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    A Letter To Our Media Houses

    Dear honorable Indian Media,

    You know what? The biggest curse that I get to see for our democracy wouldn’t be a particular family and the false notion of their sacrifice, which so conveniently being peddled as a lie for decades together. No, not even the thousands of sycophants who are more than eager to clean some first family toilet bowls with their tongues, if given a chance. Not even the screwed up definition of secularism, which in a sense means Hindu bashing either. The biggest curse for me is always our media. Or rather a congregation of wolfs with minimal or no moral to bank upon and those who sold themselves along with their ethics in per Kg basis at a throw away price.

    You guys broadly fall into two categories. You either are already sold out to air nonsense and lies, benefitting a particular political outfit and its first family or trying your best to make yourself salable by conjuring up incomprehensible falsehood to satisfy a handful, suo moto. I don’t see a single media house which doesn’t fall in either of these two categories; provided you don’t consider India TV types as journalistic marvels. Ditto also stands true for all the journalists that crowd around our TV screens like flies do around rotten pile of shit. You keep on spewing lies at your master’s service, one after another as true and sold out slaves would do. Not a single journalist (and I really mean even one), I ever see carry any sense of self-respect, let alone ethics and honesty. You know, In fact all of you look so same from a distance. Only thing that I find as a differentiating characteristic among you charlatan lot is the price tag that you attach to yourself as the minimum threshold amount. Depending on the media house you belong and past rapport of successful lie vending, you guys put a price on your moral but otherwise you all are so similar to each other; like conjugated twins.

    While we are at the journalists, let’s see few exceptional characters from your brethren and salute them for taking the self-imposed slavery to an all new height, or may be low. Most of these great exponents of untruth and filth have a common string attaching them. That is BJP for quite some time and of late Narendra Modi. Many of these class acts in fact made a career out of their polished Hindu hating and Modi bashing. At times I wonder, what these crooks would have done, if there was no word called ‘secularism’ or at least the absence of pseudo secularism in our country. I wonder, how these journalists turned Divas would have managed to drive their SUVs on Delhi streets, had there been no Gujarat 2002. I wonder how these guys would have afforded to send their sons and daughters to Manipal mediacl colleges by drooling out 30-40 lakhs, just like that; had there been the existence of a miracle called – An honest Congress Party. The more I see them on my TV screen, I keep on wondering more; how these rabid entities are given such a freehand to rape our democracy and create havoc on Indian psyche, in the name of ‘Freedom Of Press’.

    Though, your job entitles a secrete buy-sell memorandum with the highest bidder, still you guys somewhat maintained certain basic level of sanctity till the point a vast cottage industry started after Gujarat riots. Along with the lairs, those started to make a living out of the dead of Gujarat, you guys also ‘evolved’ (how it reminds me of that ever so evolving journalist) yourself even faster. You joined hands with the liars on the ground (read pious NGOs like that of Teesta) and started vending the lies at pan-India level. While truth, honesty and integrity should have been or so as it is touted, the motto of your profession, you instead turned yourself into absolute propagandist and concentrated fulltime in maligning Narendra Modi somehow. It doesn’t matter if in the process you guys made professional whores out of yourselves. No offense to whores here, who at least only sell their bodies for survival, not their ethics and moral.

    That said I still admire your level of focus. For you guys, the only tragedy that India perhaps witnessed in its entire history is Gujarat riots. No? While none of you, like your paymasters bother an ounce for the Karsevaks charred alive, you find the riots that preceded a convenient platform to shed gallons of crocodile tears at any given opportunity. Though, those who died in the riots deserve justice but what about those 59 roasted to death, to start with? The Karsevaks seem to have no right, just because of their religion. That’s how sold out eyes gets blurred when confronted with truth. Leaving the Karsevaks for the moment; what about the Sikhs those were butchered by Congress jackals in 1984? They don’t have any rights for justice either, I guess. If the Sikhs get their part of justice, it will pit the blame on your masters, feet of whom you are so joyfully licking for quite some time. So why bother for something which could ruin the scope for some easy money. Honesty can go it hell, if that is what required. No?

