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    The Brand Ambassador Of Telengana

    I am not a very big fan of this Brand-Ambassador idea. For me, a country or a state belongs to every citizen and each one of them represents the country and the state in their own capacity. Picking a celebrity among the lot and pushing him/her as the face of the state or country not only looks comical but appears as an insult to everyone else. Neither I was for with the decision of Gujarat government when they choose Amitabh Bachhan as its BA nor I am in for with the decision of Telengana to appoint Sania Mirza as its ambassador. Both decisions are uncalled for and entirely unnecessary and both decisions are insult to the average people of Gujarat and Telengana respectively. But then, there were pan-India furor in both the occasions albeit the agitators who were against Amitab Bacchan seems to have turned 180 degree in a matter of 6 years and now are agitating for the exact opposite reason when it comes to Sania Mirza. How, you may ask. Well, we will get to that in the course of this blog.

    Now when KCR Rao made Sania Mirza as the BA of this newly formed state, I was like – was that necessary? Not stopping there, KCR opened the state coffers and donated one crore to SM for her training. Now keep it in your mind that the Rs 50 Lakhs that was promised to Saina Nehwal after winning an Olympic medal by the state is yet to be disbursed. We will get to that little later. Now coming back to my question at the start of this paragraph; was this necessary? The short answer is NO and the long answer is NO as well. Though this ambassador thing is nonsense to begin with, people like KCR may be dying to install one for his state and that is fine. But is Sania Mirza the best choice that KCR has at his disposal? Is Sania Mirza the tallest figure Telengana has produced in its history? I bet, most of you will answer in negative. In fact Sania Mirza will get close to none of the big names that Telengana houses. But surprising enough the selfsame KCR thought SM to be the best option to represent this new state.

    Before we even divulge in detail we must ask if SM is worthy of a sports star that we have made her to be? India with all its shortcomings still produced sports persons of some stature. Few of them are no less than legends. Does SM even can be thought to be put alongside the likes of Maj. Dhyan Chand, Sunil Gavaskar, Viswanathan Anand, Milkha Singh, Dhanraj Pillay? For me Sania Mirza is a mediocre sports person but over hyped for reasons best known to our media and the seculars therein. Like Shahrukh Khan, SM is just another creation of our bullish media that is too bad in habit of going gaga over mediocrity. I have never seen Sania Mirza crossing the second round of any grand slam on her own. Most of the time she usually crashes out in the very first round. But if you are from Somalia and got to know about Indian Tennis scene just recently, you will feel as if SM has won all four grand slams on the very first year of her entry to professional Tennis. Please don’t pop that mix-doubles farce. The utility of such events in major Tennis tournaments is strictly limited to generation of some money. Nobody, not even the organizers of these events care much beyond what Congress cares for minorities when it comes to mix-doubles or for that matter even doubles. I am not sure of the dates but what I am sure is that, these mix-doubles are itineraries that are introduced into these mega events after a thought, squarely pitted on the idea of generating some bonus revenue. How many of you know who won the mix-doubles this year at Wimbledon?

    But ask these media junks, they will keep their eyes wide open in dismay, jaws dropping in disgust  as if we have asked for their kidneys and will tell you, SM has brought uncountable number of laurels for India. Laurels? Really? That is how we hail mediocrity, if I haven’t said this earlier. Nobody will know who Gagan Narang or Mary Kom is but Sania Mirza is pictured at par with Martina Navartilova, Chrish Evert and Steffi Graph of women Tennis. Just like how Sharukh Khan is at par with Morgan Freeman or Sean Connery.

    Now coming back to the controversy part of it. Showing mediocrity as your face can be accepted provided the mediocre selfsame has some other qualities that is worth of noting down. Does anyone think SM has anything worth noting down? Does anyone think our kids can look up to her for inspiration? Your guess is as good as mine. Or if you can’t guess, the picture to your left can help you in that. Now don’t tell me, it was a stupid unintentional mistake. Mistakes even if they are unintentional can’t be and shouldn’t be tolerated, if the stupidity involves insulting our national flag. If a moron doesn’t have the basic ideology of respecting our national flag, he/she should be lambasted every time the opportunity arises. And she is a habitual offender. I can’t authenticate the facts but I am told, she even refused to carry the Indian flag during 2012 London Olympics opening day ceremony. There are plenty of pictorial evidence of the same in internet and elsewhere. Is she the kind of person who should be the Brand Ambassador of a state? I doubt though.

