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Friday, October 12, 2012

Mulayam Singh And Other Taxis For Hire

Team Being Cynical

Let me count this. Yes, in last year and half alone it is three times that Mulayam Singh Yadav said something which looked life threatening for UPA but ended up taking a complete ‘U’ turn in a day or two. Argument in for of such behavior could be – you ought to be a dumb to believe what our politicians say; more so when it deals with utterances made by the Lalus, Mulayams, Mayawatis of the world. I second the theorem but yet still; the behavior of Mulayam and many alike of his ilk in last couple of years has got lot to be desired.
Though sticking to your words is not necessarily a thing that we can associate with our politicians, but the cases of Mulayam, Mayawati et all has got a pattern. A pattern where we can clearly smell the stink. Even though there is vehemence in denial of any kind of foul play, the manner and occasion where all such ‘U’ turns were exhibited doesn’t look entirely convincing.
It becomes more interesting to notice that in all such ‘U’ turns the biggest beneficiary turns out to be Manmohan Singh’s government. In each of the occasions in last year and half, whenever the UPA government was threatened of losing their majority in the house, it is the Mulayams, Mayawatis and Ajit Singhs who came to their rescue. Could it be a happenstance that every time the government was badly in need of some breathing space, these guys came forward with all their oxygen cylinders to give that much needed relief? It could be but highly unlikely on the face value; knowing the moral level of Mulayam and guys like him.
First was the case when there was a stiff hike of Rs 7/- in fuel price. Like a pregnant king cobra, Mamata Didi went into flames with her set of ‘Maa, Maati, Manush’ catchphrase. Citing such a hike would further annihilate the already suffocated common man; she threatened to quit the government. Looking at the numbers in the house, it is all but clear that without Didi UPA is a minority government, if not for the support of SP, BSP and few more regional parties. Though after persistent pasturing by Pranab Mukherjee Didi never divorced Congress that time; the acts, action and reaction of Mulayam Singh in all of this was funny to say the least. When the price rise news was broken to the nation it was in fact Mulayam who first went ballistic with his verbal barrages. From ridiculing the government for such a pronouncement to out rightly terming UPA as anti-poor and anti-people; he pretty much did everything that a friend is not expected to do. If that was not enough, he was all over the place that evening in showing his displeasure before the media and even threatened to agitate along with his party goons whom he calls party carders in contradiction of such decisions. Not to be left far behind, his brainless son started shouting all the way from Lucknow. All in all a camouflage of gross discontent was built around where no stone was left unturned to project themselves as the messiah of the masses. Just when things started to look crumbling for UPA, the Mahatma called Mulayam went on records to announce the beginning of the biggest ‘U’ turn of Indian political history. And what was the ploy given for such a foot-in-the-mouth syndrome? You couldn’t have guessed it better. Yes, he was grossly disappointed with this hike as it will hit the common man on his groin but he can’t help much since he possibly can’t allow communal forces to come back to power.
The second instance was when another high grade crook Sharad Pawar along with his party men was grossly thwarted with Prithviraj Chavan for not allowing them to loot. Though never spoken openly, dissent was brewing internally, which led to the resignation of Praful Patel from the ministry of aviation. That was another instance where UPA was again threatened (unofficially) with numbers for survival. This time along with Mulayam there was the advent of another joker going by the name Ajit Singh. Same communal forces nonsense was flouted loudly with Ajit Singh managing to squeeze into the UPA folly and grabbed the vacant aviation minister’s position. A clown with only four MPs to his party’s credit is honoring an all important position of civil aviation minister. It is perhaps one of those few marvels which are only possible in India. Latest is the instance when Didi finally bid her adieu. A hate child called FDI for everyone else other than Congress suddenly turned into an adorable cutie pie. Look at this Mulayam once again. He voiced his unhappiness, he agitated alongside many against FDI in retail and he issued statements which would have made many in the Congress camp wet their Dhotis. But what happened at the end? A ‘U’ turn again to felicitate the need of the hour as far as UPA is concerned. And what was the reason for such global farting at first and then subduing finally? This gotta be an iconic statement to fathom. I oppose FDI in retail but support UPA. I mean, can someone with some Nobel laureate’s intellect please care to make me understand this? This is like saying; I oppose nudity but support Poonam Pandey. No? 
Now do you see a pattern in all of this? Communal forces? Really? Cut the crap. Will you? Hasn’t this communal forces baloney gone a little too far for comfort? Hasn’t for every connivance, group looting or for that matter, you scratch mine, I scratch yours’ arrangements, this bloody communal forces drivel is administered too promptly at an alarming regularity? Are we so dumb to miss the hidden agendas and start believing these non-ethical and morally bankrupt guys, just because they every time wave their pseudo secularism flag? Don’t we understand the inherent agreement on mutual expediency behind all such reechoes?
Here is the thing. Clowns like Mulayam, Mayawati, Lalu and many more are basically a bunch of low moral entities that can be sold or brought on any given day. You just need a process, which could either be cajoling or outright threatening to bring them under your hood. In this endeavor a lethargic government agency called CBI comes handy. To help the matter further for Congress, all these buggers are neck deep in corruption and cases of high magnitude running against them all over India. The scoundrels very well are aware of the ramifications if they stretch things a little too far. In the name of some plump position of power or the threat of opening one of the pending graft cases, these rascals routinely dance to the tune that an equally corrupt party like Congress wants them to. Playing to the gallery they exhibit their support for masses but fall inline soon when the hangover recedes down a bit and the dark reality looms large in front. Or maybe it is the huge sum of money that gets routinely transmitted to their illegal Swiss accounts on weekly basis which makes them a loving live-in partner for Congress. As unbelievable as it may get, the recent upheaval of Mayawati and her subsequent threat to stop supporting UPA from outside called about a renaissance of one out of her many venality cases by our ever so vigilant CBI. If this is not a clear indication of the political blackmailing of the thugs then I don’t know what else it could be. Now it is more than five days and still the lady (if I may call her so) deciding (read bargaining) if to continue her support or not. And we very well know what would be her final decision.
On a serious note, who is going to make more money in this whole FDI in retail gobbledygook? Mayawati and Mulayam or Walmart after doing business for ten years?


