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    Why Always Play Victimhood?

    Playing victim seems to be the norm for the seculars of late. In fact the ploy works fine for most in our political circle or otherwise. Be it getting caught in a corruption scam or taped while delivering highly inflammatory speech, or for that matter even when videotaped naked with a goat, it always the act of playing victim that follows. The moment one tangles himself in some mess, the easy way out of the situation is by playing victim. Getting victimized by the media, the opposition, political rivals, quoted out of context are few of the many ploys which are classic example of playing victimhood. Ditto stands true for a section of the society who vouch themselves as from a highly peace loving religion. Their appeasers are no different in towing the lines of victimhood of their preserved vote bank.

    The seculars will trade with their lives to draw the fault line nowhere near to the real culprits of any communal clash. They not only would draw the fault line nowhere near Muslims they also would go about screaming on every platform they get hold of to announce the victimhood of the minorities. Such a filthy state we have reached vis-à-vis with our law-and-order situation. Before anybody could comment holistically on any of the communal disharmony, the seculars would invariably always jump the gun and issue clean chits to the Muslims. Even before a probe could thread the facts together.

    But what the left-liberal frauds won’t tell you is the sinister plan that goes behind every communal riot. Or even the bigger sinister plan that goes to protect the real morons when all hell breaks loose or worst even painting the Hindus in 100 Km radius as the instigator and perpetrator as well. For ages, or at least for last 50 years, if one looks closely, the root cause of each and every communal riot in India tells an entirely different story than to what the left-liberal morons were telling us all this while. Though uncomfortable to hear and read, almost all riots in independent India has started after the holy Friday prayers. Not sure what the teaching goes in those prayers but we see gangs of rascals coming out from mosques after the Jumma and start their blood bath in the name of God knows what. Kishtwar is a burning example where the peace loving seculars from the religion of peace created havoc after coming out from their Friday prayers. For no apparent reason, they started pelting stones at random Hindu establishments in-and-around the city. Such rabies infected dog like behavior is not spontaneous, if you may think it that way. It is in fact well planned assault, as is confirmed by the J&K home minister in case of Kishtwar violence. Kishtwar 2013 is not the first case in that city and I am sure that won’t be last either. How systematic the planning it always  is to target Hindus in that part of the world is evident from the fact that the Hindu traders union in Kishtwar threatened to move with their business to some other places if not protected from these morons and their routine and planned act of regular vehemence against the Hindus. But neither our media nor the left-liberal frauds would highlight the plight of the Hindus there or play victimhood for them. Because that is not what Indian definition of secularism is.

    Gujarat riot is another case in point where few stories are deliberately picked while many other were wrapped in a thick coat of secularism. Morons in our politics and their synonyms in our media have long been crying for the victim of the riot but none even cares to discuss how all this started. As if the 59 Hindu Karsevaks those were charred alive by a Muslim mob doesn’t count anything to anyone. The frauds with their high dose of secularism believe and expect, 59 of the majority community would be butchered mercilessly and yet emotions and passions won’t boil to uncontrollable proportions. I wonder if anyone can share a link to me where I can see the morons sitting and debating what started the Gujarat riots and blaming, and quite rightly at that, the Muslims for it. Only one link would suffice my urge. I am sure you won't find even one such debate. But ask the morons to do a Rudali for the post Godhra carnage; there would be millions of them who would begin crying even before you say start. And to top these hypocritical scoundrels, there are even bigger set of morons who would try to justify the Godhra train burning with the uncorroborated story of how Karsevaks were constantly ogling and passing lewd comments on Muslim girls at the station, which eventually angered the peace loving Muslims after a prolonged tolerance. So sweet of the Muslims there to keep tolerating these rabid Karsevaks for long before they decided to run around the station with cans of petrol and matchboxes. No? Though if serious, one would have first blamed the Muslims for the mess that we know as ‘Gujarat Riot’, the left-liberal frauds even try to see victimhood for the rogues of Godhra with such filthy reasoning.

    Take the latest of the riots hitting India. Here even the frauds are nothing but playing their victimhood card for the peace loving Muslims. And by the way, when Muzaffarnagar was burning, the morons were busy looking the other way and picturing how Gujarat was worse in comparison. The morons only woke up when one of their own (IBN Jurno) got killed in the riots. Like other previous riots the jokers wouldn’t tell you why all this started. Because that doesn’t fall under the strategy of secularism. Brother of a girl and another man confronted a Muslim youth who was harassing the girl on her way to school every day. In the process the boy got killed. That was bad and the law should have taken it from there. But the peace loving Muslims thought of avenging their own grudge their own way and attacked a group of Jats coming back from their Maha Panchayat. Few got killed in the planned ambush of the peace loving Muslims and as they say, rest is history. The Jats reciprocated equally violently and the nonsense continued for the good part of an entire month. But ask the frauds like Akhilesh Yadav, you will hear how communal elements are responsible for the act. And by the way, in India communal elements are always from the Hindu community as Muslims are by birth secular and most peace loving. Akhilesh Yadav putting a skull cap and addressing the media to explain the latest situation, shows which side he was already in. While our media morons will debate on the color of Kurta Narendra Modi was wearing and give it a communal spin, they never debated this funny appearance of Akhilesh Yadav. Not even once to see if Akhilesh is actually taking advantage of the situation by playing to the galleries.

