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    Open Letter To Narendra Modi

    Respected Modiji,
    Let me admit this at the outset. You are one of my role models. As a gentleman you are, you may ask of the reasons for any such selection, to which I have just one line to say – ‘The thing that I like about you most is that you are an absolute no-nonsense person’. I guess a reason well enough for any sane and hardworking mind to select someone as his/her role model. To be honest, I was planning to write this letter a long time back but somehow refrained for reasons even I am not sure. Anyway, here I am with my piece and an apology for making it an open letter since I was running out of ideas on other possible avenues to make this communication one-to-one and still be able to reach your desk.
    First thing Modiji, this Gujarat riots monkey need to be off your shoulders in a hurry. Since that horrific incident happened a good decade back, we have seen the outrage that is kept fueled by various institutions and individuals for their vested interest. Whether you are guilty of your accomplishment in the so called crime against humanity is the lookout of our law enforcing and investigating agencies, there are hoards of others who have conveniently hijacked the whole process of our criminal justice system and pronounced you guilty time-and-again. Our media is one such self-righteous establishment which seems to know a way lot more than what our CBI, SIT, Local investigating team or even our honorable courts know. They have not only found the clues that nails your so called lies but also have pronounced you guilty in their courtrooms which we all better know by the name – ‘Primetime studio rooms’. And what are their sources of any such shackling revelations and fact findings? Yes, the handful of NGOs who have camped there and making a living out of the dead of Gujarat. Both the media and the NGOs that seem to be hand-in-gloves in maligning each of your brilliance by their absolute and uncouth lies are funded heavily by your political opponents. They are doing nothing but farce in the name of delivering justice to the riot victims and probably would continue doing till the point their pay masters give up their nefarious intent.
    You probably would be knowing this and my point is not to let you know something which you may be knowing already. What I want you to infer is that, whether these are facts or plain absurdity of an accusation, it still dents your image. How little the dent could be, but it still dents an image so clean and astounding like yours’. And that is bizarre and worrisome. I remember a story told by my grandpa on how a good king was systematically been believed by all to be a bad one because of some dirty and wicked word-of-mouth propaganda by his opponents. So the harsh reality is, even though the world at present is aware of the facts on who is correct and who is spewing lies, the generations to follow might not be aware of the facts. How many instances you have seen our history been tweaked to project absolute horrendous entities as great souls and reverse for many of the good? Hell, even till today we were believed to have Tipu Sultan as one heck of a king who cared for Hindus but find this fact grossly manipulated from the reality because of some vested interest. So if steps are not taken to confute the insane minds those are slandering your image for personal gain, time isn’t far when Narendra Modi would very well be projected as a holocaust and that too in our text books; a person who took personal interest in killing millions of Muslims by chopping their heads in his own hands.
    Forget about the future history, what about the present day minorities who are slowly but surely realizing the benefits of an untainted and development oriented governance like yours’? As liberal as they may be; as intelligent and outlook oriented they may be; but if lies told time-and-again on your ears and that too at an idiotic and shameless brilliance, it ought to jolt your conviction. From nowhere the lies will look more real than the truth, more so when there is (whether you admit or not) some kind of reservation with minorities to accept you entirely based on your good work alone. You must have heard this proverb – “A lie would have travelled around half the globe before even the truth could get a chance to put on his pants”. So the voices that are opposing you with all their lies and half-baked stories, as a person, leader, chief-minister or even the possible PM candidate for 2014, need to be dealt with some clear and irrefutable facts told without any eloquence, enunciation and punctuation. This can’t go on forever where a set of people with moronic interest pouching on all of your good work as an administrator and clogging the sane minds who believe Narendra Modi is class apart, as far as present day political lot is considered.
    I know as any true leader you concentrate on your strengths not weakness. I know you don’t like showing your face every second day on televisions and tout about one thing or the other. But again, this systematic engineering of hiding the truth can’t be let to go like this. Could it be? If not for you, the nation deserves to know the facts. Haven’t we had lot of lies since the days we got this so called independence from the British? Shouldn’t the nation be spared of one more set of lies when the truth may lead us to a better and more prosperous tomorrow? If not for yourself, you have to take these media and NGO goons head on and unmask the hidden conspirators behind this dirty plot. We can tolerate the lies on how only a particular family that did wonderfully well and sacrificed a lot to give us this freedom but not on someone upon whom an entire nation has pinned its hope for change and better governance.
    I am no match to even suggest you with ideas and options but one thing; in parallel to unmasking the idiots, you should also work towards strengthening your reputation with the Muslim community further. I know you are doing that, which is reflected in many of your inclusive policies and the confidence shown in minorities towards your government of late but still it can be taken to a whole new high. At the same time, those few of the minorities who still are prejudiced and believe the lie of our media need to differentiate between the facts and muck of the agendas. They need to realize, what Narendra Modi has done for them and what Manmohan Singh, whom they won the election in 2009 has done. Surprising it may be but Manmohan Singh’s government comes nowhere close to even to be taken as a challenger to what Modi’s government has done for the minorities. Hope the people on whom few political parties are playing dirty politics and shedding crocodile tears realize the truth and set their priorities accordingly for a better future for their coming generations.  
    Good luck Modiji for the upcoming state legislative elections though I know many would be surprised if it is not a landslide in your favor. But honestly, my interest is not with this Gujarat election but 2014 when I dearly want you to win handsomely and have the governance injected that we as a nation deserve. We have an avalanche of mis-governance for last decade and it is about time that gets resurrected for the sake of democracy and its beauty.
    Warm Regards
    - A staunch supporter.