    I know Sikh riots is embarrassing for many. Precisely for the most secular party of India. So lets move from there. What about, even the last riots of Assam, which forced thousands of Assames to leave Muslim populated cities in fear of their lives? Why you guys never bothered to cover that horrific story? Just because the truth would have hurt the only secular religion of the world and your masters just can’t afford that happening? That is what epitome of honest journalism is. Even the Bangladeshi Muslims are dearer than Indian Hindus. True sense of secularism, I must say. And what you give for an excuse when confronted with tough questions about your complete disinterest in airing the plight of lakhs of Assames? Ohh yes, you guys found it very, very difficult to reach those riot affected places in lack of proper road connection. Wow, but I see far better agility if something happens to Muslims, even if the place is in Antarctica. Don’t I? You may fool the nation or feel you are managing to but do you feel people can’t see the nefarious plot? For you guys, India was always a peace loving nation without a single life lost to ethnic violence till the point a wretched man called Narendra Modi took the onus on himself to disturb the tranquility of our nation by personally slaughtering Muslims on Ahmadabad streets. No wonder why he must beg apology or better be hanged publicly for such a crime but Rajiv Gandhi should be awarded with ‘Bharat Ratna’ for strengthening the social fabrics of the nation by his path breaking line – ‘When a big tree falls, earth shakes’.

    Now let’s see how you handle the corruption charges against your masters. Do I hear passionate slaves whispering during the break – ‘Congress Ki Taraf Se Thoda Defend Kardena’? No wonder why such critically acclaimed sold out doormats are honored with the opportunity to host shows like ‘We The People’. When it comes to strengthening the voice of people against everything that is wrong, can one find a more pious and honest soul than Barkha Rani? After all, she is the flag bearer of secularism, certified by none other than, THE secular party of India. From hiding the likes of Raja and Kalmadi under your pants and skirts to out rightly engaging in Dalali through finest people like Radia, you guys are commendable in every sense. And what you do when someone points, you are hiding a rascals under your skirt? Yes, threaten him/her with legal actions. Sounds perfect to me. How dare anyone can question the honesty and cleanliness of yours which even at times shames Dettol.

    Hope to write something credible and noteworthy about you next time with a different perspective on a larger context. Gnight!!


    -Someone who can differentiate between truth and lies.


    1. Can someone please post this letter to the headquarters of each sold out media house? Please. Need this urgently.

    2. awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..............hats off to u man..i m no hating 2 see any news channel bcoz d economy is in shatters...unemployment is growing...price rise is in sky high....but no one is ever concerned about that
      plzz dear media stop those mentality and focus on the real issues....is media now turned into bashing opposition n praising govt schemes...wake up dear jurnos...

    3. Rediff is so stupid. Even before reading my post they keep on deleting it. I wrote "A Hindu majority India is ruled by (so called) secular government whereas all minorities here, when they become majority in other country, they rule by the law of their religion. (I am stating this because population of Hindu majority is electing our government, can't blame Congress fully for this). This gives impression to the world that a Hindu cannot co-exists with other communities hence needs to be controlled all the time as he/she is extremely communal whereas all other religions are most secular."

      Truth is, Hindu religion is stable because it doesn't believe in conversion whereas other religions, who believe in conversion, are aggressive by nature. Here I do not blame any individual but just stating a fact.

    4. Now calling all paid cyber-whores like pratF%^&k gupta , munichimpappa and others to come and vomit here

    5. Actually thus Pratul Gupta and Munichimpappa are the same person. In fact today I found him copy-pasting the same nonsense in other blogs and news posts as well. Exactly the same rubbish as he does in my blogs. FYI...

    6. Dude, I 90% agree with you. As much as I've seen Rajdeep, Sagarika and Barkha etc clearly spreading false propaganda, But I guess Arnab Goswami stands apart from all of them. You please watch news hour. I do everyday.

      Of course he also plays a card of sensationalism, but I guess that is the requirement of this profession. But I've never seen that dude being biased in favor of anybody. He mostly calls a spade a spade. And he is way too fearless, the way he undresses the politicians of any party in the wrong is worth watching. :)

    7. Rajdeep Sardesai is being hated as he hosted Greatest Indian and gave the ultimate award to Dr.Ambedkar. Upper Castes can't digest the fact that Dr.Ambedkar is the greatest Indian, and yes even greater than Gandhi.. The program shows there are people and channels with down trodden. Dr.Ambedkar is not a leader but revered as more than God in 300 Million homes.

