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    The Dinner That Will Taste Bitter

    Congress is holding a grand dinner for its natural allies and unnatural allies like SP & BSP to celebrate UPA government’s ninth anniversary. And I am sure; the food will taste unusually bitter for a large constituent of this UPA coalition. If there were any possibility of the food tasting sweeter, those were handsomely ruined by yesterday’s opinion poll that CNN-IBN carried out in 20 major cities. To say the least, the numbers are alarmingly fatal for Congress, if they were still carrying the expectations of making it a third term on the trot.

    But, are the Congress and its bigwigs are so naïve to not see the writings on the wall? Does anyone believe the numbers flashing on CNN-IBN channel would have come as a shocking surprise for the party men in anyway? If the latest Karnataka polls were of any pointer then corruption in public life stands as a major bone of contention for the voters. The corruption is the precise thing that saw the unceremonious boot out of BJP from the state legislative. And talk about corruption, Congress holds the dubious distinction of accomplishing them in truck loads. While other parties have a handful of them to their credit, Congress could very well rewrite the history of corruption and demonstrate a catharsis of the same. And if the belief of Congress that corruption never deviates the structured votebank, then I must say, the think tank need to reevaluate their political standing even before thinking about 2014 elections.

    Here is the thing. A good 67% believe, Manmohan Singh is largely useless as the priminister of this country and as the leader of the coalition he is anything but pathetic. There is a reason for such exasperation of the public against him. Without a debate, he could possibly be leading the most corrupt government of democratic history of the entire universe. Rampant corruption certainly irritates the masses but any intentional inaction irritates even more. From Raja to Kalmadi, it is only inaction that Manmohan Singh offered this nation. Every day a new scam gets unearthed where people see the ministers of this present day government hand-in-gloves with the perpetrators in conniving another mass loot of public money. For each scam, Manmohan Singh remains oblivious and offers no solace to the public in the form of systematic ignorance. Sometimes it is the coalition Dharma while for others it is plain disinterest to act against his own colleagues. People get to see no action on the ground to take these highway robbers to task. The boiling anger against such institutional loot has surfaced as the scary numbers that CNN-IBN played all through yesterday evening. People have gone so discontent with this government that they are no more ready to believe on the honesty and integrity of Manmohan Singh. While earlier for each scam Congress wags could easily get away by showing a clean image of Dr. Singh, the ploy now is failing badly. Dr. Singh might be a man of honesty himself but shielding corrupts is no lesser an act of dishonesty in itself. Since people see how inefficient Dr. Singh is, in controlling his own filthy subordinates, his own clean image has suffered a severe dent in public perception.

    The second point in the range of dissatisfaction is price rise. To say it mildly, the prices of essential commodities has gone through the roof. This is another instance where people find the government, starting with Manmohan Singh and down look the other way always. When survival for many has become tougher than ever, all that people get for an assurance is hollow promises. First the 100 days revival promise of Dr. Singh himself that never took off. Every three months another incompetent bot going by the name Monteksingh Ahluwallia going public with a new proposed date of inflation getting normal, irritated the populace even more. To couple with rampant corruption this unprecedented price rise convinced the citizens that, as far as they are concerned they don’t just fit into the scheme of things of this government. All that the government is interested in, is to loot the nation with both hands. People can go to hell for all that this UPA government cares; is the notion that a major chunk carry. Not to blame the populace, the notion that they carry, which look so negative against this UPA government is somewhat justified. For the life of me or anyone, it becomes highly incomprehensible to see a democratically elected government becoming so nonchalant towards the plight of the citizens. All that matters for them is to find avenues to loot the nation and do nothing else than just looting.

    Bad management of our economy is another point which might not have gone down well with the citizens; though it majorly is a concern for the urban populace. Because of corruption and bad policy frameworks ours once booming economy is in tatters now. But this never bothers this incompetent government since they are not there for the growth of the nation but for self and party’s growth. It bothers them little if the hard earned savings of the common man is vaporizing in thin air. It doesn’t bother them if the GDP saw the biggest decline of decades or if the FDI in core sectors have all but dried up. All that they care about is levying heavy retro taxes on potential investors to scare them away from investing. Least talked about the amount of job loss that happened in last four years is better. Even the primary job providing institutions like information & technology has seen a strong decline. But this government least cares if people are getting deprived of their livelihood since the motto being in power is not to uplift the living standards but dig out lies to frame Narendra Modi at any cost; even if that means slapping a 547 crore tax notice to Infosys since it’s mentor Narayan Murthy has some praising words for Mr. Modi.

    Arrogance of many in Congress is another blatant display of indifference. From Manish Tewari to Kapil Sibal, all are rascals of great magnitude, possessing the biggest mouths of the world. Seldom do people appreciate if their elected representatives flaunt their status symbol to come up with statements like ‘Elected & Electable’. As I have said this million times, had the jokers of Congress shown a little less arrogance, they wouldn’t have landed themselves in a position that they currently find themselves in. As long as they continue encouraging morons like Digvijay Singh to insult each and every person, the more they will dig themselves in the pile of shit. If they believe, people have too short a memory to remember the foul mouthing these jokers have done over the years; I am sorry, the numbers of the said opinion poll should come as a reality check.

    Honestly, I can’t wait for 2014 to come so that these morons who unfortunately are making a mess of this nation for last 9 years are shown the door. I couldn’t have cared less if the CNN-IBN opinion poll wakes these hawks from their deep slumber to face the truth. The damage that these idiots have done is so magnanimous that it might not get covered under their usual ploy of drooling out freebies and social welfare schemes during the election year. So whether the buffoons wake up from their dream and face the music or try their best to change their well deserved nasty image a bit would sum up to naught. Because people may take time to recognize the foxes in sheep skin but when they do, the foxes are in for a horrendous surprise. Come May 2014, the jackals would know, what happens to the traitors and lampoons who play with the nation and its sentiments. Amen!!

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