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    Field Days For The Dirty Tricks Department

    I had decided to take a month long break from writing. After 10 years of continuous writing this was to be my first self-imposed break and a much needed one at that. But thanks to our politics and ever so uncouth politicians, I am here, back again writing, which I thought of refraining for 30 days. But that is so typical with our politicians, more so the politicians from Congress party where they leave no opportunity go begging when it comes to screw up an average man’s plans. Be it hiking the tax slab every year or their complete disinterest in curbing the prolonged double digit inflation, they simply don’t want the citizens to materialize their plans the way they want. When left with some spare time from their mega loots, these morons get engage in screwing up everyone at an individual level. It is just that I am the casualty this time around. 

    From the last time I wrote some 10 days ago, a lot of things have happened. All were juicy and each of the incidents deserves a separate blog of their own. I still refrained but not any more since the gimmicks are getting too dangerous to ignore. After all I am no Manmohan Singh, you know. He might ignore the fact that he is the priminister of the nation but for someone like me, it is hard to ignore the prevailing nonsense at such an ease.

    First was the case of some snooping in Gujarat. It was funny; no not the snooping saga per say but the reaction of Congress. The last thing I was expecting on the so called violation of privacy and many such fancier terms was the knee jerk response of Congress. A party whose VP is once disputed of being an active participant in sexual violation of a woman, is shouting for the privacy and integrity of women? I know the great Yuvraj was never chargesheeted nor there been a complain but you know that “Ceaser’s wife ” nonsense? A party which has honorable members who not only kill their wives but also chop their bodies to roast in a Tandoor, is taking high moral grounds on this snooping saga? That is so funny, I tell you. I never found the proverbial ‘Sou Chuhe Khake…’ more apt than for this.

    Here is the thing. The sting that was carried out by Cobra-Post looks a hatch job in many ways than one; and I will tell you why. A little investigation into the funding and survival of Cobra-Post will tell you how such a third grade magazine survived for so long. They either do blackmailing or threat individuals with some sting or the other and extort money to run their filthy campaign. Not to mention, how they are on the ‘fond list’ of Congress and how that very achievement helps generous money being wired to their accounts to spew their bile against one-and-all opponents of Congress party. Just like the other equally dangerous Tehelka, these chaps are more into pimp work than journalism. Employing prostitutes for their so called investigative journalism is just one of the sightseers for example. Hey, did I take Tehelka’s name? Well, well, well; we will get to them and their ever so flamboyant editor-in-chief (read cheap) a little later but for the time being let’s concentrate on this snooping thing.

    Now the main argument of Congress in snooping gate was the violation of an adult woman’s privacy. Just because her father deemed fit that the authorities must gaze her movements and requested Narendra Modi, whom he knows personally to facilitate the process, she couldn’t be and shouldn’t be put into any kind of surveillance. I agree to this point. Being an adult she has all the rights to her privacy and none should have the liberty to violate that. But the catch is the girl’s reaction on this. If she, as per the Congress is adult enough to decide of her own then isn’t she adult enough to lodge a complaint if she feels any of her fundamental rights were compromised? The snooping gate is not a kind of a crime like murder or any other capital delinquency that the state has to act suo-motto. Has the girl complained to anyone? Does her father either? In fact her father even wrote an official letter that he doesn’t want any kind of investigations be carried out on this Cobra-Post marvel. But surprisingly enough, the Congress and another of many good-for-nothing organizations like NCW were tearing each other’s Kurtas and Sarees in demand of an investigation. And why NCW is acting like a seasoned drug addict here while they never even sighed when Begum Shiela Dixit openly washed off her hands by saying – women safety is not her lookout but that of the police’s? Because the chairman of NCW is fighting on a Congress ticket from Rajasthan in the upcoming legislative elections. Does it require any explanation on why NCW is hell-bent on defaming Modi at the slightest opportunity? If such uncouth and self-sodomizing entities fill the so called NCW then it looks highly dangerous on ground terms and it should be dismantled without further delay. Anyway, the usefulness or the lack of it of something as cunning as NCW is a separate debate and we must distillate on the topic rather.

    Ok, back to the subject. Most interesting of all is the sudden bout of concern for women from Congress. Isn’t it the same party which water cannoned and beat young girls not long ago since they were protesting against the alarmingly deplorable state of women safety in Delhi? Isn’t it the same party whose woman CM just wept few crocodile tears and proclaimed even her own daughter feels Delhi highly unsafe for women? It is surprising as well as funny to see, while the girls and the fathers are all worried in Delhi, Congress looks absolutely jacket fine but when the girl and the father are absolutely fine in Gujarat, Congress is extremely worried. Didn’t I say, it is absolute Field Days coming up for the dirty tricks department of Congress till the next general elections are over?

    Have we talked about this Tejpal chap till now? If not then why not start the ball rolling? As someone correctly said that these sidekicks like Tehelka, Cobra-post and many more are the fences that Congress has erected around them to safeguard themselves from the enemy. Here unfortunately the enemies are the true and patriotic Indians who ask tough questions when Congress wants silence on each of their loot, Mafiosi, mismanagement of the nation to name few. Every time an embarrassing situation looms large for Congress, these fences get into their work in churning out something spicy so that the focus could be shifted from Congress to elsewhere. I challenge you to pick any issue of Tehelka since its inception and show me one single article that looks even remotely neutral. Show me one article from Tehelka which was critical of the 2G, CWG, Coal and Adarsh scams. I assure you, your search for any such article/s from Tehelka would be futile because there is none. Ditto like Cobra-Post, an investigation on the survival of Tehelka for 10 long years when they even struggle to pay salaries to their employees for months would certainly make some exciting revelations. Anyone who has the slightest idea on Indian politics will know what Tehelka always stood for and where exactly their ethics, morality and credibility end.