      Sagarika, Bharkha are also great anchors, they are exposing the uppercaste propaganda to some extent, but I feel they should become anti-uppercastes and expose all propagandas.

      Arnab is never soft on BJP, in fact he hates BJP than Congress !!

      Coming to Being Cynical, just look yourself in mirror it is written on your face "Spread RSS & Upper caste propaganda" not "Being cynical"

    8. To whom is "Being Cynical" sold ? All articles sound like reverberations of RSS Shakkas !!!

    9. The biggest liars are Barkha Dutt, Nidhi Razdan, Rajdeep & Sagarika and Arnab Goswami. And another one is Kumar Ketkar - that b*%#^*^ is a real sucker of congi party.

    10. lo yeh chutiya fir aa gaya. eNarega ki nazaayaz aulaad.

    11. OK all talks going on in the run up to 2014 elections.....

      Let's assume Modi and 'Galaxy' of BJP leaders successfully split Hindu votes and take BJP tally to 150 (possibilities is 1 percent, in past people have rejected mandir, they rejected womaniser Vajpayee, they rejected Shining India, etc etc)

      If Modi is PM, who will support ?

      1. Ram Jethmalani (Zero seats)
      2. Baba Ramdev (Zero seats)
      3. Akali Terroist Dal : 05
      4. KNowing the numbers will not make govt., Jaya will sit on fence so will Udhaav (Uddhavv already spoken that Modi is unfit for PM post !!)

      Who will oppose Modi

      Cong, SP,,BSP,Mamtha,RJD,JDU,BJD, Left Parties, hmmmmm .....all other parties under the sun except Akali Terrorist Dal.

      For UPA to form govt. I wish BJP get more than 150 seats, b'cos only then secular forces will join together and install UPA-3 guided by Mother Sonia. Even if BJP gets 175 seats it cannot form govt b'cos secular front will get only stronger to defeat upper caste propaganda !!!

      RSS has R@ped Bharath Mata by hoisting Pakistan flag and putting meat into Hindu temple. It will be good if Sonia is made new Bharath Mata of India, she is loving and caring than any other leaders !!

      Vote intellectualism and instal no-nonsense UPA-3

    12. uppercaste knows only to use bad words.....shame !!

    13. eNarega money seems to be teaching you a lot of manners :)

    14. hmm..... may be....... at least not like RSS who go to musalman areas and hoist Pakistan flag in the cover of darkness....equivalent to r@ping Bharath Mata....

    15. Bharat mata was raped the day they Gandhi let your fore-fathers remain in India..

    16. strategies of paid eNarega employees like Munisammappa (hence Congress)....

      1. keep talking about lower cast people to give them a sense of false victimhood even in modern India.
      2. keep demeaning BJP and Modi through false claims.
      3. keep defending the misdeeds of congress shamelessly.
      4. keep a high profile to come across as intellectuals.
      5. keep making "Jaikaras" of maino and ullu (of course to get a raise).

      And I dont think this is a person. I think this is an organization where a bunch of paid bafoons are blogging on internet space everywhere.

    17. 1. False victimhood ? you are not grounded in India and you are not a dalit !

      2. What I have are facts, first BJP govt. is south looted and looted, Sushma was supervisor of loot, $82 billion dollars (known loot) !!

      3. Why people of India rejected BJP led NDA outrightly in 2004 ? Why people liked UPA-1 and gave more seats to Sonia ?

      4. Didn't get you

      5. Sonia is better than fictitious Bharath Mata, what are achievements of Bharath Mata lets weigh them against Sonia ?

      RSS lies and their propagandas are known to people, they are narrow minded and only pro-upper castes nothing else !!

    18. Gomuthra sipping RSS were never part of freedom struggle, Vajpayee was informer to British Kingdom during Quit India movement , shame that such cheap idiot ruled the nation for 6 long years !! But at last people realised and kicked them twice (2004/2009)

    19. Congi needs more 'Munisoniappa ( dog of sonia)'. Paid jolers under 'kidki' scheme.

    20. Sorry friend....Modi will be PM. You don't have worry so much.

    21. Point #5 - wow, how patriotic you Bastards are!! you are asking for the achievements of your real Mother (nation) and trying to compare them against those of this Bar Dancer whore!!

