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    Beehive, Mosquitos.. What Next Rahul Baba?

    Does anyone take this guy seriously anymore? I mean even one person with a sound mental system and average outlook. I am sure you will struggle to find even one. But that doesn`t stops this man from out smarting his own previous record of stupidity, every time he opens his mouth. In an olderpost of mine, I suggested the unique abilities of the prince to churn out gaffes at ease and that too quite unprovoked. I agree everyone can`t be a good orator as good orating skills comes with experience, vision and foresight; any of which fortunately doesn`t appear in Rahul Gandhi`s resume. But that said, one, who aspires to be the next PM of this country must also have a measure of his own capabilities at least. Rahul Gandhi unfortunately doesn`t seem to have assessed himself on the scale of something called potential. What else would it make a 42 year old YOUTH to crack up inanity at a rate which even would make kindergarten kids appear way smatter than the vice-president of the Congress party?
    I give up hope, if I ever had any, on the possibility of the prince matching his IQ level with that of an average retard someday. I give up with all honesty and admit, there are still many things left for the human race to achieve like discovering vaccine for HIV, going to Sun, produce Ratnagiri Alfonso mangos all through the year, make Manmohan Singh talk and last but not the least help the prince increase his IQ from his present level of zero. I give up and vow not to make fun of the prince ever for his pathetic speeches. No, not because I have a sudden bout of love for this useless brat but because, I feel, all this while I was giving too much importance to what a clown has to say. Does anyone take standup comedians seriously? Me nither.
    So rather making fun of the comedian, it is better if we analyze what he said and the context in which he said whatever he said. But before that, I feel pity on Congress for not learning from their mistakes. As if UP, Tamil Nadu, Bihar, Gujarat are not good enough pointers, they keep pressing the Yuvraj into service for the upcoming elections in five states. I am not complaining though since the very presence of Rahul Gandhi assures that Congress going to lose badly, come the voting day. Like someone jokingly said after the Jaipur one day that Ishant Sharma is the best player that played for Australia after Don Bradman; I guess Rahul Gandhi is the best politician and leader BJP ever had after Atal Bihari Vajpayee. The more he speaks, I am sure, the more he would scare away the traditional voters of Congress. With all aspiration, I hope the prince continues his standup acts till the next general elections and be done away with once-and-for-all.
    Back to whatever I am here for. Did any of you notice the pattern of his last half a dozen rallies? In none of his speeches, he talked about development, growth, jobs, education and/or anything remotely related to policies. He didn`t because he as well as his party, never had any vision to start with. All that they have for a vision is to keep on bootlicking and worship the dynasty 24/7. People with potential in Congress are either gaged (MMS), killed (Madhavrao Scindhia & Rajesh Pilot) or thrown into the back bench or forgotten (Narasimha Rao). The only motto since Nehru became the PM is to perpetually keep the dynasty at the helm. And of course to loot the public at the slightest of opportunity. Unlike Narendra Modi who talks about development, growth and jobs since he has delivered them for a decade, Rahul Gandhi has got nothing to say. So he is back to the age old trick of Congress party. Since the time of Nehru, Gandhi family always approached the fool masses with a doze of emotional blackmailing. Surprisingly it worked more often than not as the citizens with their minimal outlook back then were told false stories of Bharat Nirman and how one family has given it`s everything to shape the nation`s future. Since Rahul Gandhi has got nothing to offer in terms of governance after a prolonged misrule, he resorts to the old dirty trick of emotional black mailing. In all of his previous six rallies, all that he spoke is about his own family – Grand mother, father, and mother. I wonder when he is planning to speak about the people whom he is addressing. I think he never would simply because he has got nothing to offer to the truck ferried and Biriyani promised crowd other than some pathetic emotional outburst.
    First he talked about his great Dadi, who spoiled every nuance of our constitution and democratic institutions of integrity by her sheer greed for power, as a great exponent of Indian democracy. While that was laughable to say the least, the prince went ahead laying lairs of lies about his great Dadi and how she cared for the poor, testimony of which is the legendry `Garibi Hatao` gimmick of 1971. No records furnished on what exactly Indira Gandhi did to support her mega nonsense of `Garibi Hatao`. He possibly couldn`t have even if he wanted to since Indira Gandhi did nothing to elevate the poor. In fact all she did after that was to make sure the poor even get poorer, a virtue that would assure continuous patronage by throwing newer gimmicks year after year. As expected he didn`t talked about the poor centric policies that his party employed since then but basket upon the latest FSB which is yet to be implemented. Great concerns for the poor I would say when all that his party did in these 40 odd years and that too after so much big mouthing is a bill that is yet to be implemented. But you know what, the prince was sure he would fool the people, as his ancestors did with quite ease by throwing around a lot of emotions and false propagandas. But little did he know that people have become smarter than what they were 40 years back and can easily read through the nonsense.
    Once Dadi was done away with, it was time for the Mother India to grace the spectrum. But before we go further, I would love to know why Sonia Gandhi weeps so much and that too for everything that has a potential of giving birth to a new gimmick? Surprising, no? Ok, back to the topic. He lets know the crowd, how his mother keeps on weeping for a good 16.27 hours of each day, thinking about the poor. How I wish Sonia Gandhi to invest less time in weeping and concentrate more on to curb the 3 year long inflation a little so that the so called poor, for whom her heart literally bleeds can have an easy time. While the weeping is a regular phenomenon with Sonia Gandhi, the latest mega weeping as per the prince was on the day the FSB was going through votes in the parliament. She was too ill to be there in the parliament but still remained rooted because of her love for the poor and wept uncontrollably at AIIMS when she realized she can`t cast her precious vote for the bill. She felt she should have voted for the sake of the poor but couldn`t as her goddamn health didn`t permit her, the prince added. And I only bloody thought Ekta Kapoor is the best soap opera maker of the country. Did anyone expect a potential priminister candidate would come atop the stage, not with governance, policies and vision but a whole lot of weeping saga? That is Rahul Gandhi for you. An absolute nutcase with nothing more than a borrowed surname to furnish but yet hailed as the modern day equivalent of Julius Caesar.
    Once Dadi and Mom were settled what left for the Prince to jibe upon? Yes, more nonsense. In a recent rally at Sagar in Bundelkhand area of Madhya Pradesh the Prince told the crowd of his 2009 experience of the state. In one go he also proved, he not only is a great philosopher and space scientist but also a great mathematician. He told how he was bitten black-and-blue by mosquitoes when he was here during 2009 election rallies. It doesn`t concern you seeing your beloved prince getting bruised in the hands of those bloody mosquitoes? Then hear further. Along with mega mosquito bites the prince also suffered with a terrible stomach pain after drinking water in a village. I feel so sorry for the prince and blame the useless administration of MP entirely for not ensuring a comfortable stay for the Yuvraj. What the hell Sivrajsingh is doing when the prince not only has to suffer but also has to remain awake and count the number of mosquitoes that sucked on him. Last time he counted the number was at a staggering 25000. If not for anything, MP government should have shown concerns for this great mathematician going by the name Dr. Rahul Gandhi.
    Jokes apart – do you think in any responsible democracy will you see comics delivering such clownish lines at an election campaign rally? I am sure none, if we strike out Pakistan from the democratic countries list. But again that is Rahul Gandhi for you and the legacy of dirty Congress. If nothing to offer then fool the nation with emotional blackmailing. They are doing it for 60 years and continue to do so until someone literally stands up and slaps them at a ninety degree angle. How easy it is to blame the mosquitoes of MP while in his own backyard Delhi, ruled by his own party has the highest number of cases of Dengue in India. Does the prince ever cared to go to an average household in Delhi and stay overnight to feel the pleasure of mosquito bites and count the number as well? And when you talk about water, half of Delhi doesn`t even get them once in a week. Absurdity should have a limit and this retard brat seems not to realize this. That is why I call him a joker. Someone intentionally making a laughing stock out of himself can`t be addressed any better way.
    But you know what; there are sycophants in Congress who still would hail the prince for such nonsenses. One of them is a moron named Sanjay Jha. I call people like Sanjay Jha and many like him in Congress, for want of a better word as BHAND. No sooner Rahul Gandhi counted the number of mosquitoes, this filthy of an ass licker seen tweeting how BJP has transformed Madhya Predesh to Mosquito Pradesh. And because of such rear lickers, the prince didn`t realize that people would be rolling on the floor laughing by the sheer mention of his name. Great going of the prince and his bunch of yes men and ass lickers, I must say. But hey, I am not complaining since these jokers are in a mission of self-destruction and no wonder it would be a blessing for the nation if a perpetual corrupt party like Congress self-destructs itself.
    And by the way, is this the reason for a pathetically low attendance of the prince in the parliament? I mean counting 25000 mosquitoes certainly would take a hell lot of time. No?


