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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Why I Call Arvind Kejriwal And Team A Bunch Of Jokers

Team Being Cynical
It may sound disheartening for the AAP supporters, who unfortunately seem to be in plenty; more so in the cyber space. Disheartening on two accounts – one being fool enough to be carried away by a bunch of opportunistic clowns (exactly what many supporters are feeling of late) and two being that self-gloating notion of putting on a Gandhi cap with “Main Hoon Aam Aadmi” scribed on it and feeling the sense of Déjà vu of accomplishing a lot for the nation now falling flat. There is a sense of betrayal among the hardcore AAP supporters which is evident from the large scale disagreement that the once staunch supporters of AAP are exhibiting in public. No wonder my own assessment where I always referred the loathsome colony of AK and his equally notorious team as a bunch of JOKERS is appearing to be vindicated.

First the mandate AAP got was surprising and encouraging as well. That should have made the team humble, had there been a gill to serve the people; not just fooling around. The mere 28 seats and 32% vote share brought the absolute nutcase avatar of AAP chaps into the public domain. The arrogance flouted post the verdict was shameful to say the least. The same arrogance of Congress which people were largely fed up with and wanted a change but ended up at the receiving end of the same tyranny packaged in a different wrapper. That is AAP for you. No sooner they took to the helm, AK and team are in a mission to defy every guidelines of governance in a hurry as if there is no tomorrow. Least said about the numerous U-Turns the party has taken in unison is better. Some serious competition for Mulayam Yadav, I must say.

Biggest of the U-Turns came when their law Minister tried to throw some nasty tantrums at the Delhi police in the mid of the night. We will go to that epic episode and the jewel called Somnath Bharti later but first lets analyze the great Dharna of AK. Now here is the thing – the opportunistic AK broke away from Anna saying how the Dharnas are yielding minimal of results and it is time to get into the system to resurrect the broken windows. But once they were in power, AK suddenly felt, being in the system is not yielding much either so let’s go back to our Dharna days. How interesting that is, no? An elected CM goes to Dharna against the government kicking aside the responsibility that the voters of Delhi bestowed upon him with lots of faith and expectations. The Dharna that virtually crippled Delhi for good 3 days even looks more loathsome from outside. Imagine you were travelling to US and suddenly find the mayor of New York sitting on a Dharna and agitating against the federal government. Won’t you find that strange and deplorable? While AK could have gone straight to the home ministry to raise his concerns over the way Delhi police is functioning, he strangely found the route of Dharna a better option. He didn’t go the way one expect an elected CM to travel because the idea was not to find a solution but to play to the gallery and show off to the public that he cares for them while all that the citizens were eagerly waiting for after a prolonged misrule of Congress, is governance.

Forget about what the outsiders would have felt seeing AK’s gimmicks on Delhi streets. Imagine a similar scenario in J&K. Imagine Omar Abdullah going on a Dharna against the army atrocities on the state and calling on the millions of his state people and supporters to join him on that. How you would take that eventuality? Would you appreciate Omar going on a Dharna against the government to throw away the army out of the state? Would you agree to the idea of the supporters gathered therein to break the barricades and pelt stones at the security forces? I am sure most of you won’t. But that is what precisely AK did in Delhi though it may not look as serious a scenario as I elaborated earlier on face value. Won’t you call Omar a joker if he ever harvests any such idea? The urge to call AK a seasoned joker grows more once one sees the output of the nonsense that AK was vocal enough to tag as the fight of the ‘Aam Aadmi’. While the initial demand was the suspension of few cops without any fault of theirs, AK gleefully accepted a face saver way out when the home ministry send couple of the cops on paid vacation. I am not sure what that paid vacation is all about but does this action really required an elected CM to act like an insane clown and take the city to ransom?

Now let’s see why AK went ahead with the Dharna at the first place. As a routine affair another woman got raped in Delhi. Seeing the volatility of such issues, the public was asking for answers from this bunch of so called ‘Aam Aadmis’. A credible answer from AK and team was due since they were very much vocal against the Shiela government for every rape occurred in last one year. But unfortunately and as expected, AK didn’t have the answer and public glairing was getting thicker by the hours. To make the matter worse, another joker called Kumar Vishwas furnished the exact excuse that Shiela Dixit used to furnish to shake off her own posterior after each crime in Delhi. We will get to this Vaand called Kumar Vishwas next but for the time being lets concentrate on the topic in hand. Coming back to the topic, AK was desperately in need of a reason to shift the limelight from his gross incompetence. Come the hour, come the man. Of nowhere the law minister of Delhi Mr. Somnath Bharti decided to take the law in his own hands. I am not surprised at all with this silly step of Bharti since the days these AAP chaps are in our political scene they are pretty much behaving like modern day Robinhoods. What was surprising is the manner in which Bharti thought of tagging the media along with him while he was at his Robinhood act. In full camera glair, Bharti was seen arguing with the policemen to arrest few Ugandan women just because he thought they were engaged in drug peddling and prostitution. Would you believe the law minister himself threw around his weight and asked the police to raid the residence of few foreign nationals and that too without any arrest or search warrant? What kind of a moron is installed as the law minister who doesn’t have a clue on the basic nuances of our law? Since when arrests and police raids are been carried out in India without proper warrants and other sundry documents? Since when women were been called to the police station post 6 PM? Though such actions are highly deplorable with respect to the laid out guidelines, we witnessed blatant shamelessness in the mid of the night because we have voted a bunch of jokers to govern.  

