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    A Rapscallion Called Shakeel Ahmed

    Do you know an idiot going by the name Shakeel Ahmad? Even if you don’t, there is little to feel sorry about. The least one knows about such scalawags is better since reprobates like him are a big blot to our democracy, our nation and most probably the humanity at large. But unfortunately we have plenty of such scoundrels in our political spectrum.

    Back to the topic. No sooner the news of a bomb going off in front of the BJP Bengaluru office started coming in, this sycophant, who in all probability having an IQ level as low as the bacteria that you flush down your toilet bowls every morning, tried to give it the filthiest political color of the recent times. And how I always thought Congress has only a certain Digvijay Singh at their disposal to do the evil political painting job on every damn thing that can be remotely politicized. According to this rascal, the bomb blast could end up helping BJP in the upcoming legislative elections. How irresponsible and idiotic one can get? And he is a so called leader, as per our standards. In a matter as serious as a terror strike on our soil, it holds no importance for this moron since all that he sees in it is politics and political gain. In a way he was suggesting the world, the possible angle of BJP itself perpetrating such a heinous act, in order to garner some edge for the upcoming elections. At times even the word ‘bastard’ seems way less sufficient to describe a persona and unfortunately this Shakeel Ahmad is one from that rare cult.

    More than a dozen people, including two teenage girls and 8 police personnel getting injured in the process is not a concern for this moron. He cares least if the injured would survive this onslaught or not but was ready with his filth, even before the injured could be shifted to nearby hospitals for that much needed medical attention. How maniac and self-serving bastard one can be to stoop to such level of inhuman behavior where leeches even look sober in comparison; is beyond me. No wonder the social media burst into outrage after the rascal did what he and his party does best. That is to spread hatred among the different communities of the society and rule by dividing the concerned voices. Looking at the response that this buffoon got for his filthy tweet only shows how ridiculous his idea was to spew venom in the time of misery and how badly it has boomeranged at his own ass. And as always, the sinister party that this jackass belongs has distanced itself from the comment by terming it as a personal opinion.

    This bloody business of spreading hatred has to stop. We can’t tolerate so many Congress scamps having such venomous personal opinions and audacious enough to spew it on regular interval. If the morons can’t check their tongues and end up dividing the society further, it has to be the responsibility of the Congress party to call the dog catching unit and pack these rabies infected mongrels to the place they belong. Just distancing themselves today and cajoling the next day won’t work and not acceptable as well. We as a nation are sick of such obnoxious personal opinions for quite some time and it is about the point where the cunning foxes disguised under the sheep skin must be dealt with utmost sincerity.

    Not to blame this filthy Shakeel Ahmad alone, whole of Congress is like this. Highly communal, opportunistic rogues with the sole interest of looting the nation by either fooling the masses or dividing the masses. Every time there transpires any kind of untoward incident, at least one from the congregation of thugs would stand up and showcase his personal opinion and politicize the whole matter. Be it after 26/11 where another clown Digvijay Singh skirted a controversy when he talked about his personal discussion with Hemant Karkare, where he alleged to have confined on him about the possible threat from few Hindu centric organizations or the same rascal in companion with another scoundrel by the name Amar Singh after the Batla House encounter where they termed it as a false encounter; we always have one clown or the other readily positioned to sabotage the core concerns. As I said earlier, this bloody business of playing with national security for cheap votebank has to stop. Cultivating politics in matters of terrorism has to end and end at once. So when BJP raises the issue of Congress’s affinity in playing politics with every damn thing that is of national interest, it shouldn’t come as a surprise but a reality check, both for the party called Congress and it’s moronic constituents like Shakeel Ahmad.

    That said, as far as expectations of BJP to have some kind of answer from Manmohan Singh and Sonia Gandhi on the latest vomiting done by this Shakeel chap; well it is hoping against the hope. Because people who are serious of governance and genuinely wish the best for the nation would take such deplorable statements of Shakeel Ahmad seriously and work towards fixing the lousy bastard, but not reprehensible and self-serving figures like MMS or Sonia. For all that we know, they themselves might have positioned clowns like Ahmad to divide the society so that it gets easier for them to rule and keep on looting. Rather being a malaise, people like Shakeel Ahmad, Digvijay Singh could be trump cards for them. Or it may be an innocent mistake on the part of Shakeel Ahmad to spill the core secret of Congress party and the tricks they employ to gain edge before elections. 

    I mean that is how Congress has managed to rule the nation since independence. The famous Chacha Nehru trick that the womanizer learnt from his British friends. Absolute Seculars these Congress clowns are. No?


    1. @Being cynical, clows like Shakeel and Dickvijay are reflecting the sick mentality of congress, divide ,rule and loot. I was not surprised when I heard about what Shakeel said, its in their genomes. lol, I won't be surprised if someday we find about a congress camp where they are taught, nurtured, certified into graduates in the field of cheap politics and communal division.

    2. nice piece as usual. we are sick of these scumbags. we should get rid of most of them in the 2014 elections.

    3. We can keep lamenting as much as we want, but they will form the government in 2014 or 15 again

    4. They are just a reflection of our divided society

    5. 'Which party & RSS workers hoisted Pakistan flag in K'taka ?

      Which party members & RSS placed beef in hindu temple ?

      Which party made money out of Kargil Coffin deal ?

      Which party opposed death sentence of Afzal by fielding Jethmalani in SC ?

      Which party is connected with saffron terror ?

      WHich party govt. in K'taka was dubbed as most corrupt govt. in India by HC ?

      Which party MLAs watch blue film in assy ?

      Who said Swamy vivekananda has less IQ than D'wood ?

      Who said Jinnah is great in Pakistan ?

      Which party dictated CAG about 2G loss ? MM Joshi

      Who is tapping Jaitley's phone ? BJP itself Sidhanshu .Misra

      Which party dictated coal auction & related scam? BJP & Orrisa Biju

      Who is the BJP CM who was jailed ? Yeddi

      Which party MLAs burnt down building with scam papers in B'lore ? BJP

      WHich Party Rajya Sabha member defended Rajiv & Indira killers ? BJP, Jethmalani

      WHich Party Rajya Sabha member defended Haji Mastan, YSR Jagan, Kanimozhi, Raja, Hawala scam ? BJP, Jethmalani

      Which party calls decent and tallest world leader like MMS as night watchman ?

      Which party pays for phirangis to praise Modi ?

      Which party secretly loves Gandhi surname ? Ask Varun

      Who obstructed the Parliament the maximum?

      Who opposes all progressive legislation?

      Who said Maldives/B'desh kicks India around?

      Who said obstructing Parliament is legitimate?

      Whose ideology assassinated Gandhiji? RSS,BJP

    6. Last week RSS worker blew himself accidentally in Kerala while transporting explosives. Hindu terror is never taken seriously in India. Shame on govt. Congress which is promoting terror along with BJP & RSS

    7. what else can you expect from pakistan loving muslims of our country

    8. pleas do not abuse bacteria. they are very clever organisms

    9. Ohh, I'm extremely sorry about this. I shouldn't have in fact
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    10. what a post dude!! Love each and every word here.Really wish if we could drive these demons out of the country.

    11. leave in your fool's paradise for ever with 72 pigs.

    12. what a piece of shit you are , it was firecracker that was being transported. DId dickvijay just farted you out ?? because you seem to show his character !!

    13. What is this Mohajir doing in India?

    14. This mohajir should know that everybody is not like congress. We know how congress parades the dead bodies of its leader to garner votes