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    Modi And The Barking Dogs

    It was inevitable. Wasn’t it? The political experts or so they claim themselves were seeing it for good year and half. Ditto goes for our media houses as well. Though the writings on the wall were for all to see and understand, a lot among them were just refusing to admit. Plan was not to corroborate the facts on the ground but was to derail the inevitable happening by hook or crook. I am sure, post the announcement of Narendra Modi as the priministerial candidate of BJP for 2014 general elections, there would be lot of hypocrites within and outside our media and Congress party, those would be feeling dejected. Dejected because their decade long hack job and other sundry dirty tricks seem to have failed miserably.

    The seculars, that roam around with their false notion of secularism would be equally dejected, if not more. For a long period, Modi was their favorite punching bag and a threat to their political or otherwise existence at the same time. Modi was always brought in to each and every context to push the massive failures of UPA government under the carpet. Be it the back breaking inflation or our rotten foreign policy that saw countries like Nepal, Sri Lanka or even Burma showing us a middle finger; Modi and Gujarat riots were always a safe bait to play and get away with pertinent issues. In connivance with Media, the Congress party was at their nefarious best for last 10 years to subtle a potential threat called Narendra Modi. First they wanted Modi to accept and apologize for a crime he never did. When the courts virtually gave a clean chit to Modi, the seculars were at the governance numbers to show how Gujarat as a state is perhaps the least developed among the 30 odd states. No fact checking or relative analysis done as the idea was not to find facts but to malign Modi somehow. When Social Media started pouring in with facts to counter the massively wrong claims of Congress, suddenly the seculars developed a large heart for all the malnourished children of Gujarat.

    The morons never did stop there but floated websites with wrong data and pictures to show Gujarat in bad light. Those lies were caught red handed again by SM patrons. The lies were not only caught red handed but also exposed a dirty hatch job where the clowns were seen travelling across the globe to places like Uganda, Haiti and Kenya to come up with morphed images to show how bad Gujarat really is. In one occasion the morons even flashed a shameful picture of kids (terming it as Kids From Gujarat) doing garbage piling where it actually was from their own ruled state of Delhi. No wonder, how dejected the jokers would be feeling after their years of dirty tricks. They simply failed in their mission Modi hating. How desperate the morons were to stop Modi from climbing the ladders is evident from the fact that they even developed a sudden bout of love for LK Advani. The same Advani whom they accused for Babri demolition all these years, all of a sudden become a darling for them. I can understand how desperately these thugs would be expecting Advani to somehow derail the announcement at the last minute. Alas!! All such wishes seem to have vanquished now.  

    But hey, all is not lost for few. Not at least for the top layer rear lickers like Sanjay Jha. Though post Modi’s anointment the doomsday for Congress is anything but certain in 2014 polls, these jokers can’t just stop taking one last attempt at their dirty tricks. Had this man left with any shame, though highly unlikely with typical Congress sycophants, he should have deleted this tweet the moment DU election results started pouring in. ABVP did a complete turnaround and snapped all major posts leaving Sanjay Jha’s favorite NSUI with the post of a mere secretary. But still this moron would try his best to skittle the impact of Modi on the youth of Delhi. To start with just downplay his addressing at SRCC. That said, I am still not blaming this moron entirely because that his precise job. That is why he is being hired by Congress; to float lies and spew venom against Narendra Modi. Wonder, since the sycophants failed in stopping Modi to go the distance, will these clowns be paid for their anti Modi tweets henceforth? Nobody loves when easy means of earning money goes in thin air and I am sure jackasses like Sanjay Jha would be massively disappointed at the glooming prospects.

