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    A Cunning Fox At Large

    What would it produce if lunacy mates with charlatanism? Not sure what that would be but I have a feeling, it would have strong resemblance with Arvind Kejriwal; both look wise and character wise as well. Now wait. I am drawing this vague metaphor for a reason. Tell me one human being that you know, who appears more scheming and circuitous than Arvind Kejriwal is. I bet, more than 80% reading this blog would fail to name even one. Such is the grand standing in the field of skullduggery, loathsomeness and fraudulence that AK possesses. From the day I saw this selfsame idiot roaming around Anna’s fast venues, I had a feeling, hang-on; this guy is not here for any anti-corruption movement. Such were the over exposing loathsomeness this jackal of a human being has. Two years after I first called Arvind Kejriwal a grade one moron, the selfsame scalawag is vindicating my stand. In fact, he was, is and will always remain a notorious loser who feels, the entire world is full of rotten people except himself. While in true sense it very well could be the exact opposite.

    A dig at the recent past of this jerk would help us correlate the concoction of mine a better way. First he appeared on the horizon as one of the front runners in curbing corruption from our country. People got into his artificially constructed image at once. Thanks to the humongous scams that the filthy UPA Govt managed to achieve in a quick span, Arvind caught the nerve of the masses. And he, being the master of deceiving took the opportunity by both hands and ditched Anna the moment he felt he has a good support base to fulfill his nefarious ideas. Though a lot of core Anna team opposed AK’s miserable definition of ‘Fight Against Corruption’, he never heed to any of the advises at all. He did so because his idea was not to fight against corruption but to somehow get the power to enjoy. Irony enough, the masses even bought that ill adhered idea called AAP of this man. At the same time, a bunch of chronic liars called our media were getting restless on how to curb the rising Modi phenomenon. Since their beloved Shezada was mis-firing at every remote opportunity, the battle of the left liberal frauds was drawing curtains on itself. The advent of this infamous rogue gave fodder to the dying aspirations of the media muggers. Somehow, the media saw a potential opponent they can pitch against Modi to somehow deny the deserving man his due post of priministership. Like a pervert who ogles at any woman, irrespective of her age, the media morons latched on to AK with rejuvenated hope. The thug got some undeserving media time and Delhi assembly elections saw an unprecedented outcome, thereby allowing this moron to win 28 seats. Just 8 seats away from forming the government. That result should have made this scumbag humble, had he got the right intentions to serve the people. But that was not to be the case since, not only he but his entire crew of street smart ruffians went overboard with the minute success. Jokers like Kumar Vishwas were all over the place ridiculing one-and-all as if they have just got a landslide mandate in the general elections.

    What came next was even more shocker than the Delhi result. The fox ultimately decided to join hands with his masters to form the government in Delhi. But before that, true to his reputation of being a high scale Dramewaz he did some kind of referendum to know what people of Delhi want. The same party which he blamed all this while of being corrupt and antinational suddenly turned a holy cow for this rogue. From nowhere there was this change of heart from AK and agreed to sleep with the same bastards whom he was accusing of mass scale loot. Though I had predicted this nauseatic moroniry from AK a long time back, people started to realize the truth behind this moron and his equally moronic party. He made a lot of promises to the people of Delhi, both pre and post the elections and if one looks back at them, one will find that he failed in each one of his promises quite miserably. And as it is, one needs to have a steady and fruitful government to fulfill the aspirations of the voters, not a mere 49 days of farce. In whatever small regrettable period AK remained as the CM of Delhi, all he and his equally rogue ministers did was some high scale drama. Sometimes on the streets, on the pavements, in front of AIIMS or worse even, in front of the Rail Bhawan. To protect another rogue going by the name Somnath Bharti, AK took the entire city to ransom and kept blocking the streets of Delhi for three straight days. Though jokers like Punya Prasoon Vajpayee treat such acts as an outstanding display of ‘Krantikari’ pedigree, for me they were always an act of third grade hooliganism. That time also I had said in one of my blogs – this moron Kejriwal is going nowhere with his dramas even. Backed again by our filthy media, AK was led to believe much more than his own capabilities yet again.

