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    Cries Of A Pseudo Secular Fraud

    Dilip Padgaonkar is one of the many left liberal frauds that Congress domesticated for their own good. He is a perfect example of what Narendra Modi terms as ‘News Traders’. From the time DP started his career or rather started trading news for self-gain, he remained true to his self-proclaimed image of a Commie lover. The ideology of destroying anything that is good for the nation, including every bit of Hindutwa, always remained dear to DP throughout his journalistic career. He is another of the morons who made a career out of his hate for Hindus. In a larger canvas, the Congress party borrowed the dogma of Nehru, whose love for Commies and Commie ideologies is no more a secret. And knowing DP and his nasty ilk, he fitted to Congress scheme of things like no one else could. For decades, this media moron did what his bosses in Congress asked him to do. Yes, to spread more lies in trademark Commie style so that the nation can be kept in the dark from the ground realities. And how a clueless citizenry is beneficial to Congress’s electoral fortunes is well known to all of us.

    Not that, DP did the pimp work for Congress out of his love for lies alone. In regular intervals he was duly awarded by the state for his untiring work towards untruth to help Congress comeback to power again and again. The latest that the state threw at him was the offer to head a delegation of interlocutors to keep on discussing with the separatists of Kashmir and come up with newer ideas on how to carry on dividing the nation further. And who suggested DP to head the team? Yes, another bunch of left liberal frauds headed by the queen herself and pass off as an unconstitutional body but enjoying the power of Veto over anything and everything about legislations and policy frameworks. The NAC, that is. But this highly deceiving and dangerous man is a darling to our media houses. Every time, there was a discussion on Hindus, Hindutwa or Modi, this man was cordially invited to deliver his vitriol and poison the minds of the viewers. Ditto is when there was a need to defend the misdoings of Congress party. DP always appeared more than eager to defend his bosses’ tooth-and-nail by furnishing absurdities of grand scale proportions. After all, he is a practicing prosti.. err News Trader of some astounding sycophancy level. Though, he shamelessly calls himself an independent journalist but the truth of the matter is – he is the biggest stooge that Congress has produced till date. For me, if DP is an independent journalist then I am Albert Einstein.

    That said this guy never featured in any of my blogs till now. Partly because, I found him a blabber of the dynasty with no moral of his own and partly because, writing on such notorious people would be same as giving them oxygen which they don’t deserve. But not anymore. The selfsame Dilip Padgaonkar makes a grand entry to my blog’s hall of shame with his latest blog post on TOI portal. Before we move ahead with this post, I request you to read through his latest poison first, so that we can analyze the dirty lineage of this slave better. So let’s start…

    We goofed. Every assumption we made during the election campaign has been savaged. Each one was premised on the values we cherish — freedom, justice and fraternity

    He addresses his post to some imaginary "Sentinels" of the nation and surprising enough he considers himself as one of the guards who is there to protect the nation from evil intent people and forces. Really? I wonder what kind of guards appreciate and approve the breaking of the nation for personal gain. What kind of guards believe in the ideology of divisiveness and skullduggery, which are destroying the nation from inside? But no, as per the fraud, you automatically become the guard of the nation, the moment you start hating Hindus and the fundamentals of unity. And what the so called guards like him, who bestows their reverence on lunacy and charlatanism believe in? Ohh.. freedom, justice and fraternity. The moron not only assumed that he is a guard of the nation but also assumed that, those oppose to notorious trends like him and his beloved party Congress, like the supporters of BJP and Modi, don’t believe in Freedom, Justice and Fraternity. But that is what the pseudo secular frauds are selling to the nation for some time. As per them, if you support BJP over the forgery, loot, incompetence, divisiveness of theirs, you inevitably become an enemy of the state because the frauds are the only proven group that works for the nation. Never mind.. let’s move on

    We also reckoned that BJP-led NDA would fail to reach the halfway mark. This would compel it to rope in ‘secular’ non-Congress, non-Left regional parties to take a shot at governance. The latter, we took for granted, would extract their pound of flesh: deny Narendra Modi any role in the new dispensation.

