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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Ohh Yes, We Should Keep Talking To Pakistan

Team Being Cynical
Tell me the name of a country whose 5 soldiers get killed by its hostile neighbor’s counterparts without any provocation and the priminister doesn’t utter a single word. To ice the cake, even the defense minister goes ahead and gives the neighbor a clean-chit, squarely puncturing the official statement of his own army in the middle. That’s India for you. Such indifferent and highly charlatan idiots that we have elected to govern the nation. Before we move forward, do stand up and slap yourself left-right-and-center first for choosing such uncouth and shameless morons as our representatives.

Soldiers are there to defend the nation. Their duty is to protect the nation at any cost, even if that means sacrificing their lives in the process. That’s why we have respect for the warriors of the nation, who put their lives in danger so that we can sleep peacefully in the night. How it would feel when we see our brave hearts getting butchered without any provocation by the Pakistani army every now-and-then? Had there been a war situation, it still would have gone down as part of the trade but to see them getting killed unnecessarily is something that should boil the blood of any self-respecting citizen. But this doesn’t seem to be happening in case of our politicians. Our politicians, specifically from the Congress party are not only shameless but also are cold blooded amphibians. The morons who occupy positions of responsibility, courtesy our votes are least bothered about what happening to the image of the nation. What matters for them is their votebank, their loot, their divisive agendas and of course the Gandhi family. Beyond these stipulated pointers the thugs from Congress are oblivious for everything else. Such spineless buffoons are these scoundrels, who unfortunately are been elected by us only. Do slap yourself again please.

I am seriously angry, not on what Pakistan did but the way our own government has reacted to it. In a bizarre event, five of our night patrolling Jawans at the LoC were killed by Pakistani rangers while another one escaped death with serious injuries and struggling with his life. To even amaze us further, the rogues from that side came more than 450 meters inside the Indian side of LoC and started firing at our patrolling troop. And what was the first reaction of our government when this outrageous news started flowing in? There you go; the defense minister AK Antony stood in the house and gave a clean-chit to Pakistani establishment of their involvement in this shameful event. And would you believe, Antony said all this even before the Pakistani army came up with their explanations? Such morons we have in our side who offer opportunities to our rogue neighbors on platter to take advantage of and further mock us nonchalantly. Antony not only shamed all of us by exonerating a notorious outfit like Pakistani army, in the process he in fact lampooned the official statement of our army where they squarely pitted the blame on their counterparts of Pakistan. Such dimwit scumbags are administered for the all-important post of defense minister.

Stranger even to see such abhorrence from our defense minister when one finds this latest killing of our soldiers came at the backdrop of the beheading of two of our Jawans not long back. Had there been a strong reply to the earlier beheading saga, I am sure 5 of our brave Jawanas wouldn’t have lost their lives yesterday. But it seems a strong reply from our government is farfetched when such blatant violation of bilateral treaties and killing of our soldiers doesn’t even prompts our worthless PM to stand up and speak on the topic; even if aimed only at boosting the moral of our forces as well as the nation. Such silence only furthers the fact that this corrupt government is least bothered for the nation, let alone its soldiers. All that matters for these scalawags are their vested interest and loot mission. Any time left after such pan-India loot, it is duly consumed in defending the loot and the looters, attacking Modi and dividing the nation further on religious lines. The nation can go to hell, for all that these buggers in GOI care.

You may wonder why we are tolerating a rogue nation like Pakistan. Here not tolerating doesn’t necessarily mean going for a war as many dimwit morons in our media will make you believe. A sluggish approach to counter the ruffians and beggars like Pakistan is the reason why this rogue nation is behaving silly. Last time around, it was our army general who took the beheading more seriously than our worthless government and issued stringent warning of retaliation to square the attack. Doesn’t the mischief of Pakistani army reduced considerably after the threat? But alas, we have absolute jackass and clueless bots like Salman Khurshid in our MEA to screw up whatever pressure our general imparted on the beggars of that side. While our people were getting killed unnecessarily, this clown runs around the nation with his catering service to serve Biriyani to all the visiting Pakistani delegates, even if on a personal trip. Nation is not paramount for this idiot but the 5% minority quota and the votebank which he feels will be hampered if he acts like a statesman against the Pakistani bots. To such level our foreign policy has come down to. Appeasement and votebank has long surpassed the nation in the priority list, so much so that killing of our Jawans and insult to our nation even doesn’t buzz these spineless crawling toilet bugs.

