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    There Is More To Delhi Protest Than Just The Gang Rape

    The mantra of our government seems something like this – “We neither will protect you nor will allow you to protest against our incompetence”.

    The gang rape of an innocent young girl is disturbing and honestly now it is up to our laws and judiciary to decide if they want to set an example, once and for all or fail the citizens yet again. As long as the law is taking its own measures we citizens don’t have much of a role there, though our laws and process to punish the culprits for such heinous acts is not only shoddy, ineffective and time consuming but also completely out of place and certainly don’t belong to present era.

    People who are now on the streets are not necessarily there for the rape alone but the situation that is so prevalent in our nation that crime against women has got the never seen before conducive environment. An indifferent government that has long lost the art of staying in touch with the citizenry, a chief minister who only knows how to shed crocodile tears at the best of her Mirinda house English, a home minister as clueless as he can only get, a police force which is too lethargic to look beyond the orders of their political bosses; incompetence is everywhere in all the form one can expect. People are against and angry on such mismanagement of governance. People are against an outfit, which in the name of democracy have made a mess of this nation and all that we see around is corruption, atrocity, apathy, nepotism. Slavery and sycophancy at all time high with people at the position of responsibility doesn’t understand a bit on what is expected of them. All that they care is to safeguard their own career which can only be possible if they keep on buttering a particular family relentlessly. Liability and accountability can wait for their turn, if at all they have time left at their disposal after their 24/7 rear licking.

    People at India gate or elsewhere are only asking our political class to be more responsible in their approach. What the populace wants is that their representatives who enjoy all the free goodies on taxpayer’s money should be held accountable when they don’t deliver. At least there should be some accountability and somebody should be answerable when basics go haywire. Is that a crime to ask the elected government to mend their ways and do their basics? Is that such a big ask to demand that the government must fulfill their basic duty of protecting its citizens? Is it a delinquency if one demands his government to be more sensible towards public opinion and expect the presence of some political empathy in matters involving personal safety and security? More so when the safety involves our women.

    So why water cannons are been fired at the protestors? Why I see police atrocity in the form of barbaric Laathi charge on the protestors? Just because they exposed the hypocrisy and incompetence of the government? Irrespective of their age and gender, people are mercilessly beaten up by our worthless police force. Images flowing around the internet where our highly competent policemen are seen beating young women speaks volume on how we are falling apart like a banana republic at an alarming rate. Since when in a democracy, a legitimate protest is encountered with such state sponsored hostility? Since when we have allowed male police officers pounce on our young girls in the name of law and order? Since when the elected representatives have become so out of reach from the voters who have elected them? Since when asking for something as minimal as security results in heavy beating and a hospital visit with a dozen stitches and a broken limb? Am I terribly missing something here or the definition of democracy has been changed since this UPA came to power in 2004?

    Look at our political class in all of this. Many of them in fact don’t care a bit on what is happening to our women or for that matter what is happening at India gate either. That also includes our priminister Dr. Manmohan Singh. He has all the time in the world to stand up and defend the Vadras of the world or any other corrupt colleagues of him. He finds FDI is something where he should display his economics learning and come up with bizarre statements like ‘Paisa Paid Pe Nehin Ugta’ but come to the point in assuring the nation of the safety and security that look so minimal, he has this clandestine tweet to offer. Cooperation from the society? Are you serious Mr. Priminister? Had there been no cooperation till now, people would have burnt down the very parliament where jokes are cracked on our democracy on daily basis. Had there been no cooperation people would already have disobeyed all the frameworks that largely looks so out of tune and formulated to benefit the political class. It is only surprising Mr. Priminister that after having three daughters of your own, you don’t understand a bit on the agony our girls are facing every hour. And your tweet for cooperation is as bizarre as Rehman Maliks claim on Saurav Kalia’s reasons of death. Is it shamelessness or indifference Dr. Singh?

