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    Even Wharton Has Blood Clots

    Have you marked what people resort to when every trick of their fails in achieving the goal? They resort to nasty tricks full with lies and if that also fails they readily jump to levels where even words like uncouth and uncivilized looks a gross understatement. When people feel they can’t convince others with their evil intent or make themselves look pious, they get engage in maligning their opponents to look little cleaner in comparison.

    This is precisely what is happening since 2002. The advent of a certain Narendra Modi as the new poster boy of BJP has kick started the battle of lies and agendas. With a lot of help from our nasty media and a bunch of people who earn their living by criticizing Modi, our politics has stoop to a new level of low where morality and ethics just doesn’t exist. The present government with a bucket full of problems always looks the other way and spends as much time in picturing Modi in a bad light as they spend in looting the nation. Congress and the stooges at different stages have tried everything to project Narendra Modi as a villain. From 2002 Gujarat riots to the latest accusation of Gujarat government’s indifference towards malnourished children; it’s a full spectrum of lies that is been employed fulltime to showcase Modi as nothing short of a holocaust. Be it asking Modi to apologize for a crime he hasn’t committed to the ever so funny ‘denial of a USA Visa’ as a symbol of Modi as an unacceptable entity; we have them all for last decade.

    But hey, it is far from over though. The latest xenophobia that hit the headlines was the invitation of Modi by the Wharton School’s Indian economic forum to deliver a keynote and the subsequent controversial pulling out of his name from the list of speakers at the last minute. But before we go to the chronology, one thing need to be cleared in a hurry. The so called invite is not from the Wharton Business School but a congregation of Indian students there to debate on the growing Indian economy. And when it comes to Indian economy, it’s no secret that Narendra Modi plays a vital role in it which even is corroborated by the government of India’s planning commission bulletin. So when there is a talk on Indian economy, how important a speaker NaMo with a strong track record of delivery on growth path for last one decade could be is not a rocket science to understand. But for Congress cronies, NaMo certainly is not worth a participant in such prestigious forums. And I don’t get surprise with such prejudiced reaction from the thugs. They swear by the time magazine and what it has to write as long as it doesn’t call Manmohan Singh an underachiever or puts NaMo on the cover page as the man to watch out for. They shout on every platform on how Modi is time and again denied a USA Visa but call the same set of people as baseless reprobates the moment someone calls Rahul Gandhi a useless fellow with a golden spoon. That is how the Congress party and their thousands of trolls are since independence. Rather looking at their own posteriors they always look out for someone to malign and look cleaner.

    To be honest here, a talk at the Wharton might have helped NaMo to overcome the shadow of fabricated lies that the Congress party and their paid media have built around him. It would have helped him immensely to stand before the foreign media and do the straight talking in exposing the wicked plots that Congress is knitting since Godhra carnage. No doubt a speech from the man himself who is always at the thick of controversies regarding some skewed up human rights index would have gone a long way in exposing the skunks that are playing dirty politics in the name of the dead of Gujarat riots. It would have exposed an equally heinous media and their factories of fabrication. Could the Congress party afford such knee jolting outcome? Could our media houses afford their favorite punching bag exposing their dirty innerwear in public? Certainly not and that calls for the dirty tricks department of Congress to get active again to fish in the muddy waters.

    From nowhere a sudden bout of humanity hit the very guys who have invited Modi at the first place and petitions were filed on the grounds of the lies that Congress is spewing to the rest of the world. As expected NaMo’s name is pulled out of the list of speakers. Amazing I would say. Weren’t the great brains at Wharton aware of the lies that surround Modi when they first decided to call him? The debate on whether to have him on the forum or not should have been carried out behind closed doors before finalizing his name; not after it. Why these so called petitions started to fly in after BJP’s general council meeting where Modi took both the lame duck priminister and the heir apparent on tough lines? Why we suddenly see the night watchman standing up and trying to hook a bouncer when his job is to stay there and protect the wicket for a worthless batsman who wants to bat at the time of his convenience? Not sure about others but I see a lot of behind the door politics in this whole drama of Wharton keynote.

