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    The VADRAloks Of Delhi

    Let me change the age old saying at the top of the blog – ‘Democracy is BY the FAMILY, OF the FAMILY and FOR the FAMILY’. Not only family but even for the extended family reaching up to the 3rd level grand and great grandchildren.
    In an Open Letter To Rahul Gandhi sometime back I had raised the issue that one now associates with the first Damad of the nation, Robert Vadra. In a milder manner I had questioned the drama king on the reasons and tricks behind such phenomenal rise of someone who was at best an organized scrap dealer few years back. I even had asked the crown prince to come clean on the love-hate relationship that his beloved Jijaji enjoys with DLF and many such big real-estate mafias in and around Delhi NCR or may be throughout the country.

    In that post, for visitors I had few regular bootlickers of the Congress first family, equipped with their volley of questions to substantiate their sycophancy. As expected of a typical Congress man whose fulltime job is to protect the first family at any cost and to fall in line with the standard Congress line of response when caught involved in a scam, I was asked if I have any proof of my claims. Like the Congress party and its full time engagement in fooling the nation, few even tried to fool me by accusing me of getting carried away by some BJP centric false propagandas. Now that, the national Damad is dragged into the mud and that too quite officially at that, I want to revisit all those who were alleging me as a paid writer for Bharatiya Janta Party back then.
    Coming back to the topic; I wonder what is now the position of the Congress party. In last week alone this is the second instance when the taint of ‘misusing of power and position’ has hit the first family right where it hurts. Coupled with that, there is a separate allegation of being involved in some big time corruption by taking advantage of the position they quite undeservingly occupying. First it was the mother-in-law who was accused by Modi of wasting a huge lot of public money for her personal pleasure; now it is the turn of the son-in-law to bite the bullet when Arvind Kejriwal accused the Damad-E-Hind of connivance and nepotism with the realty giant DLF. In a story only seen in movies, the claims of Arvind explains the rags-to-riches journey of Robert Vadra; who was a complete unknown entity before becoming Robert Vadra Gandhi. Having minimal education and his family moving to India as refuges during partition from Sialkot in Pakistan, the Vadra family neither does have any background or acumen to accumulate in genuine and honest ways the amount of wealth that Robert seems to have garnered. We might fancy venturing in to technicalities, but it is for a fact that Robert Vadra is the quickest billionaire of the world from nothing by doing nothing extra ordinary. While such phenomenal success can make all those hardworking personalities like Bill Gates feel ashamed, in realty there is a huge pile of rot with-in, where I see lot of misuse of public money and position to felicitate such skyrocketing growth of the son-in-law. That said one thing where I see Arvind could be wrong is he forget to specify the region to which Mr. Vadra belongs as a billionaire. For records, he is in fact a billionaire in terms of the USA standards (US Dollars to be specific), unlike the Indian way many thought him to be. A man of only 2.75 lakhs before 1997 and struggling hard to keep his ailing scrap business going is a man of 7892 crores today. In a matter of fifteen years the imported entrant to Gandhi family has accumulated wealth, an equivalent of which took others like the Ambanis or Tatas a good half a century to earn.
