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    To All The Corrupts Of India

    Dear Corrupts,
    I simply love you guys. No I am not joking. First of all, you guys tirelessly keep on supplying fodders for me and thousand others to write new blogs and so also for Arnav Goswami and his team enough opportunities to do their so called media investigations to unearth your rot so that the howling at the top pitch can be accomplished during News Hour. Let me convey my heartfelt thanks at the top so that the tone could be set for the rest part of this letter. So Thank You very much for not only being there but also considerate enough to carry out one scam/corruption after other to keep rest of us on our tows.
    That said, I am still bewildered. Bewildered because the more I try to find reasons for such rotten characteristics like yours, the more I find myself at sea. I never could find a purpose good enough for individuals like you to sell their moral, ethics and conscience for money. How could you guys be so rustic and awful with your value system which even not qualified enough to be equated with that of the prostitutes? I mean, after all prostitutes do have some value system left with them at the end of the day. But you guys seem to have left with nothing, let alone integrity. How could this be possible when without any credible reasons a species like human transforms itself into rabid mongrels that we see on our streets or the species that we routinely flush down our potties every morning? Let me take a guess; could this be a medical problem? I mean biological? Could this be hereditary by any chance? Is it that the rot of corruption and unethical practice has gone deep within your blood so much so that you guys can’t just be honest with anything you do? Not even with your own family members. This is such a terrible puzzle that is perplexing me for quite some time but yet I am far from getting to the core reason. Hope someone from your brethren will rise to the occasion and repay my love for you guys by enlightening me with some concrete motives for such filthy moral thereof.
    Coming back to the letter; you guys are plenty in numbers. That is another factor which flummoxes me always. This is really interesting to see the number of people who habitually sell themselves every day for some quick money and yet shameless enough to call themselves as humans and not only that but also demand respect. This is like that highway robber turned Member of Parliament who flashed his gun at a toll booth and later demanded respect because he has won some bloody election because of his muscle power. So funny. No? Respect? Really? When I see you guys are so lower in value that you even sell yourselves at a price as minimal as Rs 100 in today’s day, I would rather prefer to shower respect on my underwear which is costlier than you. How many times you would make yourself available for hire against a 500 leaf? Have some self-respect guys because with that money one can’t even afford to clean his toilets for a week. This is so ridiculous of you smart bums when you can’t just manage to think beyond this pathetic level and find so virtuous an act to self-auction at so precarious margin.
    But I must admit there are exceptions in your brethren. I am sure you guys must be idolizing greats like A. Raja, Suresh Kalmadi, Lalu Yadav and many alike. They are so different. They don’t mingle around for a thousand rupee note. Do they? They rather just gulp down anything and everything that comes their way. From spectrums to sports arenas; from community toilets to cattle food; they bloody are omnivorous. And look at their appetite. Boy, it is so commendable. They all have hell of a well as their stomach which doesn’t even get filled a third of it by few odd thousand crores. That is what you call setting up the benchmark and a standard for oneself. Learn from your masters guys. I admit, to loot in such proportion you need avenues at your disposal and certainly all you thugs may not be blessed enough to get that chance but yet still, what’s the take? Haven’t you guys heard of this line ‘when there is a will there ought to be a bloody way’ or some nonsense to that effect? Aim for the sun then only you at least will reach moon on the event of your plans going haywire. So all you vultures must and should set your goal and I don’t see any reason why it should be anything less than few crores, if not in thousands. Believe me; it is an irritation seeing you guys limiting yourselves to currencies within in the range of an average common man. So disparaging of my brave thugs who just can’t loot more or worse can’t even imagine themselves looting more. So disappointing, I tell you.
    For excuse you guys can very well furnish the list of hindrances you face which ironically are becoming too alarmingly regular of late. I know there are idiots who are hampering your progress. I know how big nonsense are these Arvind Kejriwals of the world are. I second your opinion when you aspire to see these anti-corruption crusaders like Arvind getting severely punished, even with death penalty for obstructing your path. Bloody useless morons who seem to have no other work in their lives than unearthing thugs and rascals like you. They are shameless, I know but you can’t educate everyone; you see. So without bothering for these irksome nuisances you must march ahead with your loot till there remains nothing to loot further. These barking Arvinds or all of those duffers who call themselves as RTI activists can continue with their nefarious intent.
    To end my voyage, I have a small piece of advice for you all. Or may be a piece of encouragement. Like a soldier who doesn’t allow his spirit to dampen seeing his friends dying on the war front, you must also not lose heart seeing few among you getting apprehended or packed behind bars for one or many of their loots. Casualties happen when you march on the path of glory. There has to be bloodshed in between the visage of barren land and the greener pastures. In pursuit of bigger accomplishments minor setbacks are inevitable but at the same time the setbacks shouldn’t be components for discouragement. Look at your friends who are already behind bars or in the process of getting parceled there. Look at their courage and sacrifice. Look at their badly whipped posteriors. These are ingredients for further motivation. Make them your teacher, guardian and friend. Walk their path and don’t just let their hard work go spoiled. In one line – Just loot and keep on looting more and make all the thugs and dacoits who ever roamed this planet proud. Will you?
    Someone robbed by you many times  


    1. George Bernard Shaw said it aptly-

      “Democracy is a device that insures we shall be governed no better than we deserve." “Democracy substitutes election by the incompetent many for appointment by the corrupt few.”

