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    Media Mantra - MODIfy The Facts And Keep Hating

    How far one can hate a person? No, I am not turning myself into a regular peace preacher Baba in any way. A valid question at the top of the post, that will set the agenda for the rest of it. Why I asked this; how this simple question could be the gist of the post; for many such questions we will get there a little later. For now let me make my question little more interesting. How far a group of individuals can hate a person? The question becomes even more interesting when no one, as a neutral observer has got any clue of the reasons for such prolonged hatred. Even if one can find political reasoning behind such hate, we can’t term that a reason but an agenda. A political agenda that is.

    One such human is Narendra Modi. For decades, a lot of people seem to have only hate for this person. From a prejudiced block of Muslims of India to the pseudo secular lot that thinks they can hang Modi after each media debate on Gujarat riots; from a political outfit called Congress to an equally notorious sold out congregation called our media; all behave like leeches sprinkled with salt, every time the mention of Modi’s name comes from any corner. Though Modi, along with the state Gujarat which he is so spectacularly governing for last decade has moved on since then and made a mark on world platform, the bigots and morally weak jobless hacks have got stuck with 2001. While Modi has made a name for himself on international forums than just remaining any other CM; the morons are left there on the ruins of Ahmadabad to keep on shouting perpetually, without any purpose or reason. Little did they see the development that has gone around Gujarat since the event that seems like a political hot potato and a source of living for a huge lot of people?

    I have said this close to a million times. Why can’t we let the judiciary decide on the veracity of the accusations leveled against Modi? But hell No. We become the self-appointed attorney and the judge and declare our verdict against Modi at an alarming regularity on TV debates. For a change, the morons didn’t blamed Modi for our humiliating defeat in the hands of Pakistan cricket team. Blaming Modi for every Goddamn thing going wrong in India has become a full time job of few people. Believe me, there are in fact thousands who earn their livelihood by blaming Modi for everything. Every time there is something good to talk about Gujarat, our paid media, financed by Congress gets few more paid motormouts to hurdle up and sling mud at Modi and pop up the issue of Gujarat riots. So systematic and routine that has become since 2001 that one can easily guess how the entire debate on NDTV or CNN-IBN going to be, the moment the anchor utters the word Gujarat.

    More than governance, it is Modi who is the biggest concern for Congress party. From terming him as ‘Mauth ka Saudagar’ in a jittery Italian ascent to call his governance period as nothing short of holocaust of Hitler regime; they had it all and that too all over the place. In the meantime when half of Congress was busy formulating ideas to dish out more to Modi, the gentleman has quietly sneaked out on a path of glory, both for himself and the state. While Congress conveniently keeps on digging Gujarat graves, any questions on the particulars of 1984 Delhi riots lands in a black hole. Talk about the Sikh Massacre and the role of the Bharat Ratna awardee priminister, a lot of people in Congress would throw the dates of Gujarat riots at you and run away. Talk about the Bofors and the subsequent drama till a moron called Quattrochi allowed to get away, Congress has got their self-imagined death figures of 2001 riots to furnish. Talk about the failures of governance and the mega scams that has happened during UPA rule, you couldn’t have guessed it better; yes all because of Modi and Gujarat 2001. Instances of hiding behind Modi to avoid bitter facts are literally never ending.  

    How badly I wish Congress to introspect on the kind of CMs they have in the states they are in power before even thinking about Modi. Right in the heart of the nation, they have installed a chief minister who is an absolute waste. While Delhi has seen an exponential growth in crime index, not only against women but in general, this lady who unfortunately is there to make sure it doesn’t go through the roof is actually clueless. All that she does after every heinous act is to come on paid media channels of Congress like NDTV and start blaming everyone else but herself. Didn’t she appear on TV recently to clarify her stand on the post Delhi gang rape fiasco? Did you hear a single line worth taking a note? Did she anyway look concerned on the growing trend of crimes against women in her state? The best she did was to sit there and defend herself and the dynasty, for whom she has declared herself as the slave-in-chief unconditionally. People booing out Shiela from Jantar Mantar when she was there to shed her crocodile tears is a testimony that people genuinely feel unsafe in the city and rejected any attempt at hogwash and vacuum promises which Shiela delivers best.

    Now the question is – how Muslims feeling unsafe (if at all) in Gujarat is different from people feeling unsafe in their own ruled state Delhi and that too right under their noses? Can’t the Congress party ask Shiela to go out for her bad governance and for making citizenry feel unsafe? Why the charity doesn’t begin at home for Congress? Why I don’t see similar agitation by our paid media against Shiela for screwing the law and order situation in NCR?   

    If Modi is a butcher then What Rajiv Gandhi was? Saint? Didn’t he the same person who kept on mourning for his departed mother till half of Delhi was up in flames? And when he rises from his grief what was his first reaction to such massive killing of innocents? Did Modi referred to Godhra incident as a big tree that fell and hence the earth shook a little in the form of rioting in the state where thousands lost their lives? But hey, Congress never bothered to mop their own floors. What about Arjun Singh? Is he a lesser criminal? Thousands died in their sleep but this fagot, putting on a white cap ensured that the main culprit of the gas tragedy sleeps out of this country without facing a trial. Did Congress took any action against rabid individuals like Arjun Singh even after having pictorial evidence of this man making arrangements for Anderson to fly out immediately. What about even their favorite son late Rajsekhar Reddy? Now that they have dumped his son and clearly distancing from the senior Reddy on corruption charges that they themselves are unearthing to show the Reddy clan in a bad light, we all should know if his corruption and graft charges are something which the party only got to know after his death? Aren’t they aware of the money that YSR is accumulating before?

