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    Aakar Patel`s Experiments With Untruth

    I have read many literary causalities of this man over last four to five years. To be polite to this selfsame Aakar Patel, I wouldn`t even recommend my worst of enemies to venture into anything that this man writes. All of his previous bales are potential nervous breakdown material for any sane person who looks for logic and resonance. This man is another of the thousand beneficiaries from the cottage industry that mushroomed after the Gujarat riots. All that this man has written till date to please his paymasters are far from being termed as sensible journalistic act by any stretch of imagination. I always take the scribes of this selfsame with a truck load of salt and laugh it off as another piece of immature writing by a paid whore. But not any more since his latest one and obviously on Modi deserves a strong rebuttal. This one cannot be laughed off, not because of the quality since it still remains at a pathetic low level but because in one go Aakar Patel tries to defame a way lot more things than one can imagine.
    Like Sagarika Ghose this man also has this unique ability of shaming the basics of all journalistic ethics on the very first line he writes; or at worst the very first paragraph itself. To stick to this unique quality of his, he made a mess of everything in the first paragraph. I was expecting it, knowing Aakar Patel for quite some time and honestly this didn`t come as any surprise to me. So read on..

    The riots in Uttar Pradesh’s Muzaffarnagar district, in which 62 Indians died (42 Muslim and 20 Hindu) will accrue to the benefit of the Bharatiya Janata Party.

    The first question that arises in my mind is HOW. I don`t blame Aakar entirely since for last one decade all the paid whores are busy equating every riot vis-e-vis the benefit that BJP gains from it. This exercise accomplishes two things. It gives freedom to the paid media to squarely accuse BJP for every riot since it helps their political cause and second they try to strike out the development in Gujarat as the main reason for Modi`s reelection because as per their logic the Gujarat riots has perpetually polarized the Gujarat voters in favor of Modi. How smart is that; isn`t it? In one stone they try to hit way too many birds. Though this nefarious intent has been regularly challenged by sane critics, it still doesn`t stop the Aakar Patels of the world to take another hit at it. The idea is simple – want to take a dig at BJP then just hurl baseless accusations for any latest god damn riot. It never matters if in the process, the real culprits are getting an easy way out. This is precisely what is happening for last 10 years. So how Muzaffarnagar would be any different? But what the morons didn`t want to disclose is the word polarization is a two way traffic. If Hindus are going to get polarized, the Muslims would be no different. And which among these two communities is more polarized when it comes to religion is anybody`s guess. So any polarization would equally benefit the Congress or similar appeasing secular outfits in the region or may be more. Even if the Hindus are polarized they still carry a sensible head on their shoulders to think through unlike Muslims who go ahead and vote enemas like a hoard of sheep for the party which assures them some appeasement. So who is more benefitting out of this polarization? But these clowns would seldom be seen accusing Congress for instigating any riots or in the case of Muzaffarnagar the Samajwadi Party. It is convenient for these paid whores to cry foul of BJP because they themselves have certified the BJP-RIOTS semantics a long time back. Who cares if logics go haywire in-between? But hey, hang-on the great Aakar Patel explains why he thinks the Muzaffarnagar riot would help BJP in the next paragraph.

    The reason that the rioting will work to the advantage of the BJP has to do with the nature of both riots and voting. Community participation is a fact of the Indian riot, just as it is of voting. It is a disturbing fact, but it is true.

    Haven`t we read this reason for close to zillion times without any facts supplied to support it? So what the heck if it is foraged one more time? The last time I did some research, when it comes to Hindus, last thing one expects is community participation in voting. Yes there could be biased views at scattered quarters but not to the tune of Muslims where in the Mosques they are routinely fed with hate and the idea of community voting so that the party/ies of their choice, which offers them the maximum appeasement, remain in power. But without thinking through, Aakar Patel tries to paint all communities in a single stroke of brush. I agree to the second line of reasoning but that community participation in voting is largely limited to the Muslims and there are enough evidences to suggest that squarely. Had the Hindus were equally polarized like the Muslims, rest be assured the party called Congress would be limited to history text books a long time back. Ditto goes with the Sikhs. Post 1984 Delhi Sikh genocides they have elected a Congress government in Punjab for 3 times and that is good enough a proof for my theory. And by the way, the death of 62 Indians wasn`t good enough a description that Aakar Patel thought of segregating them to Hindu and Muslim categories within the bracket? Who is polarizing Mr. Aakar Patel? Anyway, expecting the non-presence of hypocrisy with these paid doormats is a futile exercise. So just read on the further marvels of this great man.

    And we can demonstrate this through the events in Gujarat. When courts a couple of years ago finally began to convict the murderers of Gujarat’s 2002 riots, a remarkable fact emerged, which could be observed in the names of the convicted men. All the nine men guilty of murdering three Dawoodi Bohras in Malva Bhagol were Patels. All the 21 men convicted of a large massacre in the same village of Odh were found to be Patels. In Sardarpura village of Mehsana district, 31 men were jailed for the murder of 11 children, 17 women and 5 men. Of these murderers, 30 were Patels.

    Aah.. The facts are emerging fast and furious. Hope the Patels are getting a very good look at what the likes of Aakar Patel throwing at them. This has to be one of the most deplorable justifications I have read for a long, long time. Though this man can be booked for insulting an entire section so openly by handpicking few nutcases but we will leave it to the patrons of the Patel community to take care. But before we move ahead, can you mark the easiness and convenience with which this moron singled out an entire community on the virtue of just 30 people among them? And he along with many foul mouthed uncouth entities from his brethren would shout at regular interval - `Islam Has Got Nothing To Do With Terrorism`. This is what I call convenience of self-righteousness. When 95% of the global terror work has a Muslim hand but it still can`t be attributed to an entire community since there exists a line `Terrorism has no religion` or some nonsense to that effect but the Patels could be exampled as a riot mongering community because two dozen of them were convicted somewhere in one of the riots. This is our media and their filthy constituents for you. Secularism is a game changer option to hide anything and everything the Muslims do but when it comes to Hindus, just subdivide them to many groups and start the cacophony of name calling. But hey, the great Aakar Patel is not finished yet. So just read on.