      Who are political leaders? People's servants, and despite being people's servants you think of yourself as if you own the people of this country then people will have to remind the political leaders that they are public servants and not owners.

      We, Indians have a habit of deifying our heroes & leaders. Look how Gandhi and later Nehru and his family have been deified and set on impossibly high pedestals with sycophantic & hysterical worshipers. This is what allowed a non-entity like Sonia to become the Congress President and run a puppet PM's government through remote control and a kitchen cabinet like the NAC which consists of Sonia's hand picked intellectuals & social activists.

      Corruption, Cronyism & Nepotism have undermined our democracy. How many ministers or top bureaucrats or even lowly clerks have been convicted for corruption in the 6 decades that India has been an independent country? How many times have ill gotten gains and the disproportionate assets of those found guilty of corruption been confiscated? How many times have the discretionary powers of the ministers and top officials been misused? Successive governments have rarely accorded permission or sanction to prosecute guilty Ministers or government officials.

      In India, the rewards of corruption are instant and gainful while any punishment or action is hugely disproportionate and sometimes non-existent due to the protection given by those in power and inordinate judicial delays. This is the main reason why the High and Mighty have no fear of the Law. The conduct of many in high positions have repeatedly come under a cloud and many have gone scot-free and entire empires built with ill gotten wealth. Given the abysmal rate of conviction or closure of corruption cases, the impatience of the country with its politicians, bureaucrats and institutions is justified. Indians thus do not trust politicians, governments or the checks & balances within the system. We all know that the politicians and bureaucrats will never pass laws which subject them to any scrutiny or strict action.

      Political parties across the spectrum will keep tomtomming issues about Parliament & Legislature being supreme and keep discrediting anti-political & anti-corruption movements.

    2. Caste = Corrupt by birth.

    3. Corruption isn't down to just some of the leaders etc. How many of us would
      1. Bribe the Pandu at a checkpoint
      2. Pay for driving license
      3. Bribe the TTE for a train birth
      4. Bribe someone to move us ahead in a queue
      5. Admire someone that gets paid a lot of bribe and say I wish I had that job

      I think if we stop paying bribe, corruption will stop very quickly after that

    4. The point is not who all are corrupt or if corruption will cease if we stop paying bribe. The point is the nonchalant behavior of ours towards corruption. Either we are corrupt ourselves or felicitate corruption whole heartedly. That is scary for sure. Sent from my BlackBerry®

    5. Why do you want to fight corruption when your Z-Plus Prime Minister himself is refusing to fight/prevent corruption?
      Do you want to get killed? Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro

    6. when the entire system is rotten, and u can't get any work done w/o paying bribes; how do u think if ppl decide to stop paying bribes, the matter will be solved......

      babus won't budge unless n until u pay up......
      and to whom do u go n complain ?????
      it would be a time consuming, chaotic and stressful event if u decide the take the matters with higher up authorities, so everyone decides to choose the easier route i.e pay bribes and get the work done....
      Note that, I am not supporting either the one who takes bribes or the one who gives it. But the entire system is so rotten, its difficult to get any real work done w/o greasing palms......

      no wonder why educated, skilled ppl do not wish to stay in India......

    7. If you will not get your rights properly without paying bribe, what will you do?? You wait for the day when our country will get a great leader & he will make everything all right...!!!

      The people of india are paying bribe because they know that without paying the work might get late or may not be done at all.

      Lets understand it, If you are going to reservation counter to book a ticket..Assume you get it in first try without any problem or bribe...Still will you search for a person to take bribe from you or simply walk to your ways thanking that honest reservation clerk....?

    8. Corruption is present in our blood. Chanakya also mentioned about omnipresence of corruption. Even the sellers of vegetables / fish / mil are ready to adulterate their product for easy gain. We only complain when it hurts us. And the best part is - we only see corruption in others !

    9. No need for self pity. If an average Indian thinks he is dong huge dis -service to the country by paying a small bribe to policeman or govt. officer, (who are underpaid anyway) he is wrong. It is the collusive corruption between mafia, politicians and babus's and businessmen is looting/selling the country and its resources big time.
      Also, we may observe the following:
      1. The number of individuals who are part of this nexus and money involved is too huge. As they are too powerful, neither they are caught nor the money involved is seized.
      2. A part of the large money they earn is also used to buy opinion makers in the media. These opinion makers keep reminding general public of petty bribes they give to some, whenever a large scam involving huge money is resented by public.
      3. There is a saying in one of south Indian language. 'You are a thief irrespective of whether you steal a small piece of areca nut (supari) or you steal an elephant'. But today, those who steal supari get caught, while those who steal elephant do not. In addition elephant thieves when questioned (it is hard to hide the elephant; hence everyone knows who is thief), arrogantly shoot back have not stolen a small piece of supari?