    The Congress reaction in whole of this is again funny to say the least. From out rightly washing their hands off the issue to now defending like trusted lieutenants; they have gone a full circle. First came the distancing, then the refuting, ending with some cross shit hurling. That is quite hilarious. No sooner Arvind Kejriwal made the allegations, half of Congress were all over the place via their paid accompanies like NDTV in distancing themselves from the issue. Excuse furnished in this regard is even more hilarious. Robert Vadra is a private person with no binding with Congress or vice-e-versa vis-à-vis the alleged nepotism and the inherit misuse of power tucked therein. Just about when I agreed to listen to any such claims, I saw the Rashid Alvis, Manish Tiwaris and Rajiv Shuklas of the world going momentous on air. A complete distancing act turned into a party matter or more of a Government matter quicker than the crisp index of a stock exchange changes its value. Now here I must take a pause and ask all those who were noncommittal when the issue was first blown out. If Mr. Vadra, minus his unofficial Gandhi surname is a complete private person then why on earth we have all the national spokespersons of Congress party pressed into service in defending him? What has Congress party got to do with whatever Mr. Robert Vadra Gandhi does in his personal capacity? If this is not the self-admission of guilt then I don’t know what else could be. I am told even Sonia Gandhi has ordered the sycophants to go all out in defending the rascal who in all probability has misused his position, in connivance with the powers that be in Delhi to channelize sweet deals for DLF in exchange of huge favors.
    In all of this the reactions of Salman Khurshid is more than shoddy. He probably was the first among the clownish lot who took a revengeful stance. Being the law minister himself, he went on records to say, there is a lookout of options within the law to teach a lesson to all such entities who dare to point the rot within the sacrosanct family. He is the law minister. Isn’t he? Rather making avenues to investigate all such claims, which in all probability look dubious, he is head-over-heels with his plans to shoot the messenger. I would love to hear, how this precise peace of statement is not miscarriage of our criminal justice system and want to confirm if he is an appointee for the state or Congress, Gandhi family and Robert Vadra.
    Even the response of the Congress party as a whole is hypocritical. Not long back, Sashi Tharoor had to go through a similar scenario. Poor Tharoor has to lose his job because her then girlfriend (not even wife) was accused of gaining few sweet deals from an IPL team for being in close proximity with a minister of state. Noted be here, that any such claims are yet to be proved anywhere. Where was the same Congress brigade then? Why I never saw the spokespersons shouting atop the tallest building of the town and swearing by the honesty of Mr. Tharoor? Why Mr. Tharoor has to lose his post without any charge being proved? And why all this happened? A dubious character like Lalit Modi Tweeted the accomplishment of Sashi Tharoor in some kind of backdoor dealings. On the same yardstick what should have been the reaction of Congress now? Shouldn’t Sonia Gandhi along with his theatrical son be asked to leave till the charges are proved otherwise? If stringent actions could be taken on the basis a tweet from a shaky character like Lalit Modi, Arvind Kejriwal is a far cleaner and more believable figure on any given day. Why there is a completely different reaction from Congress this time around? Why I don't see those strict measures against the Gandhi family when they could very well act against Sashi Tharoor for pretty much the same reasons? Or expecting some rationality from Congress in matters dealing with Gandhi family is a tough proposition?
    All said and done, let me revel this. Since day one, from the name itself I was sure the nonsense called Robert Vadra would someday get engaged in some kind of huge corruption acts. After 15 years wait, now I see the rascal proved not only my apprehensions but also my sixth sense correct. Thank you Mr. Robert Vadra Gandhi; you are class apart in true manner.


