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    All The Stinks Of Delhi – A Response

    Dear Justice Katju,

    No qualms if you find Narendra Modi grossly to your disliking. No qualms if you find the achievements of NaMo as a chief minister are nothing but hype at large. That’s how nature balances its constituents with diversified liking and disliking. That’s precisely why pigs love shit smitten mud pool more than a cozy air-conditioned bedroom. I will give that liberty to you to choose shit against the fragrance of rose. It is purely your prerogative to decide what you should or shouldn’t like.

    That said, when you try crossing the thin line between personal liking and jostling your agenda on a large chunk, is precisely where things look little uncomfortable. It even gets more uncomfortable when one finds lies and only lies that you have got to serve on the pretext of facts. So here is the first rebuttal to whatever your thought process is - how beautifully it may be told, a lie still remains a lie and stinks even if it is beneath the layers of fabrication. This is how I would love to describe your latest piece against NaMo published in Hindu. A bundle of stinking lies packed beautifully with help of few seasoned sycophants like Vadra Bhai to jolt the psyche of a lot of people. More precisely the youth who quite rightly are rallying behind Modi for the post of priminister come 2014. The call of the hour is to have a no-nonsense guy at the helm and certainly no one fits the bill any better than Modi himself. This perception of the youth could be entirely wrong but then aren’t few trying to shove a 44 year old as the youth icon of the nation? The conviction of the youth that NaMo is the only option to set right many fractured things of our nation could be little premature but so also your nasty piece where you advocate and address the youth not to go with Modi as if you carry all the sense of judgment of the world while we rest are Chutiyas of highest breed.

    So here I am to show you the mirror where it won’t necessarily reflect your own face but the real face that is hidden behind that. The face of a liar and a fabricator who leans on the convenience of untruth time-and-again to let flow his nefarious intent. I will highlight the rogue agenda behind each line of your post where there is a wholehearted attempt at pleasing the bosses in Delhi than finding facts. I am here to corroborate the words of my teacher who once said – when you know you are an idiot it is not required for you to open your mouth and let know the world that you are.

    A large section of the Indian so called 'educated' class, including a section of our 'educated' youth, who have been carried away by Modi’s propaganda.

    So similar to any Modi hater. No? The typical self-righteous attitude of a standard brainless Modi critic. For records, the difference between propaganda and achievements are really huge. Too huge for peanut brains like you to even realize. Propaganda is when a college dropout having only failures to his credit in everything he laid his hands but projected as an achiever and a youth icon of the nation. Propaganda is when one gets clownish and spends nights at different Dalit huts to garner few votes while in reality gets apprehended at airports for carrying unauthorized amounts of money. Modi carries a solid track record of development and growth along with him than just rotten propagandas or a borrowed surname. I would urge a fine brain like you to go and spend a day in Ahmedabad and a day in Amethi to realize where lays the propaganda and where exactly are the facts.

    The truth today is that Muslims in Gujarat are terrorized and afraid that if they speak out against the horrors of 2002 they may be attacked and victimized. In the whole of India Muslims (who are over 200 million of the people of India) are solidly against Modi (though there are a handful of Muslims who for some reason disagree).

    Lies again from you sir. If you think you are the one who not only flies around but also have someone as a companion next seat then let me clarify this; I fortunately have flown few times and generally have someone sitting next to me with an exception once where I had a Muslim from Gujarat as a flying buddy. I had pretty much similar discussion with him as what you had with that Gujarati businessman. Though my flying buddy was little aggrieved with what happened in 2002 he was in all praise for Modi and the governance thereof. He has got similar stuff to tell about Modi as what that businessman told you. He in fact went ahead and admitted the life for an average Muslim in Gujarat is much safer than many Congress ruled states. Call it the no appeasement policy of Modi or his special care for the minorities to prove a point; the Muslims in Gujarat now have much more opportunity for growth than what they had in all earlier Congress governments put together. Now when you say all Muslims are solidly against Modi, you might have been hit on your head with a blunt object to forget the recent results of Gujarat elections and the very recent Municipal elections where Muslims have voted this man, enemas. And by the way, I can imagine the plight of that businessman for being pitted right next to a person like you, which might have contemplated him to change the seat because in my case my flying buddy never changed his but rather shared his cell number with a promise to remain in touch.

