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    Open Letter To Digvijay Singh

    Suggested By : Jai Gulabani (@JaiGulabani)

    Dear Digvijay Singh,

    See, I for a change took your complete and full name. This itself should come as a refreshing change for you. For some time, people have forgotten your real name as suitable adjectives have long replaced your loving appellation and I am sure you won’t be feeling very good about this. Forget the adjectives; even a name which synonyms with someone who has conqured the world, in reality is doing some first grade rear licking of a false dynasty. This itself is a shame to your name and your parents who have thought their son would concur the world someday. I bet the couple would be turning in their graves looking at their son and the amazing bootlicking capabilities thereof. Even the adjectives are quite a jolt to your astounding persona. Don’t they? I mean Diggy, Doggy, Raja Babu, Gutter mouth, Diggy the rear licker; heavens. This is so disparaging for a person who once was the chief minister of a state and that too as big as Madhya Pradesh.

    While the world don’t really think much about you or your name without a Maa-Behen Gaali tucked therein, I for sure respect, if not you but your parents who must have given your name with pride and affection. And as it is, for your nonsense your parents shouldn’t be shamefaced at any cost. Hence your complete name to start with.

    Coming back to the agenda of this mail. Are you a human? I mean, I thought it is only God who knows everything that’s happening on the face of the planet. But how wrong I was with my perception, I tell you. You come as a breath of fresh air and a human encyclopedia with knowledgebase so vast even to shame all the Nobel laureates put together till date and with all probability the laureates to come in next 200 years. The interesting part, as far as your know how is concerned is your accomplishment in knowing every secret to the last molecule, when it comes to some kind of controversy. I mean the controversies that could project BJP, all Hindu centric organizations or for that matter Narendra Modi in bad light. That’s quite interesting, let me assure you. How could of all the people Hemant Karkare thought of calling you and let know his fear? I mean, the threat calls that he was routinely getting from Sangh people since he was head-over-heels in unearthing the RSS link in Malegaon and Samjhota Express blasts. I was sure about you but never thought Mr. Karkare to be so dumb to confine in you with such volatile information. I can’t simply digest that he was not aware of your gutter mouth talents and how big a nuisance you are at large, to open up with such sensitive stuffs. It’s not your problem Singh Saheb; I feel pity on the maturity level of our late ATS chief for such hara-kiri. He could have gone down the street and could have picked up absolutely anyone, if he has that huge urge of letting know the threats to his life, but you?

    Another aspect of your life that urges me to replace your name with the word ‘shameless’ is your unconditional tongue, hanging out with drools dripping, in search of some Gandhi family boots to lick at any given instance. Doesn’t matter if that pair of leathers are those of a person, half of your age with no brains. How shameful it is on the part of an ex CM who readily cleans the toilet bowls of Gandhi household as part of his daily itinerary. Is your life so cocooned with the shit of Gandhi dynasty and a certain Rahul Gandhi? I mean, given a chance you may well agree to be tied down by your neck and crawl alongside Rahul Baba wherever he goes. Won’t you? I don’t deny, except getting yourself tied by the neck with other end of the rope in the hands of some Gandhi family member (including Priyanka’s kids), you are pretty much doing the rest. That also includes barking unnecessarily for your masters but does that qualify one to be a so called political leader; even with respect to Congress standards? There is something called sycophancy but you are in fact much above this dreaded word which is an official syndrome with each member of the Congress party. What’s the take dear Diggy Raja when you delightfully lose your very own identity so that you get some first family posteriors on daily basis to lick? So flabbergasting, not only for an ex CM but also for a man at your age; let me tell you.

    By the way, what your Baba is up to nowadays? Since the days the theatrical clown lost badly in the UP election, where you happened to be his advisor; he pretty much has gone underground. He even not had been seen off late hobnobbing with a dreaded specimen like you either. Though I appreciate him for taking my advice with sincerity, where I have warned him of dire consequences if he continues mingling with you any further, but still it looks awfully disoriented when you get the snub after such a long period of tireless service for the dynasty. I feel sorry for you Diggy, I really feel sorry for you. The world is such gratitude less place. No?