    1. Damad-E-Hind... ROFL. Seriously, I won't be surpised if Priyanka's children are also involved in some kind of scams.

    2. well...now who is going to investigate this...congress is run by one family now its time is over....too much wealth accumulated by them so that even if they don't come to power for say 20-40 yrs they & their grand children won't have any problems at all. Besides all the pet dogs like Salman Khurshid & Manish Tiwari & all other congressmen are busy doing their duties to defend the so-called "DAMAD-E-HIND" !!

    3. Congress Core ComitteOct 6, 2012, 2:37:00 PM

      Diggy will ask Priyanka to Divorce and prove that congress is clean

    4. Probably their exams are being answered by the teachers to show that these kids are next Einstein, madame curie, steve jobs and Picasso all rolled into one.
      then they can claim these qualifications to demand the PMs chair when the time comes - like what rahul gandhi tried (he claimed to a harvard grad, when in reality he didn't clear even 1 semester)

    5. Arvind Kejrival is "Julian Assange" of India. V need such people.

    6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    7. I even read somewhere he is the one who is not frisked at the Airport Security. The case extra ordinary growth has not happened to Mr. Vadra. It is to all politicians. For example Jagan Reddy from AP.

      We are in very interesting times. The old generation is dying and new is taking place (well it has happened everytime). Somehow I feel that this decade and the next will be very interesting in the history of my country. This time will decide whether we come out as a stronger nation or go down the drain. The great civilization which has survived the test of times, will be able to survive this again.

      My heart says the obvious but as Tulsidas has said in Ram Charitra Manas as well many ancient books, we should not survive this. The degeneration has to go on.


    8. Yes you have read it fine. The DAMAD-E-HIND is exempted from security checks in line with the President of India and other dignitaries.

    9. DAMAD-E-HIND's wealth and the means by which he got it in such a short time must be investigated.
      Thanks Cynical for such a wonderful article and reminding Shashi Tharoor's case and drawing similarities between two cases.

    10. Robert Vadra ji did simple business as he has got nothing to hide..Kejriwal and Bjpee RSS chaddee gang only wants to target Sonia ji,Priyanka ji,Robert ji and Rahul ji...I believe this blog owner is on payrolls of Safrron Outfit

    11. A Correction - Keeping paid writers and media houses on payroll to write good about the Gandhi family even for their loudest farts is the job of Congress. No other party requires them since they don't constitute of only sycophants.

    12. that means u r on payrolls of Butcher of Gujarat our very own uncivilized Narender Modi

    13. You must be an arm chair idiot who is brainwashed by some educated rotten minds that secularism is Hindu bashing.

    14. Article scales like Politics is not about oneself... it's a commotion of that entire generation.... :( Wrong to say allegations cannot be proved... if it's proved then it's FIT... Feel Indians (particular to BJP) grow more with criticism rather than the developments around ourselves... Would take this article as an information than inference....

    15. Well simple business like scrap dealer to 7k+ crores empire in 10 yrs. Must be very good in bed with Sonia. Who are you fooling moron! Go get a life.

    16. Hey Mother fucker Rahul Ahuja.. R u writing all this bullshit from Pakistan????

    17. Only two people in the history of civilization have amassed so much wealth in so little time. One is 'Damad-E-Hind' (in real life) and the other is Rajinikanth (in reel life).
      The most interesting thing about the whole episode is that no one (neither the congies not vadra) has refuted Arvind's claims. They are just beating around the bush and giving explanation which do not make any sense at all. I am waiting for 10th October to see who's next.


    18. Nepotism raises its ugly
      head ones again! http://is.gd/BxZMB4

    19. This dirty Congress party has got the sycophants of the world on its bandwagon.Rajdeep and his wife, NDTV, ABP, now even that Arnab Goswami.Move over Goebbels, these people deserve the Nobel Prize for dis-information.Only these Mir Jafars of modern India will give space to a madman called Diggie who said after the Mumbai blasts that it was the handiwork of the RSS.An RTI query should be made on the wealth of Messrs Sardesai and Prannoy Roy as it has increased over all these years of UPA rule.