    It is claimed by Modi supporters that what happened in Gujarat was only a 'spontaneous' reaction (pratikriya) of Hindus to the killings of 59 Hindus in a train in Godhra. I do not buy this story. Firstly, there is still a mystery as to what exactly happened in Godhra, and who was responsible for the killings. Secondly, the particular persons who were responsible for the Godhra killings should certainly be identified and given harsh punishment, but how does this justify the attack on the entire Muslim community in Gujarat.

    First thing Mr. Katju, it is not a story and second, none is urging you to buy it either. So lets set this ambiguity straight at the beginning. Anyway, what you suggest here is that, had it been a spontaneous reaction you would have been OK with the massacre but since you with some serious Sherlock Holms abilities smell fishy in the whole Godhra train burning, you find the claim of Modi supporters as nonsense? If you are so sure about a hand of mystery in the train burning at the first place, we would love to have the source from where you got those details of the mystery. Now please don’t furnish the statements of the then Railways minister Lalu Yadav where he initially shunted all demands for an enquiry, terming the whole incident as an accident. For many in India, believing someone like Dawood Ebrahim is a far better option on any day than towing the lines of a seasoned crook like Lalu, who has this ability to sell the nation without even thinking for a second time. And I can only pity on your intellect when you try to find justification in matters as gruesome as riots. There are many things in India which are unjustifiable including the reasons of killing thousand Sikhs after Indira Gandhi’s assassination or you being there as PCI chairman. Or is it that you have already forgotten the golden words of your big boss Rajiv Gandhi? Remember that nice phrase of ‘Big tree…Earth shakes’ nonsense? Do you see justification in those words and that too when it comes from the priminister himself?

    Let me give just one example. Ehsan Jafri was a respected, elderly former Member of the Indian Parliament living in the Chamanpura locality of Ahmedabad in Gujarat. His house was in the Gulbarga Housing Society, where mostly Muslims lived. According to the recorded version of his elderly wife Zakia, on 28.2.2002 a mob of fanatics blew up the security wall of the housing society using gas cylinders, they dragged Ehsan Jafri out of his house, stripped him, chopped off his limbs with swords, etc and burnt him alive.

    I can furnish more gruesome acts of violence during 1984 but that’s not the point. When rioters are on rampage, one expects to have such heinous acts floundered which not necessarily need to be described with elaboration for people to feel the gravitas of the situation. I find these descriptive details are extraneous to the topic, provided justice Katju is not trying to give Ram Gopal Varma a serious competition at the box office. So let me start the thread from where you left. Like you who see mystery in Godhra train burning, I see mystery in the whole killing theory of Ehshan Jafri. If the mob, as described by you were so violent, then how come it is Mr. Jafri who only got killed while rest of his family members remained pretty much unscathed? Or the rioters suddenly turned saints, much like King Asoka to let go the rest of the family after cherry-picking Ehshan Jafri to butcher? Could you elaborate on this Mr. Katju as you are nothing short of a self-proclaimed know-all? No idea? But here I have something to share which is not entirely verified but quite logical in the context of the question I raised. Ehshan Jafri was believed to have housed the scoundrels who torched the Sabarmati Express, both pre and post the incident. Now the irate mob was there specifically to hunt out Mr. Jafri. If there is any truth in this theory then won’t you think the acts of Ehshan Jafri be probed alongside on who, why and how he was killed?

