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    Oops!! Sagarika Ghose Does It Again

    The subject line of the blog is self-explanatory. Isn`t it? The moment one conjures `OOPS` and `Sagarika Ghose` in one breath, it only points at the latest stupidity of the lady. Did I say latest? I mean when one pontificates one stupidity every hour, keeping a count of the numbers becomes a real tedious exercise. Though, would have loved to number each stupidity of Sagarika Ghose with a number vis-à-vis the veracity of the stupidity level but they are just too many coming from her which in a way would require full time association to analyze each of them and then number it. As it is I have other things to do to make a living unlike Sagarika who adorns the chair of an editor, even though her IQ level makes a far cry with every stage of sensibility.
    In her latest attempt in explaining who exactly the media houses shouldn`t select as their editor, she goes ahead layering one stupidity after other without much of an effort. Well, you can term that as a specialty with someone like Sagarika Ghose since churning out so many imprudent narratives in one single piece of writing can`t be achieved even if one tries intentionally. That is the power of Sagarika Ghose and many like her – to deliver on the expected lines of some high end inanity without breaking a drop of sweat what-so-ever. You know something called God gifted? 

    Yet again, in her latest piece of Modi slinging, she did what she does best. I at times imagine what the fate of such third graded journalists those passé of as editors would be had there been no Narendra Modi in our political scene or there had been no Gujarat riot? I am sure these morally and ethically bankrupt low quality selfsame would be doing pretty much nothing or at best scripting for road side magazines like `Manohar Kahaniya` or `Mayapuri`. Or maybe not even that, knowing the quality of garbage these clowns of the snake farm routinely come up with in the name of Op`ed, they don`t seem to even qualify to write for these road side Masala magazines.
    I have read close to half a dozen of absolute stinking writing excreta of this woman before and to say the least, all of them are absolute carnage of sensible and mature writing or for that matter sensibility of anything. No sooner she starts with her piece she immediately falls to the depth of bizarreness and leaves behind any trace of logical reasoning then and there. The last time I read one of her pile of poison, she made a mess of journalistic ethics by the time she reached the third line of her article. Though that was quick, I still expected Sagarika to better her own performance. In this article she seems to have bettered that long standing record by flunking in the very first line itself. 

    So far we have not heard any real policy alternatives from Modi

    How that goes for a starting line of yet another vile spewing hatred for an incumbent CM? But in her self-inflicted blindness to hate Modi for any reason that is offered, she fails to understand the basic nature of Indian election campaigns or for that matter any political rally. First: policies are decided by a bunch of people, not an individual, provided the members of the ruling party don`t wet their Dhotis and Sarees by the mere mention of queen bee and her retard brat. Second: policies are formulated after close inspection of each side of it, including the worst and the best. It is no brainer to realize, both of these tasks require time. But for people like Sagarika, she expects policies to be decided atop a political platform meant for an entirely different reason. She expects Modi to come up with his set of renewed policy alternatives while addressing a gathering in some remote corner of Andhra Pradesh or Haryana. I am asking again – who made her the deputy editor of IBN? Hang-on, there is more to this first line. Though she feels disappointed that Modi yet to let know any of his proposed policies, she seems to be fine with no policy governance of a ruling government. She never asks the government about their proposed or expected policies but expects the same from a person merely contesting for the top job and that too right in the middle of his campaign speech. I guess she is expecting Modi to gatecrash one of his own rallies and term something as `utterly nonsense` to pass of as a policy for her. 

    Not satisfied with her opening statement in bold she adds further bile to her already intoxicated piece of hatred. So carry on reading.

    But Modi relentlessly seeks out newer audiences and his social media outreach is formidable, (even though we hacks still await a no-holds-barred press conference where no question is taboo.)

    Aah!! There you go. Here comes the real reason of hatred, if you mistakenly thought concern for Gujarat riot victims were the original reason all this while. Let me reiterate before we go further with the post – a congregation of snakes called our media cares rat ass for any one dead or alive. It is always business paramount, even if it requires baking cakes over dead bodies. So back to the topic guys. Sagarika expects a no-holds-barred press conference of Modi. Over the years, the biggest achievement Modi, other than his fine governance is to keep people like Sagarika and similar species of snakes masquerading as journalists at bay. Neither he reacted to the vile propagandas of the media ever nor did he ever agree to talk to this utterly uncouth congregation of louts on anything. He followed a simple principle of `actions speaks louder than words`. He let his governance and development speak on his behalf, to which our uncivilized media didn`t have any answers. While the media kept on running around like a group of rabies infected barking dogs, the elephant kept on walking on the path of glory. Now that the media, including selfsame like Sagarika have fallen flat on their faces, she expects to have a no-holds-barred questioning with Modi. How sweet of this woman, No? By the way, even if Modi holds one such press conference one day, looking at the IQ level of Sagarika and many others from her stinking ilk, I doubt if Modi would invite such low grade jurnos to pollute his press conference. By the way, I hope she is equally hoping to have a no-holds-barred conference with the queen where she can start with questioning the dubious land deals of the first son-in-law. I only hope though.
    Never mind. Let`s move forward. As expected she goes on asking questions on Modi and his idea of governance. Though she expects Modi to create miracle without ruling, she conveniently sidesteps the idea of questioning her favorite party and their massive misrule of last 10 years. That is so peculiar with each Modi hater – to hide the misdeed of Congress; they ask what Modi would have done instead. How more childish it can be is evident from this stinking pile of words. Read on..