    1. Mr. Cynical, did you not see on TV yesterday, how Arvind Kejriwal, who is a self-proclaimed Anti-Corruption fighter, exposed this same Modi ? How Modi, like most politicians, gave land in Kutch to Industrialists at Throwaway prices, just to fill his and party's pockets ? How he and Ruling Govt. are in Nexus (it is open secret, Ruling and Opposition are UNITED FOR SCAMS !!) ? Modi is NO GOD, NO HERO, NO MESSIAH. He is like any other Scumbag, whom we call Neta, Leader or Politician. He is good ONLY FOR BUSINESSMAN, who are Billionaires, while the Common Man can suffer and starve to death. Don't make a HERO OUT OF A VILLAIN.

    2. Mr.Aditya, Modi is not a God, Hero,Messiah. He is a excellent administrator.

      We need such type of people to rule India. An imported stupid cannot rule india on the positive way. Remember that.

      I respect the Aravind Kejriwal.. and I love his declaration but there is no follow up

      result is all are doubtful on him. He is only trying to shine and trying to come up in otherway.

    3. And your evidence behind those facts is ... ? And what is your evidence for calling someone a Villain? Have you contacted the courts with your evidence to "prove" your "claims"? And what happened after you contacted the courts? Or have you just been fabricating things without any evidence?
      Can you please answer atleast one question Mr. Aditya?

    4. Such an open letter to Soniaji would have been immediately called sychophancy. But any letter or act in sycophancy of Modi becomes an act of deshbhakti.

    5. Everyone one knows that he had done lots of thing for a common person. But if you think that someone distribute free food and money then I don't think I am that type of person. Same as Narendra Modi he is doing for every sector of people if business man don't involve in it then how can you get job for your people.
      I think that he would be our PM

    6. By the way, psycophany is what when khurshid says he is willing to die for sonia. We might have been happy if he said, I am ready to die for the nation.

    7. Dear Vamsi,

      To say I would die for the nation you need a lion's heart. Don't expect it from slaves and cockroaches
      Sent from my BlackBerry®

    8. Hehe.. Being cynical are you a kid ? Good letter .. hehe

    9. My vote is for NaMo.

    10. I m Rahul earlier i did not have much interest in Politics but lately I have been force to develop because of this UPA . It is sucking my nation's blood and spewing venom. I m very much disappointed with sycophants in politics because of personal gain they are letting this nation raped in broad daylight.
      people are divided on caste and religion lines . Media,police ,judiciary ,and regional parties are part of this CHIR HARAN of mother INDIA. There is no