And for those intellectuals, who get their bank accounts polluted with regular eMNREGA money, please stop your ‘Talks Should Go On’ nonsense. Aren’t we talking to that rogue nation for last 65 years? What are the specific achievements for us to keep on talking to those beggars? Can’t we just stop talking to a bunch of morally bankrupt individuals, who unfortunately pass on collectively as a nation? If we can ban the douchbags of that side from participating in IPL, can’t we replicate the same policy in other fields where we see a hoard of beggars from Pakistan coming here and earning? Why allow a sea of Pakistani singer to crowd our movie industry. Can’t we ask these chaps to pack their bags and leave? Can’t we make our stand very clear – we don’t tolerate uncivilized behavior, even to the slightest portion. If someone wants to have business with us, he/she/they must know the basic nuances of something called the civilized world. If not, please stay put where you are and don’t bother coming here and make a living. Or else, please do educate the bastards in your army to behave as armed forces are expected to. Had enough nonsense in the name of wretched arrangements like ‘Aaman Ki Asha’. The expectation of Aaman from a bunch of morons, who aren’t even fit to be called as civilized humans, is a futile attempt. The sooner we get rid of such hallucination that by repeatedly licking Pakistani posteriors we are going to strengthen our minority votebank out here, is better. Nation's pride is far-far important than the vested interest of the scumbags who win elections by dividing the nation on religious lines.

All said and done, one thing baffles me a lot. When our priminister is so averse to talking, even on matters of such sensitivity, his affinity to talk to few Pakistani jokers again and again, looks somewhat strange to me. Or as Jashwant Sinha said, we must introspect if this moronic political outfit called Congress is on the side of India or they have traded themselves, along with the nation to Pakistan already. Knowing the history of the party and the morons that regularly fill its stable, it would be no surprise if we find these buggers actually have sold the nation for personal gain. Such clandestine pricks these rascals are. Bloody spineless gutter bugs are unfortunately been assigned with the task of leading a colony of lions. 


  1. "Bloody spineless gutter bugs are unfortunately been assigned with the task of leading a colony of lions" - Sums up your post. If Congress comes one more time, auctioning of the nation to the highest bidder would be a shocking reality.

  2. Nehru 'khandan' and congress are the root cause of all the problems our country facing today. Weather it is our foreign policy (Do we have any ?) or financial and economical problems the poor citizens facing.

    Umpteen times it has been told and proved that if congress and nehru khandan are the main culprit. One can many articles / blogs etc. to prove this. But still it is pity or foolishness or both of our country that people selects such non-sense, spineless, selfish junks. Majority of our citizens are not using their vote power properly. If only 17% of minority can make their vote bank and enjoy all benefits, sympathy, etc. against the constitution and laws of the country then why can't 80% make a vote bank and throw this germs once for all ? The answer is we have not learn a single lesson from our past.

    Before thousand yrs we were divided and today also same situation. Thousand years back they came from that same direction, loot our country and go back. Now they are looting it from within as well as from outside. Its the 80% citizens of our country who should think twice weather they and their coming generations want to live in piece or in peace. Its time to decide now.

    Just think, if you utter a word 'Hindu' and you will be treated as communal, but if you give all 'Haj - subsidy (which is denied in quran itself)' or you allow them to block all roads 5 times a day for their 'namaj' even though it creates a problem to commuters and nearby residents then you are 'Secular'. This is just example, there are many such controversies with this people. Can you imagine a temple in Madina or Saudi Arabia and their government will support you for the same ? But here in this country Ayodhya, Mathura, Banaras . . . all knows the issue. In madresa you can teach quran, it is secular but if you try to teach 'Geeta' in schools then you are 'Communal' , 'Fascist'.

    Nobody talks about those 58 'Hindus' who got burnt in train without any provocation but they will talk about the aftermath of it which is a natural reaction. If someone slaps you, it is natural that you will also slap him but in this country you have to go to court because the person who slaps you is from Minority hence you cannot slap him else you will be communal.

    No one will talk about 5,00,000 kashmiri pandits who still stays in refugee camps in their own country even after 25 years. No one will dare to talk about their 'Human rights' because they does not belongs to minority but if police kill a criminal or terrorist for their self-protection then entire brigade of human right activist is ready to slap you left, right and center.

    Even the ruling party's members has been proved culprits in the court for killing / provoking to kill thousands of sikh innocents, no one will listen to them. Because this country is only for minority and not for majority.

    In kerala, the minister of ruling party officially gives the statement that they kill their opponents, still no one will utter a single word, why ? Because he belongs to that minority.

    Still there is time. Awake, be alert and throw away this fatal germs from our country.

  3. I am really sick of those Paki bazztards testing our patience. I'm equally sick of those deluded gutterbug peaceniks, asking us to have patience and avoid 'war-mongering'.

  4. Shocking indeed, the way our leaders respond to such incidents. Do they have any love left for the country?

  5. Why should the Army personnel lay down their precious lives for a country governed by crooks and anti-nationals. Even in matters of our country's sovereignty, this inept government is not taking a firm decision and just trying to wriggle out of this situation when they are supposed to be safeguarding our country's interest. DEFENSE PERSONNEL, PLEASE RESIGN EN MASSE; DO NOT LAY DOWN YOUR LIFE FOR A SPINELESS COUNTRY; LET OUR COUNTRY BE DECIMATED BY ENEMY; LETZ GO BACK TO STONE AGE.