    When we talk about Modi, can we really leave our Media too far behind? Here comes the know all of our media circle. He is in a dilemma, for the first time probably as he always was seen confident, even while spewing blatant lies against Modi without blinking his eyelids. As if we don’t know how much the media cares for the Delhi gang rape victim or victims of any such crimes. He is another of the failures who did his best to malign Modi for last decade and failed. He knows it as well and this could be his last ditch attempt to downplay the news of Modi anointment. The joker and his colleagues run around Modi at the slightest opportunity, but today when the man is chosen to lead BJP in 2014 elections, the moron is in dilemma to decide what he finds more important. He knows he failed with his attempt. He knows his 10 years hard work has gone down the drain. He knows the source of easy money going to dry up sooner than later. He knows the tunnel seems to have no light at the end of it but he still wants to console himself by equating the importance of the anointment of next priminister with some rape case verdict. If this points to anything it has to be that classic case of massaging your own bruised ego. No, Rajdeep?

    That would be the rarest of rare occasion when the Numero Unee won’t have her opinion or two. Somehow, this woman has one uncle or the other to call her up to get details about the latest political semantics. Of all the people, one would ask Sagarika Ghose to throw light on present political situation? Seriously? I feel pity on that uncle of her for having no option but to rely upon this gas bag for political opinions. But hey,that said,  is it a new trick that we are going to see being played in the run up to the elections? They failed in indicting Modi in Gujarat riots. They failed to prove Gujarat is not developing in massive rate. Hell even they failed with their malnourished numbers. This could be an attempt to build the fear psychosis among the youth of the nation. The same youth who seem to be head-over-heels in love with Modi and his style of decisive functioning. Somehow the attempt could be to show how Modi is so fond of imposing restrictions that could deprive the youth of their doze of freedom. I know she is pointing at the ‘no liquor’ policy of Gujarat government. She may be playing her trick to show Modi in the same light that of the Taliban. She wants the youth to believe that by voting Modi they might lose their freedom of many things, starting with their weekend beer bottles. I am not sure why but I have a feeling this latest restrictions ploy is going to be played by the dirty tricks department again and again till the last ballot is casted.

    Nikhil Wagle is another of the List-A sycophant like Numero Unee. This moron in fact suffers from the Modifobia of some unattainable limit. He is so much obsessed with Modi that he finds wrong in whatever Modi does and everything that has even remote association with Modi. No wonder why he questions the ex-servicemen post Modi’s Haryana rally. People who protected us and fought for us seem to carry no importance for this moron as his rear licking syndromes supersedes everything else. He questions if we are giving too much importance to ex-servicemen when they very well have got their dues during their service time. Can I ask this joker why he and his brethren give so much importance to the Gandhi family? Can he question why Gandhi family members are given with SPG protection without carrying any portfolio when they have enjoyed Z+ security when they were in power? Can he question why a certain Robert Vadra is given all that which even few cabinet ministers are not having at their disposal? Can he ask what special qualities of the first son-in-law assure him a security check free entry at the airports? He certainly won’t. Partly because he doesn’t have spine to ask and partly because he is paid to question everything Modi does, not the other way round.

    All-in-all, let the dogs keep on barking. If they can’t realize, their 10 yearlong barking amounted in achieving naught, their barking for next 8 months won’t achieve much either. In the meantime, what the heck if I have said this million time? Let it be for one more time – I can’t just wait for 2014 to come. 


    1. Ha Ha Ha... Well written. Hope these thugs read this and realize the nation can see through their dirty tricks. Bloody jokers. Along with Congress, these guys do also need a packing post 2014 elections.

    2. A good reply to the pseudo secularists and the dirty media. I would have liked to know the name of the author.

    3. Sir, I would have loved to give my name but I want to keep the name secret for the time being. Glad that you find the article to your taste. Thanks for reading and commenting.

    4. now the morons planning to use the clout of sachin and shahrukh khan..may god give the duo good sense , n they donot endorse bharat nirman, jis pe deshwasiyo ka pura shak hai.

    5. Cynical,

      They are delusional, aren't they? They haven't understood in last 10 year, won't do it now and last hope would be post elections 2014. I feel it's actually vilifying media that has made Mr. Modi a hero. Everyone seems to know the truth apart from them.