    Not only Akhilesh and his lout of a  party called SP, in fact our priminister and the super priminister going by the name Sonia Gandhi played the way they best known to play. While visiting Muzaffarnagar post the riot, for some interesting reasons Manmohan Singh and Sonia Gandhi only visited the Muslims. As if there aren’t any sufferings on the Hindu side, these flag bearer of secularism were seen cajoling the peace loving Muslims all through. And again, the left-liberal frauds can debate for days on Modi’s Puppy comment but cease to see this planned exploitation of a volatile situation by their Mai-Baaps. Along with the Rudalis from our secular block, here it seems we also have the entire government machinery to play the victimhood for the Muslims in Muzaffarnagar riot. This is where we have come down to after persistent decades of appeasement for vote bank. Either the truth remains permanently shielded or we are too blind by our potent mixture of secularism that we just don’t want to see.

    While I write this, few gunmen in Nairobi killed 36 people in a mall. Their criteria of picking their victims and shooting down was simple; those who are not Muslims. And how they were corroborating the fact? Yes by asking if one knows the name of Mohammad’s mother. If you know then you are through and if not, goes the trigger. While you are busy reading such horrific tales, be ready for a left-liberal fraud to come around and make you believe the most absurd line I have ever come across in my life span – ‘Terrorism Has No Religion’. Really?


    1. Though it makes a scary reading, whatever you have written is fact. In India it rapidly becoming a crime to be born as a Hindu. I don't know how things would go from here on.

    2. kulakshaye praNashyanti kuladharmaah sanaatanaah |
      dharme nashhte kulam kritsnamh adharmo abhibhavatyuta ||

      In the decline of a clan, its ancient traditions perish. When traditions perish, the entire family is indeed overcome by lawlessness.

    3. Dear Cynical. I am not sure if you have read the book "Shadows of the Great Game" by Sarala Singh (ADC to the last Viceroy of India). This book will give you an idea about appeasement mindset of Congress Party.

      I would suggest every Indian to read this book to clearly understand the power dynamics that worked through the subcontinent. In my personal opinion what started in 1939 has not stopped yet. It is being played to perfection by other players with full support from Indian leaders.

    4. You are right to the point. As long as this appeasement lives in India in the name of upbringing the minority, India will not be out of this communal clashes.
      You raised a valid point by asking, why all the communal clashes happens after a so called "Friday Prayer", this is most striking point that our country needs to think off. That is why USA has passed a constitution amendment saying all the mosque outfits in their country should not object any police force entering from mosques, that is under investigations at any point of time.
      Our so called secular politicians are not thinking of a certain thing, they are bombarding with the appeasement politics all these years, and once it reaches the throttle level, then for sure Hindus will become minority. We all know what the status of Hindus in Pakistan or Bangladesh or even few muslim villages in kerala for example.
      Our countrymen needs to wake up from this biased politics first. thanks for this superb post.

    5. and also state of hindus in kashmir

    6. But why do u say u r hindu hindu hindu or hindu nationalist etc. U should say u r Indian.

      The rest of them will be minorities first and Indians later.

      I am amused at what Mr. Mani Shankar Aiyer said at a talk show on the leftist channel NDTV about Hindus migrating from Pakistan to India. He says we should ask the Hindus why you wish to migrate to India and then allow them on merit.

      But I never heard this man say anything about asking the same question to the hordes of Bangladeshis and Pakistani Muslims entering India, living here merrily, working, committing crime, obtaining ration cards, aadhar cards, voters cards and also then riottttinggggggg.....!!!!

      My simple question......

      "Are minorities Secular????????????

    7. I have psychic powers or lets say I have some siddhis (refer to vedic literature for an explanation), so let me tell u what will happen from here on.....

      1. The United States of America is actually the Swargalok or Indralok on Earth. U may also call it the Heaven or Jannat and then u can infer on what the President of the United States can be called.

      2. Ethiopia/Somalia/Rwanda/the ghettos of third world countries/the closed society of North Korea.. are the Hells of Earth or Naraklok.

      3. India is somewhere in between, though in olden times it was something else.

      4. Whatever, whichever, wherever, and whenever manner the US of A leads so else the world will follow!!! There is no other way. If any government of the world defies it, it will be destroyed in the name of chemical weapons or weapons of mass destruction or in any other subversive way.