      Phukhan Commission 1700 cr
      Kargil Coffin Scam 200 cr
      Kargil Cess Misuse 800 cr
      Telecom Scam- Pramod Mahajan-Arun Shourie-Bailout to Private Players 3200 cr
      UTI Scam 20,000 cr
      Cyberspace Infosys Ltd. Scam 2000 cr
      Petrol Pump and Gas Agency Allotment Scam 1,800 cr
      Judeo Scam 5,000 cr
      Centaur Hotel Deal, Delhi Land Allotment Scam 2000 cr
      HUDCO Scam involving Ananth Kumar 40,000 cr
      Landscams in Rajasthan (Raje) 25000 cr
      Bellary Mining 30,000 cr
      Kushabhau Thackre Trust Scam in MP 2000 cr
      Land Allotment in Karnataka (Yeddi) - 32000 cr
      Punjab Bribery Case 3000 cr
      Uttrakhand Hydel Power scam 12000 cr
      Land Scams in Chattisgarh mines 38000 cr
      LK ADvani & BJP Leaders Hawala scam : 14,000 cr
      Pune Land Scam (Involving Mumbai BJP President) 800 cr
      Nitin Gadkari-Adarsh Scam (Flat owner by proxy) 80 lakhs
      Gas-Based Power Plant Scam in Uttrakhand 2000 cr
      BJP leaders involved in Fake Pilot Scam 150 cr
      CWG- Sudhanshu Mittal and Vijay Kumar Malhotra & Co. 10,000 cr
      VSNL Disinvestment Scam by Arun Shourie 8000 cr
      Arvind Johri-Vajpayee-IT Park Lucknow Scam 200 cr
      Delhi Plot Allot Scam 14,000 cr
      Medical Procurement Scam - C P Thakur 3000 cr
      BALCO Disinvt Scam 4000 cr
      Jain-Hawala Case -L K Advani 3000 cr
      Golden quadrilateral contract award scam 18,000 cr
      BBMP scam BJP MLA's : 30,000 cr
      TOTAL K'TAKA BJP govt SCAMS : 4,50,000 cr.

    21. I am amazed at the way Congressmen are being referred to as boot licker, hypocritical, sycophancy etc. Just saying congressman/woman should suffice.

    22. Vadra has invested in real estate of potential growth region, he has bought the land in black and white and after appreciation he has sold it. Thousands of middle class people do this everywhere. If anybody feels it is corruption it can be fought in court. Arvind Kejriwal having access to tall SC lawyers himself has not filed a case as it has no weight at all. It was Prashant Bhushan who gave press brief of so called land scam, does this mother fukker has guts to file a case on Vadra?

      And to all sanghi, uppercaste bloggers, shut your as$, you will lick Rahul's sh#t the more you condemn Gandhi family.

    23. Which party & RSS workers hoisted Pakistan flag in K'taka ?

      Which party members & RSS placed beef in hindu temple ?

      Which party made money out of Kargil Coffin deal ?

      Which party opposed death sentence of Afzal by fielding Jethmalani in SC ?

      Which party is connected with saffron terror ?

      WHich party govt. in K'taka was dubbed as most corrupt govt. in India by HC ?

      Which party MLAs watch blue film in assy ?

      Who said Swamy vivekananda has less IQ than D'wood ?

      Who said Jinnah is great in Pakistan ?

      Which party dictated CAG about 2G loss ? MM Joshi

      Who is tapping Jaitley's phone ? BJP itself Sidhanshu .Misra

      Which party dictated coal auction & related scam? BJP & Orrisa Biju

      Who is the BJP CM who was jailed ? Yeddi

      Which party MLAs burnt down building with scam papers in B'lore ? BJP

      WHich Party Rajya Sabha member defended Rajiv & Indira killers ? BJP, Jethmalani

      WHich Party Rajya Sabha member defended Haji Mastan, YSR Jagan, Kanimozhi, Raja, Hawala scam ? BJP, Jethmalani

      Which party calls decent and tallest world leader like MMS as night watchman ?

      Which party pays for phirangis to praise Modi ?

      Which party secretly loves Gandhi surname ? Ask Varun

      Who obstructed the Parliament the maximum?

      Who opposes all progressive legislation?

      Who said Maldives/B'desh kicks India around?

      Who said obstructing Parliament is legitimate?

      Whose ideology assassinated Gandhiji? RSS,BJP

    24. Boss, I admire your rear licking qualities. Have some shame and show that you have some spine, unlike the crawling ones that one finds in rotten shit...

    25. Damad e hind is contemptous when he calls us mango people of Banana republic of India. I just want to ask this moron that his only qualification is that he is bahenchod of Rahul Gandhi and nothing else. He is on this mother earth because a mango man (or men) of this banana republic used his/their banana to get him on this mother earth. Since he contemptuous I think banana of man of some other republic was used to get him on this mother earth.