    1. Nicely written sir. I'd like to add something..recently in one of the joker prince's speech, people got so fed up that they started shouting 'Modi Jindabad' and 'Modi lao desh bachao'.........Even the people who went there (they probably got paid for it) to listen him turned against him..what a joke of a person...its a pity to even call him a person....

    2. Boy, I didn`t know you take this joker so seriously that you end up writing a big rebuttal to him. Why waste time on this seasoned moron?

      But bro, that said, the post is spot on as always.

    3. ExtremelyirritatedOct 29, 2013, 2:00:00 AM

      Bro Main bhi Bekar patel ke articles 3 saal se dekh raha hoon, par iska naam padte hi seedhe comments mein jata hoon; to janta ki galiyon se pata lag jata hai bhai ne kitni ulti ki hai..

    4. recently i started going through this aakar patel article..god swear i read his 2 articles..later on everytime time i see his article ..i straightaway move to comments...full of galliya..insult..and i enjoy it..i think he wants publicity only may -ve ..keep on writing aakar the more you write more we enjoy..by reading comments...you can't make any impact on readers or voters..u seem to be Diggy news boy..

    5. Thanks to Namo, even Muslims are coming out of 'community voting to Congress' formula.

    6. Guess you have taken him too serioulsy, he is Bekar to core. Stopped even posting comments on his articles, why give him any undue publicity. But this was good piece to read as always !

    7. The only reason I look at any article by Bekar Patel is to read the comments... I wonder how someone can keep writing despite such a barrage of insults... I think in every article the ratio of negative to positive comments is 100:1 or even more. If I was an author and faced such a reaction I would have retired long back.
      I guess everyone needs to make a living... Money talks

    8. rrgr8rrgr8I hav no great luv for.aakar patel but all you guys commenting against him based on such flimsy arguments r seriously uneducated an ignorant.

      Ur arguments r not even worth a discussion.

    9. D fact dat u wud hav retired shows dat u hav no spine whtsoever an nothing worthwhile to say anyway.

      A merit of a writer is not determined by d negetive or positive votes comments.

      This isn't indian idol sms voting u idiot

    10. Yeah, this isn't Indian idol, this is India... We don't have to listen to every little shit who just writes 20000 articles vilifying one man without any logic or brain...
      We have the option of simply changing the channel away from this one man show.