    But did that stop you from Rahul arse worshiping? When the prince himself is chickening out by the mere mention of the word priminister, you just not were agreeing to let your guards down. Do you? Even though half of the Congressi lot have consoled themselves with the fact that running a nation is no job of a pizza delivery boy, you still continue with your trumpet of Rahul magnanimity and tell us what exactly the heir apparent wanted to convey when he chickened out. When even his own mother is not sure what to do now since the prince refused to wear the crown, you are there to throw at us a different perspective with your grammar-Nazi qualities. You dissect the utterances of your master with all possible past, future and future-continuous tenses to let all of us know, how the prince in fact was conveying his readiness for the top job; not his refusal as we all thought it to be. I salute your scale of absurdity where even straight words don’t gel with the wavelength of your minimal brain.

    One more important thing Diggy Bhai. For you, all that happens against the rogues like SIMI or Indian Mujahideen is wrong and fabricated? In fact for you even what happened to a skunk called Osama Bin Laden was wrong. If that is not enough, in all likelihood you could very well have conferred Bharat-Ratna to Osamaji, given a chance. Ohh yes, when scoundrels who carry out terror attacks on our soil remain innocent for you, you find people like Baba Ramdev and Anna Hazare thugs and touts? How nonsensical.. Err.. Secular one can get from here? Perhaps going to the houses of the bastards who blew up few dozen in a recent blast and vouch for their innocence? No? Batla house was a fake encounter since few peace loving youth who mistakenly fired rocket launchers at Delhi police during the raid were killed? And as routine to your habit of knowing all the secret of the world, you are sure that Inspector Sharma wasn’t killed by those rabid ruffians in the house but by his own men. Guess, Mr. Sharma must have called you milliseconds before the bullet from his colleague’s gun hit him. No?

    How I wish Diggy Raja, a whole monument like Taj Mahal is built on your memory. How I wish your spectacular brain is preserved somewhere for the future generations to come and pay their homage with pure and esthetic astonishment. Astonished because some modern day great would have done an Einstein (his utterances for Mahatma) on you by then and proclaimed – ‘The world would be surprised to know, such a man in blood and flesh ever walked on this planet’. And by the way, ignore people like this person who has replied to my Tweet and doing all the name calling. People like him are just jealous of your possible future and the accolades that you are destined to get worldwide.


    Man with a Bamboo


    1. Hehehehe...good one...like we have discussed off-line the utter douche of Indian politics is a disgrace to nation...

    2. @BC :- Come-on man! How can you waste your time and energies in writing about him? Does he deserve this much effort? Anyway who takes him seriously?

    3. What a Dhansoo article!!!

    4. hahahaha this blog is a laugh riot presenting the most disgraceful aspect of Indian politics and BTW no one really takes him seriously...not even his master :)

    5. Terrible English !!

      Examples : To quote from your article :

      (1) "even a name which synonyms with someone who has concurred the world" - is it 'concurred' or 'conquered'?

      (2) "But did that stopped you from Rahul..." - is that 'stopped' or 'stop'?

      Why would you not get your articles (and these are good sensible articles, just like the one above) edited for right grammar?

      Disappointing Sir

      Warm regards


    6. apni maa se poochna, tum kaise paida hue the?? and she will explain it to you in her own, respected language, not to embarrass you or for that matter embarrass herself. but you will get the picture, same way article padho, matlab jaano, aur kya kehna chahte hain, samajh jao.
      spelling mistake nikalni ho, to bharat mein baitke bakwaas karo, don't get all high-funda just beacuse you're a slave in a white country, and all of a sudden you speak a bit better than the rest of the Indians.

    7. 'Rear licker' is appearing on Digvijay Singh article, I just want to ask you if he licked your mother rear or your sisters rear ? If yes you should actually be happy Digvijay wuld have satified your mother and sister both.....you M'fkr uppercaste propagandist

    8. Really funny and yes this man is a joker and he will keep the humor after laloo but its sad to see how low a man can get to enjoy political patronage this man was a CM and today look at him even after all this his party simply washes its hand when ever he speaks rubbish he has in the process lost all moral ground to stand in political arena post 2014 when congress will be over from center what will happen to diggy he is no more even in MP today people still remember his misrule

    9. You bl00dy low-caste pr0$$%^&e. Your D0gVij@y cannot even satisfy himself. Go to 10JP and offer yourself for free.

    10. Tum jaise harami pille (bastard ) teri maa ko angrezz ne choda tha tabhi tu aisi bat kar raha hai. sochta hai USA likh kar to bada smart hai. u bloody piece of shit . ASS licker of Americans.