    22. lower caste knows only bad and cheap deeds, shameless bastard.

    23. As if pisslamic pigs fought for undivided India

    24. Still better than the noise arising from a pissalman mosque when they read the terror book aloud

    25. Shut ur mouth Choduappa

    26. 1. Uppercaste is today's lower caste. ask mayawati. It will take time for castism to go from hinduism.
      2. RSS volunteers helped UK flood-affected victims; kanchris was waiting for pappu to flag off relief material.
      3. Karnataka BJP was corrupt, so public gave a fitting reply. MLAs involved in corruption, watching porn, trying to rape all given fitting reply by voters. Reddy in jail. Yeddi will face music if prosecuted. BJP in disarray in Karnataka; its is a regional problem. May never form govt again unless kongress repeats the same mistakes of bjp or beats it in corruption.
      4. Vote for parties which do not divide the country and involve in nation building and not looting.
      5. Kanchris has mastered the art of winning elections by various tactics; NDA has to expose it. Give NDA a chance; enough of UPA and its inaction.
      6. Dont be pro-upa or pro-nda. vote them based on their performance in states/center. Its obvious who should be given that chance in 2014. Only then we can see some progress.

    27. 1. Not all uppercastes are bad, whole of UPA is uppercaste but they are treating people equally, they are learnt and they are matured. Uppercaste propaganda furthering RSS ideology are morons!!

      2. RSS volunteers helped UK flood victims !! You write this 100 times it becomes truth !!! RSS Volunteers also hoisted Pak flog ? WHy ? RSS leaders during freedom struggle were stooges of British. Vajpayee was british police informer during Quit India movement !!

      3. BJP's record cannot be touched by anyone !!

      4. Absolutely, RSS & BJP already drumming up Hindutva concept, they pulled down masjid as well !!

      5. NDA was given chance, NO inclusive growth, they were in fast mode on privatization of India, but people kicked out 'SHining India" once for all !!

      6. You are contradicting your own point no. 5 !!


    28. Arre Muni, you too started drinking from morning onwards? I told Funjay Jha not to do this, giving money to all fellows! Tahul Bandhi is already aware of this. After he is back from Tomethi he will plug the leaks. I hear today is the last day of the EMNREGA scheme. After last nights debacle on Rs.5 / Rs.12, Funjay is going back to do regular training.

    29. Arre Muni, These points are not for you to worry. That is Modi's headache. Now pls stop drinking. It is just early afternoon.

    30. I have told Funjay to stop the free supply of Arrack. This cheap liquor is making this fellow particularly delirious.

    31. Hahaha lodu did you come here to get brutally raped?

    32. I am ST and I tell you, that you are a CHOOTIA, now does that satisfy your ego?

    33. I read all these points in your KHIDKEE chutiapa.. stop copying paste this bloody shit from there you lodu.. upper caste-lower caste-muslim-hindu.. ye sab kar kar ke fuddu kaat do desh ka bc.. salon abhi achche roads chahiye.. jisse accident naa ho.. bijli chahiye...jisse machchar rape naa karen.. education chahiye...jisse bachche thoda bahut pad likh jaye... Jobs chahiye..jisse izzat ki roti kha sake... abhi secularism, NAREGA, Food security deke desh ko aur langda mat banao haramiyon...

    34. Hey Bhagwaan.. ek comment ka 1 Rs.. to total 24 comment kiye tune aaj... 12+12,,, Raj Babbar ke according 2 waqt ka khana to ho gaya aaj ka tera... to ab jaa aur khana kha.. abhi hag mat yahan..

    35. Cheap Idiot hoga tera baap bhosadi ke... abhi tak galiyan nahin maar raha tha..but tu bheeen ke loode yahi deserve karta hai......... agar gaaaand mein dum hai to call kar... number ye hai.. 9884567343 ....

    36. Ye kameena sanjay jha hi hai.. jo khud hi hagta hai..aur fir khud hi kha jata hai...

    37. I am from karnataka ... i can only pity u .. for falling in queue to spread lies .. good luck !!!