    I tend to believe more in a conspiracy, every time I see jokers like Sanjay Jha speak about Wharton and the denial there after which as per him is a humiliation and snubbing. And for those who don’t know anything about this human being; be rest assured, professional ass lickers are not even worth knowing. For records Mr. Jha, humiliation is when you starve for some publicity and beg before all to recognize you though your caliber is limited to a borrowed surname and lies about your false Havard degree, still being a college dropout. Snubbing is when you camp in a state for 4 years and do all kind of gimmicks but fail to even get your party win 10 more seats because of your so called nonexistent charisma. Modi is far above than these pity matters of keynotes and speeches. His development record speaks for itself which even is well comprehended by the rest of the world. Snubbing would be there had Modi pleaded to be invited on the forum but declined on nasty reasoning. NaMo never requested for the invite nor he has any grudge against anyone for the rejection thereafter. He for sure has got far better things to do unlike Congress stooges who always play the game of dirty politics.

    Look at this genius who is trying to be funny. Well, knowing his track record and the jubilation in Congress camp that followed after Modi’s name is removed from the dignitaries, these kind of filthy jokes from Rajdeep Sardesai was on the expected lines. And where he claims to have seen the joke? Yes, the great Indian Express. No wonder why Sekhar Gupta could gulp a lot of land and yet never questioned by our enforcing authorities. Rear licking pays for sure. How I always reiterate that we have absolute uncouth and uncivilized humans in our drawing rooms. A three time elected chief minister with a governance record comparable to none is denied an entry after being invited first and this filthy creature sees jokes in it. People like Rajdeep are the reflection of the mood in Congress headquarters. Rather being aggrieved at such blatant mockery of our democratic framework by a handful of guys, the rascals are celebrating since the humiliation that our democracy has to face time and again has got all the gains for these foulmouthed bastards. Why I don’t see a strong objection been filed by GOI for such open mortification of an elected representative? Why the scoundrels don’t realize that it is not a disgrace for Modi but for an incompetent and impotent government? Certainly funny for some. No?

    I am flabbergasted at such cheap display of self-gain jubilation. And to ask Modi to apologize for the Gujarat riot for every controversy that brews or gets brewed is just part of such filthy jubilations. Though none there is ready to answer on the specifics for which Modi should seek apology, the morons routinely go ahead and declare Modi the culprit in their own court of law. It doesn’t matter even if there is a clean chit to NaMo from none other than our Apex court as this is not what going to help the crook party. On the same line, can I ask if the Gandhi family has apologized to the Sikhs for 1984 butchering? Now don’t tell me Manmohan Singh did that tamasha on behalf of the first family of Congress. Who is he to seek apology on behalf of someone, more so when we are so serious about direct apology nonsense? If we are ok with Manmohan Singh doing the honors then Atal Bihari Vajpayee has already apologized to Gujarat people for 2002. Hasn’t he?

    So where the talk of a double apology comes from? If so then let’s start chronologically with Sonia Gandhi standing atop Lalkila and begging forgiveness from the thousands of Sikhs who are yet to get any kind of justice though it is already 25 years to that horrific incident.


    1. Congress' Marketing machinery seem to be doing some overtime work. "Rahul Gandhi rejects Wharton invite" - is the latest news. He was apparently invited several days ago.

    2. Yeah he is bound to reject. When we talk about economy RG never comes into picture. Good to reject than to be humiliated.

    3. It is same on this country and its government that instead of backing a person who was democratically elected through free and fair election, and an insult to out judicial system who have given clean chit to him. If they really have evidence on that, it does not take congress 10 years or more to put him behind bars. There is no question of apologizing, Nobody can just apologize and get away. So for Indians is that enough do anything and just apologize?

      So called Human Rights change their color to their convenience. Where were the Human Rights when ethnic cleansing happened in Kashmir, where were they when 1984 sikh riots happened. where are they now, when government has failed to protect its citizens from everyday bomb blast. what action our government has taken now, is'nt it the same inaction.
      Nobody can forget Bopal Gas tragedy.
      Who can forget Emergency?
      Operation Blue star.
      Dog biscuit has a special drug, for hungry dogs. It fills the stomach and drugs them so that they become slave forever. This disease for dogs cannot be cured at all.

      Modi should not care for all this. An elephant should not bother when the dogs bark.

    4. I agree with the spirit of your article,but why so serious on Rajdeep's joke?Is Modi so big that even a joke on him wont be tolerated?Reminds me of another guy whose name starts with M and whose followers go ballistic at his name.Sometimes people like me really start getting scared,wondering whether this cult worship will lead us to heaven or hell?

    5. Wondering who invited him there?Does he have the brains to give a speech?

    6. 1. CWG
      scam, Kalmadi sent to jail, Kanimozhi & Raja sent to jail in 2G
      bribery, Chauvan made to bite the dust for minor slip-up in Adarsh.
      MM Joshi caught red handed dictating CAG about figures, JPC finds 2G
      loss at 2,400 crores (now recovered fully), 2G expert price rejected by
      all players, talk time goes up due to no benefit to telecos, common man
      is now affected, all b'cos of MM Joshi's dictation to CAG.