  6. Why did the Army change its statement. Why are they toeing the line of Defense Ministry. Army cannot stand for its own personnel?? Cant they put their foot down and present the facts rather than changing their statement. Army is losing its respect with its spineless inaction. Yes, sitting on a computer and making comments is easy, BUT STILL GIVE IT A THOUGHT. IAS body in case of Durga Shakthi Nagpal and now Army -- why cant they back their personnel tooth and nail. Politics is making all our institutions SPINELESS. ALL HOPE IS LOST FOR THIS COUNTRY. JUST COUNTING DAYS OF WHEN OUR COUNTRY IS GOING TO BE A BANANA REPUBLIC IF IT HAS NOT BECOME ONE ALREADY.

  7. Its not only the politicians, but also the ordinary people who are as much criminals for tolerating Pakistan. I have personally came across ordinary Indians having opinions like we should continue dialogue and cultural/sports ties with the Pakis.

    With such a fucking deluded country, unable to see its real position in the world, it would be better if we go to a full fledged final war and annihilate those Muslim bazztards and our worthless selves.

    Fuckking TOLERANT NON-VIOLENT Indians we are.

  8. How come army can't act? Well! AK Antony is defence minister of pakistan. We need to wait until we get a new defence minister in 2014 ( Home Made - Not imported and Impotent)

  9. Colony of lions? Spayed and neutered, perhaps?

  10. We are too scared to fight. It is better to fight if your non violence is out of fear, this is what Gandhiji said and I believe that our (Government's) non-violence & tolerance is out of fear. They (Government) are so fearful that they fear any aggressive posture when it comes from any smaller community even within India. Those who talk about ties / talks with pakistan must be fearful people who do not want to lose any material wealth they have in India.

  11. Tell me the name of a country whose 5 soldiers get killed by its hostile neighbor’s counterparts without any provocation and the priminister doesn’t utter a single word.!!!

    BC these are the same words I was telling everybody here in London! fuck you are my lost brother man!

  12. @BC - I was thinking for sometime and it would be apt if you can come up with a write-up on Italian waitress and Dawood. I would put both of them on the same scale. Key pointers - 1) Characteristics of a an underworld don - Operate from behind , in dark 2) never give interviews 3) appease minorities 4) make private visit to Dubai and stash funds 5) Let the loyal dogs bark on their behalf 6) Put's family's interest first and lastly 7) Scumbags and looters of the country's wealth - Traitors...hope I can see this one day. Italian waitress is a fox in sheep's hide.

  13. Effin pakis want a war cos everything in their cuntry is downtrodden.

  14. You didnt get the point son.

    Its not only the govt which is apprehensive for retaliation, but even the ordinary Indian people seem to be living in delusions, talking about peace and ties with Pakistan. read my previous comment properly

  15. Jonathan MortimerAug 14, 2013, 2:36:00 AM

    It is my impression that we follow the Amerikan approach (read bin laden) and slink in our helicopters when these buggers are sleeping with their daughters on viagra and shoot their hollow heads and stealthily return. fuck their sovereignity no civilized country recognizes these people anyways.

  16. McAllistar BaggotAug 14, 2013, 3:06:00 AM

    We should invite these bum lifters to join kasab six feet under, yeah?

  17. How dare you call them bum lifters you faggot!!!!! respect every1s religious viewpoints. I am tired of this sterotyped opinion which I have to hear everyday at work

  18. It would be a knee jerk reaction if India retaliates?

    It is the expected (normal) reaction any common man with common thoughts would have. Fortunately Indians have more grey matter than the Pakis hence the restraint. It would be a lot easier to nuke the rats to oblivion but we wait and watch. Soon the Pakis will get the idea that Indians are not stupid to react to their provocations and have a bigger game plan. However, India will respond..

    This is art of war son!

  19. Thanks for the pointers. I will try to come up with something.

  20. He isnt wrong. And you know that very well.

  21. You must be a total retard to quote me saying that 'it would be a knee jerk reaction'. i never said that.

    And what makes you think that India has a 'bigger plan' ? you work for the MoD or have you got clairvoyance to know everything in policy making?

    you have too many excuses, bitch

  22. congress crooks not want war? congressi wants our soldier cut own head itself and give pakistan.

  23. Do you bastard Muslim respect hindu religion . When your bastard Pakiland was created by the fucking English , every arsehole Muslim should have been packed up to go there . Leave India for people whi genuinely want to live in peace and harmony . And those fucking Burkha clad shit producers should fuck their cousins elsewhere ; not India . The whole country has been spoilt ever since the bastard Muslims came to poison India with their so called Poncy religion . My foot .


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