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    Rajdeep Sardeasai Gets It Wrong Again

    Rajdeep Sardesai is one confused creature. He mixes way too many things in the name of perspective and then makes a mess of it by the time he is done with his mixing act. When the mess returns to him as a boomerang, he conveniently resorts to name calling and plays the victim card within no time. This simple chronology of mess making – name calling – playing victim holds true with anyone from our media but the Sardesai family has made it a patented affair with this chronology. Even Mrs. Sardesai, popularly known as Sagarika Ghosh is a master in this act as well. How many of you remember her latest antic of pulling out her 8 year old article to suggest how neutral a journalist she was all this while? What she wanted to prove that the hate mongers in social media whom she refers by the title `Internet Hindus` kept on targeting her mindlessly. Ohh, so sorry to have misunderstood her pious intentions for years and we morons owe an unconditional apology to the lady since she has pulled out a below standard article of her from the archive. Nevertheless, we are not here to discuss Mrs. Sardesai but her better half.
    Rajdeep writes his blogs or rather details out the dictation from his paymasters in a literal form on many platforms. Well, it shows that nonsense still has a huge market in this country. I have read many of his baseless propagandas, far away from any facts or detailing earlier. Hence his latest one at his own portal IBN Live is nothing different from his earlier nonsenses. I don`t know why but I had this feeling that Rajdeep would come back to trolley his absurd reasoning the moment Dilip Vengsarkar`s revelation came out. And see, my favorite anchor didn`t disappoint my espionage yet again. But he disappointed me a great lot in some other way with this piece of his. I always thought him to be little saner than his better half but after reading this one I feel he is trying to topple his own wife from the coveted position of top garbage manufacturer. So let’s see how Rajdeep faired with his attempt.
    Before we move forward I must confess. Till date I never understood the rational or we may never know why he wrote that Dawood narrative a good decade back at the first place. Whether to milk-wash Dawood or prove Balasaheb Thackeray wrong is debatable but for sure the analogy he tried to draw a decade back is still haunting him the bad way. In my personal opinion, he shouldn`t have wrote that piece to begin with. After all why behave like a man on crack and then play the victim card for 10 years? But anyway, let’s check what Rajdeep has to say this time.

    Why does an underworld don who offered the Indian cricket team Toyota cars if they beat Pakistan in Sharjah in 1986 become a resident of Karachi and India's most wanted in 1993?

    Good question. Let’s give the credit where it is due. But I hope Rajdeep knows of a word called lineage. Well forget about lineage, he must also be aware the kind of person Dawood was, with or without his offer of cars for the India team. He was a dreaded criminal and international smuggler from his birth. That itself puts him in the bracket of an anti-national to begin with. His offer for cars could be out of his sheer love of cricket or may be that day he could have invested a lot for India to win with the bookies. We may never know but Rajdeep finds this cute act of an underworld don is a clear sign of his patriotism. He not only finds this gesture as an act of patriotism but also asks us to see the larger picture on why such an innocent patriotic Muslim turned the biggest nemesis of India after 1993. What he wants to hear in response is perhaps - it is because of Babri demolition and the subsequent atrocities meted out by the barbaric Hindus. You see all fault lies with the Hindus, even for the birth of an anti-national.
    But hang-on, he looks like explaining why he finds Dawood`s offer for cars is a patriotic gesture. Read the line first and then we will dissect Mr. Rajdeep`s lies.

    This columnist had been targeted for saying as much in an article I wrote soon after the Mumbai blasts of 1993 in The Times of India. The blasts were widely seen as a "Muslim conspiracy" with Dawood as the mastermind. The political narrative at the time had an ominous ring of stereotyping an entire community which one found abhorrent and one said as much in a column. At the time, Shiv Sena supremo Bal Thackeray had publicly announced that a true test of an Indian Muslim's 'patriotism' was if he waved the tricolour at an India-Pakistan match. I pointed out that by this spurious definition even Dawood should be seen as a patriot since he had been seen supporting the Indian team in Sharjah.

    You know why I said lies of Rajdeep? Ok, let’s start dissecting this paragraph in the reverse order. Balasaheb did say that a true patriotic Indian Muslim should wave the tricolor during a cricket match between India and Pakistan. I don`t entirely agree with Balasaheb here though his lines contain some bitter truth which we don`t want to sallow in the name of being liberal or some nonsense to that effect. But hey, Balasaheb didn`t stop with this line alone; did he? He gave many pointers on what could be sign of patriotism according to him which I feel applies for every citizen of this nation, irrespective of their religion. It is people like Rajdeep who picked just one pointer among many provided by Balasaheb to tailor out innocence from absolute scoundrels like Dawood Ebrahim. And still Rajdeep wonders why he is targeted for telling the obvious truth as per him. Pity him I because he still don`t realize one has to pay for blatant lies. Just because appeasement has to remain intact even in matters of national security the secular brigade and their paid assassins like Rajdeep wish to get a free hand in hounding out Hindus for everything. The Mumbai blast was perceived as a `Muslim Conspiracy`, he writes. It was perceived? Did I read that correctly? Wish I could tell this on his face that it was not only just perceived but it actually was a `Muslim Conspiracy`. If not then why Congress till date is terming the Mumbai blast as fallout of the Babri demolition? If a demolition of Mosque justifies killing of innocents through bomb blasts and we have morons like Rajdeep to go ahead asking us the question on why a patriotic Dawood turned the perpetrator then I know, it is time these third graded jurnos be shunted out with rebuttals.
    Logic is farfetched when one gets paid to write. So let’s analyze his gibberish further.

