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    Being Social In Cyber Space Is Tough

    Not that I never thought of this post. Staying away from jolting it down at the first thought has its reasons. First I am quite an anti-social in more ways than one and second I am yet to fathom this concept of social networking. The more I tried to find the exact meaning of such a term the more I realized that there isn’t any. It is more of an abstract sphere where patrons depending on their expanse of love for being social are left to delineate their own enactment of the concept and the veracity of such a thing in their life therein. Example, in my case, though I have a Facebook account I would struggle a great lot to even remember its password. So that pretty much implies the amount of love that I carry for being a social animal and the prominence of a nonsense called Facebook in my life.
    I am not for or against any so called social networking site or the fellas who easily spend two third of their average day in either going over some boloney posted on their walls or fashioning their own for others. That’s purely an individual’s choice and I am certainly none to comment on that as long as it is not affecting me or the society where I live in. The speed at which all such sites get the acceptance has got a deep down reason with the human psychology. By nature we humans love to have a hoard of people around us whom we know and they know us as well. By science it is only natural that we cringe to remain in touch with all those who matter to us by some means. From the ages of having pigeons as postmen to the present era of social networking gadgets, it is all in the pursuit of easy, effective and most important less expensive medium of communication. So for me, sites like Facebook are a communication medium at large. And no wonder there are many on this planet who agreed to exercise their communication option via it. But being a lethargic ass myself I always find opening my laptop to login to Facebook account and communicate with my near a and dear ones is a way laborious act than just picking up my God damn Micromax mobile and call up. This one way explains how and why I have already forgotten my Facebook password which many might have insured with an insurer.
    Coming back to the topic, have these social networking sites achieved their agenda, if at all they had any agenda to begin with? I mean forget about anything else; has these sites made people who are registered with them any more social? Have these sites stood by their name and helped people make more sense in their social life thereafter? I think no. You may argue these sites are not built with a view to inject that social and civic sense into individuals and I better enroll myself for Baba Nithyananda’s Prabachan classes if I am in lookout for some serious soul searching. But I am here going plainly by their names. At the end of the day they are social networking sites. Aren’t they? Hence I no way can admit any excuses or reasons. It is like justifying Parle selling condoms in the name Parle-G biscuits.
    Look at an average Facebooker, if I may call so. When I say average it is not the ones’ who take a peep of their walls once or twice a day to pass through that odd phase of boredom. I am here talking about those who lie around like a pig in mud before their computer screens whole day and rack shit after shit for others to get the stink. I am sorry if you haven’t seen many but I am fortunate to have weathered a whole lot of them. Things get real Rakhi Shawant when two chaps having few common friends in their Facebook meet up. Suddenly there is a bitching overdrive from nowhere and within no time all their common friends are manhandled verbally. And if the common friend/s happen to be a female then you would get to hear the detailed anatomy (well most of the time) of the poor girl with leaving nothing to imagination. I am not sure if this is any kind of social act. School and college going kids are mostly smitten by this social bug and these are the same set that invariably always react as if their lives are deeply hooked up with Facebook or whatever. They get revengeful if are objected for spending too much time in there and at times even befriend random individuals to later rape them during a blind date. Delhi heads the ‘Facebook rape’ syndrome, if at all it can be branded. To my little knowledge I distinctly remember at least half a dozen cases of rape where this Facebook or some other similar natured nonsense acted as pimp.
    We can still overlook these as one off cases but then what about the behavior over Facebook. Take any teenager’s wall for reference and I assure one of these two things happening. Either you will throw up very badly or get faint. At rare occasions with both of them together. Language written on the wall of an average teenager is grubby to say the least. Point to be noted that girls are not too far behind in this endeavor. It still don’t look too dangerous to you? Then what about those five from a Pitampura School in Delhi who went ahead and posted their school teacher’s photograph along with her cell phone number in some kind of Escort site.
    That said I love Twitter. Yet no attempt at drawing any parallels but I find Twitter way saner an addiction than Facebook. Somehow I feel Twitter is a simple medium used by smart people while Facebook is a smart medium used by dumbasses. This is my perception and it can be entirely true the reverse way. All those Tweeter addicts can control their smiles for the time being. Anyway, the thing that attracts me most in Tweeter is it assures I can’t be a public nuisance even if I try to be one. The uniqueness of Tweeter for being an idiot proof is what the USP for me wherein Facebook feels like as if been invented with a sole intention of catering to all the idiots of the world. Not that I never been bullied in Tweeter but still it is milder in comparison to Facebook. For example I always get many direct messages from very loving and candid personas bluntly writing – ‘You are a stupid idiot’. Spare a thought for me on what I would be feeling when the word idiot is promptly replaced by adjectives which can’t be mentioned on the post to safeguard the reputation of our police force. I have seen people going nuts for just about anything. To a reply of someone’s Tweet ‘What is the oldest profession of the world’ when I wrote ‘Air India cabin crew’, little did I know I was inviting troubles for this innocent humor? The guy went ballistic as if I demanded to bring him under the Lokpal. To the guy if he is reading this – you are not at all a social entity.
    Do you think I am the biggest hater of this concept called Social Networking? Then I guess you haven’t met the entities in Congress camp. Asked them to know their pain and the systematic upside screwing in the hands of many social networking mongers. Even their party Damad couldn’t escape from the ugly clutches of this. Jokes apart, I agree I could be the biggest hater of these networking sites plainly because they are turning out as the biggest nuisance of the human history, or hang on. Is it me or; do you remember couple of hunks named Sashi Tharoor and Lalit Modi?


    1. I am also a non user of these Social Networking nonsense like you. Yet still I don't see it entirely wrong a thing to do; at least the way you are trying to project. As you yourself said at some point, it is individual's choice and we shouldn't be too judgemental either way.
      Anyway, liked the post.

    2. Err...a blogger and twitter user bitching about social networking sites?

    3. it all depends on how one wants to use it.. i have no qualms about being an fb user coz i've often come across excellent info abt certain things thru it.. one of them being a possible cure for my dad's cancerous liver..