    11. "Congress can and will never loose"
      says this idiot......& .......dares anyone to challegne this Pro-Congress licking......
      I just feel to do so but Can a certain Namo hit "people like this" a front stab stagger to bring people in this country to feel.. people are people all the way and politicians are here to serve the country..... ???????????
      First thing, Namo should do after coming to power is have a fullfledge godra kand activity to all the congress generations........

    12. Gujarat before Modi- Icons and landmarks like Amul, Anand University, IIM, Kandla Port, IIFCO, KRIBHCO,Tata Mithapur Sada Ash Salt, Petrochemical complex Vodadra, Bharuch, Chemical zone from Vapi to Ankleshwar, Textiles Ahemdabad, Arvind Mills, Gandhinagar, Shipbreaking Alang, Narmada Dam, Cotton, Sugarcane, Tobacco, Edible Oils Rajkot, Agrochemicals Pesticides, Drugs and Pharma, Cipla, Cadilla, Lyka, Atul, Dyes and Chemicals, Fertilizers, GSFC, GACL, GNFC, GSPC, IPCL, GMDC, Hazira complex Reliance, Essar, L&T, Ports GMB, Art Silk, Synthetic Textiles Diamonds Surat, Oil and Gas Halol Khambhat Ankleshwar, Cement Gujarat Ambuja, Binani Cement Kutch, Jamnagar Refineries, Dahej Petro complex, Navodaya Schools, General Motors, Mundra Port, rise of business class, Tatas, Ambanis, Mafatlal, Lalbhais, Diamond merchants of Palanpur, Art Literature Theatre.

      Gujarat during Modi- Godhra, Riots, Genocide, Mass Murder and Rapes 2002, fake encounters, hate speeches, death of culture, Tata Nano, toothless Lokayukta, Major Roads by NHAI (Delhi), swine flu, malnutrition despite Central funds, rise and rise of Adanis, Adanis, only Adanis, Gujrat debt at record high Rs.1.5 trillions. Modi fit for serving tea to murderers in jails across the nation

    13. RSS M'fkrs can't adopt Tiranga as their flag ?

      RSS M'fkrs hoist Pakistan Flag during elections in Musalman areas !!

      RSS M'fkrs put meat and bones into Hindu temples in Musalman areas !!

      One RSS M'fkr in Kerala recently died while transporting bomb, many RSS are terrorists!!!

      Many RSS M'fkrs are languishing in jail for terror !!

      RSS M'fkrs were driniking go-muthra during freedom struggle, many musalmans dedicated their lives not RSS M'fkrs.

      Sonia is new Bharath Mata, she is taking care of India like her baby.

      RSS M'fkrs r@ping Bharath Mata by hoisting pakistan flag on Indian soil.

      Hard luck e-soldiers of chaddi party, Cong will win big in 2014 and 2019, BJP will be a 10 member party in parliament.

    14. Who ever deleted might have got hurt in his a$$.....

    15. R u a mouthpiece of dat fascist? If u r truly cynical,how abt being cynical of dat man who has killed his own colleague (ask Haren Pandhya's widow) and
      sidelined his rivals like Keshubai and Togadia.He is powerhungry and yet u r
      blinded dat u cant c.pl be objectively cynical and not just congress cynical.

    16. under your mentor leadership thousand of innocent muslim killed,several killed in fake encounter if someone talk about their grievences you malign him which is not in the interest of great nation

    17. Boss realize this, this Digvijaya Singh is not there for Muslims even. He is a self-serving opportunistic doormat of Gandhi family. All gimmicks he displays is for votebank. I can assure you, the least in this moron's interest would be the Muslims. As long as he can fool Muslims to benefit his Con party, he cares rat ass if Muslims are going to hell. Open up, Good morning and smell the coffee.

    18. it is our bad luck we have a leader like diggi raja.he is the only leader
      who always defame rss and hindu cimmunity.

    19. A Quick Q&A...
      What do you call a guy who flirts and has an afiar and even a baby ( some say) with another mans wife... Yo ucompensate him by seekgin out of court settlement and a election ticket in the name of a party that is your Team B....
      Answer.. Diggy the doggy Raja... always fiathful to the masters only...(not to his wife)