    Few were willing to recognise the real nub of the argument: one was only asking a central question as to what had changed between October-November 1992 when Dawood was seen cheering the Indian cricket team and March 1993 when he chose to blast the city of his childhood. Till today, no one (except Anurag Kashyap in his brave film Black Friday based on a book by journalist Husain Zaidi) has sought to address this inconvenient truth: why did a gangster involved in gold smuggling and contract killings with several Hindu members in his D company transform himself into an ISI backed terrorist heading a 'Muslims-only' gang?

    Honestly to tell Rajdeep, nothing changed between October-November 1992 and March 1993. Dawood may be cheering for the Indian Cricket team for an entirely different reason but he always was an anti-national. Babri demolition is just an excuse that these selfsame anti-nationals grabbed with both hands to spew their venom openly. They very well knew that there are enough morons in this country who will play a nice game of appeasement later to justify their misdeeds against something done by the Hindus. If Rajdeep can tell the number of Temples that are getting destroyed in Bangladesh on daily basis and Hindus are a minority there. How many of them have readily colluded with RAW to blast Dhaka or Chittagong out of shape? Then why it is only Muslims in India feel aggrieved to the extent to even join hands with our enemies and start bombing left-right-and-center? And we have these jokers who write in length to justify and ask questions on why a pious Muslim turned a bomber and as if that is not enough he expects himself to be garlanded for such mischief. 

    But before everything else, Rajdeep must answer, why Indian Muslims are so easily accessible to ISI, as suggested by Dr. Rahul Gandhi. There are other minorities but none seems to have such cordial relationship with the enemy. Why it is only Indian Muslims? I have seen myself, the Muslims Ghettos in Rourkela going into a mourning state after every Indian win against Pakistan in Cricket and this moron thought of educating us on `Muslim Conspiracy`. Irony, I must say.
    The next paragraph in fact breaks all barriers of shamelessness. Just read it and then we will dichotomize.

    The answer probably lies in the traumatic events of December and January 1992-93 when in the aftermath of the Babri Masjid demolition, Mumbai's cosmopolitan veneer was ripped apart by terrible communal riots. If the city's elite and middle class got divided on religious lines, then so did its underworld. Only the latter had Ak-47s and RDX to add a horrific twist to the polarization.

    Look how horrific terror attacks are justified. It is justified because it achieves two things. Muslims are kept sacrosanct from any short of criticism as by default all Muslims are patriots and second, the Hindus are pictured as the root cause of every evil happened or happening to India. Hence it can`t be put any simpler than this - Bombs went off because Babri was demolished. Then can Rajdeep furnish a reason for 26/11 attack? Or the 2006 Mumbai train blasts. Or maybe he should tell us why the pious and patriot Muslims drove out Kashmiri Pundits from their homes. What was the trigger point there? Relax guys, he won`t because all these trigger point nonsense are there for playing politics with national security and keep on appeasing Muslims for vote bank. And yes demonize Hindus at the slightest opportunity at hand.
    You think he is done with his blabber? Hell no; he hasn`t ass worshiped the Yuvraj yet. How can a paid hack with his writing doesn`t justify and defend Rahul Gandhi at least once in his/her post? So the customary dynasty ass licking follows.

    Perhaps this is what Rahul Gandhi was alluding to when in a speech in Indore he spoke of how intelligence officials had told him that ten to fifteen Muslim youth were being sought to be recruited by the ISI in the aftermath of the Muzaffarnagar riots. Purely as an academic argument, Rahul may have had some basis for drawing a connection between riots and terrorism.

    Rahul Gandhi knows everything but only thing he doesn`t know is how big a disaster he is. To hell with what ISI is doing; how on earth, even if Dr. Gandhi was aware of ISI`s design, how he can make it open as part of his poll gimmicks? Does this man carry any brain on the top floor or not? But guess what to expect from the likes of Rajdeep? Rather questioning Rahul Gandhi on such blatant miscarriage of nation`s intelligence system, this chap is busy discovering fault lines among Hindus? I don`t think I have ever encountered bigger shamelessness before. Or hang-on, may be cajoling the Batla house terrorists by running down to Azamgarh is at par with this blithely.
    Nothing more to write guys as it is there in the open to see, read, smell and conclude the drama of secularism that is going on for decades in India. In the name of secularism where even Dawood Ebrahim is considered a grade-I patriot at par with Bhagat Singh may be. That’s appeasement for you, where a seasoned anti-national is pictured beautifully to suggest how bad the Hindus made the situation for the innocent Dawoods of the world to take up arms in revenge. God save India; no not from the terrorists but from these paid lot of whores.


    1. Just one word - Superb...

    2. Ya thats the most infuriating comparison between Anti-Nationalist Dawood and bhagat singh.

      This fellow Raj-deep shit article may written because two reason: one, may be there was threat from D or may be he(RS) has been paid handsomely for licking D's wet feet. In both the cases RS is anti nationalist since he supports D

    3. Bravo Sir,We salute u for your fearless and bold writing.Shameless Moron,Rajdeep,looks like he l sell anything for money.

    4. Patriots like you should be complimented for taking pains to expose what these journos say and write. It is a curse on Hindus that people born as Hindus target their own religion and glorify terrorists and gangsters. Coming from a person with illustrious parentage, father a national cricketeer and mother an famous educationist , it pains to see people like Rajdeep Sardesai going down the path of psudo secularism and proving more loyal than the kind they uphold.

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    7. If you remember Rajdeep's interview with Modi as soon as he won the election of 2002 (not sure if I have the date right) ... Modi was asked "how could you ..." sooo many times; it almost sounded like the question was "how could you win?" the correct answer which Modi did not provide, may be out of politeness, was "because people voted for me idiot"

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