  1. These are worse than a prostitute. Bloody parasites. But dude, from where you come up with such phrases? 'Taxis For Hire'. I swear....

  2. Shalini,

    There is a lady who is often refereed to as Taxi so much so that kids in our colony often shout "Taxi!" just after she passes by.

    But she IS what we m ay call a lady of the night. But i can not imagine any one wanting Moolayuck like a woman for hire. May be the fat *ss but who would want such a big, broad bung-hole.

  3. These "Taxis For Hire" bring in the Oxygen cylinders but at a cost. Whenever their coffers get depleted, they create some noise and bring the "m" bags from the Congis. We have another "Taxi" if not "For Hire", called KCR from Andhra Pradesh who is "supposedly" fighting for seperate Telangana. Once in a while he makes some noise in Hyderabad, encourages some violence, goes to Delhi to collect his "m" bag.... Congi will continue to survive till these "taxis" ply around.

  4. This Blogger behind Being Cynical is himself a corrupted chor.that is why he is always writing nasty and nonsense things..He is a big fool, stupid and idiot

  5. Ohh Yes. As per all the Congress Reptiles, all those who oppose the loot of their first family are in fact the real corrupts of the world while the rascals themselves are holy cows.

  6. After experiencing such a lousy and corrupt governance by UPA for last 8years, if some one still support them, then they can only be psychophants of Congress dynasty or communally blind or just votes for notes during election.

  7. are also a rickshaw hired by Cong to bark against the truth

  8. Hilarious !! Excellent common sense analysis.

  9. yeah yeah, cong r so innocent they r being blackmailed by "texi's"...

  10. It is just because of blessing and forgiving nature of Sonia ji and Rahul ji that u escape any penalty for writing all nonsense things..also kejriwal is king of gutter and so u are

  11. I am so grateful to that college drop out retard and the bartender. You are correct Mr. Ahuja!!

  12. come on everybody in Congress party is highly educated as most of them have graduated from Oxford,Cambridge,LSE,Harvard,Imperial College London etc.......even I have done MBA from Imperial College London... we people are superior than u in all respects and we dont have to listen to idiots on street and gutters

  13. btw Being Cynical u people are trishul carrying chaddees

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