    But talk about Modi, all the guttermouths of Congress will form a colony to vomit nonsense without any break. Courts giving him clean chits don’t matter to Congress or the paid media since the agenda is not to find the truth behind Gujarat riots but to hang Modi by hook or crook. Taking high moral on the issue of VISA refusal to Modi is another shameful fact that these Congress clowns display so regularly. First of all, USA denying VISA to someone doesn’t make that person a moron automatically which the Congress brigade wants all of us to believe. Second, it is an elected representative that USA is denying entry to their country. Rather taking highest diplomatic stand on such mishandling of state representatives, the self-centered and morally bankrupt party getting joyous? Wish Atal Bihari Vajpayee shouldn’t have interfered when Rahul Gandhi was detained at Newark airport for carrying excess currency than the permitted limit. Vajpayeeji was such a fool who thought of showing some true statesmanship for absolute nutcases.
    In all of this Modi has moved on. Didn’t he? People can keep on shouting for medieval period issues but the fact that stands out in the rot is Modi’s exemplary governance and the vision that he carries for the state and the country as a whole. Vibrant Gujarat 2013 is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to his vision and planning of the state for future. Jerks still see problem with Vibrant Gujarat summit but that hardly matters to people who very well know, who are the wolves and the perpetual cheaters who in the name of democracy are only cheating the nation for last sixty odd years.



    1. How far one can hate a person?

      I may sound lil psychic, but until the person gets killed or dies.

      History is clear that Hindus has more of foget and forgive type, but not the Muslim. Prithviraj chauhan - Ghori episode makes it clear.

      But on Modi, the media houses made lots of money, many NGOs in the guise of helping muslims cornered crores of rupees, many less known Muslim leaders like Owaisis and his clan made big for themselves, Finally popular TV hosts of today be it Arnab, Rajdeep, Barqua, Prannoy made it big for their careers.

      I must say CBN Rajdeep and Timesnow Arnab, NDTV Prannoy got channel licenses under NDA rule only later to bring them down by constantly raping moral character of Modi spreading lies day in day out. To that extant, these journos made their bread and butter out of Modi hate selling hot and cold.

    2. Modi is the first Indian to react to LOC violation by asking the Pakistani delegation to leave from the summit. What more proof do we need he is a man of action and not a man of words.

    3. "First of all, USA denying VISA to someone -------------------------------------the self-centered and morally bankrupt party getting joyous" - Excellent lines!!! Despite all the blocks and burdens laid by the F**king congress, NaMo has come out with sweeping majority, this shows the power of good governance.

    4. We as in Indians need have an identity.. i.e.. we the people of India are Hindus ( n for Muslims n Christian bros/sis in India your ancestors were Hindus) .. Each n eIvery Indian should have an identity.. Indian is a Hindu country n also secular accepting all religions of the world.. unless all of them respect the the nations's cause to be secular...N if anyone has a doubt/problem having this identity should leave India immediately becoz there's a separate nation created for them already...



    6. That hag teesta should be arrested for disrupting law and order in Gujarat by repeatedly accusing modi... have you seen her speak on tv? She is so disgusting and putrid!.. I think apart from manish tewari she's the one that suffers from verbal diarrhea and mental constipation.

    7. A little more about why Christians hate Modi:


    8. Gujarat before Modi- Icons and landmarks like Amul, Anand University, IIM, Kandla Port, IIFCO, KRIBHCO,Tata Mithapur Sada Ash Salt, Petrochemical complex Vodadra, Bharuch, Chemical zone from Vapi to Ankleshwar, Textiles Ahemdabad, Arvind Mills, Gandhinagar, Shipbreaking Alang, Narmada Dam, Cotton, Sugarcane, Tobacco, Edible Oils Rajkot, Agrochemicals Pesticides, Drugs and Pharma, Cipla, Cadilla, Lyka, Atul, Dyes and Chemicals, Fertilizers, GSFC, GACL, GNFC, GSPC, IPCL, GMDC, Hazira complex Reliance, Essar, L&T, Ports GMB, Art Silk, Synthetic Textiles Diamonds Surat, Oil and Gas Halol Khambhat Ankleshwar, Cement Gujarat Ambuja, Binani Cement Kutch, Jamnagar Refineries, Dahej Petro complex, Navodaya Schools, General Motors, Mundra Port, rise of business class, Tatas, Ambanis, Mafatlal, Lalbhais, Diamond merchants of Palanpur, Art Literature Theatre.

      Gujarat during Modi- Godhra, Riots, Genocide, Mass Murder and Rapes 2002, fake encounters, hate speeches, death of culture, Tata Nano, toothless Lokayukta, Major Roads by NHAI (Delhi), swine flu, malnutrition despite Central funds, rise and rise of Adanis, Adanis, only Adanis, Gujrat debt at record high Rs.1.5 trillions. Modi fit for serving tea to Adanis and Ambanis''

      2012-2013 FDI : Maha 27 percent Gujrat 2.7 percent (right 2 point 7 percent) , so muuuch of hype about Modi by Uppercaste M'fkrs!!!!!!!!!!

    9. Modi is the only ray of hope for the India in current time. Rest all even do not qualify for the top post