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    Ayodhya 1992 – 20 Years Of Farce

    I am a typical RSS guy or RSS Chaddi as many secular morons shout on every platform they get hold of. Either treat this as an outright warning or some kind of introductory statement, depending on your wisdom which I really don't care but honestly I didn’t find any better line to make my stand very, very clear about the issue on the very fast line itself. To the people who do have mini bars at their homes and fancy with the idea of Hindu bashing as secularism and come on TV debates to display their fractured intellect at an alarming stupidity on the issue of Babri Masjid or even those few who are hallucinated that it is by accusing Hindus for every damn thing, including Barack Obama’s reelection, that one looks smart; please stay away from this post since it could be heart wrenching for you chameleons. Heart wrenching because I am a staunch, orthodox and unapologetic Hindu who just can’t stand the pseudo buggers like you and for sure I am going to write about and for the Hindu cause whole through this post which might not fit with your psychic idea of our democracy and that equality to all nonsense.
    So if the expectation is to get a so called balanced and neutral piece on this sensitive issue, I would suggest you to go and read the iconic Aakar Patels of the world since I am not paid by the dynasty to vomit nonsense. Here it would be straight from a Hindu heart without trying an ounce to be politically correct. It is Hindu centric and I don’t see any harm in me being a Hindu opinionated.
    First question I have – Is it bloody such big an issue to be dragged for twenty years? By the way, yesterday was 20th anniversary of the event. Yes; can I get an answer from the morons those tout this to be a shame, blot, embarrassment and all such adjectives for India? While many municipal corporations bulldoze random temples, mosques and churches to come up with roads, parks, public toilets, Indira Gandhi statues, why in earth we are so bothered about a particular mosque been demolished back at a time when I had some serious crush on, believe me, Pooja Bhatt. Now, go ahead after keeping your beer mug aside and claim the event to be a politically motivated and organized attack at someone’s religious sentiments. Points taken, but again when the municipality destroys one such structure to come up with the latest gutter, aren’t that amount to one such intimidation? I mean, how dare they think of destroying our place of worship and plan to have the shit of the city flow through that? I don’t see controversy for any such event dragging on for donkey’s years. Yes there are odd shouts for a day or two; ok for a week at best but 20 years? Seriously, someone need to furnish some logic behind this.
    So why for Babri Masjid then? Just because few Hindus did it? Need to set the ground straight guys and come up with the root cause of this dissent. Whether you are angry with the demolition or who demolished, need to be cleared first. Or is it; you don’t have any God damn idea on why you should agitate and like a hoard of ship follow few dumbheads since that’s how it suits one established propaganda. Because if demolition was the root cause of this nonsense for 20 years you guys would have done the same for the demolition of a Mosque at the heart of Chandni Chowk back when Rajeev Gandhi was at the helm. Well, most of you might not know about any such demolition since demolition of the Mosque is not the issue; issue is with finding avenues to shout perpetually. Or hang-on; is it to do something with BJP? As long as Congress smacks your backs with brickbats it is absolutely fine but since this Babri happened because of BJP, the problem started right there. No? Or what it is? Someone please clear this to me right now.
    Time and again we try to resurrect history and worst case in India; we even fabricate it. One of many such attempts at resurrection is the change of names that we see our cities are rampantly adhering to. Do you find logic behind the change of Mumbai’s name from Bombay? No? Then here it is – The original name of the city as claimed by many was Mumbai which subsequently been changed to Bombay for easiness in pronunciation by the British. So it is only apt that we changed it to its originality since we are no more under British rule. We support it and don’t agitate. Do we? So why this agitation for Babri Masjid? Wasn’t there a temple to begin with, which even well corroborated by history and substantiated by our courts in their rulings. So in a way like changing Bombay to Mumbai, have we not done justice by resurrecting something to its original form? Hell, even we are not under the Mughals either, who for their publicity and one-upmanship have destroyed many such temples to build mosques. So where is the source of agitation here? Or since the change deals with Muslims it has instigated a hell lot of commotion? This is such delinquency of ludicrousness when the change is very much a welcome phenomenon as long as it suits one. And please don’t try to be hallucinogenic with your set of absurdity again with flaunting reasons more than unbelievable. I am waiting for that day when some moron goes ahead and proposes to change the name of Allahabad to its original name of Prayag. While Mumbai or Chennai doesn’t even create a ripple in the community it for sure will propagate a tsunami. And no wonder few chaps will readily venture into the streets with all sorts of assault weapons and start killing each other merrily.