      5. India has already been conquered by the FDI and FII dollars. Our economy depends on this hot money and this hot money decides our economic policies.

      6. More and more of our youngsters will ape the citizens of US. This is already happened in A and B cities. The C cities are slowly learning and it is also catching up in the villages. Dont u see girls wearing jeans and tops in villages?????

      The television media will help catalyze this with their silly shows and of course the movie world will continue to mesmerize the youth of this country.

      7. There will be Mediocrity all around in all spheres of life in India. Merit will continue to migrate to heaven (US of A).

      8. India will always be an economic colony of the whites as long as its foolish mediocre masses exist and resources exist.

      9. Rakshasas (Modern day criminals) will join hands with the kings in heaven (US) and rule this country.

      10. As more and more youth take up to the culture of US imitation, the Hindu identity will slowly decline.

      11. As oil reserves start declining in West Asia, the influence of Islam will also slowly start declining.

      12. There will be no dharma on earth. The only dharma will be making more and more money by whatever means possible and the ends will be Pleasure Pleasure and only Pleasure.

      All the above will progress in geometrical progression until the human race destroys itself and earth!!!

      PS: Hindus are their own enemies. So pls forget about uniting Hindus or having a Hindu state!!! The way things will move....it cannot happen in this KaliYuga. It did exist in Satya, Dwapara, and Treta yuga....But not possible in Kaliyuga!!!!

    8. Well, it's a high time the youth of India should be educated on Secular vs Communal drama... Please each one of us, ask at least 5 people to vote for NaMo and ask them to do so.... We have to bring a massive movement to garner support for NaMo and BJP should cross 300 mark on it's own so that no 'Secular' can dictate BJP.... Please .. It's a high time for all of us.. If Seculars like SP,BSP,JDU,CPI/M,TMC and their boss- The Great CON party is in power, this will really disturb communal harmony.....

    9. When the cops found a great degree of success in Batla House encounter, a large part of them IM's leadership was wiped out. The remaining ones were on the run. The organisation was in disarray. The security agency had a great chance to take the Hydra out forever
      and all they needed was a little political support for it. But to the contrary
      the ugly 'secular' politicians in power rose to defend the terrorists. The
      likes of Congress/Mullahyam/SP/Pigyraja/Amar Singh etc called it fake, offered support to terrorists, communalized the police success, pissed on Mohan Chand's sacrifice and built enough political pressure to bottleneck police efforts to end the group. The agencies were forced to chase dead ends in the hunt for 'Hindu terrorists' merely to satisfy the highly communal secular brigade's show of balancing act.They not only allowed the fragmented IM to escape, but a chance to regroup and rehabilitate and now the result is for all to see.

      The amount of successful strikes of the revived outfit is thus a slap on the face of the nation that elects these communal and morally bankrupt who have subverted and communalized even the fight against terror for their votebanks resulting in a scenario that no Muslim criminal or suspect can be touched and where the police now are forced to protect rioters and criminals on religious lines. Modi's 'negative' politics of hatred that Congress is barking about is not responsible for Patna blasts. The likes of Piggyraja, Amar Singh and co are responsible for the blasts for protecting
      IM when they were at a striking distance to be taken out of the game. The blood is once again firmly on 'Secular' hands and it is a shame the Hindus can't unite and see this game through. India with the most terror attacks in the world is the only nation that refuses to acknowledge and act against Islamic terrorism that the whole wide world as we breathe acknowledges only because our politicians care more for winning elections than keeping their voters safe. The farce of 'compensating' the rising body count from tax-payers money has taken precedence over preventive strikes and preventing such citizen deaths. Its come to a point when terrorists are allowed success even when agencies give states hard intel as in case of Patna, Gaya and Hyderabad and the political class willingly sacrifices its innocent citizens to avoid taking action on votebanks. Strong anti-terror laws were scrapped, new agencies created to toe political lines and create a mess of turf wars. The nation's defenders started fighting their
      ownselves instead of the nation's enemies rooted inside our borders allowing them to cooperate and get away with impunity successfully. The opportunity to stamp them out was frittered away and turned into an exercise in strengthening these radical elements.

      The nation suffers while a few worthless trash-pile of netas live on for the sake of corrupt power and riches trampling on every mechanism in the nation that can be subverted for their political cause. The people must prepare for more deaths and violence and abandon all hope of the secular political class they have time and again reposed their faith in to come out of their criminal votebank pandering and to work for their safety. We the citizens must blame none but ourselves for This sad pathetic situation. We gave these secular brigade power at the expense of our Hindu integrity and allowed them to turn it into a dirty word. Now it is only fair we reap what we sow and pay the price.