    Look at this moron. The sentinel, expected for a hung parliament so that the prolonged indecisiveness and policy paralysis of last 10 years would have continued. The thug hoped the dirty regime of ‘Coalition Dharma’ will carry on, thereby allowing the scoundrels to loot the nation further. This is what I call a typical Commie attitude. They simply can’t see the nation moving forward decisively. More than the attitude, the matter of interest is to note the desperation among these frauds. Somehow, they wished for a fractured mandate so that, their enemy number one Modi couldn’t achieve what he has promised to the nation. They not only wished, they also begged from their respective God with that subtle “Bhagwan Ke Naam Pe De De” to somehow deny Modi from either becoming the PM or fail as a PM during his tenure. And look at the clever use of the word secular here. There by, the fraud is suggesting that BJP is a communal party. And who are the regional secular parties for this scumbag? Yes, the SP, BSP, MIM, RJD to name few. And what is Congress for this secular commie? Yes, the epitome, the definition of secularism.

    Now the moron asks why frauds like him and their 12 yearlong agendas failed so miserably.

    So why did we lose the plot? The plain answer is that we misread the nation’s mood. We didn’t gauge the depth and sweep of the rage against UPA. The dread possibility of ‘communal’ forces coming to power, we believed, would override all other concerns of the electorate.
    The question here is quite legitimate but the answer the lunatic gives for himself is not even half to the tune that it should have been. Yes, the louts didn’t read the mood of the nation properly. But the biggest thing they choose to ignore is that, people were all aware of these seasoned liars and their ‘professional lie’ manufacturing units. People also recognized that behind each of such secular fraud; lay a highly dangerous person, with a sole aim to destroy the nation. The writing on the wall was clear – you frauds are already caught with your pants and skirts down, so any further naked dance of pseudo secularism will be subjected to abject rejection and dejection. The rage was not against UPA alone. The rage was against the very ideology of dividing India on caste and communal lines. DP is perfect when he said ‘The dreaded possibility of communal forces coming to power’ would override other concerns of the voters. In fact it did and that is why the voters savagely rooted out the most communal party, the Congress to political irrelevance. Another typical Commie attitude – they not only would lie but would have immense faith on their lies to wreak havoc on the sensible judgment skills of the citizens. Lose the plot? Really? And what was that plot dear Dilip Padgaonkar? To keep on dividing the nation? Is that so?

    The great DP ends his post, thereby encouraging all secular cunning foxes like him to not drop their guards and keep on lying till eternity. Read on

    At the same time, we must not lower our vigil to ensure that casteist, communal, sexist, hyper-nationalist and regional chauvinist forces of all shades do not threaten the fundamental rights of citizens. These rights are the foundation on which rests the edifice of our Republic. And we remain its steadfast sentinels

    So the moron actually articulates all adjectives against BJP, which are in fact more suitable for the party he supports with his life. And by the way how being a hyper-nationalist is a bad thing? Or is it the reason why these frauds hate RSS? Because RSS, with all their flaws are fierce nationalists to the core. No one can take away this fact with their lies. Not even the articulate Dilip Padgaonkar. When he says frauds like him should need to guard so that the fundamental rights of the citizens are not taken away, he expels the biggest of oxymoron I have ever encountered. Someone supporting Commies and Congress for starters and then advocating for the right of the citizens is laughable to begin with and disparaging to end with. Hope DP remembers the futile attempt of zero loss man Kapil Sibal to nuzzle the freedom of speech of the very citizens some time back. Who brought article 66(A) so that the Italian kingdom can ruin the nation unquestioned? And who are the real regional chauvinists here? Perhaps here the moron is indicating towards Siv Sena and the Akalis. If so then do I need to remind DP that, Congress heavily relied on the outside support of a notorious outfit like SP for three long years to complete their second tenure? What are SP, BSP and RJD for Padgaonkar Sahib? Krantikari Regional Messiahs? Laughable, no?   
    By the way, has the Congress louts honored Dilip Padgaonkar with some kind of Padma Award in the past? After all, he deserves a Padmasri for his untiring work in upholding the idea of an unholy trinity called the 'Indian National Congress’ for last three decades. 


