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    Sanjaya Nirupam Needs Chemical Castration Of His Brain

    Perverts don’t deserve any place in our society. Not something one can dispute. The Delhi gang rape of a hapless 23 year old seems to have jolted a lot of people out of their comfort zone. Perpetrators deserve no leniency and need to be dealt with some real iron fist. All most all of them, at least those I have interacted carry the same view. More than what we could and should do to the apprehended six to set an example, the worry is on the kind of society that we are living in. A kind of society where rascals are rapidly outnumbering the sane and regular eve-teasing has become a routine norm for an average woman.

    One wonders, what kind of people are these who so nonchalantly could misbehave with the women on the street, public transport, workplaces and everywhere. How could one be so moronic in his behavior towards the opposite sex when he has his own mother, sisters, wife back home? You wonder and out of frustration you switch on your TV and then you see a certain Sanjay Nirupam.

    On 20th, while participating in a TV debate on Gujarat verdict he quite unceremoniously showed his true colours, his upbringing and his value system or the absence of it. For starters, hats off to his parents for inculcating such dazzling moral on their son which let him utter ‘Aap to Paise keliye Thume Lagaya Kartithi. Aap ka charitra pata hai hame’ about a woman.

    What would you call this and that too when it comes from a sitting member of parliament? Hats off to the north Mumbai voters as well for electing such a third graded individual who is no better than the ruffians that we see on our streets. For Nirupam, someone who was earning her livelihood, reputation and identity by doing a decent job of acting is something like Thumke lagana, and that too told in a real derogatory tone. This not only shows the filth in his brain that is overflowing but also depicts the kind of uncouth and uncivilized entities that we consistently allow in our drawing rooms. If Nirupam holds a successful TV personality at such high esteem then it must be interesting to know his views about other working women, those who are into hospitality industry, aviation, BPO and many such sundry jobs. It would be equally interesting to know his views about the prostitutes, escorts, entertainers, cheer girls and yes BARTENDERS as well.

    Flabbergasting seems like such an understatement here. A person belonging to a party which has a woman as its chief; the speaker of the house being a woman and not long back we had this first woman president as well; someone having the audacity to do a character assassination of a woman elected representative of the country on a national channel during prime time, needs some serious debate and introspection. Introspection about the kind of people we are electing to represent us. How dare he could spill his rotten upbringing on national television watched across in many households? How we allowed such filthy people to get into our system and make a mockery of our democracy? Now that he did what he is best doing at, it calls for some quick and swift action. We can’t let our elected representatives to behave like complete maniac and get away easily. The least that could be done at this stage to teach this goon turned politician a lesson by expelling him from the house for the rest of his life with immediate effect. Honestly, more than Smriti Irani I feel sorry for Nirupam’s wife. Cudos to the lady for tolerating such a filthy man in her life and the shame that she would be going through daily in accepting such a rabid entity as her husband is quite understandable. 

    We talk about chemical castration of the rapists. What could be the solution for people like Sanjay Nirupam and many like him? May be the same chemical but castration of their brains which are no more required by the society since they have accumulated too much poison to rot out an entire generation and we certainly can’t afford that. When the idea of debate and healthy argument comes down to such levels of low, one need to take a call on whether he want to continue watching such foulmouthed humans coming on screen and insulting our women, which we thought only happens only in DTC buses. In media debates, little we expect to know more about the real characters of the panelists than the subject in discussion.

    People must boycott this Nirupam or anyone from his cult and if require the TV channels who still find it fit to have such uncultured sick people appearing in their media debates. All parties must also boycott this man and request the speaker to make some special sitting arrangements for him, far away from the women representatives and well cordoned off with strong and heavy iron bars. Perverts are dangerous for the society and they require complete isolation for their cure.
    And to the north Mumbai voters, please do remember this face and see the reasons why he was thrown out of Siv Sena to land at the filth catchment area. Remember how you want your representative to be next time; a gentleman with all manners and senses intact or a complete pervert and an idiot at large.



    1. I am from North Mumbai where this idiot got elected... Frankly noone with brain would have voted for him .... But as like any other places where congress has managed to win , here too Congress has filled up the constituency with all the like-minded goons- voters in last few years... And now the whole demographic pattern has changed to suit this pervert called Nirupam...... North Mumbai was always a BJP veteran Ram Naik's strong hold but over the years , the "real" citizens have been outnumbered by this "imported" vote-bank from UP-Bihar-Bangaldesh who have been settled on hill sides of Jungle / National park ( illegally ) with all legal resident's facilities ( ration card - voting card etc ) and I would not be surprised if Nirupam wins from againsin 2014....... This has been very conscious exercise by Congress in last few years wherein they have settled this illegal "imported' vote bank in certain pockets of Mumbai where they were weak earlier... and today the same places are sending congress MPs / MLAs ... So there is a pattern for sure to send goons like Nirupam to Parliament.... . The NOn-congressi vite bank has to come together collectively to defeat this ill-minded game ....Jai Hind .

    2. It’s unfortunate to see this wicked mentality still exists and that too coming from a sitting MP representing a section of metro.

      Mr. Nirupam, we can understand your frustration in making derogatory comments on a well-known T.V. personality; because you are very ill-literate and mentally sick. You do not deserve a chance to debate because your IQ and oratory skills are far poor
      then that of Mrs. Irani. I have seen her in other TV debate on Gujarat elections on NDTV and was impressed with her command on Hindi and English.

      But Mr.Nirupam, what I am not able to understand your rationale in claiming that person with art and theatre background lack the knowledge on politics? How could you say so? If that is the case why is your party bothering to give tickets to yesteryear film stars like Raj Babbar or Govinda? Recently your party also made Rajya Sabha member to SRT and Rekha. They are either not from mainstream politics.

      People can choose to have multi skills and multi professions if they are capable. Did you not try your luck in Big Boss season where you failed miserably? Or should we say you didn’t get chance to do “Thumkas” on telly and are now jealous?

    3. Imported vote bank is one factor; but the main factor is the split
      between ShiveSena and MNS. Statistics shows that in all the six constituencies
      in Mumbai, the Congress votes were less when compared to votes for BJP-SS alliance added to that of MNS.
      Had SS managed their internal ego and politics well, Congress would surely
      have been out routed at least from Mumbai.

    4. well smriti irani can say this to sanjay nirupam.hum to paise ke liye thumke lagate the par aap to paise ke liye apni ga**d north mumbai mein sabse marwate the..This fellow should be sod*mised

    5. It is a sad reflection (or is it a reality) that the Congress did not do anything about Sanjay Nirupam? Another glaring example is of Abishek Manu Singhvi who has started reappearing in TV Shows after a hibernation of some months following his sex scandal.

    6. Ha now he is on a dharna, thinks EVM's are tampered with.