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    The Mega Farce Called IPL

    We Indians are always taken for a ride; and to some extent we deserve such betrayals in regular intervals so that we are kept reminded of the possible backstabbing one can expect for such cult worshiping. Be it our politicians who are hoodwinking us for last half a century or the ever so notorious circle of Bollywood which gets sprinkled with black and mafia money while we never shy away from showering our patronage for the moronic constituents of it or our national religion called Cricket which gets marred at an alarming regularity with people who play the game, screw the reputation of the game itself with their shoddy actions. Bottomline, it is always our cult worshiping that propels absolute filthy humans take the high ground in betraying the people who have elevated them to such heights.

    The latest spot fixing episode in and around IPL is one such example where a handful of idiots have made an absolute nut case of this beautiful game and end up telltale the same people who have made IPL such a success to begin with. Again, as I said in my first line; we deserve this.

    But more than the trio who got this sudden affinity for towels, it is we who should be blamed squarely for this self-inflicted stab wound, more than anyone else. That said, filthy organizations like BCCI, the IPL governing council and the people who run both these organizations shouldn’t be exonerated of their crimes and intentional manipulation of the game for money.

    A critical pointer to the underneath farce in this whole IPL thing can very well be judged on the basis of money that is involved in this club level tournament. A country where more than half of its population is far, far away from basic necessities, spending of thousands of crores for a game, only tells a slapdash story. And the story is nothing but the farce that runs around this tournament and how the sentiment of the viewer’s taken for a systematic ride without any consideration. How many of us really do believe genuinely the existence of even 5% honesty in this whole tournament? I don’t think there would be many who will feel so and for those who believe there is transparency in IPL; I only advise them to take note of the fellows who run this IPL nonsense. If you expect honesty from people like Rajiv Shukla, N. Srinivasan and Sharad Pawar to name few then I can only pity on your sense of judgment.

    For starters, the business model of this IPL looks extremely blurry. For the life of me, I can’t fathom the channel through which the so called owners of these 9 teams could make profit out of it. I mean, shedding a good four hundred crores (minimum) to buy fancy names like ‘Kolkatta Nightriders’ or ‘Delhi Daredevils’ doesn’t make any sense to me as a human being. Now for me these are only names since you end up spending few more millions to build a team around these names. Don’t you? Even there are people like Subrato Roy who go ahead spending close to a thousand crores to buy the ‘Pune Warriors’ name. I am not questioning the business acumen of these thick wallet carrying business minds but I for sure don’t see any concrete and legitimate avenues available to get back the said amount of money, let alone making any bloody profit. This is where I smell rat. I am sure the owners are aware of the money making mechanism which we lesser mortals are never told. I am sure BCCI in connivance with a lot of thugs must have churned out ways and means to convince the owners to spend such unbelievable amount before selling them the carrot. Since we as viewers were never apprised of these shoddy means, either by design or intention, the foul smell of naughty malpractice is anything but an open secret. Had the means of money making were of purely legal types then the rest of the nation must be aware of the same. Since these dealings are shielded from public scrutiny, it is only expected to be suspicious and nefarious as well.

    Look at the duration of this tournament. Two months? As I once said, this is really a long period since no Jharkhand government has managed to remain operational for that many days in last five attempts. I have seen Olympics and football world cup where it doesn’t stretches beyond three weeks with so many teams and players involved whereas this wretched tournament with only 9 teams playing goes on for donkey’s ages. Doesn’t this very duration smell nonsense to begin with? While we may cry for blood of the three apprehended players, in reality the whole tournament is rigged and fixed. In every stage of it, the viewers are fooled to the core, so as to keep the interest alive artificially.

    Here is the thing. This year, almost all teams have own their respective so called home games. You may see sporting coincidence but I see conspiracy. This is plain and simple attempt at pulling the crowd to the stadia to pack it to capacity since they would love to see their home sides winning in front of them. Packed stadia actually helps the BCCI to convince the sponsors, advertisers and stake holders of the continuing popularity and makes it easy for them to sell the snake oil in the name of popularity. Empty stadium at Pune is a good testimony to what I want to infer since this is where BCCI is touted to lose 15 crores per match. Do you still see sporting coincidence? Let’s go a little beyond then. How many of you have seen the pathetic face of Shahrukh Khan this season when KKR was playing? Once or twice may be but you can very well recall, during the previous edition the same chap was present in the stadium for almost all matches of KKR. And who won last year’s edition? Now, can you correlate the pathetic performance of KKR this season with the absentee called SRK? I am now confident that BCCI leaves no stones unturned to fix the games so that every team gets their share of the cherry on a round robin basis. A series of bad performance of KKR was not going well with its popularity among its so called supporters which in turned called for radical management. From nowhere, a team languishing at the bottom of the table last season rises from the ashes and wins the trophy next year. That is so inspirational but in reality it is the resultant of BCCI’s handiwork to satisfy the hounding shareholders who must be crying foul with the degrading popularity of KKR. Don’t believe me? Then just wait for the next season and see how Pune makes it big and end up winning IPL7 to balance out the plunging popularity index.

    I even feel Sreesanth is caught in rough weather because of his extravagance on Twitter not long back. While it could be unofficially official for the team owners to felicitate all kind of fixing (remember the channel of making money) so that their balance sheet doesn’t make a horrifying reading, this chap is scarified for letting know the world; what is the truth. Didn’t he point blame on BCCI (indirectly) for creating artificial controversies so that the interest in the tournament remains intact? Didn’t he term the infamous slapgate as an act of fabrication so that people remain hooked to this nonsense called IPL? The day Sreesanth made all these revelations and accused Harbhajan of backstabbing, I was sure something rotten would fall off from IPL’s cabinet very soon. And that’s precisely what has happened. I feel pity that Sreesanth decided to take head on with the mighty thugs of BCCI and feel equally pity for the lesser known duo that were send to the gallows along with Sreesanth. After all arresting Sreesanth alone would have made the nasty plot too obvious for all to guess. Won’t it have?

    All in all, this IPL must be stopped once. It is only inculcating foul play among the players who are supposed to be gentle (gentleman’s game. Remember?). If that is not enough, it also is ruining the longevity of many fine players. How many times we have seen few of our key players getting injured after this never ending IPL saga is over. How many times we have seen our team flunking badly at the tournament/series preceding IPL. This bloody nonsense of money minting and playing with the sentiments of so many people must stop. Strategic timeout? Do I see the smiling faces of the Set Max shareholders? Heavens!!


    1. While your subject matter is great... please please polish and refine your English! It is pathetic... often it is difficult to understand what you are saying.

    2. Well written and squarely sums up the malaise called greed! It has just extended itself to Cricket! We the public are to blame- cricket is a religion in India and these fake players are milking us no end. BTW, have stopped watching cricket like 15 years back.. no regrets till date. Some friends look at me as if I have stopped breathing or stopped eating! Well that says it all. And I am talking about decently educated and people with sensible brains.. Imagine what will happen to those who are not!

    3. Agree with you on this,but we are in minority.The majority will keep on watching this circus

    4. BTW why the big Political Heroes like Mr Narendra Modi, Mr. Farooque Abdullah, Mr. Arun Jaitley, Mr. CP Joshi, Mr. G Vinod, Mr. Rajeev Shukla are keeping mum regarding the wrongdoing of Great Mr. N. Srinivasan ?