    He's called the UPA not a dream team but a "dirty team", asked why "samvidhan" should be subordinate to "shehzada", accused the PM of "selling poverty" to Barack Obama and accused the Congress of using CBI to fight elections. But where in Modi's thundering oratory is the set of alternative policies, a completely new set of policy goals and a new set of buzzwords to challenge the UPA's Food Security Bill, MNREGA, RTI, aam admi, inclusive growth and RTE? Modi and the BJP have now spent 10 years in the Opposition condemning the UPA's corruption and indecisiveness. But where is Modi's alternative charter of governance, where are the new ideas, beyond the battle cries?

    Here I hope she goes to Gujarat, absolutely any place of her choice with a sole idea to explore the state, not spew hatred against Modi. Though she had previously gone to the state many times for her soundbites and avenues to spread lies, she for once need to go to Gujarat as a genuine human being in search of truth. And I am sure most of her literary garbage would be answered in no time. The moment she asks what is Modi`s alternate idea of governance, she need to be slapped and shown the roads of Gujarat. The moment she asks what Modi could have done different, she should be thrown inside any of Gujarat`s public offices and shown how it is done. Being from the snake house called our media she knows very well that though they have tried their best to sling profane of every kind to malign Modi, not one of them is related to any corruption activity of him. Doesn`t that itself explains what kind of governance Modi would offer once he is at the helm. She conveniently forgets the shameless corrupt acts of Congress and its allies but baskets on FSB, MNREGA which are at best policies drawn out to capture some much needed votebank and fool the nation. Inclusive growth, she asks. But she forgets one very important thing – there is a difference between appeasement and inclusive growth. What Congress is exhibiting is plain appeasement for votebank while Modi demonstrates real inclusive growth where appeasement for anyone has no place.
    Her agenda driven stupidity explodes even further in her next paragraph where she decides to draw parallel between god knows what-and-what. Here is a sample of her which to me absolutely makes no sense.

    If Modi stands for desi Thatcherism or an economically right-wing, business friendly government, then where exactly is that audacious new idea in any of his speeches? Or is it difficult to make such pronouncements because there is simply no ideological unanimity between BJP and sangh on business-friendly economics?

    First she must explain what the hell this right-wing economics is. But before that she must explain what kind of economic policies UPA is adapting: left-wing or no wings at all. Any person who even has some remote interest with Indian politics knows the Sangh have their own idea of interference in BJP affairs. It can be anything but the Sangh is least bothered about policy making and governance, as far as I know. If a great brain like Sagarika can erudite a lesser mortal like me or share facts to suggest that Sangh even has a say in governance and policy making, I would be obliged to say the least. From nowhere she gets the feel of an absent ideological unanimity within BJP and Sangh and hence relates it to why Modi never shared his idea of policies with her ilk yet. As usual no facts supplied to support her bizarre claim. Going back to my first point, only a dumb person like her can expect the policies to be rolled out atop a campaign rally as is done by numerous Congress leaders to appease the minorities. She expects Modi to do a Salman Khurshid or Manmohan Singh and announce sops for minorities on the fly, as and when wanted.
    Now she shares 10 questions with Modi, many of which are age old problems with India and expects Modi to handover a readily available solution to each of them quicker than the time she took them to arrange. How novice of a journalist it becomes when she asks someone to give a concrete solution to Indo-Pak problem in five minutes which successive governments failed to answer in last 60 odd years. Though the question is valid, I guess she is delayed it by 60 years and should have asked the same to Nehru instead because the mess is his creation. In fact most of the problems that she tries to bundle within her 10 questions are all created after the repeated mis-governance of the Congress party. But who should give solutions for them? Ohh, sure it has to be Modi since Congress and the Gandhi family is never accountable to any of their pan-India mess. Never mind the logic or the lack of it with nutcase bimbos like her as commonsense prevails with sensible and rational brain, not sold out outlets. Read on for her next stupidity and her spectacle of narrow IQ level

    Can the Gujarat model become an all India model? In Gujarat at the moment, Modi holds the following portfolios: General Administration, Administrative Reforms & Training, Industries, Home, Climate Change, Ports, Information & Broadcasting, Narmada, Kalpasar and Science & Technology. The one man government is what provides streamlined administration. But can such a one- man administration be replicated the Centre?