    And hold on. There is a second theory to his killing as well. Mr. Jafri was a criminal lawyer by profession and was seen defending habitual offenders of ghastly crimes. This many say has resulted in brewing an enmity between him and other rival gangs. Taking advantage of a riot situation the goons of the gang might have designed the act of pouncing on Mr. Jafri and teach him a lesson for hobnobbing with their rival gang members. Though both these theories are unsubstantiated but certainly look far more logical than the claims of Congress and Teesta Setelvad on the cherry-pick killing at Gulbarga society.

    When everything else failed, the last resort left for the Modi haters to latch upon is some skewed up statistics. And yes malnutrition seems to be the next weapon of Modi destruction for many including Justice Katju. So from now onwards the only parameter that should decide the growth index is the percentage of malnourished children. Infrastructure, healthcare, education, electricity supply, industrial growth and all other such nonsense are in fact nonsense. The only thing that matters is malnourished children.

    Though you blame the state of the children and their nourishment or the absence of it squarely on Modi’s 10 year rule, you conveniently skipped to answer what the previous Congress governments were doing back then. Now please don’t stand up and say the figure was zero when Congress was ruling and suddenly jumped to alarming 48% since the days Modi started his ill governance. Honestly such rubbish from a retired Supreme Court judge who by profession is expected to remain neutral but in reality is as biased as anyone can get is unacceptable and unbelievable as well. By any means the idea that you have is to negate the real developments the state of Gujarat has seen over the last decade. And how you plan to sabotage the facts? Yes, by coming up with screwed up logic and more horribly screwed up reasonings. What next remained to furnish and pit against Namo, Mr. Katju? Increasing trend of premarital sex; less number of Gujarat players in IPL; Gujarati food getting less sweet since Modi took charge; Jignesh Bhai getting painful boils at all uncomfortable places which he never experienced when Congress was in power. I mean what else remained there to justify Modi hasn’t done anything for the state?

    What deceits you have spewed Mr. Katju is unpardonable. More so when you claim yourself as a neutral observer with no political affiliation but talk the language of Congress spokespersons. Let me tell you one thing Mr. Katju,this is hypocrisy of very third rated quality; certainly not expected of a retired apex court judge at least. That said all can be side-lined if you let us know the state that your political bosses in Delhi have promised to post you as the Governor once you retire from PCI's helm. Let me take a guess. Is it Telengana?

    Warm Regards

    Someone who loves facts and only facts


    1. Katju or kaju whatever, shall resign from PCI to make it work for media's wellbeing not Khangress well being. He brought down the efficacy of such institution to the level of siding with ruling party which gave him the post.

      If this guy really worried about Modi's rule in Gujarat, he could have contested to seek support of his views in just concluded elections.

      Kaju, You step down now from your coveted post with all benefits that of a minister, and join Teesta n co to fight Modi in 2014 elections.

    2. this kaju is not worth even to fry & have... he is best compared to piggy diggy head..even more worst than him...

    3. Dear Being Cynical,

      MK is at the helm of PCI which, in my view (limited, very limited view) stands for Pro Congress Individual! Need I say more?

      Arun Srivastava

    4. his blog is hated by a upper caste like myself, BJP is III class
      party which was born by burning secular fabric of nation in the form of
      demolition of Masjid. Congress is great, it has done lot of things and
      increased face value of India globally. From near nil industry in 1940's
      India is now 7th largest industrialized nation.

      Talking about Gujrat it was No.1 state since 1947 and during Modi is
      showcasing as if Gujrat developed under him, from 2004-2011 under GDP
      growth of nation has more than doubled.

      You upper caste leeches have no right to write a line about MMS. Rahul gandhi will defeat the strongest fascists force.

    5. Dear Praful upper caste,

      I am amazed by your pseudo secularism! Or upper caste really means not having your feet on ground?

      You sound amazingly stupid!!


    6. Hahaha.... I mean how can you sleep at night peacefully? with all that Lies and adharma built up within you and your conscience falsely converting that into truth for your own ego and petty gains. For once take a step back and think for our motherland. Please don't be so anti Indian or you will perish and there won't be 4 shoulders available to carry you after that..