    The other day Sania Mirza was on NDTV, the notoriously secular channel that propelled this flop of a sports star to the legendary status. She asked, if her marriage to another mediocre sports person of Pakistan is a problem. Dear SM let me take the onus and answer this – yes, it is a problem. No, marriage is a personal prerogative and I can’t care less if you marry a Pakistani or for that matter someone in Nicaragua. The problem of mine is that, then don’t call yourself an Indian and I have reasons why I say this. The ‘Hurting Through Thousand Cuts’ policy of Pakistan towards India is no more a secret. Aaman Ki Asha can go to hell, but an average Pakistani hates us as much as we hate them. You can’t just enjoy the celebrity status here and then go on hurting the sentiments of the same citizens who made you what you are. Ratan Tata not agreeing to export Tata Sumos for Pakistani army is the kind of example I want you to ponder at. If you were too much in love with a Pakistani then you very well should go ahead and marry him but then, just submit your Indian passport and get the hell out of here. You can’t earn big here and then care nothing for the people who made you a celebrity. And certainly we as a nation are better off without some wretched worthless mix-doubles cups. Donate them to Pakistan. We have other sports stars that routinely make us proud but don’t run around courting nonsense like you usually do. And please, emotional outbursts like – I will always remain an Indian, not only are hollow but also laughable. I don’t know how you will do it in between your busy schedule of farce and non-performance but take some time out and ask a certain Sachin Tendulkar for enlightenment. Or ask your husband why they hate Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan for his close proximity with India.

    Coming back to the crocodile tears of Congress thugs and their cohorts in other secular outfits. Sonia Gandhi is the Bahu of India, thunders Alcoholic Aiyer and his entire ilk. She is as much Indian as any of us, Digvijay Singh scuttles. Then what is the problem when Laxman, a Telengana BJP leader addressed SM as Bahu of Pakistan? If Sonia Gandhi can be a Bahu of India and can be as Indian as anyone can, why can’t SM be the Bahu of Pakistan and as much a Pakistani as Saeed Afridi is? Why duality here? And by the way, aren’t these the same thugs who have turned Rudalis for SM but were seen running for Amitabh Bachhan’s head when Modi appointed him as Gujarat brand ambassador? The hate was so high that time that Congress jokers refused to share the same stage if AB was an invitee. Even AB’s name was taken out from the invitee list of any government functions. Ditto is the case with our social media and mainstream media Rudalis. They were never seen agitating when Congress was hell bent on insulting AB to satisfy their ego. Where were they at that time? Why all of a sudden the seculars crawled out of their filthy closets to cry beside SM? Whatever Laxman said about SM is perfectly logical vis-à-vis Sonia Gandhi as Bahu of India and I strongly second his opinion.

    Yesterday I Twitted to know why KCR never made Saina Nehwal the BA since Saina is a million times better and bigger sports person than drama queen Sania Mirza. And what I got for an answer from a typical secular? Yes, Sania Mirza is an ethnic (whatever that means) Hydrabadi whereas Saina Nehwal is a Hariyanvi. As per KCR, anyone having a domicile of Telengana before 1956 is a legitimate Telenganite, if I may coin the word. And I am sure Mirza family migrated to that part of India much after that time. On that logic, SM is not a Telenganite to begin with. Then how on earth one can make someone BA of the state who doesn’t belong to the state? If KCR has the option to choose someone outside of the state for the BA’s post then I think SM should have been the last choice or not even a choice at all. Wasn’t APJ Kalam fitting the bill?

    By the way, who is going to be the brand ambassador of Maharashtra? Wasim Zaffar or Dawood Ebrahim? No, Dawood Bhai should be the Brand Ambassador of India. Don’t agree? Then ask Rajdeep Sardesai for details. 


    1. Nice article...let's see how much difference our outburst makes. KCR seems to be running an autocratic state.

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    3. Amazing analysis. Thanks for stating the facts.