    Another clown in the fray is our home minister Sushil Kumar Shinde. Hearing him for fifteen minutes would let you go off the last bit of hope that our country would change for good someday and our political class will be sensible and responsible someday. So Mr. Shinde, for you, you don’t find any difference between the Maoists and the students those are brave enough to expose clowns like you? Good that you haven’t equate our responsible and law abiding youth with the Kasabs of the world. Be thankful to this corrupt government and your exemplary sycophancy for the dynasty that you are still on the post so undeservingly else you belong to a place called asylum. Have some sense Mr. Shinde since you are not there on that post to throw tantrums and your fractured intellectualism but to behave like a mature person capable of handling the chores of the nation. You need some serious make over to even be called as a leader. Not sure how you going to do that, but would suggest you to take some time out of your sycophancy and read about a certain Sardar Patel.

    Arguments in for the crackdown are anything but democratic. So for our government, hiding their own incompetence is paramount, even if that means bulldozing the voices that oppose their ineptitude. What image you are talking about Mr. Shinde? The image of corruption, mismanagement, screwing up international diplomacy, declining economy, misuse of public money? What image Mr. Home minister, when all that I see for an image is something that makes me lose my faith on our democracy at a lightening rate? Congratulations Mr. Shinde for making our democracy look pedestrian in comparison to the dictatorship of those war ridden nations. You are talking about image where girls are raped in broad daylight. You are talking about image where we as a nation have officially become synonym to corruption. You are talking about the nonexistent image of your government when you don’t even have the majority in the house to rule. What image Mr. Shinde? I don’t see anything anywhere. All that I see is only pile of trash in the name of governance. 

    Guess; this is perhaps the outcome of our 65 years of so called vibrant democracy. An indifferent priminister in south block, an incompetent chief minister only seen at occasions where she can display her sycophancy, a clueless and bizarre home minister who sees demons among innocent students and imposes 144, going against the rules and above all a framework that starts with the rot at the buttom and ends with even bigger rot at the top. And by the way, where is Rahul Gandhi? When the lad with all the game changer ideas can pillion ride to Bhatta Parsaul; why don’t I see him meeting the students on the street? Well I don’t expect him to pillion ride here as well; he can go in his BMW. But where is the man with some serious vision?
    All in all I am badly missing someone like APJ Abdul Kalam in Rashtrapati Bhawan. Had he been there now, instead of Pranab Da, we would have seen a crazy guy with a weird looking hairdo marching down the Raisina hills all of his own and meeting his students to know their plight first hand a long time back. How shameful that we don’t have him there either.



    1. One hypocrite (Shinde) talking to another garbage bag (Sardesai) and complementing each other - speak nonsense and I will not ask inconvenient questions

    2. A correct reflection of the situation all over in India.

    3. honestly do you have idea of what the existing rape laws are? have you studied sec 376 and the judiciary laid case laws on rape? please go through them once and for all and then scream for "strict laws"! as it is these laws and judicial practices are pro blackmail and extortion on a massive scale! add to that our society's tendency to see women as innocent angels in sexual matters.. and the unstated agenda to stop all sex outside marriage..

    4. Elegantly written and you make good points! I am still cynical if anything can be done in India. You have nicely said "a police force which is too lethargic to look beyond the orders of their
      political bosses". That is the police of India. They cannot think of their role as responsible citizens of India. They will act only if they are asked to. Then they are no more than guard dogs!

    5. Political class, Corrupt businessmen, Communal bigwigs, non chalant Police force, western influenced selfish society all are responsible for such rapes, crimes happening.

      Senior citizens was killed by an youngster for quick money so as to take his gf to discotheque for new year (Dec 2012 Nagpur)..... who is responsible for such crimes ? Is this not as bad as a rape ?

      Juvenile raped and subsequent killed minor victim by thrashing her head. He is son of a PS constable... who is juvenile here ? (Bangalore Feb 2007) and what this Constable teaching his children at home ?

      Live in relationship in which lady rejected her bf for better career, incensed by her argument he strangulated her and killed. (Hyd Nov 2010) .... How Police or Govt responsible for such crime in relationships ?

      BPO staffer raped at knife point and he subsequently killed her with stones. After 6yrs her mother fighting lone battle,.... why not society stand by her or Lawyer can fight for her without taking fee from her!

      Finally, no strict law can do wonders! It is for all of us part of this society are to be vigilant towards our neighbours ordeals and just protest with candle lights and later going for candle light dinners.