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    Open Letter To Karan Thapar

    Dear Karan,

    In fact, hell with that. Karan,

    This letter comes from me after numerous deliberations. First I thought if you, as rightly pointed out by Madhu Trehan, a low level individual with a flair of English language should deserve so much of my attention or not and second, does your regular bullshit that you air by a fancy name called “Devil’s Advocate” deserve any discussion at all. I thought and thought over it again, only to decide, both you and your godforsaken show are at such a third grade level that anything written or discussed on them would be insult to the sane populous of the nation. Even I relinquished many appeals of my regular readers to come up with a piece on you. You know why? Because I felt it would be an abuse to myself if I write something for someone who is uncouth to the core and languishes at the bottom layer of decency, ethics and morality; let alone journalism.

    That said, today I got some free time and is there a better way to engage the free time than writing about the garbage disposal problem of our nation at the present state? I am sorry if you find me equating a smart jacket jackass like you with garbage because I am not. In my sense even the garbage has its share of utility unlike you. So let’s clear the air of confusion, if there any.

    Let’s start with some mutual admiration. What do you say? But before that, I am sure you won’t mind the words used herein since, if compared to the words you use in your interviews, these would sound like the tune of a flute in relative terms. Anyway, as it is, the deal should be settled with one’s own currency. Shouldn’t it be?

    Let me first pick a thread from Madhu Trehan and tickle you at all inappropriate places. Are you a Pakistani agent masquerading as an Indian? I was disappointed with Madhu for not putting the question in the manner it should be. She tried to be little milder which she shouldn’t be with a person like you. But hey, I am more than just making up that missed opportunity to lambast a traitor as I am not going to miss out the originality in search of some decency. So the question again – Are you a Pakistani agent? I know, you will start throwing tantrums at the outset but before you do that, let me throw at least a dozen of your rotten articles about Indo-Pak relationship at you. All are classics on their own term and virtually unbelievable to realize, all are written by an Indian. I for once thought a third rate rabid moron from that side could be the author, till I saw your name at the bottom. I was surprised to know that the moron whom I thought belongs to that side is actually one of our own. Such was the depressing feeling to see a traitor, I must tell you.

    Moving forward. You largely feel Pakistan is at the peril of the atrocities meted out by a bloodhound nation called India. You may deny writing the very line anywhere but trust me all your articles sums up to this. Being an Indian you fail to see the terrorism against India as a state policy of Pakistan but conveniently point that the disturbances in Balooch area could be a handiwork of RAW? That’s what the Pakistanis are shouting all this while in justification to every Pakistan sponsored terror attack on our soil. Aren’t they? And you just joined their tone for easy money. Whom else one should call a traitor Karan? Sachin Tendulkar or Capt. Vikram Batra? Had this perspective been thrown in one of your articles, it could be taken as a different perspective but not certainly when you do it in every article of yours. When you do it again and again, it no more remains just a perspective but shows your agenda. The agenda which unfortunately you are trying to push through after selling your morality to the enemies is for all to judge in each article of yours. I can see you shaking your head violently but hey, do you think we guys are fool not to notice the cordial relationship you enjoy with all Pakistani officials at both sides of the LoC? Do you think we are not aware how much you love the traditional India haters from that side and from this side as well and your noteworthy hospitality in driving those scoundrels across Delhi and elsewhere, and that too personally? So the question whether you are a traitor or not is no more a dispute because you are. Now what remains to be asked is - why you sold yourself to conspire against your own nation and join active hands with the enemies who are inflicting wounds to us at regular intervals? Just for money or is there something more to it Karan?

    There are enough evidence to establish your traitor-hood, if I may coin the term. Coming back to the nonsense for which many people know of your existence. You take interviews of politicians and try to bully them by displaying some unmatched indecency throughout. As long as the politicians are not from Congress or one of your loved ones from Pakistan, you breach all lines of civility till the point the self-respecting individuals get up and give you a piece of lesson on decorousness. Case-in-point, Ram Jethmalani and Narendra Modi. I hope you regularly replay your interview with Jethmalani and go through the lines he said before getting up – “I thought you have changed and that’s why I agreed for the interview but you are still nasty and all the same”. Don’t you ever feel like slapping yourself Karan? Someone calls you nasty in national television but you are shameless enough to continue a solo speech of 3 minutes in self-gloating and throwing your point of view after he left. What kind of journalism it is when you bully your guests and when they leave your show disparaged you consume the rest of the time left, throwing your own opinion knowing very well the person is not there to defend your nonsense? Is it something strange with you only or all Doon alumni are equally rubbish? I am worried Karan, seeing to the level of lowness you have brought to the Indian journalism spear.