    Suddenly AK imagined himself as a pan India mass leader and thought of becoming the PM of the nation magically. One fine morning he decided to spit on the mandate and belief of the Delhi voters and left the seat of the CM to chance his dirty hands at national politics. Lest we forget the episodic comedy that unfolded over the non-passing of his snake oil called Jan Lokpal in Delhi assembly. Too much of his ‘concerns for Aam Aadmi’ rhetoric and too much of his blue WagaonR images flashing on TV screens preceded his unholy tyranny with our democracy and the moron resigned to fight the national elections. And where he thought to position himself? Ohh, yes, against Modi. He easily overlooked the shitload of corrupt leaders that Congress has fielded but decided to fight against Modi instead. A cultured and fabricated pathological hate of his towards Modi and his new found secular mongering could have propelled him on a suicidal mission, but then where was his primary agenda of fighting corruption? So from the seat of Delhi CM he landed up at Varanasi and sticking true to his spectacular abilities of gimmickry, he assessed Varanasi within two days to come to a conclusion that Modi is losing the seat to his loathsome persona. Rest as they say is history and a big part of that history is the humiliating defeat of the scumbag by a margin of 3.7 lakh votes. In the scheme of things, the fox not only over valuated his own repugnant self but also the public support he got in Delhi. He thought he is the only smart Alec roaming the planet while the rest all are duffers of some astounding scale. He thought, none would mark his rotten bastardization of our political discourse but would again buy into yet another of his outpouring moroniry. Not only the selfsame but his entire brigade of retards fighting across India got slapped left-right-and-center by the voters. Around 400 of 443 candidates that this scumbag fielded got their deposits forfeited. More to the sock of AK, the same Delhi which hailed this scoundrel six months back draw a blank figure on AAP’s tally.
    But would you believe this classic savagely drubbing on the hands of the voters, the same voters whom AK thought of being fools to buy each of his ploy, have made him realize that he stands nowhere now? If so then you belong to the AAP party. Surprising all, the power hungry leech, after the poll drubbing met the Lt. Governor of Delhi and requested to allow him lick his own spit. The same man who asks for referendum if he should head to the loo, hid his meeting with the LG till the point media picked the thread. When caught again licking his own spit, AK showcased his shameless avatar yet again and admitted how he is planning a grand scale reentry to Delhi political circle by forming the same government he ditched few months back in greed of bigger power. Remaining shameless to his trend, he tried to defend his decision at first by claiming; before his final decision he will yet again ask the people of Delhi if they want him at the CM’s chair. Pity the fox couldn’t judge what the people of Delhi want, even after a no showing in the general elections. Only a joker, after scoring a big zero would ask the people again if they aspire the selfsame tout to represent them or not. Since the SM exposed his dual standards, the fox retreated from his path of power hunting and did an emotional drama again. Asked for an apology from the voters of Delhi for his mistake to ditch them at the first place. How emotional and exemplary honesty, no? First you spit on the face and then turn back when your ass gets romped elsewhere. You massacre the faith of a lot of people first but turn to them when your rotten mind tells you that all could be lost sooner than later. That is what sums up Arvind Bhagoda Kejriwal for you. A man with no ethics or value system but a lot of hypocrisy and dual standard. A man full with gas but no substance.

    By the way, accusing all others as thieves and you only a ‘Dudh Ka Dhula’ would land you nowhere. Or at best it will land you in Tihar. Hope the jerk realizes this while spending couple of days in Tihar jail for alleging close to a billion of this country as corrupt and immoral. Delhi voters, please smack this moron more and reduce him to Zero, even in assembly elections, whenever that happens. Scoundrels should not be tolerated and Kejriwal as it is must feature at the top in everyone’s biggest scoundrel list. Ciao!! 


    1. People realized but little late that this crook is made up of only deception. Rightly send to jail by the authorities. The longer he stays open, the bigger he would be a danger to national psyche. Great post as always

    2. eager to know who is the political adviser for AK...i'm sure he is not the only one who makes all these decisions.

    3. i would love to see outside support of bjp to AAP , and see what he can do to delhi . let him crush completely....

    4. I knew he will soon create some drama or other to stay in politics. But i never thought it will be so soon. He cant even wait till the swearing in. In fact, could that be his aim ? While other heads of nation and foreign media will be here, AAP will be doing Dharna over AK's arrest, and foreign media will report that Modi is suppressing freedom.

      I can only think of two reasons for pulling off dramas with such short gaps in between. Either someone else is giving him instruction with some other aim or there is big money involved. Because his actions does not seem beneficial to his career , or party's future or his cause in the long term.

    5. There is a saying in my language.

      If you want some thing stupid, at least do it perfect.

      Krajywal lost the stupidity race with kongress

      Every day I discuss with my AAP friends I always tell them that resigning from the post is a stupidity with out fulfilling the dreams of the people. They never agree

      Now that the clown (read educated clown) apologised for his mistake hope they understand. BTW, I still not get it why would some one resign for a principle and ask apology for it ? Is not weird? If you believing in something why do you regret your action?

    6. Very well written! This is a crucial time to expose this AK and his gang so that the people would not fall into his trap once again. They need to be finished politically. Those are a threat to our Indian Democracy. They know that people like angry educated ones who challenge the system but they are abusing every other person and their own past is doubtful.

    7. "मुझे जमानत नहीं, कवरेज चाहिए जज साहब!" - अरविन्द केजरीवाल।

    8. AK49 का कहना है की जब हमारे 99% प्रत्याक्षीयों की जमानत जब्त हो गयी तो मैं जमानत ले कर क्या करूँगा

      बहुत ही क्रांतिकारी

    9. प्रिय केजरीवाल जी, आप का पत्र मिला. पढ कर अत्यंत हर्ष हुआ की आपने अपने लिये उचित स्थान स्वॅम ही चुन लिया है. एक आम नागरिक होने के नाते कहूँगा की ''केजरीवाल जी, हमे कोई जल्दी नही है, आप जहां हैं, वही रहिये, और खुश रहिये. कानूनी प्रक्रिया पूरी होने दीजिये... आप को न्याय मिलेगा. मीडिया पर नही, पर न्याय पालिका पर तो विश्वास है ना आपको... आप एक सनकिराम की तरह व्यवहार करना छोड़ दीजिये. -- 'आप' का नही पर देश का एक आम आदमी