But Bharti didn’t stop there. Did he? He later accompanied few goons of his party and raided the Ugandan women himself. Dragged the women outside and handed them over to the waiting police to take them to AIIMS for medical test. Medial test? Without any warrant? Not only he and his goons humiliated the women and showcased their nasty prejudiced laced racist mindset but also set a very bad example on how our lawmakers treat foreign nationals in our country. I am told the women were asked to urinate behind parked cars to submit their urine sample as they were not allowed to go to the loo. What kind of a scumbag can even think of such atrocities against few foreigners? If you think the irony ends here then hang on. The tests for drugs and other contraband substances yield a negative result post such gigantic humiliation at individual level but there seems to be none who stands answerable. Neither that scumbag Somnath Bharti nor the goons who accompanied him that night. To top it, the modernday Robinhood + Harishchandra, the one and only Arvind Kejriwal finds no fault in the actions of his worthless law minister. AK is defending Bharti by any means and terming every nonsense of his to defend his man as a victory for the Aam Aadmi. Brilliant, No?

Now let’s comeback to Kumar Vishwas. He in fact is the king joker in the pack. I referred him a ‘Vaand’ earlier because of late I got to know that, before joining this clown’s brigade he was a third graded standup comedian with his utterly awful poems. For laymen, this Kumar Vishwas is just like another Raju Srivastav; though he doesn’t make you laugh an ounce. This irritating creature, who is seen around AK every day is actually a third rate street exhibit with no brain or basic sense of etiquette. He possesses such a toxic tongue that he goes around insulting women based on their appearances in many of his pathetic shows. Case-in-point, the poor Kerala nurses and how they look as per this rabid and filthy piece of flesh shit. And we believe a party comprises of such jokers with disruptive venomous mindset will care for the wellbeing of women in the state. By the way, I am sure you must have heard the excuse this scumbag furnished when asked about his filthy oration about women? That was another marvel, no? Rather admitting how big a loathsome character he is, he asked if Congress and BJP would apologize for the rape scenes those involved Raj Babbar and Satrughan Sinha. Won’t you think stripping this joker on a public place and slapping the hell out of him would do justice to whole scheme of things?

That said I am happy. I am happy because the jokers of Delhi deserve such loathsome reprobates to rule them. Because it is they only who have voted such jokers to govern the state. Haven’t they?


  1. I was dead sure this article was coming :)

  2. Can we have an article on the biggest scam in Indian history - Aadhaar - Aam aadmin ka adhikar...really? - ROLF

  3. And also hoping soon to see the Comedy show with Rahul and Arnab Goswami.

  4. Once a joker always a joker

  5. I am waiting for your post about "so called" "interview of millennium" Clown with Arnab Goswami. Didn't i say Rahul there... Sorry.. Rahul with Arnab.. I know u had written so many posts on this dumb shit.. but this one needs a special treatment..
    Hoping to see that at the earliest.

  6. The people who never cared for their country and always quoted that politics is bad and all politicians are bad, have voted for AAP.
    Truth is that not all politicians are bad, they reflect our society.
    It is just that people never bothered to scratch the surface and figured
    things out.

    A leader like NaMo with a terrific performance track record can do wonders for the country but our superficial education system has made us think of him as a communal person.
    We have been brought up with an education system that teaches us that anyone who says, I am Hindu, is communal.

    NaMo has kept the constitutional definition of secularism as the guiding principle of his governance and he should be credited to have been man enough to do that.

  7. First I felt FOOLED. But now I am feeling SHOCKED
    <> When Kejriwal parted with Anna, I believed him - under the impression Kejriwal wants to tread a PRACTICAL, POLITICAL PATH to fight corruption.
    <> I initially contributed 30000 to AAP & was planning to send a monthly contribution of 10000 through STANDING INSTRUCTION to the Bank.
    <> Thud -- came the news of Kejriwal forming the Delhi Government with outside support from Congress. First time I felt fooled, instantly dropped the idea of sending monthly contribution.
    <> Second came Kejriwal's response to a question - when he will prosecute Sheila Dixit. "Show me evidence against Sheila???!!!"
    <> Next came the UNCONFIRMED REPORTS that Kejriwal had secret parleys with Ahmed Patel. Though the reports are UNCONFIRMED, the very fact that Kejriwal did not CATEGORICALLY DENY that such a meeting happened is adequate enough to make the report CREDIBLE.
    <> Then the CIRCUS EVENTS called the ADMINISTRATION as described in your article happened.
    <> After you penned this article, an UTTER NONSENSE allegation - implicating Modi & Jaitley - accusing them of offering bribes to break the AAP - surfaced.

  8. Even Rahul Gandhi And Narendra Modi are are also jokers .... :-)

  9. u r a joker, pple like you are responsible for pulling down good pple. WHAT THE HELL HAVE U DONE EXCEPT DOING BLAH BHAL BHAL ON THIS BLOG ?

  10. whats so good abt......seems like u ar another AAP Buffoon.............


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