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    What Is Your State Of Mind, Dear Rahul Gandhi?

    When it comes to the poor of this nation, Congress follows a strict philosophy. It is something in line with the definition of justice. For Congress, Poor should not only be insulted but they also should appear to be insulted. From the legendry ‘Garibi Hatao’ nonsense of Indira Gandhi to the very recent iconic rubbish of ‘Poverty is a state of mind’ by Rahul Gandhi, the Congress party has traveled a long journey to vindicate their philosophy regarding the poor of the nation.

    While addressing (I don’t know, who on earth has got balls to listen to this man) his huge brigade of sycophants, the Yuvraj of the party delivered this marvel from nowhere. Again, I blame his script writers but then you associate people around you with matching IQ. Don’t you? According to the prince, the poor of this country remain poor in their last 10 generations and continue to do so because they possess a very bad state of mind. So true the prince was, I tell you. Had these buggers have invested quarter of the time in resurrecting their mindset than what they do in lampooning the half a decade long mis-governance of Congress party party, all would have elevated their economy stature a long time back. So sweet of the prince for pointing at the root cause of this pan India problem. In fact so brilliant of his analytic skills to see the real truth behind the chaos of all these morons who routinely shout against his party and half a dozen members of his own family for making a complete mess of this nation.

    But hey, has the prince failed to notice the latest poll gimmick of his party that they are wrapping under something going by the name ‘Food Security Bill’? As per their own figures, a good 67% of the population is going to get benefited from this bill. 67%? In other words, 67% of our population can’t fend for themselves, as minimal as arranging food to eat that the state has to come to their rescue. That is a serious concern; no, not the number of starved but the sheer amount of people in this country having some serious problem with their respective mindset. Along with the staggering number of people in our country struggling with their mindset another amazing fact that emerges from the so called beneficiaries of this FSB. That is, after 65 years of independence we haven’t succeeded in armoring people with basic avenues to even arrange elementary plate full to eat, let alone lavish dining. Before prince had gone blasting the poor and their mindset or the lack of it, he should have counted the number of years his party was in power. From the 65 years of post-independent India, Congress has ruled the nation for 56 years and yet 67% of our population isn’t capable yet to arrange their own food. Shameful? Or are there better adjectives to explain such horrendous statistics?

    Shouldn’t the prince have first highlighted such shocking facts before going ahead assassinating the poor and their mindset? But No. Congress traditionally has this bad habit of running away from any responsibility. It is always in their veins to castrate one thing or the other for each of their own inadequacies. Except few personalities, which may not even require all 10 fingers of your palms to count, each of the Congressi is a professional escapist from pertinent issues, more so for all those that are created by them only. From the time of Nehru to this highly regrettable Manmohan Singh regime, Congress always remained a party full of noise makers and responsibility ditchers. So how Rahul Gandhi could have been any different. Rather standing there and explaining how his own grandmother started piling the mess and institutionalized federal loot, he, as routine to a standard Congressi, pointed the blame elsewhere; though for a change, not at BJP but the poor psychic equilibrium of even poorer individuals. Though he never bothered to explain why his grandmother’s grand ‘Garibi Hatao’ stunt never took off or was never designed to take off to start with, he found it convenient to explain how more than half in our country are not capable enough to arrange a square meal by their own, is because of some bad, bad mindset. He never explained what his party has done in its 56 years rule to generate employment opportunities for its citizens so as to make them self-sufficient but had this bizarre excuse to defend his party’s incompetence.

    Jokes apart, could you believe, after 56 years of their own governance, 67% of our population is starving and this chap, rather looking at his own party and introspecting, has the audacity to blame the starved for the statistics that makes such bitter reading. Whenever his party was elected to power, all that they did was to remain fulltime engaged in looting the nation and plundering every constitutional institution, but prince didn’t find it adequate to explain the reasons of such rotten mindset of his own party men. All that he can see is the pathetic mindset of the poor, who in fact were kept poor by design as per his party’s core policy guideline. Prince didn’t explain what steps are been taken to arrest the back breaking inflation figures of last three years, which even has made the staple ‘Daal-Chawal’ analogy a dream for many people. Prince even didn’t detail out the kind of mindset his sycophants possess to loot half the national treasury in last 10 years but he has this analysis readily available to ridicule the poor. I tell you, if your search is for some first grade real-life example of ‘Ulta Chor Kautwal Ko Dante’, then I am sure, it should end right here.

    Before I go to the poor on what they feel about the autopsy of their mindset, I must conjure the prince to explain his mindset first. He can simply admit, it is the standard mindset of any Congressi to mock the poor and run away to formulate the next gimmick for the upcoming elections. He can be frank and open up with the ‘It Is Not To Serve, But To Loot’, policy of his party, if he wants; but to insult the poor, who are poor because of him, his party and his forefathers, is little too much to digest. Poverty is related to mindset? Heavens!! Where is the Nobel prize for economics?

    Happy Independence Day!!


    1. #Pappu's State Of Mind is to keep on proving how big a causality he is for our democracy.

    2. This guy has lost his mind.. when ever he opens his mouth, world comes to know about his IQ. What a pity for our country, we have these kind of clan projecting for future PM.. Do we really need this piece of shit.. he is not even qualified to contest municipal elections with this huge knowledge about our nation..

    3. Whether Congress will come to power again or not depends on the number of people who get sold for money. I have seen them wooing people for votes. 3000/- per vote in our area. No other party could beat that offer and Congress won. In Villages, this time, probably they may offer 10,000/- which is hard to resist for a person who can hardly eat proper food every day. Well this is just one type. There are other ways like Rigging. You just have to give your Voter pass/slip to them. They will take care of the rest.
      I really doubt if India can escape from Congress. There are solutions but they are seen only in some movies.

    4. May be we should start Ragging students if they are pro congress. Stop giving promotions and career progression at work if someone is pro congress. Stop giving work to labours who are pro congress. Let all educated probably bribe non educated to vote to BJP [thats the only alternative seen now and I believe in them].

    5. in my village everyone has been voting for the congreat party because they are best in the world. it has a royal pedigree of leadership from nehru. jai ho.