    Is anyone surprised that the stupid bimbo thinks Gujarat model is all about one person having all the portfolios at his disposal? I am not; not an ounce. Let us help her get this answer since it is about time the Gujarat model is explained to the brain dead hacks like her. When Modi talks about Gujarat model he emphasizes on decisive and quick decision making, not the usual dragging your feet as mastered by Congress. Gujarat model means to stand up and take the bull by the horn, not putting the issue on a slow pressure cooker and hope the issue would resolve itself. Gujarat model is taking the facts and eventualities head on, unlike the principal policy of playing Ostrich of Congress. Above all Gujarat model is development for all, appeasement to none, not the `minorities have first right to natural resources` nonsense of Manmohan Singh. And it is again no brainer to realize that such a model is independent of who is posted as what. The model talks about a no-nonsense approach towards governance which really doesn`t care what portfolio is given to whom. Basically a Gujarat model is something that offers no drool to any community but demands equal contribution from one-and-all for mutual growth. Now does anyone feel such a model can`t be implemented across India? I am sure it can be, though it may have its resistance initially.
    With this ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I rest my case.


    1. Ha ha ha... Stellar. This pathetic piece of IQ needs such rebuttals on regular interval. Great post. Liked every word of it.

    2. I am absolutely sure that not all people in our media are so dumb but unfortunately they have got used to living on free money from congress they have sold their souls.... As modi ji always says for all media kings/queens it really is about ROZI ROTI more than anything else ... Forget people they dont care about India.

      Why is admire modi ji most is because nothing .... Absolutely nothing can deviate him from his mission or goals .... No matter how many dogs bark he remains focused as always.. Jai hind

    3. To say the least...On the spot as always !

    4. Amazing post! These Ghoses, Rajdeepsa and Nidhis.. are only being Loyal to the Royal. The Royal that has LOOTED our country lock, stock and barrel. For the likes of CNN to be hosting such CROOKS masquerading as journalists is truly APPALLING to say the least. Well, one thing is obvious, the more the MODI juggernaut sweeps through the youth, the more cacophonous these PATHETIC 'journalists' seem to get. Go for it folks, you and the MAFIA you serve are reaching the inevitable DOOM!

    5. If you look at the ownership of these media houses, one can understand that they are anything but objective and uniform in their analysis. Modi has certainly managed to give their the shivers and sleepless nights.

    6. This is called as Media prostitution and ppl like her are basically pimps. Accepting money and allowing the politicians to rape the country.

    7. Sagarikka,Rajdeep,Karan,Arnab,Bharkha,Nidhi,etc all act as paid agents of Congress.These psuedos have been targeting Modi for eleven years and failed miserably.Even when Modi becomes PM they will say 2002.There is no salvation for this pathetic group.I wonder why the BJP spokespersons don't put them in their place. A very good analysis and more such expose should be done to show their dirty game.

    8. Excellent article, well-worded. +1 to "left-wing or no wings at all" :P

    9. Excellent one. Bang on the target. Wish that this dumb paid Congress stooge read this and then it's worth watching her reaction to the ultimate truth.

    10. Indian media is completely biased and lacks objectivity. These channels are part owned by foreign multinational companies which definitely don't want strong leadership in India.
      Sagarika, Barkha and other such media people simply bash Modi & Hindus to be seen as secular. They just shout in high pitch making it impossible for other voices to be heard.
      I hope Modi becomes PM and makes sure that CBI and ED checks the accounts of all these media houses and media people

    11. I do not know what she was expecting from Modi by asking for POLICY ALTERNATIVES.
      But definitely she has admitted that MODI is going to ascend the throne after the LS Elections.
      All her outbursts, outpourings & slings are nonsense & meaningless.
      Yes, you can expect ANALYTICAL ARTICLES only from PROFESSIONAL & ETHICAL scribes.
      These are similar to the allergic reactions of a terrorised whore when there is a Police raid while perfoming her profession.

    12. Mithun EmbranthiriOct 22, 2013, 6:34:00 AM

      Excellent post!!!
      These English media journalist (esp. TV) have nothing else to talk. They themselves do not have the connect with the real India that looks for opportunity and growth in life. This is applicable for the poor, the middle class and the rich. Everyone is in search for an opportunity in life which the UPA Government has successfully destroyed. Modi has the answers for this. His track record shows it unlike an idiot who preaches on Escape Velocity for Dalits and may be in future Schrodinger's elusive cat for the middle class citizens.

    13. PAGALICKA Ghose...Licking PAPPU Gandhi'S ba*** ....MODI for the WIN

    14. beware Karan Thapar, Burqa Dutt, Rajdeep Sardesai, Nidhi Razdan,Rahul Kanwal, and Pagalika ....ur nemesis is here...

    15. "Being Cynical": What do you know about being a woman? Sagarika ghosh is going through menopause symptoms. Her actual menopause will occur in 2014 after the general elections.

    16. Oops! That was my tongue in cheek humor! :)

    17. Pagalika is an attractive bimbo. When you read her, do not expect any logical or factual arguments. Focus on her picture and imagine -- at 45, she is still very attractive.

    18. these brainless and shameless crooks are more worried about kashmiri students who support pakistan. these porkistan agents should be sent out of our country as early as possible.