All such fanatics should be hounded out and shot at point blank. Then peace would previl.

    2. U left nothing to comment dear!

    3. I agree with you that one should not follow violence path to take revenge or show that how much they are angry, and there is no second thought.

      But why every other day people try to insult and harass only some faith and not everybody else? Because everybody knows that it is very easy to get support from others if something goes wrong, but if the same person has showed any other religion’s god or goddess necked then no one will have ever supported or showed any sympathy with that film/cartoon maker, but since it is region which is not very near and dear by so called western society and so called "Humans" they can be easy target.

      So in other words, if you want respect and peace, let them leave in respect and peace, and they'll not try to show how angry they are in public, and in fact those poor guys does not have even time to look around other than feeding their families then why they will be on road to kill someone? I am sure they’ll not...

      You cannot give another chance to the person who keeps harassing you just because others don't like you, otherwise they will everyday pick on you, and you'll keep suffering.

      So I strongly not like these words from your post - "find another planet and get the hell out of here with your religion and its messengers and kill yourselves with pleasure there"....

      Disclaimer: Here I am not supporting any non-human act by any religions, but saying that if you keep pocking same religion and people over and over again then there will be anger... So instead of asking them to leave the country or planet why don't we just show some respect and give them time to calm.

    4. bhai - there are few who stick out there neck and say or admit the truth. be ready to be branded communal and none other than likes of MULLA yam, maulana diggi raja etc giving you the communal certificates. who knows army of messenger of allah would even get your site banned and you being identified and case of treason or may be some case related to spreading hatred would be slapped on you... :). so bhai don't stick your neck out so openly - we all will be very concerned. however, we all like your posts too good.

    5. @Anonymous

      “But why every other day people try to insult and harass only some faith and not everybody else? Because everybody knows that it is very easy to get support from others if something goes wrong”

      That’s precisely my point. Why the world will show support but not otherwise. There must be wrong somewhere with the religion itself. As I have already said in my post – The entire world can’t be wrong. Can it be? So rather doing a Congress in blaming others for your own mess, it would be better for the mankind if some introspection goes in.

    6. but modi is walking free....advani is walking free

    7. @Unknown

      And what precisely Advani & Modi did to not roam free?

    8. Completeley agree with what Cynical says. It has become a fashion to blame Modi and Advani for anything and everything to project a so called secular image. Only in our country can you find a PM who says that 'minorities have the first right on the country's resources'. Take a list of all terrorists and you would find that 90% belong to one particular religion. Also, this is the only religion where people are murdered just because their views are different from the views of the messengers of that religion.

    9. I read the writeup superficially & didnt went into every word, got an idea what you want to convey. The writeup read like a baba giving pravachan...lots of "we should..this, we should..that, we can't, we can.. how many of us..this, etc. etc...."

    10. @BeingCynical Sir,

      I think you should do little research on why everybody picking-up on one specific religion. What I have understood is that they are branded intentionally that why internationally to manipulate them for the natural resources from them and in India purely for Votes.

      They are second largest religion on planet and few "Powerful" country and religion simply does not want them to gain any more popularity and money to save theirs....

      If you study in depth, you'll find many other reason why everyone just simply pick-up on only them....

      Hope you understand more in less.

    11. I suggest all you read todays' edition of TOI in which JugSuraya has viewed Christian - Muslim conflicts which are 1000 years old, are more to do with conflict of interest than any real religion feeling behind. Both are out and out propaganda based religions out to convert and see every opp to show who is powerful.

    12. What should be our goal at this hour and how we can achieve it? In my opinion, the goal should be to achieve peace and harmony among various communities. And how do we achieve it? That is by building trust, being honest to each other. How can we build trust and be honest to each other? By opening dialogue and setting up forums for constant interaction (eliminating communication gaps). how can the open discussion take place? If all are ready to leave their dogmas behind and accept the human rights charter adopted by United Nations in letter and spirit. We should all have only one religion i.e. humanity, justice, equality. Any think which comes in between or hinders the progress of humanity should be discarded by will. Can we set up commissions for our respective religions and expunge all that is against these basic human rights? We need not blame each other or try to force our view point as superior. I am sure, after an honest analysis of our own faiths in the light of humanity and scientific knowledge of the day, we will be all be left with pure humanity without all dogmas, superstitions and misguidance. It should be accepted that in all religions intelligent crooks have tried to build their hegemony over other other faiths by pushing unfounded stories, rumour mongering and instilling a fear psychosis to further their own (personal) expansionary goals or greed for more and more wealth and power. The teachings of Quran are no exception are were simply devised to help Mohammed win over his rivals, help him form a strong and faithful army etc. Of course, he was intelligent enough to build in strong incentives and disincentives in the name of the unknown to ensure cohesion, unity and strength to his army which in turn will ensure his victory and satisfy his expansionary ambitions. We in 21 st century need to look the Quran or any other holy books with this perspective rather than taking them ordained and as divine inspiration. It is important that each of read Philosophy (western and eastern) esp. philosophy of religion to understand the futility and failures to prove existence of God. And we should leave religion to be just a matter of personal belief system rather than a means for scoring victory over one another. The basic purpose of religion is lost as soon as it takes up political dimensions and becomes a means for cornering scarce resources for narrowly defined communities or religions.

    13. I suggest all Islam haters to first understand completely what Quran says and then comments. This is all political and media which is spreading the propaganda against islam because people are addicted to hear anything against islam.
      So just do not say anything which you heard on television, understand it. This is a religion of Peace

      1. The quran does endorse violence..there are a number of verses that vehemently target the kafir and believe it or not islam is a religion that if not for the fear of being punished by a male megalomaniacal,genocidal and amazingly self centered god or for unexplained hatred for the kafir could not have existed..such is the true face of the religion of peace!

    14. @Anonymous

      This is a religion of peace? Really? Them I am Albert Einstein