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    Let’s Not Blame The Cops Always

    Our media is in a bad habit of picking stories and make a demon out of it where others don’t see any. The latest saga of the so called police atrocity where a cop was caught slapping a young girl inside a police station is one such thread which our media went gaga whole through yesterday. I have no qualms if our media wants to showcase this slap as an act of police brutality by either not going through the sequence of events or intentionally keeping the truth out of reach of the public to gain cheap TRP. But that said, as a viewer or even as a mature citizen of this nation, I need to go through the sequence of events before that slap finally landed, so as to decide if I am required to outrage alongside the Arnav Goswamis of the world and lambast our law and order enforcing agencies.

    It is never a doubt that our police force is badly in need of some immediate reform. Reform in everything, starting with their general behavior towards the public and ending with the very manner they go about doing their job. No two ways about it that, there is a need of paradigm shift in whole modus operandi of our police force where one would see our forces become more accountable to the public than what they are now. But does that mean we lampoon our police for every damn thing and term each action of theirs as an act of atrocity? Not sure about others but I certainly don’t entertain the idea of getting judgmental on anything on the basis of a 15 seconds video clip, without knowing the other side of the story.

    Now here is the thing. The girl who was seen getting slapped on a video is not a holy cow. For me, the slap is well deserved one and wish the same had landed on her cheeks long back. I know the feminist and the hoard of self-righteous moral brigade would be fuming with this very line of mine but what’s the take? Without knowing the reason of the slap it shouldn’t be anyway taken on the face value as part of a standard fashion statement to sendup the police, as many of our current generation know-all idiots love to do.

    It is a fact that the girl was drinking inside a car along with her presumed boyfriend in the mid of the night at a residential area. Isn’t the very act is against the law? Didn’t she break quite a handful of our IPC and CrPc with her drinking spree? What we expect our police to do with people who break the law? Certainly not ornament them with garlands and sweets but to take stringent of actions. The girl and her alleged boyfriend not only did the mischievous act of drinking in a public place but were rude to one and all who objected to their nefarious act. In a residential area where people expect sanctity, both for the peace of mind and their kids so that they don’t pick the wrong example, how insane it was for someone to drink in open is anybody’s guess. If the drinking in open wasn’t enough, the girl was so intoxicated with the grog that she abused and hurled unparliamentarily adjectives to those who objected to such felony. No one was spared from the ire of this moronic girl since she felt it is well within her rights to drink in public without being objected. She was so overjoyed with her accomplishment that she went ahead and slapped a techie who asked her to move her ass out of the premises, rather than creating an unnecessary scene.

    For all those who go by the word feminism; how appropriate was it on the part of the girl to abuse and manhandle sober people if you feel what the cop did to her was outright wrong? Even the treatment that was meted out to the girl inside the police station has a backdrop to it. When the irate residents of the locality finally called the police to take this public nuisance out of there, the girl was still at her intoxicating best. A simple enquiry of her whereabouts and resident’s address by the cop infuriated the girl so much that she even didn’t spared the cops from her filthy mouthing. She started her abuse from where she left before she was picked up by the police and continued abusing the entire lot (including few civilians of the locality where she was drinking) present at the outpost. Now what the cops are supposed to do when a girl who barely crossed her teens is seen abusing each and every one who comes in her way? As I said earlier, she deserved the slap and that too a tight one for all that she managed to accomplish that night.

    If the feminist feel that was wrong on the part of the cop to slap the girl, they must also explain how rightful it is to abuse and manhandle innocents in an inebriated condition. Had there been a boy in place of the girl, would these moral brigades shout so much? And please stop this ‘roughing up a student’ nonsense. A student is a state of life, not just getting enrolled in some bloody educational institution. If one has to take shelter of this student umbrella, he/she equally has to showcase the attributes of a student first. And certainly the definition of a student doesn’t entertain the patron drinking in public and then going on an abusing spree. This act is associated with rowdies of the street, not students. And rowdies need to be dealt in a manner exactly the way the cops dealt with this pathetic girl. Had the cops didn't acted the way they acted it would have been gross injustice to the law itself. Wish there could have been couple more, not just one.

    And please, stop this freedom to women nonsense. If freedom means you become a public nuisance and go on abusing people then I really wish we abolish this word ‘freedom’ from our dictionaries. Freedom comes with a huge responsibility and certainly drinking in a residential area and then abusing people in no way could be termed as a responsible act. Had the girl’s parents taken their spoilt brat in tough terms earlier and landed few tight ones in the confinement of their home, she wouldn’t have become such an embarrassment for them and the society at large and for sure wouldn’t have been clicked getting slapped inside a police station.

    Freedom for rowdy and morally bankrupt moronic women? My ass!!


    1. For most part, I agree with your views, but slapping by police is still not appropriate, they could have charged her with relevant sections of IPC and put her behind the bars if she was abusing others. Nowhere in our judicial system there is provision for slapping accused/criminals as far as I know!

    2. How can you say this man!!! Dont you know that women (specially indian women) are holy cows who cant do anything wrong at all?? The only way to take Indian society forward is to lock up every man without the need of any evidence on just a frown of a holy woman. I mean no matter how many false cases of dowry are being filed or how many daughters-in-law are getting harassed by their mother-in-law, but still somehow men are responsible for everything that is wrong and these epitomes of holiness are just too sacred to question.

    3. agree with you. If they charge under some IPC section, rich dad will pull strings, bribe, the case will be withdrawn, cop will be transferred, she will continue her antics. Now she will never forget the slap and the lesson will be remembered. Cop may still get punished, but at least his pride will be intact. We cannot have law and order by tying the hands of cops and demotivating them

    4. Does the constitution gives police the right to slap?I agree that the girl was creating a nuisance but arent there rules/law to deal with that?I agree that media overhyped the issue,but slapping a person is not appropriate.

    5. the society needs good mothers.we are loosing them fast.please dont support this unwanted freedom for women.drinking and misbehaving at this age?the police personals are right in slaping her.if i were there iwould have beaten her blue.