    1. politically.incorrectJun 1, 2014, 1:40:00 PM

      yaar, yeh modi ekdum gadha nikal gaya hai.. usko chanakya neeti samjhaao... If he let go of the snakes, their nature of biting not change..

      I really wanted his first job to totally quash these kind of anti-national thugs.. because after he will go, these snakes will raise their hoods again. But no he is being a "statesman".. my foot!!!

    2. Why don't u engage your tiny brain in doing something better rather than speculating based on incomplete data. Modiji clearly said in his rallies he is not here for badla but for badlaav ki rajneeti. In order to bring immediate benefit to the nation he is trying to first clear off the pile of shit created by up a. The policies created thus will automatically drive out the anti nationals.
      So do not try to judge someone's decision based your narrow views.

    3. Dear Cynical,

      I am not sure if you have watched the program "How to Brainwash a Nation?" by former KGB agent who defected to US in 1980s, available on Youtube. The legacy of brainwashing Indians never appears to have stopped after downfall of soviet empire. It seems to have reached dangerous levels.

      The courts can only handle criminals with proven crime. There are no courts to arrest traitors who cover themselves under the freedom of speech in a democracy. Hope some day their Karmas catch up with them.

    4. politically.incorrectJun 1, 2014, 7:48:00 PM

      yes my brain is tiny.. and it tells me, that one time Modi succeeded but same thing may not happen again if these snakes are not dealt with... Remember Atal Bihari govt. that was pretty great govt. too, but what happened to it?? Thugs won again by holding him to ransom for few mis-steps which are inevitable in a country of 1.25 billion(half of which are traitors or "liberals").. to change hte nation 5 years are not enough at all.. you need more than that....

    5. Hmmm agreed friend! But for a true patriot the topmost priority would be to see the development of the nation and bring the majority of the people out of their miseries ... I'm sure the present government will have something in place for the anti nationals too ... it is modijis aim to ridthe country of congress once and for all ... he has emphasised this many a times

    6. Santhosh AyarpullyJun 2, 2014, 1:19:00 PM

      For Thugs, no rules apply but for the sane every rule is to be respected. So dont cry foul for these thugs. If Modi can be successful in helping more poor coming out of poverty, especially the backward , then they will take care of Modi's legacy in future along with our nationalism. Then these thugs will automatically become irrelevant. We have to ensure only that Modi stays focussed in his tenure with development and nationalism and should help him in 2019 too for exposing these liars. By 2024, the coming generation voters will take care of our nations future.

    7. Read the post from this expert - http://www.huffingtonpost.com/shashi-tharoor/narendra-modi-shashi-tharoor_b_5434302.html?utm_hp_ref=world.

      Bloody idiots !

    8. Your piece aptly describe not just DP, but every loutish-pimp-cum-bhaand, who lived life of kings on tax payer money at the cost of posterior licking of communal, divisive and corrupt congress. Congress has many such pimp, like DP, to serve its agenda. But, common man, who saw the reality of Congress led UPA rule realized the fraud of left-lib-JNU clan on English media, that has overall reach of 0.08%, and decide to punish the most loutish, corrupt, arrogant, communal and decisive regime ever, and WHAT A SLAP, BIG, HUGE, MASSIVE! But it seems louts have not learnt their lesson so far, it will take time. And yes, this time, any misadventure like Godhara to start communal violence to corner BJP will be dealt with iron fist and will hit where it hurt most, on their pathetic asses, fattened over years of corrupt income and people blood. So loutish bhaand like DP and his ilk should beware, they have difficult days ahead.

    9. appreciate your intent and feeling .... it is a little too early to target this union of snakes .... first take control of government, agencies (IB, CBI) and then these snakes can be weeded out ...hope u will have a different opinion after 12 months ...