    Ditto is with Narendra Modi interview. When Kapil Sibal says he is not fine with discussing a particular topic, you let go at that but not when Naredra Modi says the same. You let go Kapil easily since he belongs to the party which accounts for your evening scotch and all page-3 nonsense you regularly engage with. You don’t force yourself with repeated questionnaire to Kapil since your Mai-Baaps in Congress will be disappointed with your adventure. But come to Modi you behave like an insane smoking weed ever since he was born. You keep on harping on a single point and furnish some undocumented court observations, which are not even part of the judgment. That is like an average Chennai auto driver bullying around his customers against some unbelievable fare. Does one need to tell a moron like you the basics of conducting an interview where the discussion can’t be based on some stray observations? In that case should I ornament you with my observations that I have for all third rated entities like you? Can we have a discussion, one-on-one based only on my personal observations of a filthy human being? If yes, please do write to me at cynicalpost@gmail.com.

    One of your interviews with Chidambaram even broke whatever sensibility left with your show. You agreed to the ground condition of PC that the show can only be aired if he gives a go ahead. And you were shameless enough to put that as a declaimer whole through the episode. I am sure, knowing your filthy mouth and mindset all interviewees must be setting some ground rules before even thinking about spending time with you but you seldom let those conditions known to the public. Then what so special with PC episode, Karan? Is it the free money talking there since otherwise a sold out outlet like you would have his posterior plucked by the Mai-Baaps? But come to Modi or anything that goes against the Congress party, you seem to get a free run in abusing one and all. Is it journalism or plain pimp work, Karan?

    Enough for today. I can't waste more time on an absolute rotten piece of flesh with no words like decency and civility in his dictionary. But by the way, who is the Devil and who is the advocate in your shows? Is it you, playing both the roles in intermittent intervals since, I never saw any of your interviewee talking in your shows. It is you all the way always.

    Someone who hate morons 


    1. Great post....

      Sawere Sawere is chutiyeo ko kyun nanga kiya?

    2. the only reason these phattus do not ask hard questions to Congress because the 2G party is a very vicious entity

    3. Best line " like an insane smoking weed ever since he was born"....really liked it. Karan Thapar has no credibility since his dad worked very closely with Nehru. He worked as 'head of Indian army during the Sino-Indian War, and resigned in disgrace from India's loss' (taken from wikipedia). Wish he should always declare conflict of interest, while interviewing any political person...

    4. Jayalalitha also blasted Karan. Worth seeing interview on youtube.

    5. Karan's ISI connection speculations are doing the rounds in the military circles. This guy would soon be deported.

    6. Well written! The best response he got was from Ms. Jayalalitha - The iron lady. He was shamed. Don't forget to watch it on Youtube.

    7. Karan Thapar is dumbest anchor I have seen. He never understands the answer to his question at one go. He keeps repeating the questions and the answers all by himself in idiotic tone.
      He thinks he is so smart that people fear appearing on his show, truth is - he is intolerable.

    8. Karan Thapar is not fit to take interviews. His aim seems to be of creating trouble more than finding solutions, even where none exists

    9. KT is part of Gobar Journalism that India is infected with. This SOB is anti-India and anti-Hindu ...... KT like AK49 is CIA/ISI plant in India

    10. Hi - you must collaborate with Media Crooks and pool in your efforts to expose the NEWS TRADERS ..... god bless you .. proud of patriotic Indian like you.

    11. Everybody has a right to state his views, but you are going overboard here; "one beetle recognizes another."

    12. this is the madhu trehan revenge interview (for the scathing book review by thapar) all over again! The letter- writer doesn't even have the courage to sign the letter by name. Perhaps it's madhu trehan again?

      Terrible, meaningless letter. Couldn't be bothered to go through the whole letter after the first few paragraphs. Clearly a journalist who personally has something against Thapar.

      One thing is for sure - Thapar doesn't seem to have made many journalist friends.

      But as a viewer, I think his shows are the best in India. Complete, full-rounded discussion of issues, articulates and sums up points well and most importantly, the viewer learns something after watching his show.