    6. Just because of our Basic Indian Mentality of slavery and the way we have been taught, we do not try to cross the boundary and like living a life within some given space, and the moment someone like NaMo not only crosses the boundary but also defines a new boundary, people in our India starts making hues and cries at every now-and-then so is happening with the visionary NaMo. We Indian even don’t leave the Gods in our country,
      NaMo is just a matter on this earth. All his great deeds become farce for us, we see no developments in Gujrat, but where Pappus have the command. Great man dies cultivating the barren lands and has a history of being criticized for their efforts in our country; but this NaMo may draw a new line.

      Following had always been our habits, rare we lead and NaMo is a leader. He will continue his journey alone, many will follow in due course of time

    7. GoOut&spreadMessageSep 17, 2013, 1:46:00 PM

      i would love to see a parallel campaign wherein, every sensible person goes out and educates at least 5 people on the absolute danger state of the nation and why CONgress and UPA have to be kicked out and permanently if India as a nation state has to survive the next decade. BC you as always are tops.

    8. Interesting to note that all Modi-haters have actually made this possible. Initially they must have thought that they will destroy him and it will be very easy but he did not get unruffled. With his every success they doubled their vengeance but he became doubly stronger. Everyone against Modi took their fight personally which always created sympathy and support for Modi from the masses. The most bizarre thing was when US decided not to issue visa to Modi. It is unbelievable that US should disregard democratically elected Chief Minister of a state in India. It underlines the fact that they don't believe in democracy themselves. The day I heard the news I thought let Modi become Prime Minister of India and let us see what US thinks about that. it means morons in US are as shortsighted as their counterparts in India.

    9. USA must be in a dilemma of their life now. When Modi will become the PM they will have no option but to eat their own shit and request Modi to accept their VISA. Waiting for that time to come when the US of A have their task cutout and would have to run around pleading...

    10. http://www.astromnc.com/20-discussion/208-general-electin-2014-horoscope-analysis-namo-modi-horoscope-analysis

      An astrological analysis of Namo's future.

    11. But why hide it....ur ISP provider has probably already given it to RAW, IB, NSA, CBI, IT, ED, DRI, CID, NCTC, ABC, XYZ, DEG, JKL...etc.etc...etc....

    12. They can give it to any one but please ACP Praduman and his gang of door breakers. I am scared to death with that prospect :)

    13. Jai Devi ChamundeshwariSep 17, 2013, 3:06:00 PM

      "It is rather very very significant that this decision happened between Chaturthi and Ananta Chaturdashi on Gauri Visarajan......."

      A sworn Brahmachari since many past births, this soul has the blessings of none other than the "Devi."

      Devi Bhagavatam Book 3/Chapter 24/1:50
      "On the installation of Durgâ Devî in the city of Benares/Kashi"

    14. Shantanu PendharkarSep 18, 2013, 1:47:00 PM

      Great , attempt to give the reality, also uplifted curtains on the faces of Media cruks like JalDeep and Little Wagle. They have to hate Modi otherwise how they will get next Padma Awards.Now time has come to rewrite all political definitions such as Muslim vote chaser =Secular, Hinduism = Fascist, Anti-Muslims, Communal, (Jatiyawadi), Muslims = Minorities (now they are in no minorities, as large part of Muslim population stays in India and are in majority in many states and Districts) Anti-(so called) upper-castes = Progressive, Promoting Industries = Capitalist.
      US has no moral right to reject the VISA to Modi, He has not done anything wrong as they have done many this wrong in the world and are still openly supporting terrorist Nations like Pakistan. About Leaders like Neetish nothing to worry about as in post election scenario they will have to salute him. They must worry about anti congress vote Dividing regional parties like MNS, BSP, KJP etc.

    15. BC Sir, I found this link intriguing. Your comments please


    16. You are just as biased as everyone you keep talking about

    17. We
      have launched a petition to request President Obama to reconsider US
      Administration’s stand on Mr. Narendra Modi, the Chief Minister of the State
      of Gujarat, India.
      Please visit MODI360.COM to review and sign this petition.