    Our media even was horrendous all these years. Like a hungry swine that scans the trough time and again for food knowing very well it might find nothing; our media time and again run around Ayodhya streets to come up with their fictitious stories; even though they know there isn’t anything substantial that they would find which would nail the coffin one way the other. Every year around the advent of December these unethical rogues, equipped with all the gadgets create havoc with their shoddy journalism. From interviewing random idiots on the street to few jackasses sitting pretty in their A/C rooms, they bring about that so called perspective on how this demolition has affected them personally and the nation in general. If someone who might not have any idea on this Ayodhya issue at all has his perspective and that too important enough for these clowns to rush around and air it, then I bloody deserve one of these jokers coming to me to know my perspective as well.
    Even though we can still give the benefit of doubt to the Muslims for their agitation since it directly deals with their religion, I see no reason for the media hawks to lose their sleep for something which at least not worthy enough a news to have even 10 years of life span, let alone 20. Every time the questions on their deep-rooted interest for Ayodhya start landing at awkward length for these media goons to handle, they conveniently accuse one and all of possessing some notorious communal syndrome and run away from the scene. If that doesn’t pacify the situation much then we have brilliance in the form of Rajdeep Sardesai who start terming each and every living entity as hate mongers. Hate mongers? Why? Just because the questions are laced with truth and tend to catch you with your pants down doesn’t automatically makes the questioner a hate monger. Does it? Since when? As per what logic? Or logic is something that has gone haywire with these media crooks?
    While the shouting for 92 and 2002 is over the top, the same set of unethical lot seems to have forgotten perhaps the biggest human tragedy of independent India. No mention of 1984 anywhere to be seen. Though it has happened a good 8 years prior to 92 and more of, people have lost their loved ones to some generic hate yet the same set which run around chest beating on their amazing transformation to Messiahs for the so called oppressed Muslims doesn’t care much for the Sikhs. When it comes to Sikhs it always the ‘Big tree falls, earth shakes’ nonsense comes into play but talk about 92 or 2002, the same theorem goes out of the window. There we neither see any tree or any earth even. Even justice for the victims seems strictly limited to those of the 92 or 2002 riots. Not a single soul is yet to be put behind bars for 84 but our media only questions about 92 and 2002, though many culprits of these horrific episodes are already been sentenced. Now ask the Rajdeeps of the world on the specifics of this selective amnesia, he suddenly transmutes into one Manmohan Singh and goes silent at once.
    Not alone Rajdeep, there in fact are way too many Rudalis that possibly one can count. Aboriginal among them is the party named Congress which has encased a lot by playing their so called secular credentials. While their goons were busy 24/7 during 1984 to butcher helpless Sikhs in Delhi, of nowhere they now have molded themselves as the safe keepers of the minorities. Minorities? Really? Badly need some enlightenment here guys. A party which not only defended but honored people like Sajjan Kumar and Jagdish Tytler with plump post and power for their heroics post Indira Gandhi assassination are talking about the interest of minorities? Laughable it may be but it speaks a lot about the crocodile tears that Congress chaps seem to have in gallons. Aren’t the Sikhs also a minority in India? In fact they are far, far lesser in numbers compared to the Muslims. Why I don’t see Rudalis crying for the 84 victims and asking for explanation from the grand old party? Why Congress is not proactive in punishing the perpetrators of 84 than honoring them? Why Rahul Gandhi, a man with all the game changer ideas of the world at his disposal never speaks about 84 victims even for once? I tell you why. The interest is not for minorities or their plight. For all that Congress cares; these minorities can very well go to hell. Paramount is votebank. The minorities and the pretense thereof is just a medium of accomplishment of some vested interest. What else can describe their love for the 92/02 victims but complete disinterest for 84 victims? Ok, could be magic.
    All in all, it is farce at best that one can describe the events post 1992. Farce both from our political parties; paid media and even few jerked off individuals with limited thought process. From playing ostrich to outright double standard; we have all the cadres of a professional circus to appease us time and again with some unbelievable quality bullshit. Rudalis, Goons turned messiahs, big mouth princes with low level IQ, pseudo sympathizers, Hindu haters, certified clowns; I mean this is quite a congregation of brilliance. No?

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    1. Nice play there. You have started with Ayodhya and ended up in Delhi riots.It is sad that sikhs were killed in 1984. All the Sh!theads responsible should have been brought to justice and it took nearly 12 years for some of them to get their just dues. That said.. just because the sikhs were wronged does not mean it is ok for it to happen again to another religion's followers.
      The comparision of the British to the Mughals is kinda absurd. The British colonised india(i.e they took the wealth of the country to England). The mughals on the other hand stayed here and made it their country.I know how having had a Muslim ruler might hurt the sentiments of some douche-bags but that my dear friend is the truth.
      You cannot choose the news. You can choose to ignore it.If it is news tomorrow that Narendra Modi has Herpes due to some sexual escapade with some BJP boy, it is not the media's fault for reporting it. You can choose to ignore it or try to find juicy details or just say dude he should have used a condom.
      But what you cannot say is that the media should not have reported it.