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    Rahul Gandhi – The Prince Who Fears To Fight

    So finally the mystery was over, if ever one was there. While all were almost certain about the announcement of Rahul Gandhi’s name as the PM candidate of UPA, in a highly unprecedented development Sonia Gandhi drew curtains on every speculation and announced in negative. Many including me were never expecting such a move from Sonia Gandhi. More so when the family she belongs is notoriously capable of shaming even the leeches when it comes to hang on to the power by any means. All know the real reasons why Sonia Gandhi let a vegetable become the PM in 2004 though the sycophants want to paint that as a gracious act of sacrifice. There were compulsions during 2004 to let go the power (at least technically) but repeating the same so called sacrifice second time around looked little absurd to me. There has to be certain amount of justifiable reasons for such a step since Congress seems to have invested heavily on this good for nothing brat in last decade. How about analyzing it a bit?

    Let’s start with the most popular perception on this, which I also agree to put my money on as the primary reason for this chickening out act. The family though not having any position of power since last 10 years in reality is anything but powerless. In fact the mother-son duo enjoys the best of the powers which even our priminister doesn’t. In a very rare precedent, the duo not only enjoys some high end power but enjoys them with zero accountability. That is very rarely observed anywhere on the globe provided we are not discussing about the dictators. The absence of any accountability even becomes more chronic in case of Rahul Gandhi. This man though hailed as the biggest thing post the great Big-Bang explosion has never taken any post of responsibility. Let alone being a minister in the union cabinet, he never even took up any MoS position. While the nation waited breathlessly to see if the prince would take up a ministry to showcase which other material he is made up of than just junks, he conveniently by choice stayed away from it. Ditto goes with his mother. Like her son, Sonia Gandhi pretty much enjoyed everything that the entire union cabinet enjoyed in combine or may be more but never was anywhere near accountability. Not being accountable has its own share of benefits. For none of the mess, from small to the mega ones, neither Sonia Gandhi nor Rahul Gandhi were ever questioned. The accusations and mudslinging for every scam of UPA went as far as the peons of the respective ministry but never a line was directed towards the mother-son pair. The so called power center of UPA (read Sonia & Rahul Gandhi) was never blamed and quite rightly so since there was no accountability. I am sure every crook would admit this is such an enviable position to be in. Though you may have much more than just your hands in every mess and ill-governance, yet none would point their fingers at you since you don’t hold any accountability. How nice? No?

    It might be possible that this prolonged luxury of enjoying power without responsibility has gone deep within the mother-son duo and they want to maintain the status-quo for eternity. In other way, the Yuvraj has become so comfortable with his gimmicks (staying in Dalit huts, tearing manifestos, and delivering junkets in various platforms) that responsibility and accountability is just not his cup of tea anymore. Not that it ever was though. I even don’t blame the first family at all. After all how many among us would refuse if we are allowed to enjoy everything under the sun in exchange of zero responsibility?

    Second popular perception that is doing the rounds is more-or-less on the fear psychosis of the entire Congress party. The big mouth spokespersons of the Congress party may not admit it publicly but there exists a certain loss of sleep within their ranks post the announcement of Narendra Modi as NDA’s PM candidate. The loss of sleep has two angles to it. First is the fear of losing power which they were enjoying for 10 long years, pretty much doing nothing in return for the nation. Second and probably the bigger among the two is the possibility of a direct fight of the useless with NaMo. Again the sycophants of the party know how mismatch and a no-contest it is when it comes to Narendra Modi Vs Rahul Gandhi. There would be a fierce denial of the same in public domain but deep within the entire party, Sonia Gandhi and down, to say the least are more than just skeptical about the prospect of such a fight. Though the Yuvraj may not have achieved anything in his political career till now, a direct fight with a seasoned and delivering leader might spell doomsday on the future of the hire apparent. The think tank, if at all one exists in Congress knows very well that, it will be a miracle if Congress doesn’t get decimated in the upcoming general elections. Can they afford to pit their beloved prince to lose so badly without even managing a fight? Can the sycophants tolerate to see the blames flying left-right-and-center on their Yuvraj once Congress settles down with a pathetic 40-50 Lok Sabha seats post May 2014? It is clear for all that on whatever the Yuvraj has put his hand has turned to asses quicker than any estimated imagination but the blames are not so severe till now as the accountability of state elections were always with someone else. The sycophants were always more than eager to take the blame; be it UP, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Rajasthan or elsewhere. But they certainly can’t juggle up this heroics once they declare Rahul Gandhi as their PM candidate and the prince goes on to humiliate himself and the party with a shoddy outcome. Once RaGa becomes the PM candidate he no more can take only the praise leaving the blames to be shared by the eager bootlickers. He has to take both and going by the trend all can foresee the avalanche of blame that is heading towards the Congress party in next 4 months. In nutshell – RaGa as PM candidate and that too against NaMo is nothing but the death warrant on the political career of the prince and certainly it is a costly affair for the sycophants to afford. Hence the runaway act with the tail duly tucked behind.

    Third and somewhat absurd reasoning by the sycophants without agreeing to revel their identities, is terming this move as a counter to the regular dynasty jibes of Narendra Modi. Though I have already termed this as absurd but I still see some logic. Narendra Modi off late has decided to throw the kitchen sink at the dynasty in each of his public rallies. While our nefarious media always protected the Gandhi family from any direct blame, citing the absence of any accountability with the family members, NaMo is not that generous. Quite rightly NaMo hints at the source of the fountain of corruption, time and again. By not naming RaGa as the UPA PM candidate, Congress expects to take away this armory from NaMo during the run up to the general elections. What the Congress party believes by not naming RaGa, they virtually have wiped out the sins of the first family and left BJP and Narendra Modi with nothing to point fingers at the dynasty. Logically looks perfect though practically it no more remained a secret for the citizens to realize where the real power in Congress lies, irrespective of who their PM candidate or PM is, the 10 year long puppet government of Manmohan Singh has exposed way too many stinking secrets of the Congress party for the citizens to miss. How effective this move would be, provided the move is not out of fear but to negate Modi’s outbrusts at the first place; only time will tell but I guess the luck would be at the wrong side of the Congress party here as well.

    Whatever may be the reason but I am glad that the dynasty is getting irrelevant, not only in Indian political discourse but within Congress party as well. Sooner they are forgotten is better for India and for the grand old party too. I hope, the process of kicking out the dynasty and their boot lickers has just started, even though by mistake. Amen!! 


    1. Is Rahul Gandhi reading this? If so then please keep running as far away as possible before Congress cuts a sorry figure in the ballot boxes.

    2. Excellent piece of observation,
      nicely drafted article filled with
      thoroughly examined pros&cons
      But there is a single OVERESTIMATION - in predicting / assessing 40-50 seats for this Congress in LS 2014.
      When indications are available to the effect that Sonia & RaGa themselves are going to be mauled mercilessly in Amethi/Rae Bareli, I doubt Congress can reach a DOUBLE DIGIT score.

    3. Grand Old party not 'Grand' any more. On the way to become a mere old party.

    4. SG wanted a 'Heads Rahul wins, Tails he doesn't lose' situation.
      If the Congress is in a position to form the next Government, and the allies and supporters agree, Rahul may be made PM if he wants it. In any case, he'll be given the credit for the success.
      If the Congress is not in a position to form the next Government, some other person(s) will take the blame!

    5. Yalisetty NiranjanJan 30, 2014, 9:36:00 AM

      How come you are not writing about pappu's interview of the century!!??