    4. I'd rather not sayJul 27, 2014, 1:11:00 PM

      who the hell are you to judge sania mirza's prowess, have you played any tennis? Idiots like you spark unhealthy relationships between India and Pakistan when we are trying to form a bond with them. This is a pathetic article. Who she marries is of no consequence to her patriotism. Go home, loser.

    5. As per your logic the entire world needs to play Tennis to comment on a Tennis player? When I say her mediocre, I pit her against other Tennis players and other sports persons that India have produced. Even terming her as mediocre is still a pathetic optimism.

      And building bonds with Pakistan? Wah re mere topiwaz Nazi. Let me put this, this way - Pakistan is a rogue country and there is no possibility of any peace with them. The Aman Ki Asha gang, the litfest mafias and ignorant morons like you may run around fool while the fact on the ground is that, the only bond that we have with Pakistan is the bond of hate.

      Go preach your nonsense elsewhere. Thank you and have a great day!!

    6. You mean after Mumbai attack by Pak terrorist, behead Indian soldier , hell life of hindus in Pakistan she married with a Pakistani and proved her patriotism.

    7. Actually secular is fraud run by Muslim and pseudo secularist forgot muslim country look to the secular country Malaysia whose Islam make up 61.3% of the population.where 79 Hindu temples had been demolished by the Malaysian government since 1957. The official reason given by the Malaysian government has been that the temples were built "illegally and all these temples must be demolish even temples are centuries old.

      2) Malaysia Muslims for brandishing cow’s head in Hindu temple protest


      Now look in Singapore also

    8. The main reason for selecting SM is to woo the muslim voters in Hyderabad for GHMC elections. SM also playing her role excellently showing her dramatic talent. TRS has no significance in Hyd. and that's why they tied with MIM. See the fate of Family owned administration of KCR as CM, Son & nephew as ministers, daughter as MP. This is what for telangana agitation was done. a big question ????

    9. Was Amitabh Bachchan brand ambassador of Gujarat or just Gujarat Tourism?

    10. Was for the state but since you saw him doing TV advertisements for Gujarat tourism you might had the impression that he was only there for state tourism.

    11. Yeah, you seems to be right here. But the worst part is that taking a cue from this Brand Ambassador none sense, West Bengal had already announced that shitty khan as its ambassador. God save the Bengalis. At least AB had the courtesy not to charge a charge for this service unlike our very Hyderabadi Begum!!!!!!!

    12. Shit! They could have made royal bengal tiger their BA and spent the money on tiger conservation

    13. I agree. Or even our Hockey Team wouldn't have been that wrong...

    14. Amarish HiralikarJul 30, 2014, 3:20:00 PM

      I dont want to enter why SM was made BA - her marraige - patriotism etc, but the fact remains the fact, SM is a mediocre womens tennis player, rightly pointed out - she has never crossed second round of any grand slams, she's nowhere near the status of great, legendary or something like that... she is not even a good one... I neer crave for a tennis match because its SM playing some check republic or spains athletic palyers....
      Also, celebreties are professionals first who achieve lot in their profession to become great, and then they are termed as celebreties... SM is none of them....
      And for the BA post, we had lots and lots and many more lots of legends to choose from... again rightly said, if so, SM was supposed to be the last choice or never..........

    15. Be that as it may Amitabh Bachan as Brand Ambassador did not charge the Gujrat exchequer a single farthing

    16. It is a dry to celebrate and rejoice the sacrifice of our freedom fighters.

      For all the Dry Day updates in India follow:


    17. And it looks like you have played Tennis a lot, to defend SM (based on your own logic). The unhealthy relationship between India and Pakistan, is nothing new and we all know who has started all that. If you blame someone who has come up with an article pointing whether or not she deserved to be in such a role, it shows your ignorance only. Her patriotism would be visible based on her concerns on various occassions / incidents when our nation and our citizens happened to be the victims of the terror acts from across the border. Not sure if SM has ever expressed her concerns on any such incidents. As rightly pointed in the article, if SG could be the Bahu of this nation, SM is the Bahu of the nation across the border. Unfortunately, TRS has proved that they don't have any one else in that state to be eligible to be the BA of the newly formed state. AND, Mr. KCR has given his nod to build a temple for himself, just outside one of the universities in Hyderabad. A temple for Sonia mataji and one for KCR. Wonderful !!!