      3. Coal Scam, BJP all of a sudden silent ? B'cos 80 percent scam has happened under BJP state govt.
      K'taka BJP govt, dubbed as most corrupt govt by HC, shame on BJP. All
      ministers tainted. CM sent to jail, Mining scam & BBMP scam alone
      totals 1,00,000 crores. 26 ministers tainted. Total corruption under BJP
      more than 5,00,000 crores.

      5. Kasav & Afzal shown where they belong ! RSS & BJP fielded Jethmalani against Afzal death sentence !!
      6. BJP & RSS cadres caught red handed hoisting Pakistan flag in K'taka. BJP MLAs watch BLEU film in assy.

      7. No punishment for Kingpin who mastered 3000 murders in Gujrat

      8. Helicopter deal sealed in 2003 by BJP led NDA not UPA. Bribe taken by MOD, of NDA.
      getting smart by being honest, BJP is clearly an anti-national party.
      Hail Sonia, the tallest & honest leader of India since 2 deacdes

      9. Record economic growth under MMS, GDP doubled in just 6 years 2004-2010.

      Only congress can fight Fascists & impending civil war due to uppercaste propaganda
      10. Jaitley Telephone tapping , by BJP's Siddhanshu Misra !!

    7. sir, it is ok to joke. But not sarcasm. And does he(Rajdeep) have same guts to joke about gr8 Family member or Gr8 son in law (whose name is among the VIP of india who is exempted from frisking in indian airport). And see you might have internal matter, but when ur citizen is insulted by someone else outside you need to stand for that. That is the spirit. Unfortunately we Indians have lost it. Take everything for a joke, when someone from outside is making fun of ur constitution, judiciary. You are making joke of it.

    8. HI,
      Thanks a lot for the post.Your words come as a breath of fresh air amidst the stink characsterized by the mainstream media who have sold themeselves to the first family for some money and favours.Shameless morons !!

    9. Manmohan tried his best to save Kalmadi, Kanimozhi & Raja - until supreme court ordered to send them to jail

      manmohan appointed corrupt PJ thomas as CVC, even after BJP objected. supreme court dismissed PJ thomas.

      Congress govt is not taking action against MM Joshi - why ?

      Kapil Sibal said ZERO loss in 2G - how did it become2,400 crores (now recovered fully) ?

      Coal scam - Manmohans signature (as coal minister 2005-2006) is there in all allocation letters - dont tell me manmohan belongs to BJP ?

      BJP threw out yeddy - but congress is protecting Digamber (CM of goa), Gehlot (CM of rajastan) who are also accused in mining scam







    13. Every country goes through ups and downs - look at the plight of China before WWII (Nanjing Massacre, battle of Shanghai, Wuhan battle) at the hands of Japanese imperialism and subsequent problems with communism, the plight of Koreans in their civil war, flight of non-communists from China to Taiwan, etc. Singapore was dirt poor when the British left. However, all these countries, have come up because of benevolent rulers - who are initially called as dictators. I think Indians need to embrace Modi if they want to see India to rise to the level of China. Modi or a person like that - benevolent, outspoken, zero tolerance of corruption - needed for India. Those who are bagging the rupees in gunny bags and sending to Zurich or Vienna are worried and fighting hard using the propaganda machine of Congress. But, I am hoping those days are numbered and Modi will prove that Indians can be taken off the the chain of British era governance (that was set up to benefit the ruler) and the average man can get the chance to propser.

      God bless Narendra Modi.

    14. THANK you for such a thought provoking blog. Kindly put the video of Shri Atal Bihari Vajpai about Rajdharm in which he is saying "Narendra Modi raajdharm nibha rahe hain" but so called psedosecular media never feel the responsibility of playing the full video.

    15. I get allergic seeing the 'thobra' of bastard Sanjay Jha on TV channels. What's so great about this bullshit that he is called as a so called expert by various channels. This bastard Sanjay Jha is a paid agent of Congress.

    16. Your last line of the comment answers your question. Since our media is equally paid by Congress as the asslicker Jha, they got to trade handi-in-gloves. Don't they? Sent on my BlackBerry® from Vodafone

    17. So timely and so right! Useless Congressman has looted the country for more than half a century and still public is voting them to power.