    Now when one such fence falls and that too in a bizarre manner, the people, whom the fence was protecting all this while will have some worried time. After all the fences also require some protection at times. So when Tarun Tejpal was caught with everything down, it was imminent on the part of Congress to rush in and protect their beloved pet. But before going there, can you imagine the greatness of Tarun Tejpal? He is a genius to say the least. He pounces on a hapless girl of his daughter’s age inside a lift and when the girl wants answers for such slanderous behavior, the criminal takes a self-imposed vacation of 6 months. And there are morons like this third-grade Soma Chaudhury who being a woman herself is shameless enough to say, the girl got more than she asked for. Before Tejpal this filthy Soma Chaudhury must be bundled behind some dark cell, just to set an example.

    Tarun Tejpal has few other takers as well. Since Tejpal was busy vilifying Modi for last 10 years it was obvious that he is a darling for the seculars of this country. So along with the Congress party, even the seculars also joined their hands secretly to fish out Tejpal from this dirty water. There are seculars like Javed Akhtar who still find the existence of integrity with Tarun Tejpal. Another moron masquerading as a secular called Mahesh Bhatt was also of the same opinion. Well Mahesh Bhatt is a man of his own league. After all he can give a French-kiss to his own daughter in public view so what if someone pouncing on a girl of his daughter's age? That shouldn't be a shameful act for this third rated human being. Where is that irritating Rita Bahuguna Johi, who was taking a press conference per hour to do mudslinging at Modi on the snooping gate? I never heard her saying a single word on their own fence latching on helpless young girls to satisfy his sexual fantasies. I wonder what would have been the discourse if the incident has not happened in Goa but a Congress ruled state. It is only because it happened in Goa that the police were more than active to nip this Tejpal. I know the steps taken by the Goa police is little out of turn, knowing how lethargic our police force is but in any whichever way, the scumbag Tejpal needed to be acted tough. Can you see same would have been the veracity if the incident were to happen in say Maharashtra or Andhra Pradesh? Your guess is as good as mine in this case. And this audacious Kapil Sibal has got galls to hold a press conference and say how he doesn’t have a single share of Tehelka. He doesn’t have to on personal terms when the moronic party he belongs has got lots of shares in Tehelka to count.

    No wonder that the dirty tricks department of Congress is doing overtime of late and they would have sleepless nights as the election days nears. All for democracy and to keep the so called communal forces at bay, you see. 


    1. Take a bow sir. Great post as always. Only catch this time that people are smart enough to read the nefarious intent of Congress in all their dirty plots.

    2. Well written article. My favorite line in your article was "A party which has honorable members who not only kill their wives but also chop their bodies to roast in a Tandoor, is taking high moral grounds on this snooping saga? " Media ran the snoopgate episode for almost 2 weeks now but when bomb blast happened at Modi's rally media forgot it in 3 to 4 days only why. Isn't its a big news where terrorist tried to kill senior leaders of opposition party. We call ourselves liberal but then we still think man and women can have only one relationship between them. According to my theory Modiji consider that young girl as her own daughter ( as I see most of young kids around me as my own daughter and son even though I am still single). That corrupt officer, Sharma, was trying to have a illicit relationship with the girl so as any other protective Indian father, Modiji with girls father tried their best to save that girls life. I don't see anything wrong with such behavior. You are also right in pointing out that since the girl is adult if she feels to file an FIR then she will do it. Where as Tarun Tejpal is concern look at the zeenews investigation http://t.co/6mSRkln9ly . How come Tejpal was indulged in illegal activity of long but no one raise hue and cry about it. Once again I wanna mention well written article.

    3. very good piece that clearly shows how biased Cobrapost, Tehelka and NCW are. you should have mentioned the death of Rajbala in this writeup

    4. Congress completely exposed! Clearly shows the extent of corruption in Indian media. A very well written article.

    5. <> Excellent piece of article.
      <> You have NOT wasted your vacation.
      <> Very lucid, very compact but all the linked villains exposed.
      <> Though you may not clamour this, I wish all your vacation ideas fail in this manner.

    6. sir, please write an article on "operation blue virus" of cobrapost

    7. best one - It is surprising as well as funny to see, while the girls and the fathers are all worried in Delhi, Congress looks absolutely jacket fine but when the girl and the father are absolutely fine in Gujarat, Congress is extremely worried

    8. I haven't done much research on this Blue Virus nonsense. Can you elaborate what exactly it is? I will take it from there. BTW thanks for visiting my blog and taking the pain to even comment. I am ohonored

    9. I agree with each and every word that you have written.
      Just wondering, if Tehelka (read Tarun Tejpal) hadn't exposed Bangaru Laxman some years back, would the Goa police under BJP show such alacrity in their actions?

    10. They may not have. But you know what? It has got nothing to do with Laxman per say; reason being you get paid for your sins one day or the other. This Tejpal chap and his wretched magazine was long needing such treatment for the lies and paid pimp work they did for Congress for so long.

      I would say, such treatment is just half decade late.

    11. Admin,why are u linking two separate issues?What Modi was doing is violation of a person's privacy as well as gross misuse of state machinery.I seriously dont give a damn whether he has some relation with the woman but treating state machinery as pvt property is neither to be proud of nor defensible.Tejpal is a scumbag and a congress puppet no two opinions on that,but using his wrong to prove another wrong is not correct. I think you are not giving a balanced opinion on this. What Modi did was unethical and maybe illegal too.Just because he is Modi with a thousand virtues (half of them imaginary) you cant support him blindly.Look at the state of affairs caused by blind followers of Gandhi Nehru