    The Gujarati Hindutva movement is led by men like Praveen Togadia (who is a Patel) and Babu Bajrangi, also Patel. The Vishwa Hindu Parishad in the state was controlled by Jaideep Patel.

    What you see in the above line? I see hypocrisy. Hindutva movement, if at all it really exists could easily be discussed in open but ask the moron to elaborate the hierarchy of the Waqf Board or the Deobandis, you will see the pants getting wet in no time. He would engage in a character assassination of Praveen Togadia but won`t reply if asked why only Sunis have a Waqf board, not the Shias. He won`t dare to discuss the partisan attitude of Sunis towards the Shias since that would call for his head from the members of his beloved peace loving religion but would easily do the same in case of Hindus. And guess what, he still feels Hindus are equally polarized as Muslims. He still feels Hindus are more jingoistic when people from the other religion would start killing if someone draws few cartoons or makes a movie not of their taste in some corner of the globe. That is so verbatim massacre of sensible journalism, No? Go as far as possible in mudslinging when it relates to Hindus but run away immediately when discussion starts on Muslims. That is not all. Then return back and accuse the Hindus to be more fanatic than every other religion on earth put together. Anyway, let’s move on..

    On the other hand the Muslims will be terrified by the thought of Narendra Modi coming to power at the center. The first thing they will do is abandon Mayawati‘s Bahujan Samaj Party, which they have been voting for, because it is pragmatic and can ally with the BJP.

    What an analysis of political discourse of the nation. ` Muslims will be terrified by the thought of Narendra Modi coming to power at the center ` - again I cry for some proof of it. When in recent Gujarat polls a lot many Muslims voted for Modi because they feel safer and more prosperous under his governance, this loathsome of a creature sees something which no other can see. I myself have seen a dozen Muslims (personally or otherwise) from that part of the world who vouch for Modi and his governance but this chap again paints all Muslims in a single stroke if his stinking brush and pits them against Modi. I am sure for this hack job the great Aakar Patel hasn`t done any kind of ground reality scanning or else he wouldn`t have furnished such uncorroborated artifacts at nauseate prudency. Hope he does make a visit to the Muslim ghettos next time before he even starts judging the entire Muslim lot of India through his narrow and sold out silhouette of wisdom.
    Enough said guys as anything more than this would be giving undue weightage to this scumbag who at best is a total disaster for journalism. Rest I put it at the discretion of your vast wisdom to analyze and conclude. Ciao..


    1. When the cops found a great degree of success in Batla House encounter, a large part of them IM's leadership was wiped out. The remaining ones were on the run. The organisation was in disarray. The security agency had a great chance to take the Hydra out forever
      and all they needed was a little political support for it. But to the contrary
      the ugly 'secular' politicians in power rose to defend the terrorists. The
      likes of Congress/Mullahyam/SP/Pigyraja/Amar Singh etc called it fake, offered support to terrorists, communalized the police success, pissed on Mohan Chand's sacrifice and built enough political pressure to bottleneck police efforts to end the group. The agencies were forced to chase dead ends in the hunt for 'Hindu terrorists' merely to satisfy the highly communal secular brigade's show of balancing act.They not only allowed the fragmented IM to escape, but a chance to regroup and rehabilitate and now the result is for all to see.

      The amount of successful strikes of the revived outfit is thus a slap on the face of the nation that elects these communal and morally bankrupt who have subverted and communalized even the fight against terror for their votebanks resulting in a scenario that no Muslim criminal or suspect can be touched and where the police now are forced to protect rioters and criminals on religious lines. Modi's 'negative' politics of hatred that Congress is barking about is not responsible for Patna blasts. The likes of Piggyraja, Amar Singh and co are responsible for the blasts for protecting
      IM when they were at a striking distance to be taken out of the game. The blood is once again firmly on 'Secular' hands and it is a shame the Hindus can't unite and see this game through. India with the most terror attacks in the world is the only nation that refuses to acknowledge and act against Islamic terrorism that the whole wide world as we breathe acknowledges only because our politicians care more for winning elections than keeping their voters safe. The farce of 'compensating' the rising body count from tax-payers money has taken precedence over preventive strikes and preventing such citizen deaths. Its come to a point when terrorists are allowed success even when agencies give states hard intel as in case of Patna, Gaya and Hyderabad and the political class willingly sacrifices its innocent citizens to avoid taking action on votebanks. Strong anti-terror laws were scrapped, new agencies created to toe political lines and create a mess of turf wars. The nation's defenders started fighting their
      ownselves instead of the nation's enemies rooted inside our borders allowing them to cooperate and get away with impunity successfully. The opportunity to stamp them out was frittered away and turned into an exercise in strengthening these radical elements.

      The nation suffers while a few worthless trash-pile of netas live on for the sake of corrupt power and riches trampling on every mechanism in the nation that can be subverted for their political cause. The people must prepare for more deaths and violence and abandon all hope of the secular political class they have time and again reposed their faith in to come out of their criminal votebank pandering and to work for their safety. We the citizens must blame none but ourselves for This sad pathetic situation. We gave these secular brigade power at the expense of our Hindu integrity and allowed them to turn it into a dirty word. Now it is only fair we reap what we sow and pay the price.

    2. Business Standard is also a 'feku' making false claims that Modi has changed Gujarat and Muslims/SCs/STs - [fav rhetoric subjects of Congress] have reduced poverty most in nGujarat under him....